Monday, January 22, 2018

Here's How Peterson Did It

You know how well so many were delighted by Jordan Peterson's response to Cathy Newman last week.

Well here is a wonderful analysis of how it was done, and how you might be able to do it yourself under pressure.

God, where could I have found anything close to this 50 years ago?

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Laugh Your Butts Off At Rare Equanimity Under Media Pressure

I found this such a treat I had to share it here.

Time and again the interviewer tries to put words in his mouth and set other traps. And each time he laughs and sets the record straight. He simply won't be trapped. Not that day.

This was done so well, it is hard to imagine it how it could be staged. Still, could be.

And they didn't even give him good makeup. He looks a bit like death warmed over. Yeah, the grim reaper to this scalp-hunting but silly woman (no doubt trying to take him down as her back room was hoping).

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LMAO Update: Watch: Cathy Newman’s catastrophic interview with Jordan Peterson

If I was Channel 4 I would take it down. If I was Cathy Newman I would sue or seek a super-injunction. I don’t think I have ever witnessed an interview that is more catastrophic for the interviewer.

Monday, January 01, 2018

The Insincerity of Good Intentions

"The road to hell is paved with good intentions" -- ancient wisdom, perhaps the second profound realization of our species.

"...but his intentions were good." -- the apologetic so often pathetically used after hideous or lethal results that even clichés exclude it from their class.

If his intentions were truly good, both he and those who would excuse him would accept responsibility. That includes significant restitution and suitable mitigation and intense safeguards to prevent similar recurrences.

Insincerity is marked by changing the subject; passing off the blame; burying the evidence; embarking on a similar course under a different name; rewriting history.

Liberalism has a place in the world. I await discovering where it more often than not lives up to its good intentions.

Don't hold your breath expecting the Leftists Sinister who hide behind Liberalism to pillory themselves for all the times they became more powerful on the blood of those they betrayed.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Jordan Peterson 'Hatred For Being Itself'

Since I posted Jordan Peterson on Root of Evil  I have been going over many more of his lectures. JBP constantly repeats various aspects of his insights as they intersect with his latest discussion.  So that led me to listen again to Biblical Series II to see if there were inconsistencies. There were none that I spotted. However that led to correcting several portions of the transcriptions. I think it is now 100% but with stammers excluded.

Then after absorbing many of the cross-references, it occurred to me that there was more to say about how his view in this area -- exploring existence -- intersects with my own.

What JBP left out and what he instilled in me to express more clearly is what has prompted this essay. I pray that some of you might gain something -- comfort? -- from reading it.

First of all there is his conclusion that the hatred of being is at the root of malevolence. See, the desire to cause pain, suffering and destruction for the joy of inflicting it is only a symptom of the subject: the hatred.  

In order to comprehend the depths of that hatred, one must answer the question "what is being?"

Well, the ultimate form of being is existence itself. There could be no greater evil committed by anyone -- if they could - than to end existence itself. Such a villain has placed his will above the rights of every other creature alive.

One need not be religious to accept philosophically that existence itself is fundamental to the book of Genesis, which opens
"In the beginning, God created the heavens and the Earth." 
That's the beginning of existence as we perceive it on a macro scale as told in many a myth and tale.

What I find amazing is so few have concluded what I've long noted about the foundational grammatical parallel in John. For God's sake thinkers, it talks about The Word!
"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."
 Why is it not clear to every religious man and philosopher what Word that is?

For there to be existence, there had to be some action taken for it to come to being. That is a verb.
Basic grammar, the infinite variations of any verb begins with its infinitive.
  1. Thus The Word in the beginning, standing all alone, must be the infinitive "To Be."
  2. The next step would be The Potential Prime Mover -- God if you will allow the substitution -- pondering the Word and thus turning the infinitive into the interrogative "To be?" This would be the where the Word was with God.
  3. The final step is The Potential Prime Mover turns the interrogative to the Imperative. "Be!" And the Word was God.
This is further supported as related in Exodus by the answer given to Moses when he asked "What is your name." Answer: "I Am that I am."

That is the first person singular of Being. What Professor Peterson has gotten very close to but has not stated outright that I know is demonstrated below.

