Saturday, February 09, 2008

Beware The Wrath of 'Cain

McCain, that is. John McCain.

Whether or not we like it – I most certainly do not – John McCain will be the Republican candidate for President. The best reason for not backing his campaign, and not voting for him, are secondary. That is, a government growing, illegal immigrant welcoming Democratic president is more readily thwarted by GOP opposition than is a government growing, illegal immigrant welcoming Republican one.

But let's put that aside just for now. I've a much more important question to ask. What are we going to do while John McCain is at the top of the ticket?

First of all, while John McCain is the Republican standard bearer, he has at his disposal all the facets and funds of the GOP. That is hardly insignificant. There are a number of things, both good and bad, that such control forebodes.

Second. John McCain is a man who wants to be president quite noticeably more – perhaps beyond measure – than displayed by the favorite of many conservatives, Fred Thompson. That desire can be quite a plus. But as I make clear below, it can be an even more terrible minus.

Third, read Pat Buchanan's summarization of John McCain's speech at CPAC. Here are a few excerpts from that [emphasis mine]:

What he said essentially was this. [I]f we do not work together, we lose the presidency. And if we lose the presidency, your causes will be lost, as well as my last chance to be president.

If my end of the dinghy sinks, yours will not stay afloat.

While I know Pat Buchanan's own maverick status is hardly a recommendation to read his spin with a great deal of confidence, he assuredly has himself demonstrated how sour a loser can be. And I think, within Buchanan's summary can be gleaned a warning to conservatives around the country. "Be prepared for anything."

Surely it cannot be unreasonable to expect conservatives to heed the Boyscout motto: Be prepared.

In general, a Democratic president will likely have a favorable congress come January 2009, not the least because there is one there now. And a very strong win by the Democrat could easily put enough Dems in the Senate to kill GOP filibusters.

And should John McCain self-destruct or be pushed by the Dem candidate or her entourage into one of his intemperate exhibitions of bruised ego, his candidacy will be sunk.

And when McCain goes down, our hopes for many very good GOP congressional candidates will be lost too, as a matter of course.

But it can get even much worse than that. And that is why I felt compelled to write this.

For when McCain self destructs, I am virtually certain he is not going to blame himself. He is going to blame conservatives. Thus picturing the following assuredly is not too hard.

From hell's heart, I stab at thee. For hate's sake I spit my last breath at thee.
Yes, I know: That scene from Star Trek II, The Wrath of Khan, is about as melodramatic as anything ever produced by Gene Roddenberry. But it captures the kind of fire that McCain must have had to endure all that he did at the Hanoi Hilton.

I am daring to risk your displeasure to raise this alarm due to the fact that I believe he can still draw on that fire. We will not like how he'll use it should he think he has not received enough repayment over the years for all he endured. This is where his demand for high office gets tacky. How is it possible that we owe him even up to and including turning over to his unpredictable vicissitudes the signatory protection of cornerstones of the republic itself? Such as protecting the First Amendment. But he feels he deserves the presidency.

As self-centered as his anger has been at times, what must we be ready for should he not get that which he believes he deserves? It is simply too likely that the angry McCain will once again emerge. That McCain will not be content to go down alone in this, his one "last chance."

Because conservative Congressional delegates are vastly more important to our interests than leftist ones, we must not forget to get out the vote. And because McCain will control the purse strings of the GOP from now until the elections, now is the time to prepare to get out the vote (GOTV) on our own.

So, once again, why do we need to be prepared? We must be prepared for the likelihood that McCain's wrath will go full blown. Once he's convinced that he cannot win, and because he already seems poised to blame us for it, then we must prepare now that he will for spite hold back GOTV funds (and Lord knows what other mischief). There will be nothing we can do about it then should we fail to prepare for it now.

I am sorry, but this man's recent history demands that we have a plan B.

We need be prepared to Spock our warp drive so it can propel our conservative ship to safety. We must be prepared for just that time when 'Cain believes that he's gonna fail. For by God or the devil, he'll be damned if he doesn't try take us with him.

Be prepared.
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