Thursday, June 30, 2011

"If I've Insufficiently Debased Myself, PLEASE Tell Me"

I was speaking with two different friends about the Mark Halperin commentary.
  • The manner in which he got in hot water, 
  • his subsequent indefinite suspension by MSNBC for words much tamer than those used about  GW Bush on the same station, 
  • and then his obsequious taking on all the "blame" for stating with what half the country sees.
and it suddenly dawned on me. What if the whole incident were staged? We know that MSNBC is the lowest of the low, in both ratings and moral turpitude.  Look at how much press this has sparked and recall the axiom: when one is dying to be noticed, the only bad publicity is no publicity.

And that led to one more deeper thought: What if the whole incident were staged in order to set a new Politically Cowering standard by example?

The danger, my friends, is that this is the next step to establishing doublethink. Statism is ramping up. Here's how I updated my last post.

Mark Halperin's excessive obsequiousness in apologizing to Obama suggests he knows how much danger he is in. It's a performance that stirs memory of the fearfulness of subjects under the Soviet Union.

His overwrought display of contrition for daring to say a belittling word of our president -- not our dictator yet -- seems staged. It's as if Mr. Halperin is helping set the new high standard for decorum towards any president of these United States. If that were his intent, then we may be rapidly heading down the road to complete political censorship reminiscent of the life and death matter it was in the Soviet bloc.

This, my friends, is why we must speak out boldly now, as Americans have always done, as I have done with my headline. Were the entire dextrosphere to agree that Obama is indeed behaving like a dick, especially in forcing Mr. Halperin to go through this unseemly spectacle of obsequious contrition for a minor disparagement of this very dangerous marionette currently occupying the White House, maybe we can buy some more time.

Being a Complete Dick: WH Cool with Halperin's Suspension

Mark Halperin Suspended Indefinitely from MSNBC

If someone posts a list of people and their comments about Bush that were more rotten, yet MSNBC did nothing to the speakers, I'll happily link them here.

I'd like to add the examples to my Statist Tools: Inconsistencies log (found in my sidebar).

What authoritarians cannot tolerate is the truth spoken of them.

Late addition:
Mark Halperin's excessive obsequiousness in apologizing to Obama suggests he knows how much danger he is in. It's a performance that stirs memory of the fearfulness of subjects under the Soviet Union.

His overwrought display of contrition for daring to say a belittling word of our president -- not our dictator yet -- seems staged. It's as if Mr. Helperin is helping set the new high standard for decorum towards any president of these United States.

This, my friends, is why we must speak out boldly now, as Americans have always done, as I have done with my headline. Were the entire dextrosphere to agree that Obama is indeed behaving like a dick, especially in forcing Mr. Halperin to go through this unseemly spectacle of obsequious contrition for a minor disparagement of this very dangerous marionette currently occupying the White House, maybe we can buy some more time.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Michele Bachmann is In -- Updated

And in the interests of providing for Michele Bachmann the best chances of winning it all your humble blogger prays she heeds his advice. This advice is worth far more than all money I could ever raise for her.


One hour and 15 minutes after I posted this advice, I received the following email. The sender, an old friend in public relations, was attempting to gloat that his profession was already on the job preparing to attack Mrs. Bachmann on every thing she ever said or had done.
From NYT piece on Michelle Bachmann announcing her candidacy today in Waterloo, Iowa:

”John Wayne was from Waterloo, Iowa,” Mrs. Bachmann told Fox News’ Carl Cameron in an interview. “That’s the kind of spirit that I have, too.”

The actor was actually born in Winterset, Iowa, which is about 150 miles southwest of Waterloo. It was John Wayne Gacy, known as the killer clown who raped and murdered 33 teen-age boys in the 1970s, who had lived in Waterloo.
This flub has precisely the sought of flawed earmark one finds on cute ideas originating with Ed Rollins. Mind you -- I do not KNOW that Ed Rollins was the source of the misinformation that slipped out during this interview, but it is the kind of mistake to which he has previously contributed.

