Friday, July 29, 2011

Welcome Back TrueblueNZ -- On Fallout from Norway

After two months absence, the blogger known as Redbaiter, has returned. Time and again I find he sees things much as I do. The biggest difference between us has been that he writes about the issues I care about so much more often, and he stays on subject and gets to the point too.

His reopening broadside, The Left — History Warns That They Will Kill Us All, demonstrates how he is one of the few who sees and is willing to call out the death cult of the Left as I've been doing for decades. The following are excerpts.
Unsurprising to see the usual leftist scum, as a result of a psychopath’s actions in Norway, calling for the same thing they always do, the silencing of opposing points of view. They need to do this at every chance, and they can’t let an opportunity like the murder of scores of their ideological soul mates be wasted....

...They must force their critics into silence.

And if people cannot be so forced, they must be eliminated. Examples- the [100] millions killed by communists last century. Killed because they could not be persuaded to believe in the same sick ideology that the left believes in....

...The man who shot the socialists in Norway was a coward. He killed unarmed defenceless people. But in his psychotic need to kill those whom he disagreed with politically he demonstrated a mental kinship with the left, not the right.

The left have always been killers. Stalin. Mao. Pol Pot....

...The left’s shreiking attempts to silence critics using the Norway killings as an argument is contemptible on two levels. One, the stark hypocrisy demonstrated by disavowing the left’s bloodthirsty history, and two, in attempting to turn the deaths of their comrades into a means of political advantage....

...Barack Obama’s mentor Bill Ayer’s strategy to kill 25 million Americans so the left can institute in the US the same old totalitarianism as they did in the Soviet Union and Cambodia and China....

...There is a lesson that history is struggling to teach us. Never allow the left ultimate power. Its an outcome that leaves the country side littered with piles of skulls, mass graves, and starved and caged citizens....

These people have no moral restraint.... Just like Anders Breivik killed in Norway, you know too today’s left would kill us all if they are ever given the power and the opportunity. You’d have to be blind to history to not know it.
As is typical of much of what I write, I took out the various examples that supports the conclusions that Redbaiter arrived at. That's because I already know how monstrous are our enemies, and I want to get directly to the threat. It needs to be repeated by many more so that our next generation of leaders are not afraid to address the threats.

To be better informed, please read the rest of RB's excellent returning essay. But to be fired up by the danger, return here to be reminded of his dire conclusions with which I sadly concur.

Welcome RB back. We need him adding to and building up the editorial foundations of the new Fourth Estate.

Sequestered Stimulus Funds, Part II

I asked at other sites, but particularly at the Belmont club, what I asked in part I of this series:
Of the trillions of dollars in stimulus funds that Obama requested, where are the billions he has sequestered and still not spent?

With [a good deal of] all that money still out there, this “crisis” sure appears to be a fraud.
Agoraphobic Plumber answered @ 27
"I understand your sentiment, but the very fact that all that money is gone should be a crisis in its own right, yes?"

The uncertainty of it all is the big danger. Nobody knows what’s going down, the stakes are huge, and Obama is in charge.

Doesn’t sound like a fraudulent crisis to me. YMMV

Egads, what a fine answer, especially for building a response to it by taking it in reverse order:
  • Manufactured for political gain makes it fraudulent. 
  • Obama is in charge is why nobody knows what's going down, and the stakes are huge, and  uncertainty is the big danger.
  • Who says all the money is gone? The White House? And their trustworthiness is a foregone conclusion exactly why? Again with the peeing in our ears and telling us it's only raining.

Look here at this link: Despite Obama’s Repeated Claims That Enacting $787-Billion Stimulus Was Urgent, 78 Percent of Money Remained Unspent by End of Fiscal 2009 Says Federal Auditing Agency. That is the best I've been able to find so far -- November 2009 -- wherein the White House was confronted on its sequestering funds it had been earlier claiming it needed right away. All those "shovel ready jobs" that needed funding.

Now here it is 18 months later and the same honor guard is claiming we're facing yet ANOTHER crisis if it does not get what it wants, and on its terms, not anybody else's.

What form of TEA party conservatives are we that we are willing to take the word of His Honorableness that this "crisis" is not of his making because he needs crises so as not waste such opportunities? With Rahm gone, he simply follows what Rahm explained to him works, and his lacking of his own brain power makes him appear to be far less competent. The marionette is flopping around without his old buddy pulling his strings.

