Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Just A Reminder

Drudge: Gore blames 'global warming'... for Hurricane Sandy.

This is the same "man" who is nowhere to be found on February 2, the day we remember he is always scarce when it is cold out.

Monday, October 29, 2012



GALLUP MONDAY: R 51% O 46%...
Spinning Polls, Obama Campaign Gets Testy with Reporters

"We're winning this race," senior political strategist David Axelrod insisted

Saturday, October 27, 2012

More Breitbarting Please

I imagine many of us who miss Andrew Breitbart would really wish that Breitbart.com initiated more projects such as its founder was known to get into. No, not find someone on staff who is as ballsy as was Andrew. Probably impossible even to hire someone who is both as bold and as intellectually honest and consistent all perhaps only exceeded by his courage.

No, what I'm thinking is along the lines of what I did with that billboard in Cleveland in which the billboard company, Clear Channel, caved to the demands of the radicals who apparently don't want voter fraud suppressed. What Clear Channel did in the end was worse than caving actually. They put up 15 new billboards that read "Voting Is a Right, Not a Crime."

As it turned out, after I posted here what I thought should have been Clear Channel's response to the city council, I went back to the Breitbart.com post and added my comment along with a link and a thumbnail jpeg of my altered billboard. It is now the 88th of 88 comments, the last one. It still got 6 likes It's slowly grown over the 3 days since I posted it.
Thinking about how Breitbart might have reacted to the suspect motives of the Cleveland city council and (take your pick) the fear or complicity of Clear Channel, he might have come up with this billboard to show how Clear Channel should have responded to the political pressure. http://preview.tinyurl.com/wha...
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If hope you like what I did too. But more importantly: if you wish the folks at Breitbart.com to present more editorial comments like the one I gave them, then please go to the comment and click on "Like." Then hopefully the current editors will get the idea that they ought to do more of that sort of thing. You could even add a comment that says so explicitly. To find my comment, simply go here and then at the top right of the comments click on "sort by newest first" so that mine is at the top. Then click on "like."

Thank you.

I'm pretty confident that putting up a real "in your face" billboard such as I suggested is what Breitbart would do. He relished that sort of thing.  Doing virtual stuff on the web site that bears his name seems like fitting homage to its founder.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Social Security and Family Lore

My late father related to me countless years ago the following story about his younger brother John (the same uncle I quoted in a post this last Sunday).

As a sophomore in a NYC high school civics class in 1935, uncle John noted that taxes taken for Social Security were not put into a special fund. It was put into the general fund. It will be spent and then you won't have it when you need it. The upshot was that his teacher kicked him out of class and sent him to the principal's office.

My Dad related what transpired when my grandmother had to come to school. "I know my son. When he says something it is usually true. Was he wrong?" The answer came back in a fashion that implied "No; but that's not the issue." Grandma said "Then it is not my son who should have been sent here. Your teacher should be in here begging to keep his job." .
For this post I asked Uncle John for more information.

He filled in the gist of what he said in class. He says he received two hours of detention. He couldn't attest to what my Dad told me because he doesn't recall it. He admits his mother was forced to come to grade school many times, but never when he was in high school. However he also says my Dad was not known to embellish stories.

It's possible nobody ever told John about what his Mother had said so as not to further encourage him. But they told Dad because, John being much smaller and less intimidating than Dad in every way, everybody in the family was proud of John's courage and feistiness. My Dad saw a lot of Uncle John in me. And I did become an engineer like John, and I do notice flaws that others miss or choose to ignore.

I always thought my Dad thought I was enough of a PITA, so I can hardly imagine why he'd encourage me more in that direction by telling me of this event.

For Part 1: This Post Cost Me $2200
For Part 2: Part of the Reason for Shunning Social Security

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fools Think Their Vote Is Worthless

As an aside to my post earlier today, only fools could think their vote is worthless. There are city councils in many liberal cities that are pulling one form or another of that stunt I highlighted in the earlier post.

Look: They wouldn't be doing this if they honestly thought they had any chance to win enough votes from legitimate voters. Since legitimacy is harder to find in big city halls than a virgin in a brothel, they naturally fear it; it's a primal fear of the unknown.

If you read the rest of that story about Cleveland, it was a councilwoman by the same name who was at the crux of converting the billboard message from a warning to potential felons into one that encourages voter frauds.

