Thursday, February 25, 2010

Synopsis of the Feb 25 Obama Summit

"President Barack Obama has sent out a call for Republicans and Democrats to work together in his administration." -- Andrew Klavan, What Liberals Believe.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Al Gore In His Final Bunker?

You may want to pass this one along. No telling how many may laugh their way back to sanity.

Thanks to Selwyn Duke for the tip.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Déjà New

A friend passed along a stream of puns better left forgotten.
But he did include one in his list that struck my fancy.
Déjà Moo: The feeling that you've heard this bull before.
I could think of a few more that fits this theme.
Déjà Boo: It was more startling the first time.
Déjà Goo: Here's another fine mess you've gotten me into.
Déjà Poo: Same old shoe-muck.
Déjà Sue: You expected something different?
Déjà Woo: That's a tired old line.
My personal favorite doesn't quite fit the pattern, but I'll stand by it:
Déjà Fool: Any retard who expects human advancement out of anything labeled "Progressive."
Reader Teresita adds:
Deja Blue: The feeling we've seen liberal ideas tried before.
Deja Brew: The feeling that you've drunk from this same pot of coffee before.
Deja Flu: A feeling of being sick and tired of being sick and tired.
Deja Screw: The feeling that you've elected a Democrat President again.

PSB Day 34 - Where is Tort Reformed Healthcare?

It is not quite five weeks since the election of Scott Brown launched this "new era" of conservative takeover of the GOP, and I've been posting these "Post Scott Brown" newsworthy notes.

So, what's "news?"

Jobs Debate to Proceed After Vote

With the backing freshman Republican Sen. Scott Brown of Massachusetts, the U.S. Senate voted Monday to overcome a crucial procedural hurdle on a $15 billion piece of legislation aimed at spurring job creation....

The move to break with most of his party's members in just his third vote in the Senate is a significant development.

Those who read this blog are not surprised (unlike the reports of some idiots who are running around crying like their world is coming to an end) and so are not going to be giving into despair. Your despair is what is desired by the Statists who are trying to wreck our republic. So I -- for one -- will try to do what I can to prevent despair. It's the primary reason I launched this series. We in the Right simply have a lot more work to do.

The siding of Brown with the Sinister Wing was as inevitable as the rising of the Sun in the East.  As I related in PSB Day 9

See? This hardly took any time at all:  "Brown tells AP he'll sometimes side with Democrats". One needed not be some great seer to recognize that Scott Brown is human, and a politician at that, and he hails from Massachusetts. QED.  
So when you hear from some of your conservative friends any sense of despair (due to the gloating laughter of the "Progressives" who run Sinister Media and who got what they wanted today), tell your friends that tomorrow is another day. He who laughs last laughs best.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Who Exactly ARE the Retards?

Blogger is retarded for not allowing italics in its headlines. I had to resort to using all capital letters to show emphasis in my headline. This is the headline I wanted:

Who Exactly Are the Retards?

Of course, I'm retarded to make an issue of it. Certainly I've retarded this essay by delaying the substance of the issue I'm threatening to address but I keep retarding the start of it. So without further ado...

The word retarded is the traditional way English speakers referred to the slow amongst us. Today the preferred phrase is developmentally challenged. The word retarded has been designated as taboo by those who peddle PC. Most of you believe that means "Politically Correct." But, in reality, it means "Politically Cowered." Those who peddle PC have been counting on you being too retarded to notice.

For that matter, all of the wannabe ruling class think anyone below them is retarded. But they dare not say that. They engage in doublethink whenever they address you, and instead refer to you as "my fellow Americans" (and the reason they're smiling is they're suppressing the thought "who are lower in my concerns than my dog's shits"). So to help them remember not to utter that secret, that you're retarded, they've embarked on this campaign to make the word retarded taboo. You who use the word are evidently retarded, so don't dare use the word so that it reminds our rulers that you are indeed retarded. You might hurt your feelings. Of course, given their attitude about retards, you might be placed on the medical termination lists because of your retardation.

