Monday, October 03, 2011


Nobody ever lost a plug nickel underestimating the intelligence of America's useful idiots.
Could Mencken and Lenin both be correct?

Here's proof.

[There is a video below that may not appear in some feeds.]

Hat tip to TrueBlueNZ

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  1. That was fun watching, Pascal. These people do not understand how 'doe' is 'made'.

    Many years ago, one of my nieces (who was around 9), was asked what she wanted to do when she grew up. She innocently said:

    "I want to be a queen!!"

    When asked who would do the cooking and cleaning and other things needed in life her response was:

    "Oh, other people can do that. They like to do it!"

    Since then, she has grown up quite a bit. But the truth of what she said remains:

    When mom picks up after you, cleans your room, does your laundry, cooks your food, etc... various assumptions are eventually made and a very skewed view on life can develop. If it is not addressed, a sense of entitlement is created and the child is angry and confused when they suddenly lose these benefits when they move out (life sucks and stuff).

    Likewise, when urban dwellers have electricity at a light switch, indoor plumbing whenever the 'spirit' moves them, fresh bananas to eat everyday at the grocery store (and very inexpensive), plus welfare benefits if they have a kid or 4 from various fathers, that too sets up a skewed veiw of life and a sense of entitlement.

    Our pioneer forbears took nothing for granted - because if they did nothing, they got nothing: the cow didn't milk itself and it magically appeared at the grocery store, the tree didn't cut itself down and build a house for you, the cotton didn't pick itself and spontaneously make attractive clothes for you to wear. Underwear didn't pick itself up and dinners didn't cook themselves for them to eat.

    "Labor is the law of life." These... children of G-d... in this video have forgotten that bit of wisdom from the "Gods of the Copybook Headings" and they are not only a lodestone on our civilization, but a liability to their own selves.

    Quite sad.

    Most people would probably rather not work. To succeed is even harder than just showing up at the office to do your '40 hours' that week.

    From my own personal experience, 'success' is not simple or easy and requires devotion of a magnitude that is much greater than many of those who settle for a wage and a paycheck. But they should not begrudge those who took the initiative to get more than 'just enough' to live day to day.


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