Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Invoking the Precautionary Principle While Disavowing Knowledge of It

Understanding the Implacable Enemy Within the West (part 2)

This a follow-up to my Christmas commentary: Understanding the Implacable Enemy Within the West.

Just in case you start asking around about the Precautionary Principle, and are answered with the Senatorial Denial such as this: "No, I haven't heard of it. But it sounds interesting. Why don't you send that information to my office and my staff will review it."

Well, our legislators and policy makers sure know how to invoke it despite Senator Knownothing.

When invoking the Precautionary Principle our rulers tend to go whole hog and use it to their benefit as they hide behind the facade that they are protecting us. "This [insert latest fright] crisis is too great, the threat to the public too dire, for our government to be limited in its actions by anything so old fashioned as the US Constitution." Or, in the words of Rahm Emanuel, "Never let a crisis go to waste."

Here's the opening paragraph from a 2007 essay warning of those who know the Precautionary Principle well enough to make use of it to benefit their cronies while ignoring the side effects.

The United States employs a version of the precautionary principle when it confronts threats to national security. We spend vast amounts on defenses against threats unlikely to affect Americans. Experts, defense officials, and politicians justify the expenditures by saying they are necessary to protect the public from worst case dangers. Those claims ignore what is probable and what defenses cost. They exaggerate the danger our enemies pose and strip resources from more probable dangers, making us less safe. -- Benjamin H. Friedman, "The terrible 'ifs': U.S. defense policy makers have adopted the precautionary principle."
My point is, any US government legislator or office seeker who denies they know of the Precautionary Principle so that they don't have to answer hard questions about its use are either liars or too stupid to be running for office.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

 Understanding the Implacable Enemy Within the West (part 1)

The most joyous time of the year in America has always been Christmas. Cherish it my friends, whatever your beliefs. The forces in power are not to be trusted to permit this to continue. Indeed, they've been actively whittling away at it.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Blaming the TEA Party for Not Owning the Media

The news cycles have been relentlessly blaming a handful of Republicans in the House for days now.

This INCLUDES at least one "conservative" talk station, 870 KRLA, which is a major (if not flagship) station of Salem Broadcasting. Salem also owns Simply corrupt.

What do we call this working overtime for the other side? Quisling seems too far. Mole doesn't fit when they own the place. Termites tend to be bureaucratic. RINO is an old epithet that I've repeatedly complained of as being too kind. The corruption is so palpable.

Guy S' SKUNCs, even though I like it, is simply not angering enough as far as I can say personally.

I don't know what else to say. Even Og is no help here. The best he can do is tell me "like you expected something different?"  YES. Why have so many on the Right given up?

Is Ace corrupted? Most days I think so.

Even I must be corrupted in that I constantly feel the urge to just give up.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What Say You?

"We are not voting ourselves out of this" is the line I am repeatedly reading.

So what sort of solution do I think offers us any non-confrontational relief?

We wind up voting The Bummer out. Eschewing any support for a third party will accomplish that.

Then we get very active, and let the TEA Party sentiment be the generally accepted rule and fly in the face of all efforts by the propaganda mills.

This time will be unlike how most of us behaved under GWBush. Much more like how we vocally objected to Harriet Myers and the Dubai ports trial balloons, and very less how we responded to his failure to push tort reform, put teeth into the Beck decision, or use his veto pen even before we remained silent on his growing government.

We daily fight to hold the GOP Prez to what is American and not European/Collectivist/Statist/Globalist.

I am just free wheeling here. Brainstorming. What say you?

Comment at JWF

My instant reaction to "Chavez Calls Obama a Clown" was to think of how Orwell viewed hostilities of communist nations in his last novel.

That in turn prompted me to to imagine The Bummer's response to Chavez.
We are at war with Columbia. We have always been at war with Colubia.
We are at war with Venezuela. We have always been at war with Venezuela.”
— Barack Obama without apologies to George Orwell
Just in time for reelection campaign season too!
Icon found on and quickly removed from the streets of Hollywood.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Fill the Gap In Talk Radio

Every "conservative" talk radio station I tune in during the day has some MSM Agency of Lies "news" on the hour and half hour. Invariably they report only Obama or some other Left leaning person in the news making their best points without airing any contradictions to those statements.  This gets repeated throughout the day. Imagine what the stations that are all Left-leaning all the time are doing, and it is little wonder that the public thinks that the Left-leaning words are not only dominant, they are winning.

On one hand, I find it demoralizing simply to hear these things without their counter-arguments being aired. But it also makes me feel guilty for not doing more. Rarely have I the time, let alone the dedication, to make recordings of these short segments. And how about listeners in their cars? Offended listener ranting could easily be the cause of accidents. Who can remember the details and retain the anger long enough to later write a post about it?

Now for the sake of argument, let's say I did decide to dedicate a month or two to capturing the news reports on these stations. And then I could write a new column about each of those imbalances and provide my own balance for my readers.  

But let's face facts. At this point in my blogging efforts, I know hardly anybody would read it. Not only that, even if this was done by one of the bigger blogs, they could not provide the immediate relief to the half-truth news report that talk radio hosts could were they so dedicated.

Were this is the first time I've mentioned this sort of event (and I don't think it is), it is assuredly not the first time I've felt let down by talk radio. If my reaction is any indication, there is a market out there hungering for more balance in these news segments. So where is it?

Apparently nobody on the talk shows, the host or staff, ever listens to the news segments during the breaks. Why not? It's filled with news that is a constant source of irritation to the average listener. So why not  lambaste those one-sided "news" items and their commentators right then and there? Seek to refresh me rather than demoralize me as they do now. Maybe they won't succeed, but at least I'd feel they were really trying.

Again, if my reaction is any indication, there is a vacuum waiting to be filled. Providing more balance in these news segments would fill it. Taking the opportunity to get in a dig at our tormentors would be the icing on the cake. Rush Limbaugh made a mint by being the first talker to broadcast the sort of comments that had previously never been given a full airing. The sort of comments, after being sent to letters-to-the-editor, wound up tossed into the circular file. And American listeners responded very favorably to hearing their common-sense ideas finally get some hearing on the airwaves, and Rush and Roger Ailes are now multimillionaires.

So be the next Rush by offering instant fill-in and rebuttal to the hourly spots that now only deliver Statist propaganda. Go out young man and make some money! 

Sunday, December 04, 2011

They've Disguised Ugly Passions with Sophistic Reasoning

Here is a meme worth discussing if you want to pull the West back from the brink, or at least provide its survivors a clue as to how it was destroyed. 

The hiding of many ugly human passions by giving them the appearance of reasoning.

  • Envy and covetousness have been hidden with the reasoning of "social" justice.
  • Attacks on property ownership has been hidden with the reasoning of "environmental" justice.
The passions hidden here while given full rein are
  • the inclination to steal; 
  • the inclinations to force others to do your will.
By giving passions the guise of reason, people in power keep the illusion of calm while they upset the rest of us.

Each of these can be stopped through reason by exposing the sophistry at work.

There are other hidden passions that have been granted cover through sophistry. One of these most conservatives know from being on the receiving end: bigotry. How? Tell me the ways.

