Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gangsta Government

The inspiration for this post comes from the murkier recesses of my memory. As I mulled the memory over, I did not recall whether or not it was my own hard-working immigrant grandfather or some oldster immigrants -- in a movie that may have featured Edward G. Robinson and Richard Conte -- who said something like this.

"This is why we came to America: to get away from gangsters like you. This is America! Get out. Get out!"

Now that I think about it again, it couldn't have been Pop. He saw what was going on in the early 50s and was quite clear that he thought that when (not if) the racketeers got fully organized in this country that they'd make those where he came from look like Sunday school kids. It took less than 20 years for me to see what he said was going to be true. (I'm still not sure my dad fully agreed -- I was ahead of him in seeing the decline of all protective American institutions. More likely as not this is another example of needing to skip a generation to find agreement.)

Here is where my memory of those words quoted above gets murkier still. I have a vague recollection that the immigrant oldsters (hah -- in the eyes of 5 year old me the characters may have been in their late 40s) were answered by a burst of sub machine-gun fire.

Must've been fiction. That would never happen here. /s

They who are seeking to take down America think because they've set things up for you to remain ignorant that you are also stupid.  Do what you can to see they are not rewarded for their rottenness..

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Too Late? Part 2

Part 1 left me so despondent -- because nobody seems to care -- that I hardly commented anywhere last week, and did not write a new entry here for 7 days. That's a severe cutback on my output over the last 4 months or so.

This week I again point to two more who are catching up to the realization of which yours truly has been warning for a very long time.  They have a much larger audience than moi, so pray many more will also wake up. In the two related reports below you will see that at the least the people I'm highlighting are recognizing that the goals of, and legalistic policies thereby derived from, extreme environmentalists could not be any more misanthropic were that their intent.

Dennis Prager, in Thursday's second hour ("Corn is the New DDT"), commented on the report, as it appeared in the UK's Independent, about current chairman and former CEO of Nestlé, Peter Brabeck-Letmathe: "Biofuel policy is causing starvation, says Nestlé boss."

I recommend reading most of the link in order to understand the following plea by Mr. Brabeck-Letmathe. It is one with which I could not agree more.

"It is absolutely immoral to push hundreds of millions of people into hunger and into extreme poverty because of such a policy, so I think – I insist – no food for fuel."

Sadly, few understand that the Sus worshiping misanthropes responsible for the food-to-fuel diversion policy have a new morality, so Mr. Brabeck-Letmathe's words will surely fall on deaf ears. From what I can surmise, his calling them immoral is greeted with a knowing laugh similar to that of SKUNCs when they hear themselves called RINOs. "Of course we're moral, just not in the defunct Judeo-Christian way."

Mr. Prager's final comment comes very close to agreeing with me. The difference remains in that he seems unwilling to challenge them as to what they are up to.

"If the story is true, and I believe it is true, the policy is indeed immoral, leads to death and starvation. But for environmentalists, 'people are a bane on the planet anyway, and so what?' That may not be in their heart, but that is what their policies connote."
Please, Mr. Prager, use your microphone to press the question:
"Environmentalists and Liberals -- what is really in your heart?"

Why do I have the horrible feeling Mr. Prager will never press that question?

USA MSM Won't Defend Their Own

This is not even on foreign soil. This is in Florida. The US Government's Agency of Lies (aka MSM) won't even defend its own -- ultimately its own rights -- when it comes to this most dangerous administration ever.

The latest is the report seen on Drudge and most widely reported by the UK's Mail Online:

Vice President's staff lock journalist in a closet for hours during a fundraiser to stop him talking to guests

I did a web search and found not a single major American outlet covering this story. Do your own web search for "lock journalist in closet" without the quotes and see how long our Agency of Lies embargoes this story. When you read Drudge's account, you will find that even the badly treated reporter kept mum about his unlawful imprisonment in his first few reports -- as the single pool reporter filing on behalf of all media.

Imagine the firestorm by all "American" alphabet media had this happened at a GOP fundraiser for some dogcatcher position.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Too Late?

Why do I bother? Better known blogs and talk show hosts are beginning to speak as yours truly. But what of it?

Tonight, Wretchard writes in Downstream of Green,
Although “environmentalists” are often happy to see oil prices rise because it prices “carbon” out of the reach of consumers, its greatest effect on the Third World has been to raise food prices. The unrest in the Middle East are directly the result of unaffordable food.

