Friday, September 16, 2011

You Can Bet Your Boots

Were Obama a Republican, then who could doubt that Pravda MSNBC would have captioned the following photo of President Obama at the otherwise somber 911 Remembrance something like this.

As Islamists around the world celebrated 911, they had an emissary at ground zero who basked in the glow of a job well done. (MSNBC, Bizarro World)

Hat tip to Primordial Slack. (And apologies for not noticing sooner.)

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  1. This is a test comment. I've been told that comments to this post are not registering. There have been at least two attempts today. Neither comment has turned up even in the spam folder.

    Damn you Blooger.

    If you wish to comment, please do so at Crusader Rabbit.

  2. Well that went well.

    What cracks me up is no clergy at the celebrations, but the muslim can quote the Bible to appear christiany.

  3. Thanks for verifying Ed that some people can still get through. KG couldn't, twice.

    I have my doubts that the Buma's only aim was to appear Christiany. I think it's deliberate provocation. His puppet masters' desire is to create distrust amongst Americans so that we are powerless to defeat the growing tyranny.

    The sheeple may buy his act because they wish things would simply smooth over. I say he's knowingly mocking every single decent American, especially those who have his number but not the organization to overcome the power of the media lying machine.

    That photo has a deliberate feel to it, like it was staged. You may recall last week that I described the Bush billboard as cynical. It seeks to remind us fondly how much better we had it with a moderate Statist rather than an open Marxist. I fear this photo has the same purpose.

    The object is to peddle to us the safety of a SKUNC rather than risk running a real conservative up against the Marxist. That's my theory based on my surmise of facts. I welcome contradictory evidence.

  4. What a dirt bag. How the hell did the US get so stuffed up as to elect this guy? Someone somewhere has been comatose at the wheel.

  5. "Someone somewhere has been comatose at the wheel."

    Conservatives were. For allowing the establishment and media to set up John "Obama is a nice man" McCain as the candidate to battle the Buma.

    We are still a far cry from learning from that error. See my response to Ed above. We are being set up to settle for "conservative" candidates who have Statist flaws of one kind or another.

    Romney and Perry are clearly in the Progressive mold, and they are the two frontrunners if the polls can be believed.

    Should Palin comes in, I think she will move up quickly. Has she schooled herself better? Where and how? And we bloggers need to hold her accountable for her Progressive acts as governor -- specifically cap n trade, LOST promotion, and redistribution of wealth policies. And in her candidate alliances. Carly FioRINO and John McLame for Senators? (How long can you hold your nose?)

    Has she renounced and repented of all of those actions? What is her proof that we should believe she's not just a pretty Statist?


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