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Friday, December 02, 2011

Destroying Western Civ from Within

While responding to Seneca III at Crusader Rabbit a couple of day ago, I expressed some relatively mild criticism of John Stuart Mill when pointing Seneca to an informative commentary by Mike Gray over at The American Culture. In retrospect, I imagine even mild criticism of such a "Progressive" icon hits someone who thinks himself progressive with terrible cognitive dissonance.

Well, commenter “Jon”  responded to me with defensive condescension and pointed me to the first in a string of Mr Cropper video lectures about the famous Mill essay "On Liberty".

Because he left a phony email address, I could not inform "Jon" that the video series to which he sent me actually reinforces what real conservatives ought rightly fear about those who have long hidden behind JS Mill's "open mind" apologetic to shield them in their attacks on Western civilization.

Better even is what I discovered in the first four minutes of part 13. (Mr Cropper really gets cranked when discussing consequences between 4 and 7 minutes).

Partial transcript from first 4 minutes in the next 8 paragraphs:
"It is desirable, in short, that in things that do not primarily concern others, individuality should assert itself. If it were felt that free development of individuality is one of the leading essentials of well-being, there would be no danger that liberty would be undervalued." -- J.S. Mill.

If we could get to people that understand that individual freedoms are important for all of us to have the nice things we have -- like enough food to eat, houses to live in, freedom from war and poverty and whatever. If people understood that individuality as such, the freedom of the individual, is essential to bringing us the good life, then everybody would understand why we have to leave the individual free.

That is a lovely thought, and it's tempting, but it's not true. Today you can tell them that. You can say "Now look. We need the individual to act as he pleases as long as he doesn't hurt others." [And gives a list.]

And there is a group that responds: "To Hell with all that. I want trees and..." [gives a list of primitive, pristine land, untouched by humanity "forest primeval" sort of wishes.] "To Hell with mankind's good. To Hell the well-being" as John Stuart Mill says. "I want Nature to be better off."

There are even some crackpot idiots who rather not see us go to the Moon and other planets. Here are these balls of rock and dust floating through space. They hate mankind so much, they don't even want us to go there and disturb the rocks and dust. It is a sick, sick person who prefers mankind just disappear or reduce their numbers, or something, just so rocks and trees and fish can live. To remove this drive to go to Mars and the Moon is just -- is diabolical.

I wish he [Mill] were right about this. If we understood that it's freedom that leads to our well-being, we would all be in favor of freedom. As a matter of fact, if you think that freedom leads to our well-being, there are these people who will say
"OK. Freedom is obviously a bad thing then. We need to have state controls on stuff. We need to stop the building of new power plants; we need to stop new highways; and stop new housing; we need population controls on people; and the number of new babies being born; and reduce the population."
You cannot get passed them. It's called environmentalism. It's a new cult, a new religion. They don't even profess to be scientific; at least the communists were scientific about their nonsense, or claims to be.  These people just claim morality is all they're after. And that humans are immoral; destroying trees is immoral. So you can't convince them Freedom is good -- it leads to SUVs.  That's why they're pissed.
Mr Cropper is demonstrating the kind of thinking that leads to my complete overview of why Western Civ is being destroyed from within. He is one step removed from asking this question,
“If our “leaders” are so humanitarian, how is it that we never hear them direct a harsh word at the Malthusian, Utilitarian and Green nutcases?”
for which the plausible answers are not comforting for individuals and any desire they have for their own life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Illusions of Control Continue

After stewing on the American situation over the weekend, Og nailed it yesterday, with The illusion of control.With the agents of a shadow empire occupying every institution in our republic, simply voting is not going to get our posterity out of the fix we've gifted them.

Speaking of gifts, today Pat Condell (with his God-given atheist gift) very clearly enunciated  the situation in Europe. Well, except for at the very end (hence the title of my post). Watch for it. (hat tip: Gates of Vienna)

Actually, what Mr. Condell describes is really being mirrored all over what is formally known as the West. He thinks the EU nations can somehow still vote themselves out of it. That's because he's replaced faith in God with (in his own words) faith in Democracy.
"When people stop believing in God, they don't believe in nothing — they believe in anything." -- G.K. Chesterton.
Ah what fools these mortals be.

Monday, November 21, 2011

It's the Statism Stupid, Coming To Pass

The drum beat begins. Over the last few days there have been calls from the Left for Obama to step down as Harry Truman and LBJ did before him.

I've said it often, most recently in early September with It's the Statism Stupid, that the Right has been running a terrible, non-conservative risk by focusing all its concerns on Obama. By not putting the focus on the Democratic Party's Statist agenda, the risk was always there that the Left would seek to remove Obama from the running one way or the other.

Now the Left is blaming Obama for inconsequence and lack of vision and follow-through (Pat Caddell), and incompetence (Chris Matthews). More are sure to follow. They want a fresh leader to push their agenda forward. They are envisioning that leader to be Hillary. She is now with an unprecedented 69% approval rating. Oh, Oh -- and the GOP seems to have been helping her every way they can too. I just love its judgment as proven by its choices of venues for the debates, don't you? /s

Gee, who could have seen this coming? /s

So now we're told that we may be faced with another Democrat Statist running for President come November of the next year, you still think Romney is a real alternative? Why should conservatives give up to the SKUNCs in the GOP? Because they'll tell us that the independents won't buy a real conservative? Stand by your convictions and insist on giving the independents a not very difficult choice.
"Do you want a real conservative or another rotten Alinksyite?"
Dammit folks, both Obama and Hillary are Alinsky radicals! Make the case that any Dem would be as bad as a second Obama term. And make the case to those voting in the primaries: A soft Left-leaning pubbie, even if elected, will only be a caretaker president until the Dems take over or the country collapses.

Those same fools or Quislings in the GOP and punditry would have insisted on offering George H W Bush to the independents in 1980 instead of Reagan. (And there would have been no Reagan Democrats.) This country and the world would have had lost then too if we listened to the SKUNCs then instead of following our convictions. Get some nads you wimps.
I don't know who of the current crop of candidates is a good choice. We need a cultural Churchill to come out of obscurity or something. Most of all, we need help. You know Where to ask for it.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Are You Sensing the Pattern Yet?

Spotted at PJMedia: Spaniards Set to Throw Out Ruling Socialists.

Sounds quite like what Kiwis did when putting the Nats in power, doesn’t it? Or the French when electing Sarkozy to run France; and the Brits letting Cameron lead the UK.

Where would we be, what would we do, without the MSM Agency of Lies (and their lackey blogs) informing us who are the champions of the Right?

The true meaning of “The Third Way” will still probably not be realized by the majority when the whole of what was once known as “The West” finds itself in chains.

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Moment for Consistency

Now consider this.
  • Jon Corzine had been a buddy with Dick Cheney instead of Joe Biden, and a crony of Bush instead of Obama.
  • Select members of the MSM Agency of Lies would be referring to Jon Corzini.
Because the AoL continues its imbalance and partisanship, and because the Republican Party hates its base more than it hates Obama, the duty falls to the common man to call out discrepancies so that all might hear it.