But that’s OK. The Voluntary Human Extinction Project believes  “the biosphere of the planet Earth would be better off without humans. In VHEMT’s view, the human race is akin to an “exotic invader”, whose population is out of control and threatens other species with extinction, and only removal of the human race can restore the natural ecological order.”

And if there’s trouble in the Middle East, why just get America to bombing the living s**t out of the unrestful natives with B-2 bombers and the sophisticates can thereafter take the lead. Where extinction is concerned, why not just get the natives and the bitter clingers to kill each other. Extinction can wait a little, put off till the next glorious sunset.
Whether or not the Sustainability worshipers have wrenched control, they sure seem to have triggered helter skelter world wide.

Where are the optimistic adults? Are they too late?

I really like Wretchard, and supported him with cash early on. So I asked: "how come I could not get your discussion going on this several years before it came to this Wretchard? You’ve crossed its path many times, but I do not recall you calling out on their agenda the various architects like the VHEMT you cited today, and The Church of Euthanasia or the Georgia Guidestones, or the political leadership who never uttered a harsh word towards any of these."

And then there's another latecomer finally acknowledging the influence of Malthus and the Neo-Malthusians of the 1960s on public policy makers: William McGurn, Vice President of News Corporation (parent to Fox News Channel to the unknowing), writing in this month’s Imprimis newsletter (hat tip to the Dennis Prager Show).  But could you tell by his title? The Not So Dismal Science: Humanitarians v. Economists. [Beware -- The Hillsdale folks did not provide a permalink, so copy it if you want to keep it for reference.]

I guess he’s decided it’s now “timely” to relate to us the overly pessimistic influence of the Neo-Malthusians such as Ehrlich and McNamara.

Why is this so late, and written so obscurely? Are we to assume that the Establishment Right also harbors this death wish? Does the sun rise in the East?

Poorer people will be starved to death, or murdered for what little they have, as fuel prices soar, food is converted to fuel, and dollars get printed to keep pace.

Our “Intelligentsia” has a confrontational date with the Almighty, and I think they believe they’ll win. Theirs is the ultimate crime against humanity. DAMNED SKUNCs to my loyal readers.

Oh, for those who don’t know, as Mr. McGurn is now doing, I’ve long questioned the humanitarianism of the “humanitarians.” See up there, under my masthead?

If our "leaders" are so humanitarian, how is it that we never hear them direct a harsh word at the Malthusian, Utilitarian and Green nutcases?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Synopsis of Pascal Fervor, Updated

The full synopsis post is here. The following represents the portion that has changes in it.


What I mean by Pascal Fervor is suggested at the top of my sidebar. Blaise Pascal disliked those who destroyed things and especially people he thought good. These destroyers so aroused his ire that he dedicated his genius to defeating them. I, your humble commentator, call that sort of dedication "Pascal Fervor." I've tried to take clues from Pascal so as to move somewhat in the manner he did. However, lacking his genius and position of  influence, my efforts to overturn those forces that would destroy the American Dream may not be anywhere near so successful.  As a result, I sometimes call myself Pascal (the derivative.) That is, I have endeavored simply to move in the direction to which he was pointing.
The inclination of Blaise Pascal operating on a fixed moral plane.

This page was composed to inform you what this blog has concentrated upon most. If you'd like to help me in my battles, I provide a simple start at Irrationality Topples Kings.

What troubles me about our contemporary world is no secret. I've written about it repeatedly here and on my old website. Nearly every institutional policy and event that leaves us shaking our heads and thinking "I don't understand" may be explained by it to some extent. We tend to think of ourselves as so very advanced, but we humans are falling prey to the same sirens that have trapped us and killed us since antiquity.

The single most debilitating thought in our world is not often spoken, but I see it underlying everything today.
Sustainability is the arch concern of "very important" people who are acting on behalf of the fear that there are too many people on earth. It forms the foundation for what I call their new morality. Unceremoniously, incrementally, they have been superseding the Judeo-Christian morality that is core to the culture that created the United States.
It means that a minimum number of people aim to maximize human decline with a minimum of fuss. To reduce the fuss, old wounds and feuds and prejudices and covetousness have been rejuvenated. We will be permitted to reduce ourselves. This blog remarks on the numerous instances where the evidence for this shows itself.

That is the short explanation of what is going on. I bet it's not enough for most "advanced" people. So, should you think you may need it, I've more.