This is why the TEA Party members in the House of Representatives cannot buy the Boehner kabuki dance nor the McConnell giving away the conservative position even before it was yet formed. Nor can the rest of us afford to do so.

The Establishment GOP has been proven to be less than trustworthy since the days of Hillary Clinton and her staff rifling through raw FBI files. Establishment GOP leaders act like they have too much baggage that the opposition knows about. Their fear is so palpable daily that it shows in every TV appearance and in every utterance. But saying so is suddenly PC? This is sickening.

Wretchard and Roger Simon and the rest of PJM: If you at all have dreams of vanguarding our next LEGITIMATE Fourth Estate, how about putting some journalistic resources to the test and use the Freedom Of Information Act to get to the truth.  
Where are the missing and unaccounted for Stimulus funds that are yet unspent for Fiscal year 2011 and 2012? 
Like Obama has all along been sequestering those funds for vote buying and manufacturing in late 2012. Has nobody here yet learned the lessons (history and history in the making) of Mugabe and Chavez voting patterns? Goddamitall.

Wretchard: I made a joke of Van Jones words when you used them for your post title a few weeks ago, when I translated those words by borrowing from another cultural reference. "Who Stole the Cheese" seemed far more suitable. So now I say, in all earnest,  "We know who is hiding the cheese and demanding we furnish him more. Expose it."

Get that knowledge. Why is nobody making a stink about those unaccounted and unspent funds? The Democratic Slave Party sure would if the shoe was on the other foot. That is one heck of a place to make a dent in the deficit spending and maybe forestall any such crisis. You think, or isn't anybody here capable of advanced thought such as maybe this WH is as full of it regarding its financial accounting as it is about it's political posturings.

Jeesh Belmont Clubbers conservatives throughout the world: Is this question too PC for anybody else to touch? Eh, Wretchard?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

$100 Billions in SEQUESTERED Stimulus Funds?

Why isn't this the number one question on everybody's lips?

How is it that everybody seems to have forgotten that Mr. Obama has not spent all of the $100 billions of stimulus funds?

I recall not long ago that this was an issue.
  • Did Obama spend it? 
  • Or is he waiting until just before the election to buy people's votes?

What happened to the unspent, unaccounted for stimulus funds that helped bring on this financial crisis to begin with?

Ask this question folks. Let someone tell us it is a stupid question. I'd like to see an accounting, wouldn't you?

Just damn.

When Obama Uses Monies for HIS Pet Programs, He's Toast

Look, all these plans that John Boehner keeps floating are a financial disaster for the country anyway.

Continue to hang tough conservative House members.

While the MSM Agency of Lies continues to carry the Democratic Slave Party's water, the country will  understand what you're doing is preventing a much worse catastrophe down the road.

And if Obama decides to dole out funds to his abominable programs passed over the last two years INSTEAD of to long term obligations as he is obligated to do under law and the constitution, he has stepped over the line.

Do not let the Statist elements in your own party and in business -- basically fascist forces similar to those of last century that brought on untold suffering for humanity -- to break your resolve and your promise to the vast TEA Party silent majority.

The President and the Senate cannot spend on those abominable, budget busting programs alone.
  • Fundings such as for Czars and their offices not authorized or reviewed by Congress. 
  • Such as the continue bleeding setting up Obamacare when there are other traditional obligations that by right of having been passed with bipartisan support (unlike Obamacare) that have to come first. 
  • Force Obama to cut his extra funding to departments such as the EPA 
    • for instance which is going out of its way to cut jobs by it's over-regulating as never before 
    • it's simply asserting controls on CO2 emissions despite even Obama's Slave Party Congress not being able to pass Cap and Trade in 2010.
    • Let Obama to raise taxes despite his Slave Party Congress refusing to do it in 2010
  • And what about to all the $100 billions of stimulus funds that Obama still has not spent?

There are a whole series of monies for Obama's extreme Leftwing programs that will piss off his extremist base when he is forced to back away from being a dictator.
Or let him try to declare up front that "I AM dictator" as some crazed Lefties think is wise (by abusing the 14th Amendment).

Come on conservatives. If Obama wishes to make extra-constitutional moves because he refuses to compromise honestly, LET HIM try.

The constitutional crisis Obama brings on is then of his own volition, nobody else is the cause.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Obstructrive, Destructive: Obama and Reid

Obama continues to say he will veto the Republican budget presented by the House, but won't offer a budget plan of his own. And the MSM  Agency of Lies declares that the House will not compromise.