When Peterson concluded the portion on the root of malevolence he said:
"It wasn't unconscious. [The Columbine killers,] they'd been dwelling on this for months, plotting their revenge. And it was against for being itself, for the crime of being. "
What Professor Peterson could have said, but perhaps left for us students to realize is this
"It was against Being Himself."
Oh how I wish JBP would explore more deeply along these lines. He has a short transition to make because, as I recounted in the link above, he said this in the video that inspired my last two posts:
2:10:15.8 the root for malevolence is the desire for revenge against God for creation itself.

For those for whom this is merely a philosophical consideration, can you see the danger posed by those for whom existence itself is hated? Most especially if, in a moment of laxity, you fail to consider the existential threat of humanity permitting one of its own concentrated power for any stated and possibly fabricated crisis? Such as Sustainability. Should you fail to explore the downside in full measure you are failing philosophers. Unquestioned love of sophs that lead to ultimate destruction is hardly philo.

For those who have faith in Him, you really need to consider this view. The hatred of being is the hatred for Being. Failing to call out the haters for that hatred sure seems sinful. Allow the philosophers their lack of faith, and try to recruit them on their level so that they can lay the groundwork on secular grounds to awaken the misled seated near the rotten in high places. That would surely be a virtuous calling.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Jordan Peterson on Root of Evil

The root for malevolence is the desire for revenge against God for creation itself.  Jordan B Peterson

The more I hear Dr. Jordan B Peterson, the more I think he has had thoughts similar to my own. Indeed, I have inserted in the transcribed text a link to where I analyzed the meaning of God's Name so that it clearly corresponds to a key realization that Dr Peterson observed as he answered a more general question in the video portion that I've transcribed.

The good thing for me is that JBP has invested far more energy (and has a paid position from which) to explore ideas that I have only done a bit on my own, poorly apportioned, time.

I am grateful to have found out about him, but sadly due to his coming under attack by various Sinister forces. So this is another instance where I'm bringing what I think is his vital thinking to your attention.

The transcription and time marks below are for the video lecture of Professor Peterson's Biblical Series II: Genesis 1: Chaos & Order. This transcription are from captions I contributed to a version captioned in English that's not yet unpublished. Once released, either the whole 2 1/2 hour video, or the portion highlighted here, will replace the one embedded below. Any emphasis here added by PF.

2:05:40 -2:06:05 Audience questioner requested that JBP provide his view of the consequences due to humanity having been  appointed to expand upon creation.

2:06:10.4 [JBP] Here's something interesting too; we will develop this a lot.

You see, when Adam and Eve eat the fruit, when the snake gives them the fruit, the thing that happens is their eyes are opened.

Okay, to me that means that they've woken up. There's been an increment in their consciousness.The next thing that happens is they recognize that they're naked. To recognize that you're naked is to recognize that you're vulnerable.

Human beings are strange creatures. [JBP bends over] Most animals are like this, and they're protected. But not us. [stands tall] Our most vulnerable parts are displayed for harm and for everyone to observe.

Right, so we have that sort of bipedal self-consciousness built into us. But what is really interesting, is that when Adam and Eve realize that they're naked it's the same moment that they know the difference between good and evil.

and that -- God -- that, I just ground away on that for years: what's the relationship between consciousness, knowledge of nakedness and the knowledge of good and evil?

I think I figured it out.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

GOPe Skaters

There is so much in damning evidence in the news this week, and it's not what the Dem radicals and snakes have been expecting. I'm not gonna link to any of it today.

I hope  you find my opinion based analysis helpful to your understanding of how power-seeking has worked so well so far to defeat the constitutional limits on government's growth, and why American citizens have had such a hard time trying to get them to back off.
I worry that the GOPe will get in there as they are wont to do and protect their Dem buddies from the latest and ever more damning revelations.

There must be a hell of lot of GOPe who are involved here indirectly. But they know how to look squeeky clean by staying levels away from the action like mob kingpins.

If the corruption exposures fall only on Dems, 1) it will smell of partisanship, and worse 2) the rotten GOPe will skate to live and threaten us again.

Most anyone who comes here to read already knows that it’s the uniparty that makes the swamp what it is. This is how it works.

  • The uniparty lets the radicals make demands;
  • all Dems have no choice but to support it at risk not only to their careers, but also their lives and families;
  • and the GOPe runs interference for the swamp agenda, keeping the conservative wing of the GOP marginalized;
  • GOP constitutionalists are threatened functionally by the GOPe, and more personally by the Dem radicals and the media (but I repeat myself).