What I am trying to do is pass along to you in this blog are observations driven by intuitive inquiry and conclusions reached by means of analytical skills I use as an engineer. Reading them may help you protect your life. Any difficulties you have in understanding me may not only be because I can be too esoteric (obscure) or too concise (insufficient details), but also because writing is a skill that I'm still developing and not easily.  If you're unsure of anything, please don't be embarrassed for me or for yourself. Be inquisitive and ask me for more details. I will attempt to answer.

It is my hope that many of you can simplify what I am saying to reach many more people than I could ever hope to do. That is the only way I know to maximize my impact -- to rely on decent people to get my warnings out to those they care about and build blocs to block the machinations of those who would eliminate all unselected individuals.

Why Libya and Why Now?

Remember the hidden rotten deal behind the scenes about the release of the Lockerbie bomber?

I would like more people to be mulling this surmise:

The agenda here is Global Governance. Anyone who missed Cameron's speech in Parliament really missed something. He was talking about hauling Qadaffi before the International Criminal Court to be charged with "crimes against humanity."

Where? Inside Libya. Was that an INTERNATIONAL crime? Uh, no.

Hence, these creeps are using common antipathy for a creep like Qadaffi in order to establish a precedent giving the ICC jurisdiction within sovereign nations

I call that a bad idea. Qadaffi is playing the part for all it's worth. -- Carryokie at FR [emphasis in original]

Notice the global machinations here, the profound vacillations, the delays that guaranteed the loss of civilian lives (like sacrificial lambs). It all stinks to high heaven. Let the direction of that stench suggest where to find solutions.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Preponderance of Evidence

The preponderance of evidence is sufficient to prove culpability in a civil case.

Thus, a side note by Gabriel Malor today points to where we find proof positive that the Agency of Lies (MSM) is run by radical Leftist. Here's the explanation.

In the story Michigan Dem Party Officials Charged for Fake Tea Party Election Scheme, Gabe Malor
  • introduces where he's heading with "Most people think that messing with elections is a big deal." 
  • posts an inset with the facts and names and positions of the accused former Dem Party officials.
  • summarizes: "The crimes include false swearing, perjury, and forging records. The investigation is ongoing and will likely extend to other Michigan counties."
  • then adds the side note mentioned above.
He writes:
Note: the press and some bloggers are carefully reporting that these men are former Democratic officials, .... [highlighted mine].
Mr. Malor then goes on to conclude:
...which I suppose is technically true now. They are former party operatives at this moment. But they were both official representatives of the Democratic Party at the time they set up their fake Tea Party scheme. They only quit their party posts after their crimes were discovered.
It's a little thing, but Democrats shouldn't be allowed to distance themselves from this even a little bit. Don't think for a minute that the Democrats didn't greet the creation of fake Tea Party candidates with indecent glee and hope that the frauds would sway elections. [emphasis in original]
The point of my post here was made in a comment at Ace of Spades HQ:
"Note: the press and some bloggers are carefully reporting that these men are former Democratic officials..." -- Gabriel Malor

Of course they were former Democrats.
There are no enemies on the Left is the Leftist slogan to remember here.
And this is proof positive that the Agency of Lies (MSM) is entirely run by radical Leftists. It is the duplicity of the AoL  which condemns them. It's for the same reason that the DAMNED SKUNCs are condemnable. At least the the Democratic Party, while bad enough for cheering this on, is openly partisan. Not so the American media. They continue to fly the false flag of "neutrality."

Our job as bloggers has been to expose this core lie of the Agency of Lies so that less and less of the general public believes their lie of neutrality. We are winning, and I applaud Mr. Malor making a note of the Agency of Lies partisan butt cleaning in this instance.

I Hope This Reform Was Due to Our Discussion

Likening this to "something out of a total dictatorship," Michael Savage criticized the Obama administration for orchestrating the Prez' acceptance of an "award for openness" immediately after holding four (4) meetings closed to the press.

Dr Savage explicitly, by name, gave JammieWearingFool the credit for the story Obama to Hold Four Meetings Closed to the Press Today, Then Will Accept Openness Award.

Last week I made an issue of, and got misunderstood for, talk radio hosts
  1. not giving credit for news and ideas to blogs and 
  2. how it was especially hypocritical for Dr. Savage to not ascribe credit to others. 