Whatever happened to the assertion that "the President proposes and the Congress disposes" that we heard relentlessly during GOP administrations? Obama's lapdog Agency of Lies has forgotten all that.

Harry Reid continues to demand he won't work with the House of Representatives, but the Agency of Lies uncritically broadcasts Reid's words that the GOP is working for the TEA party and not Americans.

Reid and Pelosi and Obama ran through Trillions in NEW spending in 2009-10. Now the Agency of Lies tells us it's the GOP and TEA party that's unreasonable. The Democratic Slave Party continues to obstruct ending their unconscionable pork barrel expenditures. Slave Party expenditures that will enslave future Americans with payments for which they did not vote.

Obama the destroyer, Reid the obstructor, always abetted by the Agency of Lies.

Tell whomever will listen this story. Sorry, but no links for you today. I'm too angry to insert links. Few people bother reading them anyway.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Boehner: Shame of OH8? For WHAT?

Politicians often must go through any number of contortions to do their job.

The current Congress came into being because of the excesses of the last one.

Yet the leadership in this Congress appears to be constantly on the run rather than on the offensive as if the last public opinion poll that matters -- the elections of 2010 -- did not happen.

This morning, on Fox New Sunday, John Boehner sounded like a man possessed.
With his self-imposed deadline for releasing a deficit plan before overseas markets open just a few hours away, House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said both sides were “not there yet" and pushed for a two-stage debt-limit vote.

“I would prefer to have a bipartisan approach to solve this problem,” Boehner said on Fox News Sunday. “If that's not possible, I and my Republican colleagues are prepared to do this alone. Today.”
  [emphasis added] -- 'The President’s Worried About His Next Election'
But what was it he appeared to be possessed with? Shamelessness in chasing after being accepted by those he is supposed to be fighting! This following is how I see it shaping up.

There is nothing spent in the last congress that the Left will allow to be cut, and the public is daily harangued by the Agency of Lies to forget that is WHY we have the new congress.We are told it is the new Congress, and the "wet behind the ears" TEA party members who are recalcitrant. But it is Obama and the Democratic Slave Party controlled Senate that will not budge, abetted by the old line GOP SKUNCs, personified by Mitch McConnell, and recently joined by Tom Coburn.1 It most definitely not the TEA party members who were sent to Congress to try and reverse all that the dictators did from 2009-2010.

It is surely looking like the fix has long been in with Boehner and that his long dance has only been for show. With McConnell, it was already clear that he was going to be going with (note my pun) the Gangue of Six even when he said he wasn't. What a sham!

It was the use of the word gang again. Every time something is touted by a "gang," the patriot is right to sense that there's a conspiracy to defraud afoot. Especially because the left and the media are ever so gay about it.

That gay metaphor comes from a scene that I vaguely recall from some movie. It could be La Cage Aux Faux or Victor Victoria.  Nathan Lane or Robert Preston would sniff that some straight guy appears "not to be as sophisticated as I thought." The object of desire failed to appreciate the compliment Lane had  bestowed upon him by the very proposition he rebuffed.

So it is with the Left and the Statists and the media (please forgive the redundancy, but there still is a widespread illusion that these are independent groups not all tied to the same yokes). Anyone who is not in step with them is simply not sophisticated2 enough to be worth even a nod of recognition. The bigotry in the United States could never ever been this shameless before (the very number the bigots exclude makes them so monstrous) nor so widely entrenched in every aspect of our government.

So it appears to be with Mr. Boehner. We are at the brink of a major political collapse unless we in the TEA Party can make him and a few more understand the gravity. And his conduct seems utterly shameless. His chasing after approval of the influence peddlers who mislead like Pied Pipers instead of his standing firm on principles against the further destruction of our economy and of our republic. And that is if Mr. Boehner is STILL capable of feeling shame and so will fight back against this onslaught into which he is displaying every sign of caving.

And it is not that I don't understand. I truly do. Here it is. The Left and the media won't grant credit to Boehner for being sophisticated (on their terms, not his if he has a sense of that as a good gamesman should), and he's running after them:
"Oh, but I am. I am sophisticated. Really I am." cries John Boehner.
"Give me another chance! PuhlEEEEEze"

And if I were living in Ohio in Congressional District 8, I surely would feel the shame for supporting such a weak and shameless pussy all these years.