The thought of the GOPe escaping all this shakeup sickens me.

While it looks like many Dem operatives are self-destructing (they were unprepared for a Hillary loss), the GOPe have always been more clever and stay far away from the crimes.

God I pray the GOPe snakes will one day soon be hoist by their own devices. That would be so just and sweet. Dream on Pascal.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Fuel for Fires, Criminal Negligence, and Governor Brown

Governor Jerry Brown has been making headlines asserting global warming is to blame for the California fires.

I'm posting only because missing from the commentary is the recognition that removal of dead trees and brush from the public forests and grasslands has been made illegal by anyone not working for a state or federal agency.

Such good Samaritan husbandry was made illegal due to law suits brought by radical environmentalists.

Those suits were largely paid for by unaccountable non-profit foundations.
  • Any suits that landed in front of a judge who might rule against the suit would be dropped, and the costs absorbed.
  • The winning suits were heard before judges with whom the plaintiffs felt comfortable.
It is a practice that has a seedy sounding label: judge-shopping. This explains why large sources of money are needed for such assaults on normal decent behavior. It suggests such plaintiffs needs a judge whose penchant is less than that.

These suits were won even though the judges were warned that dry brush is fuel for wildfires, and that there are many people with the experience and ability to reduce such risks free of charge.

But the concerns for wild life, property and human life were all pushed aside. It's hard to call such judges liberal at times like this. If they had a bias, they should have recused themselves from the cases they heard. So perhaps such judges are less liberal and more Leftist?

In other times, times less under the control of Leftist sinister forces, concerns for human life outweighed whatever other arguments anyone could bring to court.

Today, not so much.

Yet even today, were you to let your backyard or empty lot grow uncontrolled, and left to dry out and unkempt, and then a fire breaks out on it -- you would be charged with criminal neglect.

So why isn't the government and its ruling held to the same standard? Why doesn't the press afflict the governor with questions about his comfort with the environmental rules as they stand?

Why does Governor Brown seek to lay the cause of wildfires purely at the door of alleged human caused climate change?

Why does Governor Brown not lay the blame at the door of those whom insisted that the fuel remain on public lands waiting only for the first spark to ignite it all?

Well perhaps its his guilty conscience. When Governor Brown failed even to utter a harsh word against the Green nutcases who forced public lands to be filled with tinder, he became guilty of criminal negligence, and he left those he is supposed to serve at grave risk.

Saturday, December 09, 2017

A Little Joy, Lost

Where such a happy scene as expressed below has not disappeared altogether, it has been dwindling bit by bit, year after year.

If the joyous sound of which this tune sings, and the happy seasonal scenes and feelings that the lyrics depict, have been removed from the streets of your local city, here is a nostalgic reminder.

I was five years old when this tune was published.  Its lyrics are quite accurate.

If you don't recall such an occasion, I am sad for you.
If you've never experienced the scene at all, I'm angry with those of my generation who stole it from you.

Here's hoping the Orwellian schooled joy-killers don't convince Youtube et alii to eradicate all traces of this original 1950 recording of Silver Bells, and the memories it stirs with it.

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Weather Apps and Firebugs and Unofficial Terror Attacks in SoCal

I think my title states all the speculation that you need to know. You can fill in the gaps.

For instance, the Leftist Sinister judges agreed with the Sinister envirowackos to make it illegal for any public citizen volunteers to clear brush from any land that is in the public domain -- because of habitat protection or some-such.

Fire danger from such legally imposed criminal neglect has consistently been discounted.

[Update Dec 6, 2017: This was one of the essays of was searching for but didn't find until after publication.  This is one chapter of an online book by Mark Edward Vande Pol. He has dedicated his life to habitat restoration, with a significant goal (and some success) in land management reeducation, all at his incalculable expense.

Weeds: A Tragedy of the Commons

I strongly urge readers to go there and see the author's painfully compiled photo exhibits of stated good intentions gone horribly in the opposite direction.

Then read his conclusions. His views pretty much run parallel to my own in that we agree that the public has been and is being misled and misinformed. ]

Ok, I've done my part.

Now please take this germ of speculation and fill in the gaps at various comment streams at the larger blogs.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Sexcapade Exposures and Swamp Draining

It would be a wonderful run of good luck should the large number of exposures of sexual misconduct lend a hand in DJT's campaign promise to drain the open cesspool that was once a respectable swamp.