So I think it only right that I say tonight:
Thank you Dr. Savage for reforming your chronic oversights. By giving due credit to blog sources you strengthen the team. Keep it up.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Radicals In the Mainstream

This is how they got control.
[FYI: Blooper is mangling my embeds again if the following does not display, in part, "Why did a Democrat...." Please notify me should this happen.]

In case the video disappears (another link is here) entirely, here's the transcript.
Why did a Democrat congressman say [Rep. Mike Capuano clip:] "You gotta get out in the streets and get a little bloody when necessary"?

Why are Democrats shutting down state Capitols? To protect a system that pays unionized workers 42 percent more than non-union workers. A system that collects hundreds of millions in mandatory dues to back liberals who support government unions.

    [Sen. Obama:] "They knocked doors for me. They made phone calls for me. They turned out the vote for me."

One union boss explains: [NEA General Counsel Bob Chanin:]
    "It is not because we care about children. And it is not because we have a vision of a great public school for every child. NEA and its affiliates are effective advocates because we have power, and we have power because there are more than 3.2 million people who are willing to pay us hundreds of millions of dollars in dues—"
Tell Obama, you've had enough.
And the Agency of Lies (MSM) keeps their secret from you. Uncover that conspiracy of silence by uncovering the news not reported.

The Left Has Become Reactionary

Now that "Progressive" Incrementalist Cultural Marxists have crept into every institution, it is they who run the establishment.
Establishmentarians have antidisestablishmentarians in every institution and all walks of life.

This news Madison Police, Fire Fighters & Teachers Threaten Local Businesses with Boycots reveals that they are moving into full reactionary mode against any of us who wish to see our now dysfunctional institutions reformed. As RB says, "the letter is not yet authenticated," so be cautious. Still, given the videos of thuggish behavior appearing daily, and the ever more brazen behavior of the Left tallied at this blog over the years, it's likely to be authentic.

Beware and prepare.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Watch Yer Back TEA Party

As reported by Mark Levin: House Speaker John Boehner is referring to freshman congressmen as "Tea Party crazies." How's that for showing respect for Americans who feel Taxed Enough Already?

We've SKUNCs constantly displaying contempt for people who concur with Ronald Reagan's observation that "government is not the solution, government is the problem."

Nobody who knows me is surprised, that's for sure.

Brought up to date from 2003 to 2011: Are there any Constitution limits remaining?

Now that Cultural Marxists have crept into every institution, they now run the establishment.
Establishmentarians have antidisentablishmentarians in every institution and all walks of life. They are moving into full reactionary mode against any of us who wish to see our now dysfunctional institutions reformed.

God save this once great nation from the Leftists, Statists and most of all, from the supremely dishonest DAMNED SKUNCs.

Friday, March 11, 2011

The CTL-ALT-DLT On Western Civ

I posed two questions to Ed Driscoll.
  1. What does the Left call the over 100 million murdered by their “Progressive” rulers during the 20th Century? Answer.
  2.  “Progressive” architects of Utopia make what provisions for practical jokers and misanthropes? Answer.

Thanks to Ed for filling in the details that help explain those answers. It is easier for the public to understand where the Left is going when informed where the Left has been. Or, as Ed puts it,
"we look at several attempts by the left to, as Tom Wolfe would say,  “Start from Zero,” and hit the CTL-ALT-DLT keys on western civilization."

Hat tip to Mike Gray at The American Culture.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Politically Cowardiced -- Updated

I've been informed that between 38 and 39 minutes of the first hour of the Michael Savage Show tonight, Dr. Savage said something like [Updated with the correct quote from source at 22min.]
"Well, you ought to report child abuse. Of course it wouldn't go anywhere in the politically cowered, politically coward-ed New York City school system."

There was no mention of the fact that yours truly originated the concept and has used politically cowered, politically cowed, and political cowering regularly ever since as replacements for political correctness and PC and politically correct.

This from the talk show host who regularly complains about others stealing his words and giving him no credit.

But then again I've railed about all of radio's allegedly conservative talkers for quite some time.

People, the reason that talk radio has been so successful is because conservatives were forced into feeling desperate that MSM never granted their views a fair chance.

This has been my long standing theory:

Rush Limbaugh and Roger Ailles were granted access to the Sacramento Bee's Letter to the Editor some time in the late 1980s.

They witnessed all the well written criticisms of modern liberalism that were thrown into the Bee's trash bin.

Roger Ailles recognized the broadcast vacuum that represented the absence of  these thoughts, and he saw a huge money making opportunity.