1This is yet another instance where we are witnessing the traitorous nature of former stalwarts. Liken this to the First Triumvirs of ancient Rome (Crassus, Pompey and Caesar) who suddenly revealed themselves to be against the republic by supporting the demagogue of the oligarchs. Tom Coburn has dropped his façade. Newt Gingrich went long ago. Who is going to be next? Jim DeMint? Sarah Palin?

2There is now an omnipresent haughtiness. There is this bigotry, flaunted by the Left and Statists, against those who do not sign on to their vision, the noblesse oblige, to eradicate this republic. Patriots are simply unsophisticated.

This provides one of the perfect examples where sophistication has both its roots and its full maturity simultaneously exposed. Its roots are pure sophistry and so it should be no surprise that its disingenuousness would lead to an adulterated paradise -- like utopia was ever anything but "no place." Those who seek sophistication should not be surprised they have nothing but ash in their mouths when they arrive at their final destination.

How many have warned these fools? How many of the fools think that the results of their efforts will be different? Here is why education has been destroyed. Whom but ignorant sheeple would allow themselves to be misled to their doom? Played for suckers so that a handful of madmen could play at being gods for some miniscule years such as are 3 score and ten.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

List of and Answers to Statist Lies?

Is there a reliable and constantly updated site for reviewing and providing responses to Statist Lies?

Why not?

There are individual commentaries provided daily by various institutions like That is somewhat educational. But even there we have weak tea as well as SKUNC contributors.

Is there a daily list of lies as promulgated by the Agency of Lies, maybe including the number of instances that a lie is repeated and by what outlets?

And for each lie, is there a list of the sources that provide education for unraveling those lies?

What I'm looking for is a source or number of sources that provide everything from quips to deeper and better documented rejoinders to the lies of commission and omission, half truths, dissembles and disingenuous commentaries.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Defeat the Bleat, Beat the Heat

Defeat the Bleat,
Beat the Heat,
Cheat the Elite,
Their deathist fete.
Tips for cooling those endangered by high heat and humidity.
Quickest and cheapest;  
  • put the afflicted in a tub of cool water. Any temperature below 98.6° may not feel that relieving, but it can save a life. Intermittent showering can help too, but it's just as confining, and tiring, and wastes too much water.

Other, less confining methods.
  • Apply and remove wet towels or washcloths to the afflicted, especially to the scalp. A fan that would not work under dry conditions will amplify evaporation of water so applied, and will increase the cooling effect via latent heat of evaporation (even at 99% humidity conditions) that speeds up because of the moving air.
  • Apply rubbing alcohol to the body, especially the scalp -- in a well ventilated area and if you can tolerate the vapors.
  • Run a fan slowly over a bowl of ice and sit downwind. The slower, the longer the air is in contact with the ice so that it can become cooler. Be prepared to get wet no matter the speed of the fan. In high humidity, as the air cools, the water it contains condenses out. Like fog.
  • Rig one or more ice-cube trays by wire from above and run the fan slowly past this poor-man's heat exchanger and sit downwind. Catch the drippings with a pan below the trays.  Freeze another set of cubes while these melt. You'll need to add some mesh to the open side of the ice-cube trays to keep them in their slots until depleted. Maybe some window-screening. The more ice trays you have, the more surface area that the air comes in contact with, and the cooler it gets, and so the faster you can run the fan. Be prepared to get wetter. Have towels handy. LOL. But you will get cooler.
What prompted this?

The Salem Broadcasting flagship station in Los Angeles, KRLA, broadcasts news on the hour as provided by CBS. Somehow, when the "conservative" hosts come back on air, they never point out the lies of commission or omission, or the dissembling, or the disingenuousness, or the rank stupidity passed off as wisdom essentially on their shows. No time for them to think and include that in their programming you could say? Are our "conservative" talkshow hosts that bad they can't think on their feet. Your meant that they can't operate without a script just as a certain cretin at the highest levels can't speak without a teleprompter?

Well, yesterday really angered me.

Heard on the news was a moaning and gnashing of teeth about the first heat wave of the summer.
We're told of 116° heat index in DC.
We're told of how some doctor in Michigan said that fans are of no use in high heat and humidity.
We're told that many people will die, particularly the elderly.

Nowhere in this litany of death watching, and excuse to bring up the AGWF (anthropogenic global warning fraud), was there a single suggestion of how to avoid death from overheating.

You useless POS media Agency of Lies. HERE is what you could have included in your newscast as a public service. It would have taken another two seconds of air time!

"A doctor in Michigan said that fans are of no use in high heat and humidity -- but immersion in a tub of water can save lives."

