Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

 Understanding the Implacable Enemy Within the West (part 1)

The most joyous time of the year in America has always been Christmas. Cherish it my friends, whatever your beliefs. The forces in power are not to be trusted to permit this to continue. Indeed, they've been actively whittling away at it.

As can be inferred from the fact noted in the subheading to this blog, those who have risen to rule us continue to refuse to have a harsh word to say to death worshipers.  They do that at the same time that they remain silent about, and suppress news of, the activity of anti-Christian forces. The suppression of news in fact goes beyond the passive-aggressive "silence is agreement."

The reasons we see such troubling behavior are varied to be sure. But, for me, the reason that the most powerful do this is obvious. They hate humanity. Why? Humanity has the ability to conceive of a power greater than these men -- God the Creator -- and they cannot abide the competition even though they claim not to believe in Him themselves. I say they claim because there is an element who believe in Him but would war with Him simply because He's at the top and they are not. A childish game of King of the Hill that costs very many human lives.

They also don't like the idea of being challenged for power by what they consider creatures less clever than themselves. The names of these "supermen" I imagine are rarely known. If Plato's report was correct, it appears they still try to follow closely a precaution taught by the ancient Greek Sophists: "Do not seek the limelight." Act behind the scenes where at all possible. Plato tells us the plan is for most people to see nothing but shadows. (Google shadows on the cave wall.)

But below such shadowy "supermen" are lesser men who are no less your enemy. Among the reasons they have been selected is that do not believe in Him and thus cannot believe that "He will provide" for all times. No matter how dishonest these powerful people are, they think highly of themselves because they believe they are behaving morally. They believe they are moral because they stand by a key principle -- The Precautionary Principle.  No matter how sophistic are that principle's origins and how many times its allegedly good intentions have led to Hell on Earth, they feel obliged to obey it because "what if it is true there is no God?"

Thus, this latter group are very dangerous to followers and adherents of Judeo-Christian ethics. They believe those with traditional moral foundations (those who abide Western traditions) are doing evil by constraining themselves to "a primitive and dangerously naive moral code" that promotes "be fruitful and multiply and replenish the Earth."

As they persecute and kill such pre-postmodern moral men, they feel quite well of themselves. Why? The Precautionary Principle again. "Yeah, yeah. You say you're committed to replenishing the Earth. Yes all the years since Malthus have proven you have been capable of doing that. But there are 6.5 billion people now and you STILL believe in that. What if you are wrong?  We cannot permit you to continue 'unconstrained.' We're truly sorry. It's the way it must be."

Sorry for the downer on Christmas day my friends. But these supermen and their supremely self-moralized killers are moving to gain power now more swiftly than ever. Thank God many more people are aware today of what has concerned me now for nearly forty years, and has been at my core reason for writing now 10 full years. But there are still too many who do not comprehend the giant chasm in moral outlook between them and their overlords. If you have faith that God will provide, these people want you and your thoughts eradicated. They view you as evil.


  1. Merry Christmas again Pasc.
    One of the most excellent, well written, readable posts I've read on this.
    If we still did pamphlet-ting like the founders, this would be one.
    Have courage and be of good cheer!

  2. Thanks very much Ed. I do not think courage is what I lack. It's not seeing more people write about this that I find frustrating.

    I surely hope we begin to see more of this line of thinking. Then maybe, just maybe, some of the "supermen" will rethink their new moral "certainty." Their "gotta kill mankind to save mankind" is a way of planning that most assuredly has great potential to spin out of control. How that highly likely consequence squares with their belief in the Precautionary Principle is hard to swallow. That's why I think the real evil power is completely misanthropic.

    Whatever the case at the very top, I guess I'm just not as "clever" as our overlords who are implementing this policy.

  3. I've been following your commentary on Crusader Rabbit for some time - hope you don't mind, but I'm copying this in it's entirety {WITH attribution, of course!} & posting it on a U. S. Marine message board .................... my fellow former Jarheads will appreciate it!

    Semper Fi'

  4. "Have courage" as "be encouraged". I never thought the other meaning could be construed, but I see it now. Sorry.
    Diamond Mair copying and posting is a form of pamphleteering is it not?

  5. Yes, that is very encouraging Ed. Diamond Mair is making just the right people who need to be aware of this danger. When I think of the odd circumstances under which those Navy Seals were killed en masse (because someone wrote orders that broke protocols designed to prevent such a thing) all our fighting men need to recognize the duplicitous nature of the enemy.

  6. Diamond Mair.

    It occurred to me overnight that I should prepare you for the reactions.
    Worry-wort. Paranoid. Loon.

    Many of your readers will entertain lesser and worse thoughts followed by either simple dismissal of your concerns or total silence.

    I'd be interested to hear of your experience. Good luck.


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