Remember where you heard this warning. Anyone who is close to Mrs. Bachmann or knows someone who has her best interests at heart, should point her to this post. I am not clairvoyant -- I simply have a pretty good judge of character, and good historical evidence backed up the warning I posted before I knew of this particular flub.

Friday, June 24, 2011

My Position on Fox News Channel

The only reason for granting that FNC has any credibility is because they simply are that much better than anything else.

But I view them much as I do the fertilizer I need to feed my garden vegetables. Composted manure is easier to handle than the raw stuff, but I still need cultivate all living things that grow in its environment, and then wash off  them off thoroughly before I allow them at my table.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's Deliberate!

I can hardly stand surfing the bigger blogs that are dependent on revenue. But they are still sources of information that the AOL ignores, buries, or distorts. It's their cowardly editorial policies. It's not prudent to sound alarms whilst tyranny is plumping.

At Neanderpundit, I was maybe a bit harsh with the first commenter for missing the meaning of Og's brilliant metaphor for our economy, the broken down racing hybrid blocking access to refueling and repairs of every viable contender, and instead concluding that "he [Obama] and those around him are in waaaayyyy over their heads."

No, no, no. Not good enough in the small blogs and their comments. How many aphorisms and such apply to what our rulers are doing to America?
"...thrice, it's enemy action."
"You pee in my ear and expect me to believe it's only rain?"
"______ [Your favorite here] ______."
Our rulers are destroying America and it is no accident. It's as planned. And how is it that we remain divided? Because Pravda and Izvestia are reborn in the USA and following the Josef Goebbals blueprint. The mainstream media long ago lost its independence of those seeking power, and is now their agency of propaganda.The radio talkshow hosts are all at the mercy of the FCC who issues their licenses, so to stay viable they are self-limiting. The bigger blogs need revenue to survive and know full well that stating truths the powerful don't like has had repercussions.

I am struggling to fill the void where once was the fourth estate's legitimacy. I don't have the resources or the energy of the AOL, but I take my editorial duties seriously.

Every independent blog every day can show how all this crap our rulers are piling on us is not by accident but by design. My job is to convince readers of that conclusion. I need help.The history of total state controlled — Statist — countries has been a mountain of murdered skulls in excess of 100 million. The USA is in the grips of a Statist wave of governance coming on in full. After the destruction and deaths under the earlier wave of megalomaniacs it is quite clear — or ought to be clear — that anyone currently in power KNOWS where Leftist/Statist command economies leads.

So, it is not that they are in way over their heads, it’s that they're aiming to bulldoze their crap way over ours.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Restrain Your Inclination to Dehumanize Opponents

I have shown that our enemies have a tendency to be doing that to themselves anyway. Better that they do it without my help.

I had seen some commentary about how the Left needed to throw Anthony Weiner to the wolves in order for the Democratic Party to move on. Who's to know if the Dems didn't have another reason to throw him out? His allegedly strong support for Israel runs in opposition to the current thrust of the Dems and the White House. I guess if his congressional seat disappears in NY's 2 seat reduction currently under reapportionment -- Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo has that as an option -- and the pro-Israel voters are divided (is that possible even to do in NYC?), then maybe that's true.

But that's not my point today. My point is that in referring to our adversaries as animals is probably saying as much about us as them. I've been guilty of it from time to time and I hope not too much. Today I think it unwise for the most part. If I have overdone it in the past, I regret it.

The Dems did it with Weiner, apparently wishing to convey that it was Republicans who wanted Weiner gone. They never want to take blame for tough decisions, and love to project on to us. And so they referred to the Right when they said Weiner needed to be thrown to the wolves. It could never be Leftist wolves. Oh, no! This reflects in their slogan going back at least to Lenin "no enemies on the Left." Ironically they also implied Republicans do that too, as this Alberto Gonzales / GWBush cartoon demonstrates.
So, here's my thought for the day.