Convey facts with persistence, ablate cognitive dissonance.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Two Followups

First off, as a followup to Shock: ABC Consistently Inconsistent. Verum Serum posted a video Occupy San Diego Has A Moment of Solidarity for the White House Shooter. This, too, will most certainly be ignored by ABC "News" as well as the rest of the Agency of Lies (puppettedly also known as the MSM). It does not fit the Obama White House narrative, so forget widespread coverage. (I pray each day that the ostriches in my wider family will see some of this and finally work with me).

Secondly, as a followup to Will Mark Levin Ask Newt My Two AGWF Questions?, let me first summarize what transpired beginning at 1:42:40 of Mr. Levin's 11/16/11 podcast.
  1. Right out the gate, Mr. Levin asked Mr. Gingrich "Global Warming: Yes, no, or you don't know?" But IMO it was the wrong question by not being specific. It weakened all followup questions.
  2. As a result Newt skated away evasively by making Cap and Trade the issue he addressed. And he interrupted Mr. Levin's attempt to prod with a sharp-edged follow up!
  3. Mr. Levin ended his Wednesday show with this interview. He profusely apologized for running out of time. But he had also said, early in the show, that he planned it that way. Huh?
  4. I do not wish to impugn Mr. Levin's integrity, but whatever is the truth about this show I continue to feel like it was too staged. And worse: staged for the benefit of darker forces. The interview cast little light but I can assure you that he raised my heat.
The current issue is that EPA declared on its own that carbon dioxide is a pollutant. That decision is of monumental importance due to the mountainous regulations and restrictions imposed by the EPA. Such a decision is arguably constitutionally lawless.

An assertion of such consequence and magnitude while also being highly controversial (despite Al Gore's royal sounding infamous assertion that "the discussion is over") is thus political.

Political issues are supposed to be hashed out in Congress, not by the executive branch and its agencies, and not by the judiciary.

The problem with providing an opening for Mr. Gingrich to focus his commentary on Cap and Trade is that Cap and Trade is currently a dead issue. It was killed even by a veto proof Democratically controlled congress in 2010 before the elections that brought us Republican "control" of the House of Representatives.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Shock: ABC Consistently Inconsistent

 ABC News reports
"police say Ortega [DC shooting suspect] may have spent time blending in with Occupy D.C. protesters." [italics added]
 This is the same MSM that immediately blamed Jared Loughner on the TEA Party despite that Leftist nutcase having not attended a single TEA Party rally nor having any other connection to any TEA Party.

For that matter, Diane Sawyer, also of ABC News, is still doing it.
"And you may remember Sarah Palin targeted her [Gabby Giffords] district with an ad that had a gun sight on it." -- on  20/20 aired Nov 14, 2011

The Statist propaganda mills (Agency of Lies) are beyond shameless dear readers. Pass this one along to your brothers. Pass this along to your lib neighbors if for nothing else than to simply to remind you of their cognitive dissonance and ostrich-like tendencies.

This incident is now added to Statist Tools: Inconsistencies.

Statist Tools: Inconsistencies

First published 10:00AM Oct 27, 2010
Collected Evidence of Inconsistencies
This thread collects resources for anti-Statist forces everywhere.
Find this thread near top of the sidebar.

Add your evidence in the comments or via email and Pascal will move up the best. New are highlighted

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Will Mark Levin Ask Newt My Two AGWF Questions?

Mark Levin has Newt Gingrich scheduled on his radio talk show Wednesday (tomorrow). [And here is my followup to what actually transpired.] I'm craving to hear Newt forced to answer the following.

Mr. Gringrich: 
  1. Do You Think CO2 Is a Pollutant? [and if he says "no," then followup with]
  2. How do you plan on ending EPA's insistence that it is?
Does Mr. Levin have the nads? Or is he just another patriotic poseur who writes books that sound so patriotic? I imagine I am not the only one tired of the BS that frustrates conservatives world wide.

And assuming  Mr. Gingrich says he'll rein in EPA, we'd like him to swear it's not the lie that this was. (hat tip to TrueblueNZ)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Do You Think CO2 Is a Pollutant Newt?

Yes, I know that Mr. Gingrich declared that "the dumbest thing I've done in the last couple of years was sitting on a couch with Nancy Pelosi." But he evaded answering the AGWF questions that have caused so much uncertainty and closing down, through extensive and unsound bureaucratic rules, businesses that produce and use energy.

The questions I most want to hear Mr. Gringrich answer in tonight's debate: 
  1. Do You Think CO2 Is a Pollutant?
  2. How do you plan on ending EPA's insistence that it is?

Friday, November 11, 2011

The Original Los Angeles Oddity

Los Angeles is known for a legion of oddities. There is no certainty all this weird behavior is symptomatic of life in the State of California as whole. Though they could be, it is more likely that just the man-caused variety are the products of this locale. For close to a century L.A. has been forging new oddities and releasing them on unsuspecting and decent people everywhere, all part of the biggest misleading into decadence the world has ever known. Surely San Francisco has done its damnedest in recent years to regain the title of "oddest of the odd;" but theirs (IMO) is mostly mindless. For deliberate scripting only Broadway sometimes beats L.A.

However, there really is an original oddity of L.A. It is the weather. Los Angeles is environmentally a desert. But thanks to the engineering miracle of water management, and the not so miraculous manipulation of water rights, the most populated county in the United States has sprung up around the once little pueblo with the overly long name.

Yes, Los Angeles is well known for its lack of normal rainfall. But have you ever witnessed HOW that happens? Today I am providing you an insight into that perhaps useless bit of knowledge.

Over the last few days we were warned of a high likelihood of a storm passing through today and tomorrow. And it has been overcast since late yesterday. So, wondering when it might hit, I went to the Weather Channel's Doppler radar map to see.

The storm is not passing through Los Angeles; it is passing over Los Angeles.

Click to enlarge

The street outside my house is dry as a bone.

The rain is evidently falling, but it is evaporating before it hits the ground and rising again into the clouds. The desert is still desert. Yes, we will get our cloudbursts, the results of which could be catastrophic as they have before. But so far, God be merciful, it looks like today is not one of those days.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Like Merciful China

who charges the family of the executed man for the bullet. [For the decency challenged, the title of this blog post is sarcasm.]

After successfully winning a two-year prison sentence against U.S. Border Patrol Agent Jesus E. Diaz Jr., the Justice Department is now trying to collect a $6,870 fine from his wife, saying it should be paid “immediately”even though the judge signaled she would have a grace period.

In a notice sent last week the Justice Department said the fines were imposed by the court that found Agent Diaz guilty and sentenced him to prison for improperly restraining a 15-year-old suspected of drug smuggling.
Mr. [Congressman Duncan]Hunter had earlier written a letter asking Mr. Holder why the Justice Department pursued the case against Agent Diaz even after two internal reviews cleared him of wrongdoing. [any chilling effect on law enforcement is merely coincidental. /s]

A third review did say Agent Diaz violated rules when he twisted the suspected smuggler’s arms and placed used his knee to apply pressure to the man’s body. The U.S Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Texas brought charges.

Gee! One might even have reason to suspect that DOJ is doing heavy lifting on behalf of the druggies.