Why not CBS news? Your TV affiliate in Los Angeles did earlier in July as part of a promotional deal to watch their show. Do you want people to die? I think more people in America are becoming wise to why you won't answer the question truthfully.

We can hear your answer, you elitist pigs.
"Well, a few deaths will help promote the AGWF. As our father, Vladimir Lenin said, 'you gotta break a few eggs to make an omelet.' You know the drill."
Yeah. I do. You bloody bastards.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

SKUNCs Continue the Sale of Our Kids Into Slavery

Gang of 6 7. OBuma is happy. Michael Medved is humming the Republicrat song: "it's inevitable."

The imminent collision with divine intervention continues with the help of fear mongerers and GOP sellouts who continue to live up to the acronym DAMNED SKUNCs.

Deceitful American, Morally Noxious, Elitist Defenders 
Statists Knowingly Undermining National Charters

About the same time I published this, Wretchard published a bit more about this along with video commentary describing the lax rule of law when it comes to Leftists delivering implied threats to the rest of us.

Needless to say, he inspired me to write more. And my most recent comment gets right to the point that we are under assault both from above and below.

A pincer movement or vise-closing is going on here.
  1. From the top the sell-out of our enslavement under insurmountable debt and private sector destruction by funded regulators.
  2. From the bottom by thug assaults gone uncharged or under-prosecuted.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Battle Plan part II -- It Is ON

Looks like the House leaders are taking Levin's advice.

Republicans "Call Obama's Bluff" Schedule Vote Next Week For Deficit Cap, Debt Ceiling Raise, Balanced Budget

Downside: there's still time for them to lose their nerve.

Telephones. Go to the telephones. You know the public employees sure are. We still outnumber them.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Battle Plan for House Leaders

This is part I. Part II is here.
A fine rant by Mark Levin on what the GOP controlled House of Representatives can do to put the onus for the threat to shutdown the government, or for any "calamitous" default, on Obama and his Democratic Slave Party controlled Senate.

07/13 The Mark Levin Show [Click on this link, then to download the show by the same name, right-click on "Right-click to download this show" from the audio player, then select "Save Target As..." from the pop-up menu.]

I promise you that you won't be disappointed listening to the first 15 minutes of that clip.

I'm only highlighting his closing lines of the last two minutes. But really -- go listen to the rest for more talking points that lead up to this, Mr. Levin's conclusion [speaking to the House leadership]: 
Every day you're going in there and you're talking to him. So go in one more time. Go in tomorrow and tell the president this: Mr. President, here's what we're going to do. We're gonna pass a spending bill in the House. We're gonna cover the $29 billion of the interest on the debt. So nothing is going to collapse. Then in that bill we're gonna cover the social security payments, medicare/medicaid payments.

You said on CBS you don't know if those checks will be paid. Now we know they will be. We're gonna take care of the active duty military. We know how much you love them </sarcasm>. We're going to take care of veterans affairs programs. We're gonna take care of the border, intelligence, Federal law enforcement, and other areas we consider crucial and legitimate functions of our current government.

We're also going to put into this bill things we think we need to cut. You may not like them, but we don't much care. We have been sitting here with you now for two weeks and you won't budge. So we're going to have our own bill. We're going to pass it in the House. We're going to send it to the Senate. If those checks don't go out to the seniors, if those bills aren't paid for medical care for the seniors and the poor, if you undermine our military, if you undermine those who have already served: All. Fingers. Point. To. You.

Now we're done with our meeting Mr. President. We're going to go outside and talk to the media. We're going to tell them exactly what we're doing. And don't call us until you're ready to sign the bill.

Oh. If that bill doesn't get to your desk? And Harry Reid holds it up? Those social security checks don't go out? Yes -- that's on you and Harry Reid. That's it! Case closed!

In the next 5 minute segment there's also a nice bit after this that ends:
Are you telling us that there's no social security trust fund Mr. Obama? Well, if that's true, then you and everybody who talks about it have been lying to us. There's no social security trust fund, Ladies and Gentlemen. They stole all the money out of the social security trust fund to pay for all the rest of their crap. Oh my goodness.
For those who cannot or do not want to listen to the link, I have found another blogger who completed the transcript of Mr. Levin's opening 15 minutes.  Congress, You Didn’t Listen To Mark During The Last Crisis, Will You Listen Now?

***UPDATE 2*** Battle Plan part II -- It Is ON

The Little Man Takes Over

This morning Dennis Prager says "Men NEED sex because sex is the ONLY way men know they're loved." Does that include when he purchases it?