My dear readers. Find a nice way to wake-up your "it doesn't matter" acquaintance how this proves that his anti-city hall sentiments really do matter. If nothing else his extra vote drives them to cheat harder so that they increase their risk of detection and imprisonment.

I recommend trying something a little nicer than Pay attention moron. But make sure you hit him with some 2x4 first just so you are sure you got his attention.

Clear Channel Caved, So It's Up to You

And me. So here's my part where I demonstrate what Clear Channel should have done instead.
Nature abhors a vacuum, so fill it. It's been left up to you and me.

Thanks to Breitbart. The story on how it was bad and made worse is here:

Cleveland City Council Pressures Clear Channel Into Removing Anti-Voter Fraud Billboards

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Credibility Limit Test for Liars

My uncle John (>90) recommends the following guideline limit for categorical liars who wish to retain some credibility.

Ask yourself "would my mother believe this?"

If the answer is: "Not a chance," then don't even think about.

In Uncle John's opinion, Obama has long ago exceeded that limit – repeatedly.

Monday, October 15, 2012

A Win: Taking On Ace for His Pushing RINOs

I depart from my current larger campaign to make an important point.

[Late note in case anyone gets the wrong impression from the blogpost title: I am still voting against Obama. Romney in office may still buy the republic some time. Whether or not Americans get wise enough and in numbers large enough to use the time effectively is still in doubt.]

You all know I have a problem with larger institutions. Primarily because, for celebrities or for littler people working at the institutions, making a living, sometimes a very good one, gets in the way of actually defending our constitution.

So when Dextrosphere talkers or larger blogs, who have a reputation for being conservative, display questionable behavior by aiding and abetting the "progressive" side (the conservative-hater side) of the GOP, it rests with us who have less of a following and not so much at stake to hold them to account.

At Ace of Spades today, Ace published Pat Caddell: NYT Engaging In Near-Complete Suppression of Libya Story To Shill For Loser President.

It was actually pretty good; it even demonstrates how Caddell is still a Democrat in that he held Republicans and independents responsible for the excesses of the Obama administration for not fighting hard enough. Like the Democrats are at our mercy. I can almost see Caddell's point. I do complain about SKUNCs regularly. But isn't there really a whole lot of fault to pass around? This may also be suggested by how much insanity it has taken, or at least blind eyes had to be given, for Social Security and other programs to have become ticking time-bombs.


  • Ace exposed himself within the main piece as playing along with RINO soft-peddling of Leftist assaults on our nation by saying the NY Times only began its slide 15 years ago. That's the kind of revisionism a conservative comes to expect from "Progressive" Republicans.
  • Ace also admitted to not being frank with his readers four years ago. He says that we on the Right would understand because he was deploying his "game face." How about his game face during primary season -- how could it best be described?
I will demonstrate after the break how in a short paragraph I jibed at Ace for both exposures. And got called names from the start as if I were a conservative at a Leftist blog. I did not rise to the bait but instead demonstrated how small was Ace to be hiding behind sycophants and/or sock puppets. At least Ace didn't ban me; I'll give him that.

And then I even got some praise for the definition of the acronym SKUNC. Thank you again Guy S!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Part of the Reason for Shunning Social Security

To be fair to my readers, when I posted "This Post Cost Me $2200" I did not expand on all the reasons for doing it.

I started several years ago thinking about where the money would come from to pay me that $26K+ per year (although I didn't know it was that much, I figured it was close to that). The payments come either from borrowed money that has to be paid back with interest, or from printing it, which devalues every dollar that is already in print. And that is because from day one (1935) all money taken allegedly to fund Social Security went immediately into the general tax coffers. (There is family
history related to this.)

Such a cache would surely tempt decent moral men. But lawyers and politicians? C'mon. I once posed it as something like the following.