There really are no wolves; only men with questionable or even evil intents. Even using the metaphor is a slander to wolves, hence it's worse. I think it best for our side to not join their side in dehumanizing our opponent.  
Men become monsters not because I say so, but because they want to be.
I don't know about you, but I find it far more meaningful and accurate in expressing the grim reality that we are facing when I demonstrate how the Left and Statists are seeking to become megalomaniacs that exceed those of the last century.

And it is also far more threatening than my depicting them as any animals or mythical creatures that I could imagine.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Bourgeoisie = Middle Class

I'm posting this as a public service because I just found out how many of the younger set do not know that the bourgeoisie is French for the middle class.

Now, when you say this you will be given a heated discussion by some. Especially due to the Leftist leaning editors at Wikipedia who've done their best to equivocate on what the word means. Here is the entry on 6/20/2011, and notice the "citation needed" for their Leftist aligned definition. I'm sure it will be be manufactured should they feel it really needed to try and sustain their deceit.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In sociology and political science, bourgeoisie (adjective: bourgeois) (pronounced: boo-shwa-zee) describes a range of groups across history. In the Western world, between the late 18th century and the present day, the bourgeoisie is a social class "characterized by their ownership of capital and their related culture."[citation needed] A member of the bourgeoisie is a bourgeois or capitalist (plural: bourgeois; capitalists).

However, even Wikipedia still has the truth buried lower down in its etymology of the word (the emphasis and strike-out is mine),
The word also evolved to mean merchants and traders, and until the 19th century [pre-Marx] was mostly synonymous with the middle class (persons in the broad socioeconomic spectrum between nobility and peasants or proletarians).
The burying of this important fact is an open admission that Wiki editors have deliberately limited the meaning of bourgeois to the lie which the Marxists and Statists want the public to think it means. 

The Marxist wants the term understood only one way, and is deceptive as shown. This is because he wants the listener to be envious and think the Marxist's target is the already wealthy. That is so he can use that envy to divide members of the middle class against itself. The ages old divide and conquer tactic is clearly in evidence here.

The intent of the Marxists all along has been to aid their elite clients to eliminate the middle class so that hoi polloi are prevented from rising and able to sit next to them. In the Soviet Union, the members of the party and the upper echelon in particular, lived better and removed from the enslaved.

Marxists always hated the middle class due to the fact that its industrious nature provided it some independence from bosses, the ultimate boss being the tyrannical state. Tyranny is the true aim of Marxism as revealed by every nation that had the misfortune to let the Marxists gain the upper hand. That's because claiming utopian ends provides cover for the power-mad gaining the means to enslave whatever population falls for their lies. It is why all who fight the Left will tell you they are known for their lies. The worst of these liars are the Statists who hide amongst conservatives (some call them RINOs, we here call them SKUNCs and DAMNED SKUNCs) and force the right arm of the political movement to compromise with their more open devils. It's a political vise.

The Vise comes in many forms; here's two.
  1. Criminal activity: Using criminals and criminality against population is how Statist law operates -- as a vise against innocents. The criminal preys on the victim, and then the state punishes the victim for defending himself. 
  2. Political activity: The Left wing makes demands, and the Right wing is forced to compromise due to the Leftist moles in its own ranks. The ever enlargening state creates more people dependent upon their services and increases taxes and regulations so as to destroy the ability of the middle class to operate, forcing its members (or tries to do so) into the same sort of slave state as the other dependents, some of which come from a generation of slackers. We on the right often refer to these minions of the Statists as vampires and zombies.

In order to disguise this fact of this warfare on the middle class, Marx always used the words bourgeois and bourgeoisie instead of the middle class. Thus it is supremely consistent then programs of Leftists and the Statists will actively seek to destroy the working man's seeking a life under his own control. Their guile is exceeded only with the help of "leaders" who refuse to say the efforts of the Left and Statists are deliberately evil and not simple an "oops."  The tyrants lie and the right talkers keep refusing to call them evil (the alleged moralist, Dennis Prager, refuses to call them evil daily, but would hang up on me if I dared challenge him on it).

