Monday, June 21, 2010

Leftists = Fascists

In a nutshell:
Our postmodernist “Progressives,” as did the black and brown shirts of a bygone era, would have us "Shut up or else."

According to the Kansas City Star (and thanks to JammieWearingFool.), a Missouri man whose land borders an interstate highway, and had the brass to post a sign that reads
Are you a 
Producer or Parasite
Democrats - Party of the Parasites
found that sign torched, not once, but twice. And then subsequently had another building torched as well.

Anyone who lives in Los Angeles and has had smaller scale things happen to their property (for their cars having bumper stickers unfavorable to Obama)

  1. understands the hateful bastards who are behind this story and 
  2. are slowly coming to recognize the accuracy of the title of this post. 
Conservative Angelinos are beginning to understand, overcoming the opposite thoughts promoted by "conservative" talkshow hosts like Michael Medved who probably did such things (sneakily attack those on the right) when he still proudly called himself a Leftist (instead of the closet one he is today).

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Answer The Race Hustlers....

when you hear of this:

Black holes are the most attractive bodies in the universe.

What exactly is your problem?

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Flag Day, 2010

Take heart Americans. The majority of your forebears came to these shores for what this flag represented.

What with Obama dissing the flag at every opportunity, and those under his influence or thumb seeming to follow suit, I pray you pause to view the following:

[Note: For reasons unknown, the following video does not appear on this blog's front page. You must click through down below at the "read more" for it to appear on the page as more than a couple of hotlinks. Funny, but it seems to show up normally at Google Reader, but not on my own home page. Google and Blogger need to fix themselves, like UNIX.]
The Star Spangled Banner, like you've never heard it

Smittys Place | MySpace Video

The hearts that loved and fought for this flag would be greatly saddened by the current state of the republic for which she stands.

That republic has for quite some time been under assault. And how. We've drifted from a constitutionally limited republic to a far more aristocratic one (as demonstrated below the break).

Finally, I believe Americans have vivid cause to be pissed at Obama. More and more will come to understand what it is he is streaming. Let this still subtle adaptation -- of a less clearly understood meaning of a previous outrage to our flag -- help them reach that understanding:

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Leftists = Radical Islam

This is NOT a statement of moral equivalency.
It is an identity.

In a nutshell:

Both radical Islam and postmodernist “Progressives” would have us submit to their will like we were their animals rather than free men.

Monday, June 07, 2010

DeVore Shows the Strength to Beat Barbara Boxer

Here are words that no MFM is willing to publish or publicize:
"What humanitarian mission opens sea lanes to terrorists, to Hamas?
What peace activists lynch Israeli soldiers?
What humanitarian mission refuses to cooperate with lawful authorities?
What peace activists chant about Mohamed's massacre of a Jewish tribe?
The Gaza flotilla was not about peace, it was about war."
It's in the spirit of the Tea Party not only to lay out how bad these "peace" activists behaved, but how bad the Left behaves in general.

DeVore is no shrinking violet.

The country needs more like him, especially in the US Senate. 

Chuck DeVore at the Israel Solidarity Rally in LA! from Joshua S Trevino on Vimeo.

Writer's Block

Today my writer's block is particularly galling because I think the three pieces in the works are important in a timely way.

They are on PC, Statism, and solutions. All three have been combined in my thoughts for quite some time. Their cross currents were making it difficult to focus. It was a major accomplishment for me see a way to break them apart. It is in keeping them apart that appears to be the difficult task.

Adding to my difficulty, I am actively telephoning registered Republicans in my neighborhood (scarily thin percentage) and encouraging them to vote for Chuck DeVore for US Senate. What are the other two major candidates in the running? One is a proven liberal who has lost before, and the other is far too tied to Statist and global interests. Both supported the TARP and Stimulus, both have supported Cap N Tax, and neither would vote to repeal 0care. Only DeVore has been a consistently solid conservative.

It would be a terrible tragedy to waste the opportunity provided by the tea party rebellion to rid the nation of Senator Barbara Boxer by offering a Barbara Boxer lite as her replacement.

So pray for the sad condition of CA politics. Based on the responses I've received from Los Angeles Republicans, DeVore should win ten to 1. That's before the funny counting gets factored in.

And please pray that my thinking process settles down so I can bring the three essays to a satisfactory conclusion. I can use all the help I can muster.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Pasc, you really believe there's a group, aka progressives, that aim to enslave us all or ??? And Obama is one of them? -- Representative of millions

Rep, you're already under their influence.

Your unwillingness to assess the evidence of your own experiences demonstrates this. You've been trained to scoff at any notion of the sort, as displayed by your question. I'd say it is as reflexive in you as Pavlov's dogs slavered to the ringing of a bell. 

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

FUBAR Equivalency

News report (h/t AoSHQ):
Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu lashed out Tuesday at Israel's attack on a Gaza aid flotilla...  
"Psychologically, this attack is like 9/11 for Turkey."
Right. The World Trade Towers occupants were openly flouting peace initiatves and chanting their intentions as they steamed toward an deliberate confrontation. </s>

Got you Equivalency Excellency. Got you too, MFM.
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