Monday, October 31, 2011

Ineffective Support Suggests Romney Shills Behind Cain Woes

The Statist GOP (aka Romney backers) can't outright attack Herman Cain. But they can see that he is offered him weak, ineffective support, as he comes under attack. And then, of course, offer him no shelter as the feeding frenzy builds.

This is a follow up of yesterday's The Selective Outrage of Bob Shieffer.

My friend Redbaiter, because he is 18 hours ahead of us American bloggers, was one of the first to write of the Politico originated leaked innuendos of Herman Cain being accused 2 decades ago of sexual harassment. It sounds suspiciously like a rerun of what Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas classified as "a high-tech lynching." A media prepping a building up of molehill-to-mountain outrage over what appears to be trivial, nuisance lawsuit type, character assassination.

In response to my informing him of Bob Shieffer on Sunday's Face the Nation:
Redbaiter says:
The hypocrisy of the media is outrageous and yet the Republican party, a pack of cowardly curs, never confront them on it.
To which I followed up about my latest efforts to get the Right to fight back.

Pascal says:
Not just the GOP Redbaiter, but also the so-called Right Wing talkers. They work hand in hand with the GOP old guard just like your backstabbing "conservative" Nats do with the likes of "conservative" Kiwiblog.

This morning Dennis Prager made an issue of both the Bob Shieffer railing against smoking and the Politico smear that you highlight.
I called and got through to the show. The screener liked what I had to say and put me on hold.
My point was “Bob Shieffer’s selective outrage against Candidate Cain ('you have the responsibility') and not President Obama (given all these years he had the chance) exposes the Democratic bias at CBS.” Given that we EXPECT a media feeding frenzy, this proven exposure could be used over and over again to undermine the propaganda mills.

About 25 minutes later Mr. Prager made indirect reference to my point when he said “I think I’m going to concentrate on the charges of sexual innuendo from here on it” just before my line went dead.

One would think it important to demonstrate the bias of the media as the inconsistency of which I speak reveals. Well, that is, if one REALLY wants to defend Mr. Cain from what appears to be a coming media feeding frenzy. I'm sorry folks, but it is definitely worth getting this point floating out there. Mr. Prager even set the segue for it. And then he bailed. Why? I'm suspicious because several of Mr. Prager's cohosts at Salem Broadcasting are Romney backers from way back.

RB. What more can our blogs do to help Mr. Cain especially given that the GOP and popular talk show hosts will not SPEAK of that blatant bias? Just as you condemn Farrar, I condemn Medved, and Hewitt and Prager and God knows who else.

I will next try to get my point aired by Mark Levin. I might have more success if some more people tried to make this point so that it cannot be ignored as Mr. Prager did today. 
[I emailed Mr. Levin before his show, but Mr. Levin never even mentioned the Face the Nation prequel to this; so I failed in that attempt too.]

The logical question is: If the Democrats had this information, why would they release this information today while Mr. Cain is the front runner for the GOP nomination and not wait until a year from now to release it? This smells of DAMNED SKUNCs. This smells like the work of Romney backers who got some help from the dumbest members of the Leftoid propaganda mills.

Bottom line folks: Conservatives, if you want to save your country you have got to be much more suspicious. Your battle in not only with the Left you know. You must battle the closet leftists in the GOP and in "conservative" media. Get in the faces of the GOP hacks who are trying to undermine Herman Cain with flacid arguments. Assume that they want a "Progressive" Republican to be the GOP nominee next November. Fight back.

***Update tip from Redbaiter ****

Politico's Vogel Won't Reveal If Rival Was Source For Cain Story
Politico's Kenneth P. Vogel refused to tell CNN's Wolf Blitzer if a competing Republican candidate's campaign tipped his outlet off about sexual harassment allegations placed against Herman Cain when he ran the National Restaurant Association in the 1990s.

When pressed several times Vogel would not fully capitulate to Blitzer. However, Vogel did hint that it was a possibility, but wouldn't confirm nor deny it.
My suspicious instincts are still proving their worth.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Selective Outrage of Bob Shieffer

[There is a video of a POS Sunday News Show below that does not appear in some feeds. Click through to the blog post to see the sickening example of an overpaid old hack trying to bring down the GOP front runner by asking him a question he'd never ask a Demo.... Oh, you know the selective outrage game the propaganda mills always play.]

When did Bob Shieffer ever grill Senator Obama, Candidate Obama, Or PRESIDENT Obama for being a smoker? (Or grill the Buma for anything?)

Nuff said, See B.S. indeed.

The Stink of SKUNCs

When Guy S came up with the best acronym, SKUNCs, for what so many continue to call RINOs, little did we know that it would prove doubly appropriate in these days of #OWS.