Social security has provided politicians the tax money they wanted for their favorite programs when they were certain the people wouldn't like paying for it. Of course they were too cowardly to face the music at the ballot box by imposing taxes for other programs, with a good portion of that money going into the pockets of cronies. So they pretended that by putting the payments off into the future it wasn't really a problem. But today it is very serious problem (as it had to become eventually) — but half the damn politicians still won't admit it. So ultimately FICA payroll extractions became taxes for other things, thus levied under false pretext. And the house of cards gets shakier every day.
Bottom line is the whole total of the SS "trust" fund (what Al Gore infamously said was in a lock-box) has been borrowed to pay for other things in addition to past retirees. Now every penny paid out must be borrowed again, with interest. ("Backed by the full-faith and credit of the United States Government" that was recently reduced a second notch to AA)

My small contribution won't stop the hemorrhaging or the enslavement of the coming generations. But at least I'm one man who says ENOUGH already, and am putting my money where my mouth is each month I continue this campaign. Tell me: how many career politicians are willing to match me even dollar for dollar, let alone the portion of my total worth? The good news is I'm not holding my breath waiting to hear of them.

Social security was a tax for other purposes not stated, and apparently always was a tax for other purposes. We as a nation -- several generations -- allowed our political hacks to lie to us and keep on being reelected rather than tarred and feathered. So we are all to blame and ought to take some responsibility for it when we can.

What really troubles me.
The idea that I would be further helping to forge the chains of our posterity troubles me greatly. Especially because I failed to learn how to effectively fight this cancer when I was younger.  This is my small measure of penance. I was too busy make a living at what came easily to me so I could raise my family. I never thought I was suited to engage more fully in politics. If I had, maybe things would be different at least a little. I tried, but did not try hard enough. [One really abysmal story of my ill-preparedness is here.] This is my self assessed penalty for that failure. I pray I can afford to keep my resolve.

Yes, there is more. As the need arises again in me, I will post more.

Monday, October 08, 2012

This Post Cost Me $2200

Not only that, this post could cost me considerably more. That is because some members of the human race are so perverse that they will hate me for making this announcement, and would seek to find some way to eliminate the circumstances that permit me to offer this sacrifice.

So let me make this clear: I will make this offering as long as I am able. My wife has passed away, and my kids are successfully (for now, praise God) on their own. The burden of this sacrifice falls only on me.

Last month I turned 66 years old. I am now eligible to draw my full social security benefits.The SS administration estimates that I would have over $2200 coming to me last month, and each subsequent month.

I have chosen not to file.

That's $26000 in annual income that the Social Security Administration says I have coming to me. It is more than my total income last year, including what I've withdrawn from my IRAs. Furthermore, last year when I turned 65 I did not file for Medicare either. That was despite the warning that should I choose to later join Medicare, my contributions to parts B and D would be more expensive.

But the big ticket is the $2200 per month. The $26000 per year. The $80-90K total I did not claim between age 62 and now.

I think I have heard all the arguments as to why I have a right to the money, and what I could do with it, and all the thoughts that I am a nutcase for having even considered this course. Feel free to try to convince me against this course of action in comments, but you have your work cut out for you.

See, I have an important motive. I am hoping I am not the only one who is able to do this. I may be the first though to risk telling the world about it. And let me make this clear. I'm doing this because those at the top of our political ladder have gotten far too shameless in how sticky their fingers have gotten and how much they lust to rule us. In order to hide their thievery (and the shackles on our posterity) they are outright encouraging more and more people to demand "what we have stolen taxed from others in your name" -- all so that they can enslave you all.

The Statists and their Leftist avante-garde are making one great final effort to "bring it all down baby."  They seek to bring the whole financial house of cards down on your heads as the Cloward-Piven schemers had planned.

This is my one small effort to make a shout out that they have to be stopped. Someone has to say ENOUGH ALREADY, and really mean it. So I am putting my money where my mouth is.

I love the idea of what America has stood for, and why it enabled me and my parents and grandparents to achieve what we could. Indeed, it has made it possible that I may do this one thing that runs contrary to the Leftist idea that only money matters. It is a lie. Principles like the sacredness of human life and the beauty of INDIVIDUAL freedom matter far more in my individualist creed.

This idea to spurn the entitlements when one is able to do so ought to spread. But I fear I may be the only man to do it. I've seen it in the eyes of too many I've discussed this with. Far too many will fear being ridiculed for doing the same thing. And they too would risk the ire of those who are so cynical they cannot stand the fact that others are not also cynical and take whatever is not nailed down while there is still something to take. Those corrupt individuals will seek a resolution that will satisfy their madness just so long as all hold-outs are eliminated by the example my ordeal would set.

If I am the only one to take on this risk, well so be it. I pray that is not the case.

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