And to think there are people who are still of the opinion that "Operation Fast and Furious" was a bungle; a bug and not a feature. /s

Monday, November 07, 2011

Missing the Point

Regular readers know of my primary warning. (Hint for newcomers: read my subheading and think about the implications.)

Here's a title that appeared this evening at PJMedia, and about which I hope many more are now thinking "Well, Duh!"

Wasted ‘Climate Change’ Cash Could Save Lives Instead 

This article is merely another instance where you are being alerted to the bug. The anarchitects of the AGWF, when they feel it is safe to be brazen, will call it a feature. Somehow there remains a whole load of people on the Right who will not suitably upbraid those whose goal is this feature.

I'd call Roger Simon to tell him to inform his contributors, but I suspect I'd be wasting my breath. Maybe Zombie oughta set them straight over there.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

A Vise to Crush Our Voices Next November?

I'm far from the first to have thought this aloud. It's simply too bad isn't it? That so many are willing to risk their freedom sooner than risk the embarrassment of saying this aloud and -- God willing! -- be wrong. Too many damned cowards.

President Obama has opening praised the Occupy movement. It makes a lot of sense too. He rightly fears he'll be voted out of power next November without them acting up as they are, incrementally worse each day.

First we had the mindlessness ("revolution now; plan later) on Wall Street with the SKUNC Mayor Bloomberg letting it go on and on, fostering the event even.

And then the ever growing violence in cities across the nation.

It does not take a rocket scientist to foresee that a lack of firm response to crack down on the occupiers will only abet more and worse. Starting with their disturbing the peace and violating various ordinances with little or no push back, they invariably moved on to increasing their outrageousness and their disruption of those who work and live near them. Moving from petty and grand thefts, on to assaults and rapes, on up to arson. I shudder at the coming ratcheting up to mayhem and murder that some have called for from the beginning (that union head) and many more are surely hoping for.

I would not be the first to assess that there are those who so hope this violence from below will provide those at the very top to suspend elections. We already heard such hopes from a sitting governor and a congressman. So much for constitutional governance, eh?

Okay, okay -- I have need of a better cartoonist.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Coincidentally 24 Hours Ahead of the Drudge Headline

I put up two humorous posts yesterday. The shortest one was a continuation of my "Jeopardized" theme I started last year. It gave "CHAOS" as the Jeopardy answer to the question "What is the aim of the Occupy Movement?"

And today, low and behold, here was Drudge's top headline at about 7 AM Pacific.

Drudge link was to the My Way story entitled
Peaceful Occupy protests degenerate into chaos

Yeah, they've been peaceful about as much as they don't stink.

No clairvoyance necessary folks. This was so obviously coming that I  valued it at only 100 Jeopardy dollars.  And meanwhile, the propaganda mills at the AoL continues to call it "the peaceful protest" (so unlike their categorizing of the TEA party rallies).

Pass it around folks. 

The AoL intends to turn reason on its head and thereby provoke further violence. 

Be Prepared.

Go to the Cross-posting at Crusader Rabbit for more discussion.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Useful Idiots for $100 Alex

The Jeopardy answer is: Chaos.

What is the aim of Occupy America?

How Deep In the Quicksand ARE We?

Well, the following series of observations, attributed to Donald Trump and chain-emailed, pretty much reduces us to joking about the authoritarian vise we see being built and closing in upon us.

I'm not a big Trump fan but this is pretty good
Trump Explains Dumbo Care

No one can sum it up better than Trump

Let me get this straight . . . 
We're going to be "gifted" with a health care
plan we are forced to purchase and

fined if we don't, 
Which purportedly covers at least
ten million more people,
without adding a single new doctor,
but provides for 16,000 new IRS agents,
written by a committee whose chairman
says he doesn't understand it,
passed by a Congress that didn't read it but
exempted themselves from it, 
and signed by a Dumbo President who smokes, 
with funding administered by a treasury chief who
didn't pay his taxes, 
for which we'll be taxed for four years before any
benefits take effect
by a government which has 
already bankrupted Social Security and Medicare, 
all to be overseen by a surgeon general
who is obese,
and financed by a country that's broke!!!!!
'What the hell could possibly go wrong?'

And what is the Republican Party doing about it? Scheming to elect Mitt Romney to administer this horror show.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Ineffective Support Suggests Romney Shills Behind Cain Woes

The Statist GOP (aka Romney backers) can't outright attack Herman Cain. But they can see that he is offered him weak, ineffective support, as he comes under attack. And then, of course, offer him no shelter as the feeding frenzy builds.

This is a follow up of yesterday's The Selective Outrage of Bob Shieffer.

My friend Redbaiter, because he is 18 hours ahead of us American bloggers, was one of the first to write of the Politico originated leaked innuendos of Herman Cain being accused 2 decades ago of sexual harassment. It sounds suspiciously like a rerun of what Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas classified as "a high-tech lynching." A media prepping a building up of molehill-to-mountain outrage over what appears to be trivial, nuisance lawsuit type, character assassination.

In response to my informing him of Bob Shieffer on Sunday's Face the Nation:
Redbaiter says:
The hypocrisy of the media is outrageous and yet the Republican party, a pack of cowardly curs, never confront them on it.
To which I followed up about my latest efforts to get the Right to fight back.

Pascal says:
Not just the GOP Redbaiter, but also the so-called Right Wing talkers. They work hand in hand with the GOP old guard just like your backstabbing "conservative" Nats do with the likes of "conservative" Kiwiblog.

This morning Dennis Prager made an issue of both the Bob Shieffer railing against smoking and the Politico smear that you highlight.
I called and got through to the show. The screener liked what I had to say and put me on hold.
My point was “Bob Shieffer’s selective outrage against Candidate Cain ('you have the responsibility') and not President Obama (given all these years he had the chance) exposes the Democratic bias at CBS.” Given that we EXPECT a media feeding frenzy, this proven exposure could be used over and over again to undermine the propaganda mills.

About 25 minutes later Mr. Prager made indirect reference to my point when he said “I think I’m going to concentrate on the charges of sexual innuendo from here on it” just before my line went dead.

One would think it important to demonstrate the bias of the media as the inconsistency of which I speak reveals. Well, that is, if one REALLY wants to defend Mr. Cain from what appears to be a coming media feeding frenzy. I'm sorry folks, but it is definitely worth getting this point floating out there. Mr. Prager even set the segue for it. And then he bailed. Why? I'm suspicious because several of Mr. Prager's cohosts at Salem Broadcasting are Romney backers from way back.

RB. What more can our blogs do to help Mr. Cain especially given that the GOP and popular talk show hosts will not SPEAK of that blatant bias? Just as you condemn Farrar, I condemn Medved, and Hewitt and Prager and God knows who else.

I will next try to get my point aired by Mark Levin. I might have more success if some more people tried to make this point so that it cannot be ignored as Mr. Prager did today. 
[I emailed Mr. Levin before his show, but Mr. Levin never even mentioned the Face the Nation prequel to this; so I failed in that attempt too.]

The logical question is: If the Democrats had this information, why would they release this information today while Mr. Cain is the front runner for the GOP nomination and not wait until a year from now to release it? This smells of DAMNED SKUNCs. This smells like the work of Romney backers who got some help from the dumbest members of the Leftoid propaganda mills.