The Vise our lords and masters been devising and upon which they've begun turning the screws needs to be called out as evil. It began with TARP under Bush, and it has ramped up with the various kleptocratic schemes passed since under Obama, And now we are to supposed stare in dumb witness the far less than half measured, strictly Marquess of Queensberry rules followed by the GOP congress to roll it back this year? Damned if I'll not keep on this until the middle class, left, right, middle, undeclared, begin all to get the idea of the size of the forces (small) and the immense fraud being perpetrated against the common-man with his middle class wishes to be left unmolested any further already by these thieves of our dollar's value. Just Damn!

Ask someone what they think bourgeois means and then follow through with this additional information I've provided, but -- as much as possible of course -- in your own words.

If we want to turn the misguided who've become the shock troops of the Left and Statist wings of The Vise against the vise screw turners, educate them to the truth of what bourgeois actually means.

It's an eye-opening start.

Below the break are examples of Leftists dripping with contempt for the middle class.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Danger Not Only to Themselves

hangMan says:
I for one can think of a lot of humans that should be exterminated and am reminded of the movie “Soylent Green.” Put old and sick people on trains for a “better place to live” and then grind them up for fertilizer. What good are they anyway? The 3:10 for Yuma leaves this afternoon.
Any shortsighted enough not to realize that they could be deemed the next to die depending on which faction comes into power — such as you hangman — would probably be seen as too stupid to be allowed to stay alive before the next time they vote.

Thanks to Wabbit for setting up the, er, gallows. 

Friday, June 17, 2011

Chief Moron Projects Your Decency Upon Your Enemies

He likes to call himself Chief Ewok and then all the rest morons, especially his readers. But as he demonstrates today, he is really chief moron. Ace proves it with how he ends his convoluted post on the Gunwalker / Operation Fast and Furious scandal today.

In it he makes some assessments about what the perps of Gunwalker were aiming to do, and refuses to see any of it or them as having evil intentions. And then, using updates, Ace is forced to back down by commenters who inform him better. And then he still claims that his errant assessments have worth.

Ace is behaving like a lib who insists he's right because his intentions are purer. Give us a break can't you? But no! Ace ends with the worst "yeah, but" I've seen in a long time when he writes to assert his holier-than-thou feelings about the perps of Gunwalker:
"Very few people think of themselves as the Black Hat."
The deeper point, you moron, is that it then all depends on what it is they believe to be evil.

I am referring to our wannabe globalist masters new moral code. In our world they have taken up the role of Amalek in that they are against anything associated with God. In no way shape or form do they want us to be able to defend ourselves. That's the bottom line. Period.

In their world, if you abide by the "live and let live" credo that is essentially what "love thy neighbor as thyself" is all about, then, to them, it is you who are the evil one. And thus perpetrators of any harebrained scheme will indeed think of little people lives merely as eggs to be scrambled to make their God-forsaken omelets. Such schemers would never think of themselves as wearing the Black Hat in any way.

Ace is a leading blogger. And given his ending statement "Very few people think of themselves as the Black Hat," he clearly is lacking the major clue. Ace, real conservatives are fighting agents who are trying to turn our world upside down. They are evil on OUR terms, not theirs, moron. They designate us as evil for opposing them!

Ace proves once again what I keep saying. We. Need. New. Leaders.

Our enemies are not evil in their own eyes. We will not survive if we follow leaders who continually project your decency upon those who think of you as less worthy to live than they. They have a vision of the world that they are planning. They expect your full cooperation. If you don't agree, if you continue to insist that there is some eternal plan that is unfolding and is not subject to central planning by supermen, then you are subhuman and cannot be permitted to live very much longer.

Along a slightly different line, and with many more examples, I give you a late comment posted at AoSHQ***

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Earlier Government's Cronies

The earlier government's cronies will always complain that their ox is being gored. Government unions in particular come to mind this year given the actions seen earlier this year, for example, in Wisconsin. Not that there are not corporations who are also major players, but they don't have thugs which the Federal labor relations board will provide more latitude to engage in thuggery.

Never let anyone forget that this is what we are up against nation-wide -- especially given the (green light) flasher residing in the White House.