This sometimes reasonable spokesman for old fashioned morality has continued to decline in my eyes. I don't think he can go down much lower. Particularly when he pronounces that his opinion of his "needs" applies to all men universally. How conveeeenient! </churchlady>

I've forgotten how many times This defender of marriage has been divorced twice. It is becoming pretty clear that his divorces are related to how often he thinks he's loved. When his temporal expectations are not met, I guess he considers that ALL prior commitments (and vows) are off.

Monday, July 11, 2011

A Tragic Loss for Two Generations

More on this in coming days. Expect a new and controversial series.

These are posted under fair-use for purposes of commentary. They are part of the movie "Song of the South" that Disney Corporation refuses to put out in DVD. That refusal has been because the PC crowd has labeled it raciss.

These cartoon vignettes were based on the most famous work of anthropologist Joel Chandler Harris, Uncle Remus: His Songs and His Sayings. The stories are thousands of years old and were intended to teach children to be wary of the behavior of scheming adults.

Today the kids instead are taught -- and adults were taught -- Occam's Razor and Hanlon's Razor. These full scale denials eradicate a good portion of how we once taught vital lessons to the young. Instead, they are taught
  • to throw out the thought that people would ever scheme. 
  • That people never weave a tangled web to cover their deceits. 
  • And they only make innocent mistakes.

But these stories may well be the source of Heinlein's Razor. "Don't rule out malice," because the malevolent, they lay low.

Many thanks to Og for his aid in finding these.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Would That Obama's Rape Of Medicare Come On Her Like This

You'd still hear screeching in terror long after her last laps.

Talk would not be about her reaction to The Cork Screw, but her screwing.

Of course, the slow boiling of frogs works, else ...

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Progressive Design: Resigning Untermenschen to Their Fate

After one Eloi (whose script we hear repeated today) says that the others, gone to their fate, never return, the time traveler raises his voice in  frustration:
“You can try. You can try. Won’t even, won’t even one of you try?

That's at in the last 30 seconds of the 4:00-8:15 segment of this clip. This is from the 1960 Rod Taylor version of The Time Machine. Explain to your friends how this so well depicts H.G. Wells' vision of how his fellow "Progressive" intended to turn the children of the too common man into mindless and meek zombies resigned to their fate.

Being a man, he naturally says “Well, I’ll try.”

Ah, 1960; before the rot had taken hold of my brother.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Spilt Blood that Could Not Be Colder: Holder Bolder

I am repeatedly hearing in comments and on the radio “AG Holder probably did not deliberately intend to kill Americans.” about his operation Fast and Furious under project Gunwalker. This is how the BATF and Justice Department and Obama administration want it to play. It's in their claim that all they wanted to do was save lives. Yeah, right. It's the old familiar sophistic plea that the ends justify the means.

If the dextrosphere falls silent on this, and lets the AOL sell that equivocation to your neighbors, we Americans are in for a world of hurt. They WILL disarm you.

Stop. Repeating. That. Lie.
 Do not let Holder get away with this slippery disingenuousness. Given what BATF officials have said, the whole scandal is literally Stalinesque.

The BATF officials are on record repeating Stalin's cynical words “you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet.” And from sworn reports by several agents whose careers, if not their lives, were put in jeopardy by blowing the whistle, that disregard for innocent life got repeated all along the chain of command.

It’s further disingenuous to divert the argument from legitimate charges of criminal negligence to one of intentionally aiming to kill Americans. What the AOL keeps hiding from public view is that criminal disregard for innocent human life HAS CLEARLY been entered into the evidence.

The BATF officials (and maybe it will turn out it began in the White House if there is any of full disclosure) would made such a cavalier statement for only one rotten (even if it were stupid) reason. It was to make it clear to his underlings that he really did mean for them to carry out his orders.

The topmost government official should be brought up on charges for making such a cavalier observation. It was despite, and in response to, pleas from BATF agents that the risk to American lives would be greatly increased.

This is a smoking gun.  The reason for the ever increasing power sought by and given to BATF is to protect the public. His job is allegedly to protect lives, yet his attitude is was "endanger lives if it aids us in getting more power AND we can get away with it." The ends — reducing risk to lives — was used to justify a means that increased risk to lives. Hence: "You have to break a few eggs to make an omelet."