Isn't it reassuring that they wouldn't want to hurt your feelings by calling you retarded before they send you to the "showers?"

See, back in the early days of the "Progressive" Movement, when mostly Republicans were known as progressives, there was this woman named Margaret Sanger who worked diligently to make abortion legal. She founded Planned Parenthood. Today Planned Parenthood is one of the proudest operators of the abortion mills that the "Progressives" all so love. And among her admirers was this guy who came to Power in Germany a few years before WWII broke out. That guy had taken the chief "Progressive" concern -- that our planet was not only in danger of overpopulation, but in danger of being overpopulated by the wrong people -- and decided that his people were the only right people.

Yet even among his very fine people he had to admit that there were some retards. I'm not sure if he designated them along lines of various degrees like imbecile, moron, idiot, but he assuredly included those who didn't get with his program. After all, if you didn't like national socialism, you had to be retarded. Well, unless you're retarded (after all I am laboring this point) you get the idea. But since our wanabe rulers think you're retards, let me spell it out. That German guy didn't care about hurting their feelings. He simply called them retards. Oh, and he also called them useless eaters.

Well. What does one do with useless eaters? How about keeping them from eating? It would be retarded to let useless eaters eat wouldn't it? Or are you too retarded to get the picture here?

See, our "Progressives" who didn't like that German guy's selectivity still retained a selectivity of their own. They still get bent out of shape when lower entities in their purview -- I think they're called decent human beings -- choose not to abort their down syndrome babies. You say you don't believe me? Look at how all the "Progressives" like to ridicule Sarah Palin for choosing to give life to her last child who was known to be suffering Downs syndrome before he was born. We know and loath the Dems who laughed at her choice, but there were more than enough Pubbies who laughed too.

I am trying to make this satirical, but I fear I'm too retarded to pull it off.

The bottom line is that the Eugenicists who were sponsored by the "Progressives" always wanted perfect people, so the retarded were targeted.  They were to be prevented at best, and even killed when made necessary. Since American "Progressives" see the murders of normal children under the Chinese one-child policy as acceptable, who is so retarded to think they wouldn't do that here to the retarded if given the chance?

But the "Progressives" don't want you to use the word retarded, because the word would hurt feelings of the retarded. That presumes that the retarded are not so retarded that calling them retards actually hurts their feelings. So just in case, the "Progressives" are speaking out for all retards they know are too infantile to speak for their own feelings. See: our "Progressives" are so noble they will feel the hurt of the retards as if they themselves are retarded. (Hmmm. Often where there is smoke there is also fire. Well, I'm probably too retarded to pick up on it.)

But then also, the "Progressives" are counting on the likelihood that the retarded are so retarded they don't know the "Progressives" have a big red X over the continued existence of their kind. Hell, there are whole slews of normal humans who have been convinced to kill themselves by their deadly lifestyles. And then too there are normal human beings that the "Progressives" have convinced not to have their own posterity (for the real self-made retards: I mean children. Having and raising children IS a form of life extension for you morons who haven't figured that out yet).

Yes the "Progressives" don't even wish to hear retard from one who wishes to protect retards from the retarded "Progressives." Yes, that's it: the "Progressives" are retards. Here's the proof.

They think it is YOU who is too retarded to understand their vile intentions.
They think it is you who will never see what is behind their attacks on the JudeoChristian ethic and those who make the effort to practice it.

They attack human life sanctifying JudeoChristianity to further the interests of their new religion that they do not wish to admit even exists. But it evidently does exist. They know that were they to admit it, then all their efforts to promote their religion in the schools could be attacked as a violation of church and state. They NEED the state to put into effect the primal doctrine of their religion -- reduce human populations -- so mum is the word.

Their religion worships Sus, the god of sustainability. And it's a religion of the retarded as only people who have been heavily schooled to become retarded could be.