Bottom line folks: Conservatives, if you want to save your country you have got to be much more suspicious. Your battle in not only with the Left you know. You must battle the closet leftists in the GOP and in "conservative" media. Get in the faces of the GOP hacks who are trying to undermine Herman Cain with flacid arguments. Assume that they want a "Progressive" Republican to be the GOP nominee next November. Fight back.

***Update tip from Redbaiter ****

Politico's Vogel Won't Reveal If Rival Was Source For Cain Story
Politico's Kenneth P. Vogel refused to tell CNN's Wolf Blitzer if a competing Republican candidate's campaign tipped his outlet off about sexual harassment allegations placed against Herman Cain when he ran the National Restaurant Association in the 1990s.

When pressed several times Vogel would not fully capitulate to Blitzer. However, Vogel did hint that it was a possibility, but wouldn't confirm nor deny it.
My suspicious instincts are still proving their worth.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Selective Outrage of Bob Shieffer

[There is a video of a POS Sunday News Show below that does not appear in some feeds. Click through to the blog post to see the sickening example of an overpaid old hack trying to bring down the GOP front runner by asking him a question he'd never ask a Demo.... Oh, you know the selective outrage game the propaganda mills always play.]

When did Bob Shieffer ever grill Senator Obama, Candidate Obama, Or PRESIDENT Obama for being a smoker? (Or grill the Buma for anything?)

Nuff said, See B.S. indeed.

The Stink of SKUNCs

When Guy S came up with the best acronym, SKUNCs, for what so many continue to call RINOs, little did we know that it would prove doubly appropriate in these days of #OWS.

The movement that has moved across the country and the world, called Occupy Wall Street, got promoted due to the behavior of one of the most obvious phony Republican elected official in the country: NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg. This former Democrat wanted to become mayor. He had the money, but no real connections in the NY Democratic political machinery. So he bought the Republican nomination and ran against the Democratic machine mayoral candidates and won the first time. And he's been the incumbent ever since.

Had Democrat er Republican er RINO er SKUNC mayor Bloomberg cracked down early on the #OWS clowns in Zucotti Park we would not be forced to hear of the malodorous human excrement in various cities from Oakland to Altlanta.

Hence I think it fitting that the lingering stink of decaying, festering, human excrement should always be associated with SKUNCs.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Principles of Plenty

Below the break is a fine speech. My readers can learn some wisdom from it. But still I sigh. It adheres quite well to Hanlon's Razor.
Benjamin Franklin once observed that experience keeps a dear school but fools will learn in no other.  The last few years in Washington have proved that there are some people who can’t even learn from experience.  
Since we know that there are cronies who have not been harmed by this administration -- in fact cronies who have done quite well indeed -- that a bit more application of Heinlein's Razor is surely appropriate.  Yes it would set Mr. McClintock apart from the majority of politicians. It would not even be much of a gamble because the SKUNCs would undoubtedly attack him for applying it.  But Tom has survived the SKUNCs before, and will likely again. He worked hard to get to Congress, overcoming huge forces who were against him --cough -- Schwarzenegger -- cough-- Karl Rove -- cough. He would seem to have an in with destiny. Maybe the next Treasury secretary?

At some point malice and not ineptitude becomes so obvious, that to be silent on the matter is to go along sheepishly with the lie that the emperor is not naked. The future is begging for the brave, clear visioned. Maybe not today, but tomorrow my friends. Soon.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Before the Truth Can Get Its Shoes On

The following photo of a poster showed up on Face Book October 18.

I only became aware of it today. As of now it is approaching 8000 repeat postings generating an uncountable sum of agreeable comments and "Likes." This BS ought not go unchallenged. Let me start and encourage more of you to do the same.

Those who know the truth of American history will immediately recognize the lies and half truths presented.

This news relates another avenue being used by the forces of Statism to pass off propaganda to the vast number of uneducated sheeple. Because of its use of "hope" and "change" in its message, I'd guess the effort is aimed at helping the floundering Obama administration. But what do I know for sure?

What I know is the history that proves that this poster is a lie. I wish I could send my proof to each of the "Likes" at FB and get them to read it, but this is the best I can do for now.

The lies and half truths start from the very top of this poster.

The original constitution was NOT fully ratified until the bill of Rights was well along the road to being adopted. That famously included its first amendment "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; ...." There was a rush to replace the Articles of Confederation to strengthen  the central government to, among other things, adequately pay its debts to foreign debtors who had aided us during the Revolutionary War and in the intervening years. Some states ratified with the proviso that the constitution be Amended shortly. Indeed, some of the 13 states did not sign off until that process was well under way. The public fear of a overly powerful central government would have led to a the constitution having failed had not the bill of rights been amended to it as rapidly as it was. What this poster calls "the original constitution" was a constitution in proviso. Most all states who'd signed it would have seceded long before 1861 had the Bill of Rights not been adopted.

In God We Trust began appearing on our coins just after the Civil War. It should not surprise anyone if part of the reasoning was because of the dislike of union greenbacks and the then worthlessness of Confederate script. Man's fear and greed may have no limits upon how much currency he'll print and credit he'll seek. But God, in His wisdom, has limited the amount of gold. Hence: "In God We Trust."

All in all this post is filled with Anti-American propaganda. I'll leave to my readers to comment further on all the false and misleading items as they attempt to spread the truth of this slick agitprop. It appears designed to divide Americans from each other. Divisions among the people is the despots number one ally.

“A lie can travel halfway round the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes” -- Mark Twain

Monday, October 24, 2011

You're Not Arguing Your Case Well Enough Yet

It is stories like this one highlighted by Redbaiter down in New Zealand, with the inconsistencies screaming at you as he has laid out, that prompts me to repeat one of my observations.
The challenge for you, mankind, is to argue your case. Say it loud and say it strong. You are seeking mercy from those who are positioned to enforce misanthropic beliefs. 

Mankind’s strongest case is his brain. Those who have been employing Critical Theory to undermine the West have been doing everything in their power to fill that brain with nonsense.

The lawsuits brought for bird deaths in some cases (for a handful of deaths due to oil spills) and not others (deaths in 6 figures due to wind turbines) is precisely the sort of inequalities that our institutions were designed to prevent. Now that the young have been denied the teaching of sound logic, this sort of outrage will be the norm and not the exception unless you get involved in the fight to try and sway a handful of the very powerful to radically abandon their bleak outlook.

This is one of those topics where I have too much evidence that I'm talking to a wall.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Scam Detector Report


The email in question is titled "37 Things You Should Hoard..."

Our first warning (and in no way the most glaring) to be wary comes from this line in the email.
Click here to learn the 37 food items that FEMA should be buying…
In reality, this is what you will find to be true:
Click here to find out how to learn the 37 food items that FEMA should be buying…

The implication of the email's wording is that you will be told. The reality is that the sender is selling the information. Quite understandable, but it is not what he said.

So now I'm posting this to tell you that no matter how good is the information the man is peddling, the manner in which he has chosen to get his message out matched several of the unsavory tactics used by door-to-door salesmen of an earlier era.

