Friday, September 23, 2011

So The Slow-Witted Cat

went outside twice yesterday without my noticing until the two times he came back and asked to be let inside again. "How did you get out?" I asked. But he said nothing.

Then, this morning he went outside twice with me into the yard, and came back in with me each time. The last time he starts in talking in an odd way not common to him.

I answered: "Kitten's just gone. You must be pleased. You now don't have to swat him away from his food even though you had your own."

He says "mow, me meow, mow, wmrow."

I said, "Look, you know he liked wandering away from home and hanging out in the street, and playing chicken with strange dogs. Why didn't you do that?"

Bruiser just looks oddly at me with his big vacant eyes, and rubs the back of his neck against my ankle with a soft whine.

So I pick him up -- oof -- and rub his head, and put him down in front of his food bowl. That ended his talking for now.

Bruiser is now asleep on his favorite bed by the window. I figure a few more days of this and he'll finally forget to ask where Kitten is.


  1. "Kitten is on a long Journey"

    Its a shame there is no video.

    It would have been real cute. :)

  2. Of Bruiser meowing, of course. :(

  3. It might be cute, but it is not the kind of thing I'd inflict on anyone else. He was originally named "Banshee" by his litter owner, and that has not changed. Bruiser is his third name. When he jumps down from whatever perch he's been on, he lands with the grace one would expect of a bowling ball in sneakers. Despite all his lackings he's the sweetest cat of them all.


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