  • Their retarded belief in global warming. 
  • Their retarded belief in climate change. 
  • Their retarded belief in the incorruptibility of climatologists. 
  • Their retarded belief that Marxism/Socialism works. 
  • Their retarded belief that we believe they haven't been stealing tax dollars to give to their favored backers. 
  • Their retarded belief that we don't believe our votes are being cheated.
  • Their retarded belief that we don't know that inflation is the coward's way of taxing, and usually it's the poorest who are taxed the worst.
  • I could go on and on listing their retarded beliefs: like how they like violent Jihadis much more than meek Christians because the threat from Jihadis helps them concentrate Statist power and they think we're too retarded to notice.
  • Their retarded belief that they can fool all of the people all of the time.
In short our wannabe rulers don't want us to use the word retarded because it reminds them of what they are. And the truth hurts.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sudden Taxrapee Syndrome?

An NTSB official told Fox News that they are investigating this as an intentional act, and said it appears the pilot set his own house on fire and then got in his plane and flew it into the building. An NTSB spokesman, however, told that "we can't confirm any of that."

What are the chances that investigators will release a report along the lines of the following?
"This incident cannot be linked to any wide-scale organized terror campaign or organization. It is simply a random act of terrorism."

Sudden Taxpayer Syndrome or Sudden Taxrapee Syndrome?

Sinister Wing media will spin it whatever way they are told to spin it, but real Americans will decide.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Quote of Global Warmer's Day

One of the more fascinating aspects of this collapse of the global warming scam is not a single member of the media seems the slightest bit interested in contacting Al Gore for comment.
Thus reads the opening lines of Trump: Strip Gore of Nobel Prize at Jammiewearingfool.

I felt I should share the laugh. Don't be stingy either; pass it around.

(*Of course, I would have media and written "stupid, craven Sinister Wing Media," but that's just me).

Oh, and Greg Craven is still too craven to comment.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pursuit of Excellence

When I posted Obama Set to Music the other day, in addition to the primary feature of Andrew Klaven's video, I provided a link to Tchaikovsky's last symphony.

That symphony, with its build up of grand expectations that ultimately dissolves into downbeat failure, was too much of a downer. Tchaikovsky himself -- perhaps too caught up by the despair in his own composition -- soon called down the final curtain on his own life.

While too many of our anti-human propagandizing wannabe rulers may wish us to steep in such feelings of despair, I do not. So I am here to offer you all a great chaser of the blues.

Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto, to my tastes at least, may well have been his finest opus. In our age, with its overbearing obstacles placed upon the best among us (due to mediocrity resulting from affirmative action trumping our earlier culture's inclination to being more meritocracy friendly), you will rarely hear musical compositions this ebullient.

Additionally, the soloist -- Sarah Chang when she was 11 years old -- gives a very fine performance. It is clear from the youngster's expression at several points that she is not perfect. But as any good engineer will tell you, insisting on perfection (like insisting on universal equality of outcomes rather than insisting on freedom to seek your own best outcome) often costs too much and doesn't get you anywhere near perfection anyway. Miss Chang may not be perfect, but she sure as heck is excellent. Her performance, and this great music, both, come through even with my crumby speakers.

The following link is most of the third and last movement. I particularly love the finale where the soloist plays off the orchestra: first it, then her, then it. back and forth, to crescendo. The fact that a violin is so close to the human voice is put to very good use here where you can hear, among other things, the violin whistling and trilling with laughter.

When you feel like the government and its Sinister Wingers have stolen every good thing from public life, you may wish to return to this video. I have long found this work to be personally restorative.

Friday, February 12, 2010

PSB Day 24 - Where is Tort Reformed Healthcare?

Three and half weeks have passed since Scott Brown won the Senate race in Massachusetts, and still no movement at the top of our great nation on meaningful health care reform.

Our leaders are too subject to the influence of the big money gamers of the current health care system. The politicians will not lead in the direction you want to go unless they continually hear from you.

I believe Og, the Neanderpundit, demonstrated what is necessary, and his readers have followed suit. The following are several points that Americans should be unafraid to repeat to their neighbors so that we eventually overcome the adverse effects of the Sinister Media's propaganda campaign against the most advanced health care available anywhere on earth.