I do not recommend clicking on this "video" link. (I've not included it; I'm just saying if you receive the email (once, or several times as in my case).   If you do click over, there are several other tactics that become evident, some of which you definitely will not like. I'm not going into detail here as the vendor may go back in and make fixes to better hide the traits that tripped my warning bells.

If you want to know what I saw, ask me via email. There are maybe a half dozen I have a list of 9 other tells I'd be happy to share with my regular readers.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Some Pros and Cons On Herman Cain

This is an edited version of what I posted at Redbaiter's place

For Herman Cain Critics- Difference Between Sales Tax and VAT

Redbaiter is correct. Mr. Cain's critics are wrong to call his 9% sales tax a Value Added Tax. However, in concert with his proposed flat 9% corporate tax, it is adding taxes along the way that are ultimately paid by the consumer -- you and me. I discussed the other drawbacks which really need a good sounding and for which really are not being aired in these debates. It makes me shudder to see the issues I raise below not raised to national prominence.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Role of AoL Continues to Unmask [Occupy L A Edition]

Yesterday I drove by the Occupy Los Angeles tools of Marxists. They had descended upon the LAUSD building. They were remarkably few in number. I saw only one "Occupy" sign on a stick. I was too concerned with driving in the resultant traffic to be reading whatever messages the score of "protesters" was carrying. News Agency of Lies (AoL) crews were far more noticeable -- and troublesome. 

(For the following, refer to the embedded Google Maps screen-capture to which I've attached red blocks as indicators.)

My Campaign to End Junk Mailings

Note: It is completely legitimate to inform businesses that you view their repetitive solicitations as posing a security threat to you.  Read on.

I have been receiving offers to apply for new credit cards for years.

Sometimes I even get them from banks for whom I already have one or more cards.

In the last few months I have been getting offers in the mail from the same banks 3 or more times in a single month. What is going on?

I have finally decided to do something about it. I sent off my solution to Chase and BofA earlier. Today I am about to send one off to Capital One in their business reply envelope, including the cut-off portion of the envelope that contains my mailing information.

Here is an image of my work.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

An Affront to Humanity

People who rule like this are engaging in cultural Marxism. (hat tip Andy at Ace's)

Anne Foley, the principal at Kennedy School in Somerville, Mass., sent an email to teachers warning them about celebrating Thanksgiving [sic], the Boston Herald reported,
"When we were young we might have been able to claim ignorance of the atrocities that Christopher Columbus committed against the indigenous peoples," Kennedy School Principal Anne Foley wrote.

"We can no longer do so. For many of us and our students celebrating this particular person is an insult and a slight to the people he annihilated. On the same lines, we need to be careful around the Thanksgiving Day time as well."
People who engage in cultural Marxism are either themselves Marxists or their useful idiots. Since Principal Foley is sending out edicts based upon her feelings, that makes her a subjective ruler and not a public servant.

Ms. Foley: There is some considered argument about Christopher Columbus' affect on the indigenous peoples of America. Even were you partially correct, there is no indication that their annihilation was his goal.

But we have ample evidence that people who think like you deliberately murdered over 100 million of those under their rule in the last century. Those murders were a product of a terror campaign that led to the enslavement of billions more.

Marxists and those who turn a blind eye toward that form of enslavement and never speak out against it (I bet you tolerate May Day) have no place in our schools. You speak of offending long dead indigenous people as if it were real. But you really offend the still living survivors of Soviet and Red Chinese rule at the very least. Were I in a position above you, I would find you unsuitable for your position and fire you for gross negligence* in subjecting the students and teachers under you to this blinkered cultural Marxist claptrap.

For all that remains of decency in this world, resign in disgrace Ms. Foley!

*Probably Canadian too since Columbus Day is Canadian Thanksgiving. But to confuse the two holiday names while serving as a principal in the vicinity where most of America think of during Thanksgiving is too ignorant and "insensitive" to be allowed to serve in an American school. Continuing in her job after being grossly insensitive violates her own standards.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

AoL for 13 Oct 2011

The incremental drip, drip, drip that "opposing Obama is bad" continues. It is the job of the Agency of Lies (AoL), the New Pravda after all. 

This headline appeared at my My Yahoo this morning turned up with their
Yahoo News-feed Propaganda Headline Of The Day
Senate Republicans Tuesday may have blocked President Obama's jobs bill, but a new poll suggests that's not what a majority of Americans want. Nearly two-thirds of the respondents to a survey from NBC/Wall Street Journal voiced their approval when pollsters were told them [sic] the details of the president's "American Jobs Act"-- including that it would [...]

Now I make errors such as the one highlighted above all the time. But I've not the editors that Yahoo has. Yet the same editors, proven to be sloppy at their jobs, feel no qualms about making up a title such as the one they used today.
  • It appears deliberately designed to pressure the spines of TEA party Senators. 
  • It is propaganda against those who are fiscally responsible. 
  • It is propaganda favoring deepening federal borrowing of which 90+% will be shoveled into the pockets of political cronies.
  • It is propaganda designed to hide the fact that Americans are being enslaved by the debt.
  • It is propaganda that denies the continuing inflation of our currency due its printing to service the debt.
  • It is propaganda favoring a nation destroying mindset that is on track to increase spending for which 100% income taxes could not repay. 

The Yahoo news headline is propaganda no matter what the result of the poll in their headline. That would be true even were the questions legitimate and not ones that had been pushed on "Americans."  Especially since so many will not click through to see the details in the article. Cursory readers of their headline and opening phrase of the article would get the impression (intended) that it's Senate Republicans, and only them, who are to blame for whatever. It is blatant propaganda designed to take the heat off their agent of destruction, the Buma.

The incremental drip, drip, drip that opposing Obama is bad continues. It is the job of the Agency of Lies, the New Pravda after all.
Anyone can see that it's the TEA party that's nuts. (via Drudge)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How Are They the Agency of Lies?

I'm posting this here because too many family members will not click links, but they will come here some days.

Click to enlarge

Hat tip to Ace at Some Tea Partiers Note Slight Disparity In Media's Attitude Towards Themselves, Occupy Wall Street.

However, instead of OWS for these miscreant whiners, I recommend we all add this to the dextrosphere style guide.  The FLEA party:
The Freeloading Leftists Encouraging Anarchy party.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Maybe I'm Clairvoyant

JammieWearingFool today posted Democrats Now Circulating Petition in Support of Wall Street Anarchists. You will soon see why I commented there and brought an edited and expanded version here.

Here is the opening line of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee petition (with emphasis added)
Protestors are assembling in New York and around the country to let billionaires, big oil and big bankers know that we’re not going to let the richest 1% force draconian economic policies and massive cuts to crucial programs on Main Street Americans.
Readers here may recall that only last month I made an open request to you all to help me find a recording or transcript of a Leftist-filled National Press Club meeting that had been broadcast on NPR.

As best as I can recall, its theme was along the lines of "the need for America's way of life to become more Draconian."

And now we have the Democrats passing around a petition which brazenly blames the rich, or the Right, or Eric Cantor -- oh, anybody but themselves -- for forcing "draconian economic policies" when it has been their stated goal. All. This. Time.

We have an advantage because it was publicly stated and even broadcast. Use it!

I'll narrow down the time frame to some time during Bush41's presidency, maybe 1989.