In California the earlier government's cronies are also the current government's cronies. So they continue on course depleting the "gold" through robbing those who once "mined" the state's immense resources and unmatched favorable climate. And by over-regulating those who would like to "mine" the (formerly) Golden State they have put immense restrictions on further production.

IOW, these clueless cronies keep piling more stress upon the goose that lays the golden egg. They have not a gander of a notion that they are killing the very hosts they need to survive. As a result, as the goose has reduced her output, the cronies are looking to pass the blame on to every other cause they can imagine, never placing the blame on their piggish demands. Long gone is their old rationalized notion of needing to behave like rational symbionts in order to survive instead of a plague of out-of-control parasites.

Update from comments that I think adds some home-spun poignancy: 
BobG said...
The government puts me in mind of a story I heard years ago.
There was an old farmer who had a mule who he had hitched up to a mill. One day he had the idea that if he held back a bit of the mule's feed, he could save money. He tried it for a week, and the mule kept working, so he tried holding back a bit more. The mule kept working. He tried a bit more, but this time, after a couple of days, the mule fell over, dead.

"That SOB," said the farmer, "and just when he was getting used to it."
Sound familiar?

The Earlier Government's Cronies. There's a politically charged phrase worth repeating often.

Americans, wherever you are, try to remember that those rotten cronies are all part of the mechanism that will kill you if you let them overturn your revolt.

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Lowest Common Denominator Serves Nobody But the Divider

Divide and Conquer is as old as the hills. America with her melting pot, however imperfect, was a metaphor worthy of a republic conceived with liberty as its most pure goal for humanity.

In more recent times, the power-mad claim their seeking of power is to provide the rest of us with utopia. We, as we go about making a living, have permitted professionals (as in the oldest profession) to run our government. And we have allowed these charlatans to incrementally introduce one divisive program after another. Of all the programs, maybe the worst of these is muliticulturalism, because its deleterious effects appears to have been its goal: to Balkanize the West, and the West's most powerful beacon of liberty, America. Paraphrasing Michael Savage's oft repeated phrase, in but a few short years the "Progressives" have actively been turning America's Melting Pot into a chamber pot. Our rulers have been eradicating our e pluribus unum culture to all but a faint memory, and have been actively dividing us. Why?

Alexis DeTocqueville warned us in Democracy in America, book iii, chapter iv

a despot easily forgives his subjects for not loving him, provided they do not love each other.

Boy, have they been providing those divisions in spades and hearts and minds and souls.

It is clear to me -- and I wish someone with more skill than I with words would find a way to make it clear to everyone else -- that the secret of utopians is that the pursuit of utopia puts in power those who hate people. They make everyone but themselves equally miserable (and it is therefor a good thing in their self-centered moral universe!) by pursuing that fraudulent invention they named "social justice." By taking from the productive and giving to those who've been deliberately made dependent, they increase their power by enslaving everybody else.

Why is this not common knowledge? Place the blame with those who control our educational and informational institutions. And you conservatives who want to solely blame the democrats: you'd have to ignore the fact that the earliest "Progressives" were Republicans. When the GOP leadership compromises with the radicalized Dems, they are not behaving as the opposition to tyranny, but as its allies.

We. need. new. leaders.

New leadership has to start with YOU.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Statists Lacking Human Decency

Continues. Yet liberals still believe that government wears a smiley face.

How can bleeding-hearted liberals stand it? Yesterday it was the courts giving to criminals seasonal licenses to prey on innocent restaurant and hotel owners. Today it's ham-handed agents of the "liberal" government who break down doors and terrorize children over a student loan default as shown by this outrage picked up by JWF: Police State: Department of Education Calls in SWAT Team Over Defaulted Loans.

What's worse?
  1. That the agents broke down the wrong door? 
  2. Or that they would use Gestapo tactics over a debt?

Let your  liberal friends know how their great idea -- the Department of Education -- appears to be run by agents with the sort of morality you would expect from your less patient loan sharks. The loan shark may break down your door to harass you over a debt, but he doesn't do it hiding behind a badge.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Social Contract? On Whom?