So here’s a course of action that I think makes some ACTUAL sense.

The health care system has some really good things going for it here, and a few really bad things. Insurance as well has some major issues. And that has always been the source of one of my biggest complaints.
See, Doctors stick together, no matter how fucked up they are. There are a few good ones, a few bad ones, and a BUNCH of “ok” ones. But if one fucks up, they cover for one another, for the most part, and they do so so when they fuck up themselves, their “buds” will come to their aid. The only way to get any satisfaction from a dr is if he fucks up SO Bad that it goes to a lawsuit, and then, the LAWYERS get involved. Then all common sense goes out the window. As a corollary to this, people have become so litigious that they think they can get a big paycheck from every allergic reation they have to every damned medecine.

There is nothing in between. A dr fucks up a little, gets off Scot free. A Dr fucks up a lot, he gets sued back to the Cambrian era.

How about this? Instead of putting the wolves (Drs and lawyers) in charge of the sheep (us), we get that “in between” thing going on? Possibly a civilian review board of volunteers who examine cases of reported malfeasance on the part of the medical community- and here’s the tricky bit: Doesn’t fuck up everyone's life when someone screws up. it happens all the time, and if it gets caught and the community gets the reprimand IT DESERVES when it deserves it, instead of “nothing or giant lawsuit” then there just might be a little improvement of the quality of medical care. Let’s try THAT for a year or ten, and if it helps, let’s take a look at the abuses to the system done by insurance companies.
Then we have Dick's observation:
It’s not about the insurance, or those folks’ health care. It’s about control, which is exactly why I’m ready to fight.
Then we have Gerry N
Tort reform. Cap damages.

Cap the Lawyer’s take. Make the loser pay all costs.

String Edwards up by his nuts. (Ya, I know. I’m just dreamin’ here.)

Make health insurance purchasable across State lines.

Get the .gov out of the picture.
MTS1 adds

A story about a nurse who might go to jail for 10 years for blowing the whistle on an allegedly malpracticing doctor.

I’d like to know why the medical profession (you know, the AMA and the like) have yet to speak out about a plan that solves the biggest problems. Why can’t they find a way to self-police, and not by doctors telling other doctors, create a whole new job class of medical evaluators (the police have internal affairs depts.), or something. It’s almost as if they want nationalized care.
Well MTS, either that or you might get to thinking they'd want us all to die early or something, eh? 

In short:

Shout of the need for meaningful reforms from the rooftops.

This is the way to make it clear you want to control your own future, not some health care distribution bureaucracy located where they can never know you personally and understand your concerns for your loved ones. If you don't want to be treated like a statistic, don't dare let DC* statisticians gain control of your health maintenance.

*Incidentally, DC is the abbreviation both for District of Columbia and for Death Cultists. You just may wish to keep that "coincidence" in mind.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Obama Set to Music

Andrew Klaven offered up hope for the hopeless today with his proposal for a new Broadway musical "President Me." Maybe it's only me, but I was fascinated by the way Andrew affected an off-key delivery that was excellently suggestive of our nation’s woeful status.

For the value of a grim chuckle or two in this our hour of "hope," it's probably worth a look.

If I had the talent I’d even go back and pepper in just the right strains from Tchaikovsky’s 6th Symphony to accompany those moments when he feigned to be upbeat. Listen to this excerpt from the second movement, between 2 and 4:50 minutes to get the idea. It begins with grand expectation.

I humbly believe that President Ø ought have "The Pathétique" dedicated to him -- certainly before his administration finishes the job on us.

Incidentally, Tchaikovsky committed suicide about a week after this symphony debuted.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

The Eighth Day

I see it as at odds with fundamentals that people could ever say "God lied."

That, to a rational mind, is unthinkable. For the Concept of God is about truth, whether we like it or not. The universe would not work were The Author of natural law a liar.