That was the beginning of the rise of Rush Limbaugh and Roger Ailles into broadcast history and multimillions of dollars.
How long have I had these thoughts? Since around 1992, which was shortly after I was told:
"Hey, you sound like Rush."
"What's a rush?" I responded.
People listen up:
Talk radio is not inventing conservative thoughts. It is the echo chamber of your thoughts. And in many ways, it is the place where your thoughts are discredited, by everything from Dr. Savage's hostile rages and huge ego to Rush often behaving like he's joined at the hip to establishment Republicans.

Take your thoughts back and claim them as your own. So the next time when some one says you sound like Rush, or Sean or Glenn or Savage or Levin or whoever, correct them and say:
"Hell, no. He sounds a little like me all the while missing many of the things that are important to me." 
The question may come back "Like what?" And there's your opportunity.
Be prepared for it.
Blog and get better at saying what you really think.

Parasitic (Over)Loads

I added some commentary in a late edit to The Pigs of Animal Farm Look Modest in Comparison that I wish to bring out for clearer examination.

Well, it all comes down to the limits of economic engines.  Just like any engine, it will not being able to take-on ever increasing parasitic loads up into infinity.
It is obvious to the dimmest of wits that one cannot kill the goose that lays the golden egg in the expectation of riches hidden somewhere inside. Thus I think it is foolish to believe that the union leaders really expect they can make such demands work for any time at all.

The Left never liked the economic engine that made the West, and particularly America, as great as she is.  So now that they've brought us to the brink of bankruptcy, the unspoken slogan of their tactic seems to be "Let's finish the old girl off!"

The nihilists seem to be in firm control of the Left, and they are engaging in the sort of agit-prop that favors the goals of the Statists who so hunger for global control. Kill the engine that makes liberty possible, and the distance from here to The Abolition of Man will be but a very short step. The process which, if not checked, will abolish Man goes on apace among Communists and Democrats no less than among Fascists.

It's Nice to Have Company

I've came to admire Redbaiter's sustained reporting and commentary at TrueblueNZ even while he was only a coblogger of KG's at Crusader Rabbit.

The reason is that he clearly has the stamina to post heavily under conditions that I think I might feel like giving up.

With the exception that he seems unwilling to challenge the labels long established by the Left to favor themselves and to irritate opponents, most all of his conclusions seem to agree with my own. And he addresses the miscreants in much the same way as I do. Anybody who has gone as many years as I have with few people agreeing so thoroughly would understand my sense of relief.

This assessment, like any other of its kind, is subject to change. RB, being human, is subject to demands of this world that may yet destroy what I currently admire.

Do you understand one of the key reasons that the West succeeded like no other culture before it? It's because we should trust not in men, but in the Judeo-Christian notion of the Creator God. And that applies to the agnostic and legitimate atheist as well. You don't need to be a believer or have faith in His existence. All anyone needs to do is understand the concept, and then understand that no man or group of men can ever supersede Him or the natural rights He bestows on all humanity.

Only coming to grips with this concept, and institutionalizing it in the manner that America came closest to accomplishing at some point in its history, can groups of men understand the role of the group of men known as republican government.

It is to sustain the legitimate rights of individuals, and that the promoting of other demands and investing in them the equivalent of rights is the mark of the tyrant. God is no tyrant. He simply represents what is right and unbreakable.

So, no matter how much you may admire any person in the course of your life, it's nice to have His company most of all.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The Pigs of Animal Farm Look Modest in Comparison

At this moment, the Wisconsin State House is occupied by protesting state workers and their entourage.
"The breach of discipline by the State Police is most serious. They are no longer a lawful police authority. They are now a partisan force with guns. That makes this an Insurrection." -- LOTM

I will remind you that this was all started because Gov. Scott Walker was going to up each govt worker's contribution to retirement from 2% to half that of workers in the private sector (12% and 25% respectively).

That was actually a compromise. And the govt-employees' WH inspired response proved nothing would have been good enough for them. With the police joning with  the protesters, and thereby widening the protest into an insurrection, is as if they are saying: "With the WH moving favorably for unions, where does any governor get off thinking he can thwart the demands of  'public servants' and their unions?"

This despite Wisconsin being financially pressed to go further into unconscionable debt as are governments everywhere in this downturn. This all despite the tax payers voting "STOP!" in November. The "Democratic" Party now can no longer stand democratic results, and are turning violent. This is something staunch conservatives have been trying to imbed in the heads of GOP leaders for years. You cannot compromise with those whose threaten violence; it will only serve to embolden them, and strengthen them so that the inevitable showdown will be much worse.