But there appears to remain a selectivity in the manner and type that have been driven out of jobs or office. In media, so far no women have been axed. How come? Are there no overly powerful lecherous lesbians or tranny's out there? This remains an openly sexist gap to fill.

It is mind boggling how the "icon" Conyers is being pushed out, but the former awful-clown and now simply deranged senator Franken appears to have no end of defenders. At least one has charged that racism is the reason for the mixed reception.

I think such a warn-out charge is first what you'd expect to hear from the radicals, and second, such a racy charge can provied cover for the real reason. That's the sort of thing radicals always have provided Establishment Progs -- some red herring to keep people's attention away from what they really need done or are doing.

Our best guess here is that Mitch McConnell is behind the inconsistency. Being GOPe leader means he needs a certain number of Dems to remain in the Senate, and the loss of a sure radical like Franken would reduce the D-R balance from 48-52 to 47-53. This would make it much harder to prevent reversal of institutionalized Prog past legislation. Protecting Prog gains has been and remains the Prog GOP's century old task. This is in keeping with the frequent -- and so glaring -- inconsistency between what McConnell ought to want to do (push conservative GOP advances) from what he is doing (getting in the way of reversing Dem enacted laws like Obamacare).

However, when you look for consistencies you find them. Thus his acceptance of Franken, but his constant fighting against Moore makes sense. And remember, long before McConnell's alleged feeding molestation charges to the WaPo, he was actively funding and campaigning for someone, anyone, for Senate of Alabama but the stalwart anti-establishment Moore.

The most remarkable thing about all these sex scandals is that they provide a huge torpedo to the credibility of all the Establishment media and pols just when they seemed to be having an effect on the Roy Moore election and its potential to rid the senate of another SKUNC and replace him with an anti-swamp member.

You gotta wonder two things. Is this just another bit of luck going the way of DJT? Or does he have allies buried in the "Deep Media" we don't know about? If this old sex scandal surrounding Al Gore gets revisited, especially should DJT take on the EPA really hard (as it seems he did the Paris climate accords) then just maybe so. LOL

Whoa Pascal! Trump with friends hidden in media leaking all this? Can't be.  Who'd buy that idea in some novel?

Truth is stranger than fiction. And the climax of current witch hunting has not yet been reached.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Iconclasts SUDDENLY Respect Icons

The hypocrisy of all these Leftist Sinister defenders of John Conyers because they suddenly are aware "why he's an icon," is shameless.

These are the same radicals who have been tearing down every icon in the West for all my seventy-plus years. It is enough to make me vomit.

How about you?

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

A Broken Clock On Thanksgiving

This inspiring video was posted by Darin at Crusader Rabbit. I wished to share it, but with advice against thinking too highly of its author .

It's an "a broken clock is right twice a day" situation. I've long lamented that it's too bad the “former” radical Medved has to be such a consistent buttlicker of the likes of McCain. His stances are consistent to the point that he gives the appearance he aims to keep the "Progressive" Incrementalist inroads gained through the pressure provided by his old radical comrades, but does so by hiding out on our side. So he serves as a reminder that it is far better to be thought of as a decent sort of fellow rather than a very smart one.

He’s the sort that drove this site to hold a cash contest to replace RINO with an intentionally more uncomplimentary and fitting acronym. SKUNC was the result. The first letter stands for either Statist or Stooge, depending.

If only once a year we gather together to be thankful for whatever joy, large or small, we may have been granted, it is actually a major thing for which to be grateful.

So today I’ll grant Medved the label of Statist alone, grateful for his contribution to restoring, from the onslaughts of the Social Justice Cretins, the prestige that Thanksgiving deserves.

Monday, November 20, 2017

News Vans Blown Up

Over the years, I can't help but notice how many news vans are at the various Sinister demonstrations ahead of the events.

Undoubtedly some of the "youths" got over exuberant once or twice and set one or more ablaze or worse.

Yet I have failed to see the tragedy repeatedly shown on TV. Or even heard of it.

Have I missed something?

We see and hear of terrible events on TV where non-entities and police are assaulted and killed. And we hear of it at an alarmingly increasing rate.

It couldn't be that the news cycle provides an inspiration or two. The experts tell us so.

I repeat -- Am I missing something?