I had started another post that is yet to be completed. It is about us humans not liking, hating, shunning, imagining all sorts of alternative meanings, to things we do not want to hear or believe. Conservatives often joke about liberals wishing that life were fair when it is not, but many conservatives will do the same thing when it comes to anything that threatens their status quo. They'd rather not believe there's something they've worked hard to acquire that will need be sacrificed. So they are inclined to forestall the inevitable until such time that they will lose even more and maybe all.

Gen 2-17: But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.

Let's break away here and ask "While they resided in Eden, did they even know what die means?" [See below the break as I examine this tangential thought.]*

At Gen 3.4 we see Eve addressing a mischievous inclination that God permitted her the freedom to consider.
She says: God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die. 
Consider this. We have no record of God actually speaking to her yet as He did to Adam earlier. So one can easily imagine that Adam informed her of the rules.

She asked: "Why?"
Adam responded "Because He said so. Look, don't even touch it."

Have you ever heard a parent tell something like that to a child? How about to a naif? Adam may have been the one to add the extra measure. He (or she if that were the case) would not be the last man to add to God's laws.

Next imagine that a snake happens by Eve when she is near the tree of forbidden fruit. It startles her as any fast and sudden moving object might do to one of us today. And she bumps up against the tree. And low and behold nothing happens!

Here would be the first lesson: there be danger in adding any words to the words of God. For what do we hear next? We hear the mischievous voice, playing with her logical doubts, saying to Eve:

Gen 3-4: ...Ye shall not surely die: After all, she touched it and lived.
Gen 3-5: For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as God, knowing good and evil.

One of our blessed human gifts is ego. That ego can easily be bruised, like when you believe someone in whom you trusted has lied to you. You harbor resentment and it can easily grow if an explanation is not readily apparent. Or if you were looking for an excuse to begin with -- you were aching to indulge your ego. The ego unbridled: where will unbridled ego lead us?

Gen 3-6: And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat.

He may have trusted in his wife; but did he not already know every animal in the garden? It's hard to believe he didn't know all the fruits too -- especially that one. God did not tell him not to look at it.

The remainder of Gen 3 is about the consequences of indulging that ego and the many ways we are apt to deflect blame and make matters worse.

The upshot was that man was kicked out of paradise where we had all we could rightfully desire, but it simply was not enough. Our ingratitude to God was shown in that we wished to be as God.

This would be the very first recorded instance and consequence of coveting that which is not ours nor ever would be or should be. I always believed that the Ten Commandments were perfectly balanced due to this. The first Commandment, in observance, is about loving to get close to God. The violation of the last Commandment would push Him as far away as is possible.

More; it's about achieving happiness. Any man who would be a god will subject other men and restrict them. That is something God himself will not do. Here is the difference between good and evil up close. God grants free will. History is replete with other men seeking to be proclaimed gods in order to restrict other men. Even unto granting them the right to reproduce as well as allowing them to continue to live according to the despot's whim.

And thus ended God's Day 7. He did NOT lie.

In that day began the moment man ate the forbidden fruit: Welcome to the Eighth day, the day in which thou shalt surely die -- as He warned us would happen.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Exploiting a Failed Business Practice

When bonuses are based upon the total of new business contracts instead of the total of new business receipts, the practice is wide open to exploitation and corruption.
  1. Socialists: "Lower your loan requirements so more people can own houses."
  2. Lenders: "Raise our reserve requirement from 8:1 to 40:1."
  3. Federal Agencies:  We don't see nothing.
  4. Congress: Everything is fine (S him TFU).
That, in summary. is how the socialists in government got the cooperation of bankers and investment managers to increase the risk by decreasing the requirements to give out loans. And they still are at it, and they will bankrupt the country even more unless they are brought to justice.

Good luck.

Friday, February 05, 2010


Teresita at Hacky Linux has begun a new series where she aims to blog the entire bible, one chapter per day.

Need I add that she lacks all fear of being provocative?

Her exegesis of Genesis 3 today prompted me to post a number of things I've thought of over the years. One of them, I had discussed in an earlier post, about the human drive to partake of forbidden fruit.

