Sunday, October 23, 2011

Scam Detector Report


The email in question is titled "37 Things You Should Hoard..."

Our first warning (and in no way the most glaring) to be wary comes from this line in the email.
Click here to learn the 37 food items that FEMA should be buying…
In reality, this is what you will find to be true:
Click here to find out how to learn the 37 food items that FEMA should be buying…

The implication of the email's wording is that you will be told. The reality is that the sender is selling the information. Quite understandable, but it is not what he said.

So now I'm posting this to tell you that no matter how good is the information the man is peddling, the manner in which he has chosen to get his message out matched several of the unsavory tactics used by door-to-door salesmen of an earlier era.

I do not recommend clicking on this "video" link. (I've not included it; I'm just saying if you receive the email (once, or several times as in my case).   If you do click over, there are several other tactics that become evident, some of which you definitely will not like. I'm not going into detail here as the vendor may go back in and make fixes to better hide the traits that tripped my warning bells.

If you want to know what I saw, ask me via email. There are maybe a half dozen I have a list of 9 other tells I'd be happy to share with my regular readers.

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  1. Yes it's a scam a he's not 'Patriot' and just wants cash for selling you worthless information you can get for free.

    The man has more rabbit than tesco but they are good for selling bleach, you need lots of bleach because a few drops in water left for an hour can help make it safe to drink.


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