Monday, December 19, 2011

Fill the Gap In Talk Radio

Every "conservative" talk radio station I tune in during the day has some MSM Agency of Lies "news" on the hour and half hour. Invariably they report only Obama or some other Left leaning person in the news making their best points without airing any contradictions to those statements.  This gets repeated throughout the day. Imagine what the stations that are all Left-leaning all the time are doing, and it is little wonder that the public thinks that the Left-leaning words are not only dominant, they are winning.

On one hand, I find it demoralizing simply to hear these things without their counter-arguments being aired. But it also makes me feel guilty for not doing more. Rarely have I the time, let alone the dedication, to make recordings of these short segments. And how about listeners in their cars? Offended listener ranting could easily be the cause of accidents. Who can remember the details and retain the anger long enough to later write a post about it?

Now for the sake of argument, let's say I did decide to dedicate a month or two to capturing the news reports on these stations. And then I could write a new column about each of those imbalances and provide my own balance for my readers.  

But let's face facts. At this point in my blogging efforts, I know hardly anybody would read it. Not only that, even if this was done by one of the bigger blogs, they could not provide the immediate relief to the half-truth news report that talk radio hosts could were they so dedicated.

Were this is the first time I've mentioned this sort of event (and I don't think it is), it is assuredly not the first time I've felt let down by talk radio. If my reaction is any indication, there is a market out there hungering for more balance in these news segments. So where is it?

Apparently nobody on the talk shows, the host or staff, ever listens to the news segments during the breaks. Why not? It's filled with news that is a constant source of irritation to the average listener. So why not  lambaste those one-sided "news" items and their commentators right then and there? Seek to refresh me rather than demoralize me as they do now. Maybe they won't succeed, but at least I'd feel they were really trying.

Again, if my reaction is any indication, there is a vacuum waiting to be filled. Providing more balance in these news segments would fill it. Taking the opportunity to get in a dig at our tormentors would be the icing on the cake. Rush Limbaugh made a mint by being the first talker to broadcast the sort of comments that had previously never been given a full airing. The sort of comments, after being sent to letters-to-the-editor, wound up tossed into the circular file. And American listeners responded very favorably to hearing their common-sense ideas finally get some hearing on the airwaves, and Rush and Roger Ailes are now multimillionaires.

So be the next Rush by offering instant fill-in and rebuttal to the hourly spots that now only deliver Statist propaganda. Go out young man and make some money! 


  1. Og, with your voice, background, knowledge and entertaining wit: why not?

  2. Back when Cumulus and Clear Channel Radio, had not sucked up all the mom and pop stations, or provided syndicated shows, replacing local talent, this kind of thing was able to happen , even on the AM morning jock stations, if the news happened to tweak the dj the wrong way.

    Nothing is impossible however. Internet "radio", can lead to contacts being made with "over the air" stations/management. Mike, over at "Radio CIA" (back when it was a more anything goes format, not sure if he has as many contacts now that he is "Christian Country", but it would not surprise me if he did) used to be in touch with a local AM/FM owner, and there was some talk at the time of working together. We did not have that large of a listenership, but he must have liked what he heard. What I am trying to say is, even if your numbers are small, you may get the attention of those who might be in a position to get your voices out to a much larger audience. Good luck!

    If I ever get back on a windows machine, with a good mic and headset, I would be happy to help you with "bumpers" and other PSA stuff. In any case, you might get in touch with Mike (Jones) here. If nothing else, he might provide you with enough information, allowing you to avoid some of the pitfalls he happened upon when he started.


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