However, I also posted something that relates back a bit to her post on Genesis 1, as follows:

Oh, and God's name is not Yahweh Elohim. His answer to Moses was simply I am that I am.

What is the infinitive of the verb in the sentence "I am," Teresita?
It is "To be."
Okay, that is two words in English. But let's use a foreign word where it's only one word, like the French être. (I bet there's a similar form in Hebrew -- although I don't need to know.)

For adding to my thesis, look at how John 1:1 does a reprise on Gen 1:1 with "In the beginning was The Word."

I think we are given an additional thought there. We are human and we are given the gift of thought, and that includes new thoughts.

See? I'm saying that The Word could be easily be like être. Remember, God always is and was in this system. But "in the beginning" suggest time is starting, something not timeless is beginning: it's temporal.

So God The Infinite exists always with the infinitive "To Be."

And God ponders "To Be?"

And God commands "Be."

Bang! Voilà! :)

And on it continues.

You are entitled to be.   Do not forget that.

And while you are being, know that there are those who fear that you be. Ally with others who wish nothing more than to be. Ally against those for whom your death is their goal.

Calling attention that their goal has a very wide sweep will require courage as there has been pressure, and there will be greater pressure yet, to SYTFU. Be afraid of nothing other than remaining silent.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Congress to Probe Religious Indoctrination?

Billions of Dollars Believed Ripped Off the Naive and Disaffected.

Our filmed report follows immediately:

Well, Congress would leave no stone unturned if Avatar was set in Pandora Paradiso and its heroes were Na'vi Christiani.

And Sometimes The Moles Reinvigorate the Right

The other day I complained of Michael Medved's glib misinformation that could have been deliberate disinformation if he has been pretending to be a reformed radical leftist.

Well today, his kindred jackass-lover on Salem Broadcasting, Hugh Hewitt, denigrated a true statement as being anti-cop. Here are some highlights from my friend Og the Neanderpundit's letter of complaint to the local radio station.
A caller remarked ‘When seconds count, police are minutes away” Hugh made the comment, agreeing with an Aryan Nation ex-con that this was ‘Crazy talk” and that it “Denigrates cops.” 
... the statement is provably, demonstrably, irrefutably true....  A good cop will quote the statement to you. A great cop will tell you how to secure your home and give yourself the couple of minutes it takes the cop to get there, a superior cop will take you to the range and show you how to exercise your second amendment rights to make sure that you are safe until the police arrive.
 I've complained of Salem a smattering of times, and specifically of Hewitt quite some time ago. The point is that there are talkshow hosts who are nominally Republican, and thus nominally conservative -- precisely in the manner of Arlen Specter.

At any rate, when jackasses like this say things that sound like they're members in good standing with the daily Kos, you know you are glad that you've been skeptical about them for a long time.

Thus I consider it a good thing that Hewitt displayed his anti-gun thinking like the good statist sympathizer I've always felt he was. Knowing he's behaving like a mole now can counteract a lot of damage he's done over the years. Damage like making the individuals on the Right feel isolated. See? He has been trying for years to make you feel out of touch. But the problem was him all along.

Gone Missing Again...

...for Gorehog Day.

Although it's never really expected to make an appearance on this day we commemorate it, we are sure it would be met by shivering Warmista die-hards whose certainty meets or surpasses the Sears Die-hard even in arctic weather conditions.

Monday, February 01, 2010

PSB Day 13 - Where is Tort Reformed Healthcare?

Or maybe I should start asking in my headlines "where is the Scott Brown you thought you had?"

Scott Brown records robocall for John McCain re-election bid

Well, as I've stated in an earlier post in this PSB series: Our leaders are too subject to the influence of the big money gamers of the current health care system. The politicians will not lead in the direction you want to go unless they continually hear from you. And that applies to all those who exhibit RINO behavior. If you wish for them to act more conservatively (for the individual) and less establishmentarian (for the largest sources of money), YOU must lead them.

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