Monday, May 26, 2008

Resolved: Conservatives Are Useless As Defenders of Liberty

The title of this post strikes me as a good premise for a debate. Spinelessness is not a good trait for those claiming to defend what is Right.

Let me lay out some arguments that might be useful in this debate that I feel is long overdue.

First of all. the very word conservative implies someone who is not apt to budge much. The run-of-the-mill liberal, on his more docile days, might limit his definition of a conservative to that.

Of course "stick in the mud" might be the thought they have refrained from expressing on that day of benevolence. But that is the liberals' impression of a conservative on the libs' less outrageous days.

Ultimately the conservative individual has no desire to mess with politics. Politics is for busybodies. This is where the basic meaning of conservative – one who conserves – comes into play. "I've got mine. Gotta protect it. Best not to do anything that may endanger it; that wouldn't be prudent." These are hardly the same type of individuals who wrested colonial America from King George. On what pipe dream do you imagine they'll come through now, in the clinches?

The words "leave things as they are" is a front for another thought that just about every individual has uttered one time or another: "LEAVE ME ALONE." Yes sir. That is truly conservative.
  • I look at John McCain. I hear the Left SCREAMING that he is an extreme right winger. This is the man who fathered a bill that scrapped the first amendment to ultimately aid professional politicians, labels border defenders as racist, and thinks Americans cause global warming.

  • I hear radio host Hugh Hewitt promote his show with a Keith Olbermann spot calling Hugh a "fringe talker." A RINO like Hugh gratefully uses such "gifts" from lunatic-lefties to bolster his flaccid bono fides as a Rightist. [ugh!] It is a fact that Hewitt used his influence in California to aid the phony-right Schwarzenkennedy in the Davis recall election by blocking-out the legitimate-right McClintock with stupid-liberal tricks. His most effective ploy was in softening whatever backbone conservatives might have had with his relentless inflating of a Bustamonte Boogeyman. The latter pol really had not-an-icicle's-chance-in-hell because he was even more inclined to the policies that got Davis in trouble to begin with. The Lefty outrages of Davis gave the Right the first real chance to win on principle in decades, and Hewitt constantly fear-mongered against going that route. From envirofascism to illegals, Arnold is demonstrably more Left than Davis ever was.
Come on liberty loving Americans. With the Left labeling either of these gentleman as extreme Right and MSM echoing the labels, just where does that put the vast majority of Americans?

Do you know what MARGINALIZED means America?

Where are the true leaders of the Right? Real leaders of the Right will ride roughshod over of this "official" political spectrum foisted by establishment media and make a mockery of it. They will break out of the Ideological Corral once and for all.

Friday, May 23, 2008

MSM Easily Forgives You For Not Loving It

Borrowing from Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America, book iii, chapter iv
The mass media easily forgives you for not loving it provided that you don't love each other.
This is a very short warning for the Right:

Should you think that all members of mainstream media are stupid, you will never appreciate how well they dissemble facts and mislead the public by disingenuously composing stories that serve its biases, agendas and hatreds.

The precautionary principle demands that the adage "Never attribute to malice what can adequately be explained by stupidity" be reversed whenever the MSM is involved. The Left is not stupid: just ask them.

This can be summarized in a single line that I hope helps reunify the Right and stave off further efforts to divide it.
Where you find MSM, never attribute to stupidity what is easily driven by malice.
I would also add, given the propensity of the GOP to abandon its Right, "Watch your back."

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