I read Saturday's offering by Townhall columnist Doug Giles, Urban Beach Week Destroys South Beach … Again, and let it pass. Yes, it is pretty bad that honest business owners can be compelled by legal rulings and government agents to endure the dangers and costs of societal breakdown or pay large fines and be subject to civil court shakedowns. How is this not a vise with criminals on one side and the law on the other?

I thought back then: "Surely, given a chance, our better angels will work this out, no?" In other words, the horror of the circumstances facing the business owners and residents of Miami's South Beach struck me, but not quite that hard yet.

That was before I read Summertime | By: Ol' Remus which contains a more extensive roundup of many, many, similar outrages. (H/T Wabbit)

That was when it all coalesced down to only a few questions each of you should ponder.
  • What would a criminal shake-down racket look like in which government players were an essential element?
  • The Social Contract? On whom?
  • When looking into this, what would be the average life expectancy for members of an indicting grand jury?

A variety of allied forces claiming to be on the side of the angels, advocating and then administering under the auspices of adjudicated law, have provided a seasonal license for criminals to wreak havoc!

Justice or injustice?
If unjust, to whom do the preyed upon appeal for relief?

Now ask these questions of just a few friends and relatives.  Help them to understand. Then convince them to ask a few more friends and relatives.

Reform has to start with you down here at the heart-felt levels.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Culture Coup

Today was a good day for the aims of this blog. Nothing was written here directly here until now. What  drives your host, the interplay of good argument, unfolded on the stage set by Richard Fernandez when he wrote a short tribute to the late James Arness:  “Marshal Dillon! Marshal Dillon!”

I opened my numerous entries there (you may want to go there to see the rest) with this:
This thread is filled with nostalgia and sentimentality. Thanks to Buddy Larsen for bringing up the musical "My Fair Lady" and thereby helped me bridge the gap to make this point. Honest sentiment was something GB Shaw, who began his career as a critic, worked to eradicate even as the wildly popular musical based on his play "Pygmalion,” (the musical version of which he blocked while alive) is filled with moving, elegiac tunes. Shaw would never have approved the heart-rending music let alone the happy ending that did a 180 to the ending of his play. He would not have liked Gunsmoke either.

But Shaw's political influence won the day as the papers hired only critics — under whose cultural tyranny my Baby Boom generation grew up with — who panned works of art that were filled with beauty or any strong sense of heroics — hence the rise of the anti-hero. This cultural Marxism is the cultural coup we find ourselves burdened with.

A few of us resisted, and so many fine works endured past the critics’ poisoned pens. Works such as It’s a Wonderful Life and Gunsmoke.

The danger is real that the fond memory of such creations may die with my generation commenting here today.
I ended (well, at this point) my discussion there hoping that YBR now understands why I commented there as I did. I worked to make it clear how vicious the attack the "progressives" have successfully made upon the sentiments that founded this great culture, with this:
YBR/93 Emotion without restraint is surely no more radical a concept than worshiping pure reason.

This addresses my point, and was Lewis’ from the start! He analogized the head as the center of the cerebral, the gut the center of feeling. It takes the heart to balance them. The progressives wished to remove the heart so they could remold the world to their liking.

They’ve largely succeeded by inculcating the lying flattery in the youth that their untouched virginal innocence (naivety is so ripe for the power-hungerers!) made them more pure than their forebears. “Self-esteem” movement ring a bell?

Thus we witness what happens from removing the heart and leaving nothing but cold thought driven by primitive wants at the site of the source of our culture (in Greece) and moving to take over everywhere.

The Left’s monstrous destroyers thus conditioned are poised to unleash themselves. These are now found where nobler — not perfect — men would have previously been schooled before those scheming pseudo-intellectuals you’ve named took over the culture.
If this captures for my readers some of the thoughts that have been troubling them, I'd surely like to hear it, whether in comments here or at Belmont Club, or via email. The thoughts expressed today were long overdue.
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