This is not simply malfeasance, it is deliberate malfeasance. It’s the functional equivalent of deliberately intending to kill Americans because it will prove that guns are deadly. This is beyond "Duh," it is the appearance of duh in order to beg forgiveness and still get the powers you crave.

Hence saying “AG Holder probably did not deliberately intend to kill Americans.” is not simply a lie, it is sophistry with the intent to defraud, and as is most common, it is for personal gain.

This is a principal reason that sophistry always has had a bad name, going back to the time of Socrates as told by Plato. Sophists always spin to have it both ways. Holder’s spinners are trying to make it seem that his deliberate sophistic thinking was not deliberately sacrificing innocent lives. But his actions were deliberate. And now he’s hiding behind “I meant well” so that he is still seeking to take guns out of the hands of innocent civilians. This is how all the AOL is playing Holder's tune. And it is also how the Brady people and the rest of that ilk are battling this scandal on behalf of both BATF and Holder.

Call out this sophistry for what it is. It's time that the products of the decrepit American school system learned to recognize sophistry so that they can fight it.

If your humble host, himself a product of the rotten NYC school system, can come to know and recognize sophistry, anybody can learn about it and fight it.

Sophists HATE truth as cockroaches hate the light. Shed more light on operation Fast and Furious and hold Holder accountable. His removal from power is long overdue.

Monday, July 04, 2011

Leviathan's Regulators In the Declaration of Independence

He has erected a multitude of new offices, and sent hither swarms of officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance.

This is why our nation's economy is not recovering. You know it, and I know it, but the likes of Krugman get paid to lie and keep the majority of your neighbors confused as to what is really happening. Radical Democratic ideology put in place in the years 2009-10, and in danger of not being turned back at all except maybe by court decision, is destroying us.

Note that I did not title this Obama's regulators. What is being done to Americans and their means of making a living and raising the next generation of citizens has been made significantly more difficult since 2001. It's only gotten much worse and much faster the last two years.

This destruction is not the work of any one man. Even though matters have gotten worse since the current puppet took up residence in the White House, to blame Obama solely could saddle us with Hillary should the MIPIAH* be forced to step down from running as did LBJ in 1968.

Our real problem is Democratic Slave Party policy that has gone openly radical since 2007, and abetted by fellow travelers in the GOP who insisted on compromising with the unconscionable demands of radicals and foreign influences.

If all you clamor for is "I do not want Obama," be prepared to have Hillary or some wimp of a GOP candidate foisted upon you: Choices offering no stop to our being driven off a cliff. If you focus on the destructive Obama instead of destructive Democratic policies, the rest of the country will not make the connection that our dire straits are really due to Jackass Party policies that those behind the scenes demanded. No Democrat should win the White House in 2012, but no DAMNED SKUNC Republican either. They have the same vested interests backing them. The TEA party members know this, but vast numbers in the country are afraid to see it -- there's those blinders again! -- and they have a vote too.

You really want change? Then make believe that Obama isn't really there no matter how much his smug posturings and Marie Antoinette attitudes irritate you.  

Democratic Policy creates a multitude of new offices, and sends hither swarms of officers to harass us and eat out our substance.

*Most inept President in American history. Not yet a pariah, but MIPIAH is surely arguable.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Ripping Off the Blinders Is Rarely Easy

A friendly comment meant to alleviate my worries over the advance of the Statists was offered me by Towering Barbarian at Belmont Club's The Seven Second Solution:
“The pettiness with which his colleagues [Joe Scarborough et al.] betrayed him [Mark Halperin] is mixed news. It bothers me that they’ve become the sort of people who would do this thing to one another, I consider it more worthy of a reality show like “Survivor” than real life, but on the other hand the fact that their infighting has become that vicious suggests not only a house divided but a house divided beyond the point of repair. I don’t think many of the “Survivor” casts would do very well in the real world so that does say interesting things about the future of the Left. ^_^” 
This triggered in me what I hope is a good explication of the Sustainability movement's new morality and its threat to human civilization as we, truly on the right, wish to countervail.

Once you understand the Sustainability mindset, believing that the Left will simply go off and disappear is not a good thing. If the meaning of a scorched earth doctrine does not mean much to you now, it will; they are not planning on going alone.

Stalin hunted down the leftest of the Left, Trotsky, because he outlived his usefulness. The Left is so unthinking each figures it can’t be them. They remind me of those in the gulag who went to their deaths muttering “if Stalin only knew.” So what if the Left is filled with innumerable useful idiots, maybe even in greater percentage that we witness on MSNBC. They have been the squeaky wheels and shock troops who provided motive for the Statists to ratchet up their power, but become dead weight and a threat once that power is achieved. That kind will never learn.