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Ruling Class Murder Reputations Better than Theirs

I am super angry with our Establishment, and so should all who read this. What they have been doing with the Roy Moore allegations after losing the vote twice and fearing letting in another swamp drainer to the senate is disgusting even without their hypocrisy being off the charts. They let Bill Clinton off, dubbed big time abuser and possibly murderer Edward Kennedy the "Lion of the senate," and refuse to say they'll keep Menendez out of the senate even if he's convicted of the charges which include worse than what Moore has been smeared without any evidence -- and all three of those abusers were more recent and documented. And that's before the newer and lesser disclosures of abuse by current members of Congress.

Our Establishment rulers must really have dirty linen in their closet to be flinging as much dirt as they're doing simply because they can since they own the media. See they don't care about "not doing to others what you wouldn't have done to yourself" because they know they're guilty and figure dousing everybody in reach is the only game in town for them.

And what major talk show host or major blogger has listed the inconsistent treatment like that? I'll wait.

Look, the GOPe -- the Prog kingpins of the GOP -- treat all to their right as deplorable -- that's you -- but lack the frankness, the guts, of Hillary Clinton to say it.

Never forget the Prog slogan No enemies to the left. IOW, you are their enemy.

The Left's Sinister's refusal to admit the failings of their ideology, tyranny that cost scores of millions their lives, is why Kurt  Schlicter's hint at proscriptions is gaining adherents. Probably too late.

Paraphrasing the old rhyming adage: Stop a madman against his will is of the same opinion still. The foisters of the Soviet Union may have watched their first baby collapse, but they still haven't given up on the dream! Ain't it obvious? If not, perhaps you best die before they come for you, cuz they're coming.

The world had better learn there is no meeting of minds possible with the worst of them, nor even with most of the less-than-brights. Given the silence, I have to think that there are a lot of the latter allegedly on my side. It is to shudder.

Simply, if you know what self preservation is, and you have and give a damn about your posterity, perhaps you understand why I say you need to be super angry with the Establishment.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Sinister Label More Fitting Than Merely Left

Liberals, if they are sincerely concerned about the little guy, need to consider disassociating from "the Left" after giving deep thought to what follows and not dismiss it out of hand.

In a nutshell, here is why.

Activists who cannot have avoided exposure to some part of the history of the 20th century, any part beyond the media's primary focus on National Socialist crimes, invariably conclude that while oppression of one group by another group is a hideous thing, the oppression of the state is nothing about which to be concerned.

Far too often those who call themselves liberals will blame anyone else for the failures of ideas they support, ideas they believe in. It's been said that people who have no faith in God will believe in anything. These folks believe in their good intentions. That's all they need. If others are harmed because their beliefs were incorporated in government policy, well, that's too bad, they meant well.

Just like that -- their hands are clean! "Thank God!"  Oops, no. That's not right. "Thank Me!" See the problem yet? If you are on the Left, it does not matter how many bad things follow from your ideas, you have forgiven yourself. It's those conservative and libertarian bastards who are to blame. If only they believed -- then everything would be good. This is why the founders of America did not want the government creating law affecting an establishment of religion. When people believe that  anything has risen to supreme importance -- having precedence over all other considerations --  they are practicing religion.   Consequences of their good intentions? Sad but unimportant.

I'm sorry liberals. But when your most extreme elements start beating up people for disagreeing with your practices and goals, you can't walk away and say you had nothing to do with them. You gave them an excuse and you even covered for them -- some of you while they were misbehaving, some of you afterwards with words -- until the burden of covering for them got too uncomfortable. And then you have the gall to say your hands are squeaky clean. Because you believe in your good self, your conscience is clean. How convenient.  If there is a word that fits better than sinister it is evil. I'm letting you off easy.

Here is how you whom think yourselves liberal can get redemption. Accept the facts as they are and not as you intended them to be.

 It's after radicals took over whatever program was started because liberals provided them their support, often unwittingly, is something that must be looked as sinister even if it wasn't viewed as evil at the start. That refusal to learn from hard earned mistakes that cost 10s of millions their lives ought to be unforgivable!

For instance, those who would demand or allow inroads on the 2nd Amendment are typical. The ones in the GOPe are the most worrisome.

As I have put that argument,
Add up all the murders committed by base criminals and lunatics, and the toll is completely overwhelmed by the toll committed by governments whose subjects had no firearms to oppose them.