Well, it all comes down to the limits of economic engines.  Just like any engine, it will not being able to take-on ever increasing parasitic loads up into infinity.

It is obvious to the dimmest of wits that one cannot kill the goose that lays the golden egg in the expectation of riches hidden somewhere inside. Thus I think it is foolish to believe that the union leaders really expect they can make such demands work for any time at all.

The voters saw this problem in November, but the Left acts like they did not get the message? This is simply not rational.

What is rational is to conclude that the nihilists have taken control of the Left and the unions and the Democratic Party. Of course the Obama admin and the Agency of Lies (MSM) keeps abetting such notions, so we must continue to try to convey to the MSM poisoned world how dangerous all these entities are to America. The Left never liked the economic engine that made the West, and particularly America, as great as she is.  So now that they've brought us to the brink of bankruptcy, the unspoken slogan of their tactic seems to "Let's finish the old girl off!"

Yes. Never ever forget the long time slogan of the nihilists, because your future depends on recognizing them by their deeds.  "Bring her down, baby." and "BURN BABY BURN!"

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Addressing Misanthropes More Often

In Soviets Running Australia Form “Workplace Gender Equality Agency,” RB writes:

I often assert the NZ and Australia are communist countries, and people ridicule me for such claims, but here we have an example of how the average citizens in those countries commonly hold the concept of private property in utter contempt. Here we not only observe the spectacle of a jack booted soviet style apparatchik brazenly intruding upon the rights of shareholders to have their companies managed on merit, we also see these same arrogant collectivist scum forcing Australian taxpayers to pay more for contracted services by shortlisting companies who succumb to this dictatorial approach on government tender lists.

A disgusting abuse of government, and as a measure of how the left have destroyed our society, there will probably be at least 40% who agree with this abomination.

I can relate to RB's observation and treatment, and agree with his conclusion. However, I remain convinced he'd have more of an impact, with all that he reports and comments on, were he to start making the Left and the Statists and the SKUNCs more uncomfortable by noting the misanthropy in the consequences of their policies.

I, of course, regularly address them as misanthropes:
The only label that matters to me in stories like this is misanthropes. And the only aim they seek is our willing self-destruction (and destroying the hard-built meritocracy by inserting bodies based on meretricious criteria) while we victims battle with each other over the meanings of the other labels the misanthropes use to cover their goals.

Get past it RB, and they’ll do more than ridicule you.

Reason to Be Encouraged

In a short note to Philmon at The Clue Batting Cage I saw cause to celebrate however mildly.
The quote ["silence = consent"] got to me due to a team effort of Morgan, you and Joan. But it was you who first reported it, so it was to you I sent the comment. It might have remained an obscure observation that would not have clued me to connect it to Mr. Burke's maxim ["All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."]

You three have demonstrated how blogs, working like a telegraph line, can overcome the Agency of Lies (aka MSM). We may not be as fast -- we may be the unpaid tortoise to their overpaid hare -- but the truth will out when we refuse to remain silent. Edmund Burke would surely approve.
The whole interchange you might find enlightening and, I pray, as encouraging for you and your friends as it was for me.

Sunday, March 06, 2011


I'm stuck mostly using a laptop with a malfunctioning keyboard for the last week and on into the next. I'll try to do more than comment on other blogs. Drop me a line and tell me you miss me. (Aren't those the words to a song?)

Friday, March 04, 2011

Second Thoughts

I've had some second thoughts on the video I called your attention to in Violent Leftist Reactionaries. I decided I should pass along to you my sense that some duplicity was either intended or could easily slip into the teaching method being touted there.

The reasons stems from the casual nature of the audience's approval. I shuddered at one of their chuckles — when Dr Mitra told of Arthur C. Clarke’s “a teacher that can be replaced by a machine should be.” Clarke placed no stress on the character of whom was deciding who was to be replaced.

A machine cannot teach ethics beyond the mere listing of what ought be ethical. And that gets reshaped by those who program distant machines.

Watch out for the next generation of the Khmer Rouge or Green Bombers. Children self-taught is the warning of “Lord of the Flies.” Even worse if you then consider “what if the Granny provided is a Frances Fox-Piven?”

From many responses to this video that I've witnessed, it may already be too late to counter that programming.
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