But the Left still has its nihilists, misanthropes, and variety of others that are too obscure to include here and now. It is they who would aim to take you out with them. And that all is in the planning of the Sustainability nuts whose morality is not the live and let live of the rest of us.

Towering Barbarian, once one recognizes that there are people in power who really do believe themselves superhuman, and that all the rest of humanity is worth less than them, one undergoes a paradigm shift in understanding how big the threat really is. Because the moral code of these supermen most likely evaluates you less than the latest strain of antibiotic resistant strep.

The Left is not the whole or even the primary threat. And I think you even see that in that you think they are on the wane. Yes they are, but for the Stalin/Trotsky reason. The primary threat is the Statists for whom the Left has been extremely useful. See: they are neither Left nor Right, but for themselves. Sure they proclaim themselves Left or Right, but it really only provides them a facade, in a wolf in sheep's clothing way. Like the Progressives chose their label to hide their regressive intentions for the rest of humanity.

The rest of us are merely raw material with which they wish to play until they’re done with us. We cannot fight them if we refuse to see them for what they really are.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Environmental Justice: Not an EPA Bug, But a Feature

"If Texas is required to comply [with new EPA regulations], the state could be faced with a large number of plant retirements, thousands of lost jobs, and significantly higher energy costs." -- Cornyn shut out of Senate hearing on new air regs that affect Texas. [Hat tip to Mark Alger.]

This is known in Greenie jargon as "environmental justice." It is akin to "social justice" in it's construct. As such it bears no resemblance to true justice where the facts and evidence of a case are used to arrive at a verdict.

In short, greenie's view environmental justice as penalizing with regulations those who are either viewed to be able to withstand the added costs (allegedly they wouldn't do it to the poor directly) or for acts of the past that were not penalized but should have been (Texas having been such a large source of oil makes its particularly vulnerable under this view).

"What are they being penalized for" you ask? Well all that pollution of course. "What polution?" Well, CO2 is now a pollutant because the EPA says so, "So in keeping with environmental justice, Texas has no right to protest any regulatory restrictions, so they certainly have no right to be present on my committee." said an unnamed unofficial spokeperson for Mrs. Senator Boxer.

Difficult to Correct the Record

Although I don't include Chris Muir's Day By Day Webtoon strip as many others do, I do appreciate his work. He accomplishes what I aim and often fail at doing: striking concisely to the heart of many issues, and on a very timely  basis.

There have been times in which I spotted small errors in his cartoons. Usually he finds and fixes them himself. Good thing too because I've searched before for his email address and have not been able to find it.

Today I spotted a very clear reference error in the following that I'm sure Mr. Muir would like to fix. But again I could not find his email address.

But what is found on Lady Liberty's tablets is not "innocent until proven guilty" but the date (in Roman numerals) of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

I would bet that Mr. Muir confused Lady Liberty with Lady Justice, who, with her blindfold, implies that nobody is guilty until she weighs the evidence on her scales.

I had asked one mutual friend if he had Mr. Muir's email, but I had not heard back. As this is a long weekend, and I felt this error needed to be corrected before too much time had passed, I decided that this post was the surest way left to me to reach Mr. Muir. I'll be happy to delete the post once the problem has been addressed or my misunderstanding has be set aright.

***Update*** 7/3/11 9:30 AM

Thanks to Og and GuyS I have Mr. Muir's email address. Og told me he sent an email for me yesterday, but I went and did it myself just a few minutes ago.

I've a question for you all, including Mr. Alger.
Is it my imagination, or did the following small block of icons, the first being the email contact to Mr Muir, appear for the first time today under the strip at his site?


Friday, July 01, 2011

Being a Complete Dick, Part II: The AOL's Inconsistencies

In part I, a request was made for readers to send links demonstrating how the Agency of Lies views disparagement of Democratic and Republican Presidents unequally.

Here is the first from the Media Research Center:
Flashback: MSNBC Hosts Called Bush a Murderous Fascist, Never Faced Suspensions 

They provided several examples of consistent anti-republican treatment. Calling a disingenuous politician a dick pales to nothingness after what those videos just recalled for you. I'm sure there will be much more evidence to come.

In the meantime, here is a good example of what I previously recommended the dextrophere do from now on.

(hat tip, Ace.)
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