Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Like Merciful China

who charges the family of the executed man for the bullet. [For the decency challenged, the title of this blog post is sarcasm.]

After successfully winning a two-year prison sentence against U.S. Border Patrol Agent Jesus E. Diaz Jr., the Justice Department is now trying to collect a $6,870 fine from his wife, saying it should be paid “immediately”even though the judge signaled she would have a grace period.

In a notice sent last week the Justice Department said the fines were imposed by the court that found Agent Diaz guilty and sentenced him to prison for improperly restraining a 15-year-old suspected of drug smuggling.
Mr. [Congressman Duncan]Hunter had earlier written a letter asking Mr. Holder why the Justice Department pursued the case against Agent Diaz even after two internal reviews cleared him of wrongdoing. [any chilling effect on law enforcement is merely coincidental. /s]

A third review did say Agent Diaz violated rules when he twisted the suspected smuggler’s arms and placed used his knee to apply pressure to the man’s body. The U.S Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Texas brought charges.

Gee! One might even have reason to suspect that DOJ is doing heavy lifting on behalf of the druggies.

And to think there are people who are still of the opinion that "Operation Fast and Furious" was a bungle; a bug and not a feature. /s

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