See? Gun ownership infringement activists respond in a manner favorable to the Josef Stalins in waiting, the original having observed "a single death is a tragedy, but a million is merely a statistic." Those who use every relatively small numbers of murders to launch another campaign against private gun ownership are sinister given the looming threat that history warns us about from guns being only in government's hands. Which label do you prefer libs? What label -- sinister or evil -- better fits this pattern of your activists?

If there is anything that is clear in natural rights is that the individual owns his own life and therefore has the right to defend it. Especially from criminals hiding behind the authority of what used to be called The Social Contract, but for which the authority is no longer providing its most essential service -- keeping order according to law and blind justice.

So, for a good start, just stop defending those who would leave all firearms in control of the most potentially deadly forces that have ever murdered your fellow human beings. Nothing seems more sinister than someone who cavalierly views how much others care to go on living and protect the ones they love from evil.

Hat tip Col. Bunny for the inspiration.

Monday, November 06, 2017

Humility: Hubris, Nemesis, Tempering

The trait of humility is not spoken of enough. This piece will be short, paradoxically opposite humility's importance to a world that prefers peace to disorder.

Does Western Society and its leaders have much humility? It and they once did, or at least pretended to have some. To assert the king was king by divine right at least carried the notion he was accountable to Him if nobody else.

In today's far more secular world, humility often comes slowly if at all, because those in charge pay large sums to others to keep the real world consequences of their actions hidden and the building tidal surge at bay.

So instead of reality bringing Nemesis coming quickly, we see leaks in the dam. Among those paid large sums to keep it and her out are the media moguls and its apparatchiks.

For instance, in the last weeks, large doses of humiliation were delivered to ('god' according to Meryl Streep) Harvey Weinstein.  And subsequent to that, Kevin Spacey. There are sure to be more.

However harmful these disclosures have been to the principals, they are really small fry compared to those whom wield the real power. That is, those whom enforce or have enforced their rule by the threat of government's guns.

You see, hubris is arrogance taken to its extremes. The Greeks asserted that it was the goddess Nemesis who delivered the well-deserved extreme payback to those filled with hubris. It's most extreme form short of death is humiliation.

Being humiliated though often fails to bring humility since the humiliated will seek payback in the extreme. Fitting is the aphorism: beware a wounded king.

The Left Sinister has been trying -- in the least of their efforts -- to humiliate Donald Trump ever since he won the GOP nomination (not before primarily because he'd been their friend and figured he was sure to lose). But he has had thicker skin than anyone they've ever run up against. So what do you know? Lo and behold we are beginning to see payback. The most former king and his heir may indeed be in for a rough time. Not all the sources of leaks are dead. And it is too late to silence some whom they apparently might want dead. And there are other former kings who know they are not in the clear either judging from their latest uneasy commentary.

Sadly, none of this is a solution to society's long term concerns. Should the current "king" find ways to bring Nemesis to his critics, there is always the danger that his own hubris will rise.

Western society has long eschewed its God fearing base because of all of the successes that science and technology have brought it. It has so beaten back so many of nature's harmful attributes that it has come to believe -- ah religion in another guise! -- that all natural law can be beaten back. Or, at least, that is what those who are largely the power behind the powers want the rest of society to believe so they can skate a bit longer, and perhaps die before that tidal wave breaks down all their tsunami barriers.

The rulers of Western Society have none of the hope for the future of its progeny -- if they have any -- that past rulers have had. And this is why humility could well be the biggest lacking in Western society. It has been putting off the consequences that would bring tempering to its rulers for so long that the Nemesis to come will be crushing as none before for all society.

It is inevitable. Those who rule simply have two things in mind if they have a mind at all.
  1. Live for today and enjoy that we are at the highest levels of power of any men before us and screw all those who are to follow -- that's their concern.  
  2. Live for today and bring huge losses in human life because then maybe the remnants -- if there are any -- can start afresh. We're doing them a favor that nobody ever did before us. We are gods.

Do you see any humility in those whims? Yeah, me neither.

The last election cycle revealed that we may yet correct our illegitimate overlords -- this is still ostensibly a republic that in principle leaves the people as the last arbiters as written in the constitution so despised by the overlords -- but it will not come without facing the Nemesis of our own making.

We so believed the lies fed to us because the opposite notion would require a type of repentance forbidden by our secular world. The notion long ignored is that "nature, or nature's God," from whom our natural rights were bestowed, has also placed limits on what we can actually do freely.