C'mon JWF -- you have a wider readership than my blog. Ask people to dig up the recording and/or transcript of those proceedings. Someone must have a record somewhere. Many of the speakers are surely prominent names today.

Let's turn the table on these scheming b******s. It's been their aim all along, so now make them own it.

I am an old man and can hardly remember where I put my car keys most days; but my long term memory is very very good. You can take it to the bank that that broadcast happened.

Find that record.

Sunday, October 09, 2011


Congressman Tom McClintock remains the politician for whom I have contributed the most money ever. I am firmly convinced that had the "moderate" wing of the GOP -- the group many of you inaccurately label as RINOs but whom I call SKUNCs -- not stuck their noses into the grassroots recall of Gov. Davis, the last seven* years of California's history would have been much different because he'd have been governor instead of Schwarzenegger. We would have been enjoying one remarkable recovery instead of this disastrous decline. And it is destined to continue under Jerry Brown (who would never have been elected but for the disaster that was Arnold) who has a  legislature so corrupt and Marxist that even he has had to veto some of their excesses.

Mr. McClintock gave a speech recently, A Second Term for Obama Would Make the United States Go as California Has Gone, that I feel I must share highlights with my readers. He recaps recent California history. He interstices it with abject warnings that predict starkly what is in store for this Nation if conservatives allow the SKUNCs to stifle them and their candidates again. [emphasis added]
You are here in California to answer an important theoretical question and now you have your answer.

Yes, this is what Barack Obama’s second term would look like.

Study it. Fear it. And then go home and make sure that it never happens to the rest of the country.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Wouldn't It Be Ironic?

Were Mitt Romney to lose the GOP nomination to Herman Cain, it would be despite Mr. Cain having used the term brainwashing.

For those too young or of faint memory, here is the short reason it would be ironic.

It is because Mitt's father George Romney, the then sitting Republican governor of Michigan and front running candidate for the 1968 GOP nomination, fell from his perch for using the term.

"Brainwashing" was the headlines in the political news at about the same time in the nomination cycle (Sept 1967) as it is now in 2011. (At the link, Time Magazine had a field day with the story, and hardly could hide their glee.)

After Mr. Cain's critically equating black voting preferences to brainwashing, what transpires this go-round remains to be seen. I and many other conservative thinkers wish Mr. Cain much success, and that would of necessity come at the cost of Mr. Romney's ambition.

However, at the same time, we all ought to recognize the human element here too. I would recommend that we all retain at least a tinge of sympathy for the Romney family because of what would have to be bitter irony.

Monday, October 03, 2011


Nobody ever lost a plug nickel underestimating the intelligence of America's useful idiots.
Could Mencken and Lenin both be correct?

Here's proof.

[There is a video below that may not appear in some feeds.]

Hat tip to TrueBlueNZ

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Had Enough of Good Gop, Bad Gop Yet?

Yes, it's akin to good cop, bad cop. It sucks. They're both working for the prosecution, and conservatives -- heck all Americans -- are the patsy.

The good GOP -- Paul Ryan, Michelle Bachmann, Jim DeMint, Marco Rubio, -- keeps the TEA party from outright revolt whilst the bad GOP -- the old line RINO senators, Boehner, Romney, Gingrich -- continue to compromise us into chains. I've conversed with members I call SKUNCs. They are far more ferocious in answering my tough questions than ever they are with their Democratic "opponents." After all, they are just my "representatives," whereas the Dems make sure that the power of the ruling class as a whole keeps growing.

I can see their druthers, why can't more conservative Americans?

No matter how bad has been Obama, the bad GOP -- the SKUNCs -- are wangling it so that a moderate Republican becomes the Prez candidate. And if he wins, look to Cameron in UK, Gillard in Oz, and Key in NZ to know how he'll cater to everything the Left has put into place! He will entrench Obama's immense spending and extensive intrusiveness into our lives just as Nixon did with LBJ's Great Society program.

There has to be an end to compromising with people who want to enslave you. Compromise has simply resulted in you being enslaved piecemeal.

The TEA Party, if its ethos is to supersede this Statist end game, cannot stand by whilst the bad GOP keeps buckling at every debt ceiling confrontation, real or imagined. The boogeyman isn't at the door, he's in the house, and has just about ransacked it all.

When it comes to defending this republic, the only people the Dems and the bad GOP have kicked out and kept out of the House are the termite exterminators.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

With Their Owning the Propaganda Mills

it makes no matter how outlandish are their current demands, they make our fight difficult. For example:

“You want us to let up on making it appear that you are holding hostage a billion dollars to help out in the last disaster relief? Well let us keep the few trillion dollars we scheduled to be passed along to our cronies before we lost power last November.” 
Let me now rewrite my recent insight.

There is no real compromise with people who want to enslave you. All compromises have permitted your creditors to enslave you piecemeal. As in the above example, they have gained time and again due to the spinelessness, complicity, whatever, of your representatives, and so are showing you no mercy at all.


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mark Levin mocks Professor Elizabeth Warren

On Thursday, Mark Levin had a segment in his last hour in which he demonstrated how to turn the tables on Marxists. If he sounds demagogic against the Left, remember that is his point. This is the Left's tactics, as they use it against businesses and taxpayers, but used on them instead.

The object of his efforts, which is what ours should be, is to try to get well-meaning liberals*, maybe only a handful at a time, to understand what monsters they've helped unleash on the world in their name. It is never too late to ask forgiveness and try to fix the damage that is a consequence of electing politicians who ignore and override the limitations in the U.S. Constitution to the power they wield.

At the very least, it may help get conservative moderates to understand why there is no real compromise with people who want to enslave them. Compromise simply means they'll enslave you piecemeal. (If I have said it once, I've said it a thousand times. The progress that "Progressives" have sought was accomplished by accumulating every niggling bit of power that they could beg, borrow, steal or wrest from individuals and vested it in their collective.)

There is another important point that Mr. Levin partially discusses about the Left's version of the social contract that connects it with the Left's hatred of humanity. If only I can keep from getting distracted and forgetting about it, I will make a separate post explaining it.

For now, read this transcript in an effort to learn from the tactic.
*behind whose good intentions the Leftists and Statists hide their greed for power.

Friday, September 23, 2011

So The Slow-Witted Cat

went outside twice yesterday without my noticing until the two times he came back and asked to be let inside again. "How did you get out?" I asked. But he said nothing.

Then, this morning he went outside twice with me into the yard, and came back in with me each time. The last time he starts in talking in an odd way not common to him.

I answered: "Kitten's just gone. You must be pleased. You now don't have to swat him away from his food even though you had your own."

He says "mow, me meow, mow, wmrow."

I said, "Look, you know he liked wandering away from home and hanging out in the street, and playing chicken with strange dogs. Why didn't you do that?"

Bruiser just looks oddly at me with his big vacant eyes, and rubs the back of his neck against my ankle with a soft whine.

So I pick him up -- oof -- and rub his head, and put him down in front of his food bowl. That ended his talking for now.

Bruiser is now asleep on his favorite bed by the window. I figure a few more days of this and he'll finally forget to ask where Kitten is.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


CALLER: ...And for the purpose of this survey, we would like you to provide some demographic information.