There are always costs, and to deny any of those costs sets us up to be visited by consequences we will not enjoy. Western society, however successful it has become, has too frequently sought shortcuts that showed we lacked humility.

The larger humiliation to come may temper the coming generations so that they, at least for some time, will see to it that our Ceausescu's pay and that new ones will fear to arise, but not also at terrible costs to all of society.

That is the only bright spot I can see in the future.

If anyone else can see a better one, please console me in comments.

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Under the Label "Enviro Justice" Elites Committed to Outkill Number Felled to "Social Justice"

Of course most social justice and environmental justice warriors cretins can't do simple math. And besides, it appears as if they don't care if they live or die just so long as justice -- as they see it -- prevails. No matter what label they lay claim to they are useful morons to the Progs.

Here's the math.

In the name of seeking "social" justice, various regimes wearing various sorts of Marx inspired names, killed over 100 million people.

The deep ecological high priests are constantly writing with plenty of money granted to them from government and robber-baron foundations, that the planet will thrive if its population can be brought down below 1 billion, or half a billion. Or, maybe only because the one writer can't read zeros -- did I mention math not being their strong point? -- under 50 million.

So if the various Maoist and Soviet systems could murder 100 million on their own in the pursuit of social justice, it is clear that in the pursuit of environmental justice these misanthropes at the top today actually can conceive of besting the record set by those littler men.

One hundred million -- bah! How about 6 thousand million Mao?

Pray to God. Please step in any time and turn the table on these megalomaniacs. Maybe make sure those who have aided little Kim are in the next tunnel collapse? I don't know how to arrange it. But I can dream can't i?

Surely there are a handful left on your world who have loved ones perhaps not so worthy, who are still worth protecting from these monsters. They and their legions do their utmost to mislead so many of Your children. Yes, even the morons.

It is clear to me that they loath You because they perceive so many more love You than them.

You know their hearts as no man can know.

Please give the misled another chance. Thank you!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Social Justice Cretins

I've been through this before. Over two decades. Most who will read the following will be wont to tell himself that there is nothing he can do to fight against the hegemony of the predominant media. Yet Donald Trump succeeded at it.

Don't you get it yet? He was smart enough to read you, and bold enough to heed what you have been writing on the web for the last 25 years, and he made it his message.

Do you think it's only a Trump who could dent the SSM's influence? Dammit men -- it's been you all along! Don't stop now!

I'm compelled to write this because I've had my fill of reading sentences with the acronym SJW (social justice warrior) in them. I don't care if the term drips irony given the alleged pacifist predilections of the creeps to which it refers. The Left Sinister has no sense of humor, is immune to sarcasm, cannot be shamed, won't even call out each other for murder, so why would they do it for inconsistency and hypocrisy? The very same thing for which they've been trying to bring Trump down on treason charges  -- collusion and money laundering with the Russians to influence the last election -- they've been caught doing themselves. And now they don't want to talk about it. They could not have sunk any lower. (Well, let me not underestimate them yet).

So are we entertaining ourselves with mild ironies, and at that ones that only we acknowledge? Self-pleasuring is still not highly regarded no matter what the Cultural Marxists have been scheming to convince your children of.

Thus I am finding it hard to take seriously most opponents of the "Social Justice" Cretins (SJC) when they still use the SJW designation rather than SJ anything else.

Look I get it. In part it's lazy, in part it's despair. But the consequences of its continued use will be worse than it becoming clichéd.

If I fail to make a strong enough case, you all will continue to feel compelled to use SJW because everyone knows to what sort of creeps SJW refers. But amongst themselves they look at it as a badge of honor — the same always inconsistent idiots who claim waging war is a bad thing even as they now rejoice when one of theirs, wearing a mask, slugs one they believe is one us with a bike lock. And that was only the start, because their behavior and self-aggrandizement have gotten bolder and worse.

I'm sorry if I'm repeating many of my points, but they are significant.

Initially I could see any who opposed them using the term warrior for them in a sarcastic manner. But if there is anything that the SJCretins are consistent about it’s their lacking any sense of humor. Sarcasm and other civilized means of contradictory rhetorical style is wasted on them. Only outright insults in return for the insults they hurl makes any sense nowadays — in fact that’s what conservatives detest about the GOPe types with their insistence we not call the opposition all the sinister terms they deserve. And now their behavior has been revealed to be far in excess of worthy of insult. Treason is a legitimate charge. And I'm only asking that you engage in fitting insults for the less than treasonable useful idiots of the treasonous.