YOU: Okay.

CALLER: ...And, finally, what group would you say best describes you: Whi....

YOU: American.

CALLER: Would you say White, Hispani....

YOU: American.

CALLER: Thank you very much for completing this survey....

This Vagabond Cat

adopted us in early June last year. Maybe a year old at the time, he was less than 7 pounds and more hungry than any cat I'd ever known. In the time he was with us, that never changed.

He helped fill out the house cats; the 18 year wise old lady and the 7 year old slow-witted, 15 lb, tuxedo cat. Button was in her last days, and Kitten kept Bruiser fully occupied so that Button could slowly fade away. When I tried to help her eat or drink, she said, in her own way, "Don't worry Dad. It's time." She didn't particularly like Kitten, but he gave her that respite from having to outfox Bruiser all day, so his presence worked out well for her. She passed in her sleep on July 31 of last year, less than two months after Kitten had turned up at our door.

Well, this morning I found out that he is gone too. A neighbor from another block who regularly walks by with his two dogs let me down easy. He first asked me if I'd seen my cat. Then told me one that looked like him was several blocks away.

It was not unexpected in that this cat was always too laid back. He would stroll up to most dogs being walked on leash, some over 10 times his size, and get nose to nose with them. But his most unsettling trait was that he would lounge in the street and not duck from cars until they were very close. Keep him in the house? There simply was no keeping this domesticated free agent in the house. He came to us on his own volition, and he insisted on keeping his freedom.

I gotta say I liked him most for his disposition.  Pretty darn honest in cat terms. He just wasn't sneaky. People who don't like cats would like this one. It may have helped that he was more amiable, especially to strangers, than most are.

He was the most quiet of all my cats, and that was very nice. And his looks -- I have had both a red and honey colored tabbies before, but this orange guy was a remarkably pretty tabby. 
"Kitten" -- 2-3 years old

Except for his eyes, which were too yellow for my tastes. (Ah, Button -- she had great bright eyes! Right up to the end.)  I was always amazed that he didn't get stolen. I doubt that he'd have protested if someone picked him up and walked away with him, at least not for a while. He preferred not to be held for long.

Well we always knew this day was coming. It wasn't much of a shock at all. But he will be missed.  Especially by the dogs who look for him each day.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Not the Time to Be Complacent

The forces that got unknown Barack Obama elected are not done with him yet.

And, of course, a wounded animal is a dangerous animal.

Friday, September 16, 2011

But WHAT Is the Nature of That Disapproval?

The MSM Agency of Lies is having a ball telling us that Congress' approval rating is down at 12%.

They also seemed to be enjoying telling us that the disapproval rating for Congress is way up at 80%.

And I am sure they delight in the following figures too.

  • Disapprove of Republicans 75%
  • Disapprove of Democrats 63%

What they did not disclose is that why I disapprove of Congress. I disapprove of Republicans because they are dominated by an old line leadership that is really in league with the Democrats and the interest groups that influence both parties. Crony Fascism. They are failing to stand firm against further spending because they are cowards in one way or another.

As far as the Democrats are concerned, I don't disapprove of them; I loath them. They wouldn't even still exist as a party if their "Progressive" brothers inside the GOP didn't keep helping them stay alive. Reform the GOP and the Dems will have to fall into line simply because a truly conservative platform would be as super popular as was Ronald Reagan. The sad thing was that even during the Reagan years will still had these Marxist moles burrowing into all our institutions. The good thing about the Left (that works for us) is that Leftist institutions are built on falsehoods, and so cannot stay standing for long. The danger of all that failure is that the country may not have enough solid citizens to recover before we are attacked by the subversive elements that the tyrants have allowed into the country.

I think the bottom line amounts to this: the Congress is at such a low standing because they are allowing the executive and the courts to run roughshod over our individual liberties.

And why do we disapprove of Congressional Republicans more than Democrats?
Because Republicans should know better!

You Can Bet Your Boots

Were Obama a Republican, then who could doubt that Pravda MSNBC would have captioned the following photo of President Obama at the otherwise somber 911 Remembrance something like this.

As Islamists around the world celebrated 911, they had an emissary at ground zero who basked in the glow of a job well done. (MSNBC, Bizarro World)

Hat tip to Primordial Slack. (And apologies for not noticing sooner.)

Cross posted at Crusader Rabbit.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Newt, Again, Has the Best Lines -- But

"I say it here, it comes out there."  -- TV news-writer Aaron Altman, played by Albert Brooks in the 1987 Comedy "Broadcast News."

Aaron's problem in the movie was that although he knew and understood world events better than any star news reader for whom he provided the intelligence they lacked (William Hurt and Jack Nicholson), he was incapable of speaking in front of a camera without perspiration quite literally pouring from his pores.

I recommend choosing full screen to appreciate the humor. (The embed does not appear in some feeds. Click here if Blooger botches or YouTube restricts the embed at some later date.)

In many ways, Newt Gingrich  reminds me of the fictional Aaron Altman.

Newt's responses last night could not have been much better had he written the questions for Wolf Blitzer.

For instance, as a follow up question from a TEA party questioner to Mr. Huntsman, Mr. Blitzer asked Mr. Gingrich that juicy question about oil company loopholes and fairness. Instantly, Newt first noted the absence of Obama crony GE from the Mr. Blitzer's question, and then went on:
"I was astonished the other night to have the President there in the joint session with the head of GE sitting up there and hear the President talking about taking care of loopholes.  And I thought to myself: doesn't he realize that every green tax credit is a loophole? That everything he wants, everything General Electric is doing is a loophole?"
Both responses drew wide approval from the TEA party audience.

Virtually nobody on the GOP side seems to handle issues as glibly and thoroughly as Mr. Gingrich. What troubles me most is how easily he gets along with the opposition, something I am sure most every person affected by the TEA Party sentiment also senses.

Recall Mr. Gingrich infamously sitting comfortably alongside the notorious Mrs. Pelosi to give a non-partisan look to an Anthropomorphic Global Warming Fraud propaganda commercial. Yet here he was slamming loopholes that that commercial helped get passed.

Here, unlike the amiable but too easily embarrassed writer Aaron Altman, Mr. Gingrich shows no signs of sweat as he makes it sound as if green loopholes were put in place by the Buma with no help from him.

And there are many more twisted connections between Mr. Gingrich and the Left. Please recall how Mr. Gingrich was bogusly driven from Congress in 1998 in what appeared to be payback from old friends of former Dem Speaker Jim Wright whom Mr. Gingrich had similarly driven out. What was astonishing was that the suddenly unemployed Mr. Gingrich immediately was invited into a business partnership with a financial crony of the Clinton's, Ira Magaziner (Hillary-Care's committee chair IIRC). WTF?

This is where Mr. Gingrich demonstrates his physical similarity to Aaron Altman. Mr. Gingrich oozes elitist political connections from every pore. And that, my friends, just won't pass scrutiny with TEA Party members.

I have my doubts that anybody with a wider readership will pick up on this bit I presented here today, but I did it anyway. If the rest of the dextrosphere wants to continue and ignore the smell coming from these "debates" it won't be because I did not try.
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