Calling a spade a spade is not only what Trump supporters like the most about Trump, it is also what those who have been luke warm about him give him credit for.

Look the SJWC is a relatively new group. Don’t let them over time ruin the good and noble word warrior with it being connected to them. Don’t let them wear the badge dishonorably as the Progs and Libs with their preferred labels have simply because the SSM has long permitted them those labels.

Both the Progs and libs have an agenda that is diametrically opposed to the longer words associated with them. Progs are the opposite of progressive with their post modernist, critical theory, PC tyrannies they’ve been cooking us with, and the Libs encourage government freedom (tyranny) that constrains individuals (anti-liberty).

Please join me in creating a common parlance that contains a nasty designation for these rotten pukes. Social Justice Cretins doesn’t have to be it. Something, anything else. I’m warning you, over time they will erase the meaning of warrior just at the old meaning of gay can never be reclaimed. Simply don’t allow them SJW any longer. Please!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

McCain Fouling Punchbowl Is News?

Why this seemingly shocked report (including the video) about John McCain?

Reporter to McCain: "Has your relationship with the president frayed to the point that you are not going to support anything that he comes to you and asks for?”

McCain to reporter: "Why would you ask anything so stupid?"
While McCain's answering a question with a questions could be labeled a non-denial denial, it was actually a reasonable question to ask the reporter. To ask McCain such a question and expect an honest answer would mean the reporter expected better behavior from McCain. Such an expectation is indeed stupid.

In February 2008, immediately after McCain locked up the GOP primary votes that earned him the nomination for president, I warned Beware The Wrath of 'Cain.
For when McCain self destructs, I am virtually certain he is not going to blame himself. He is going to blame conservatives. Thus picturing the following assuredly is not too hard.

From hell's heart, I stab at thee. For hate's sake I spit my last breath at thee.
Yes, I know: That scene from Star Trek II, The Wrath of Khan, is about as melodramatic as anything ever produced by Gene Roddenberry. [But it fits the sort of resentment he holds for those who would not honor him.]

The man's bitter resentment for constitutional Americans was well established long before that. He treats the Leftists Sinister as if they are his brothers and conservatives as if they are vermin.

So even in 2008 it wasn't news to anyone who pays attention to how just about any Prog Republican treats any conservative. But especially John McCain.

Meanwhile the SSM treats him most of the time (when he's not running for President) as if he's a fair and decent man. They always favor those who advance the Prog agenda.

What rubs me the wrong way is how often he is treated with kid gloves by those who claim to be conservatives. Like perhaps your favorite talk show host. Or even a blog favorite such as Bill Whittle. Do a search on Bill Whittle and John McCain. I could not find a single instance where a negative word was said or written about McCain -- except in the comments to various Whittle videos, and not by Whittle himself.

I swear folks. It's just like I said in the title of my last blog post You Lie to Yourself At Your Own Peril. When big name "conservatives" don't say the obvious, most little guys are afraid to ask tough questions lest they hear from the big name "conservatives" a John McCain type condescension "Why would you ask anything so stupid?" As my friend Fran Porretto suggested, when you can't say "They Say" it, you are afraid to say it yourself.

You permit yourself to be intimidated into silence -- be it by bigger names or by group-think -- at your own peril.

So the next time you are again told that John McCain dropped a turd in the punchbowl, a reasonable angry response would be: 
And if the Republican Party had any real meaning they should have stopped him after the last time or the time before that or the time before that.

Friday, October 20, 2017

You Lie to Yourself At Your Own Peril

Telling anyone that they lie to themselves at their own peril ought to be obvious to anyone with two brain cells with which to comprehend what will happen when one steps in front of a speeding bus.

So then, why do we do lie to ourselves so often?  I think from observation that herd mentality is far worse than most any of us want to believe.

Despite my constant non suppression of asserting that death cultists must exert great influence in powerful circles, even I have still succumb to the urge to suppress lesser observations that I expect to generate reactions I rather not face. And in the long run, I also suspect that the likely outcome to the lesser observations being left unnoted is that their threats will grow larger and, thus, the downsides then would likely be worse by far.

So I know I've been guilty.

How about you?

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