The movement that has moved across the country and the world, called Occupy Wall Street, got promoted due to the behavior of one of the most obvious phony Republican elected official in the country: NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg. This former Democrat wanted to become mayor. He had the money, but no real connections in the NY Democratic political machinery. So he bought the Republican nomination and ran against the Democratic machine mayoral candidates and won the first time. And he's been the incumbent ever since.

Had Democrat er Republican er RINO er SKUNC mayor Bloomberg cracked down early on the #OWS clowns in Zucotti Park we would not be forced to hear of the malodorous human excrement in various cities from Oakland to Altlanta.

Hence I think it fitting that the lingering stink of decaying, festering, human excrement should always be associated with SKUNCs.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Principles of Plenty

Below the break is a fine speech. My readers can learn some wisdom from it. But still I sigh. It adheres quite well to Hanlon's Razor.
Benjamin Franklin once observed that experience keeps a dear school but fools will learn in no other.  The last few years in Washington have proved that there are some people who can’t even learn from experience.  
Since we know that there are cronies who have not been harmed by this administration -- in fact cronies who have done quite well indeed -- that a bit more application of Heinlein's Razor is surely appropriate.  Yes it would set Mr. McClintock apart from the majority of politicians. It would not even be much of a gamble because the SKUNCs would undoubtedly attack him for applying it.  But Tom has survived the SKUNCs before, and will likely again. He worked hard to get to Congress, overcoming huge forces who were against him --cough -- Schwarzenegger -- cough-- Karl Rove -- cough. He would seem to have an in with destiny. Maybe the next Treasury secretary?

At some point malice and not ineptitude becomes so obvious, that to be silent on the matter is to go along sheepishly with the lie that the emperor is not naked. The future is begging for the brave, clear visioned. Maybe not today, but tomorrow my friends. Soon.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Before the Truth Can Get Its Shoes On

The following photo of a poster showed up on Face Book October 18.

I only became aware of it today. As of now it is approaching 8000 repeat postings generating an uncountable sum of agreeable comments and "Likes." This BS ought not go unchallenged. Let me start and encourage more of you to do the same.

Those who know the truth of American history will immediately recognize the lies and half truths presented.

This news relates another avenue being used by the forces of Statism to pass off propaganda to the vast number of uneducated sheeple. Because of its use of "hope" and "change" in its message, I'd guess the effort is aimed at helping the floundering Obama administration. But what do I know for sure?

What I know is the history that proves that this poster is a lie. I wish I could send my proof to each of the "Likes" at FB and get them to read it, but this is the best I can do for now.

The lies and half truths start from the very top of this poster.

The original constitution was NOT fully ratified until the bill of Rights was well along the road to being adopted. That famously included its first amendment "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; ...." There was a rush to replace the Articles of Confederation to strengthen  the central government to, among other things, adequately pay its debts to foreign debtors who had aided us during the Revolutionary War and in the intervening years. Some states ratified with the proviso that the constitution be Amended shortly. Indeed, some of the 13 states did not sign off until that process was well under way. The public fear of a overly powerful central government would have led to a the constitution having failed had not the bill of rights been amended to it as rapidly as it was. What this poster calls "the original constitution" was a constitution in proviso. Most all states who'd signed it would have seceded long before 1861 had the Bill of Rights not been adopted.

In God We Trust began appearing on our coins just after the Civil War. It should not surprise anyone if part of the reasoning was because of the dislike of union greenbacks and the then worthlessness of Confederate script. Man's fear and greed may have no limits upon how much currency he'll print and credit he'll seek. But God, in His wisdom, has limited the amount of gold. Hence: "In God We Trust."

All in all this post is filled with Anti-American propaganda. I'll leave to my readers to comment further on all the false and misleading items as they attempt to spread the truth of this slick agitprop. It appears designed to divide Americans from each other. Divisions among the people is the despots number one ally.

“A lie can travel halfway round the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes” -- Mark Twain

Monday, October 24, 2011

You're Not Arguing Your Case Well Enough Yet

It is stories like this one highlighted by Redbaiter down in New Zealand, with the inconsistencies screaming at you as he has laid out, that prompts me to repeat one of my observations.
The challenge for you, mankind, is to argue your case. Say it loud and say it strong. You are seeking mercy from those who are positioned to enforce misanthropic beliefs. 

Mankind’s strongest case is his brain. Those who have been employing Critical Theory to undermine the West have been doing everything in their power to fill that brain with nonsense.

The lawsuits brought for bird deaths in some cases (for a handful of deaths due to oil spills) and not others (deaths in 6 figures due to wind turbines) is precisely the sort of inequalities that our institutions were designed to prevent. Now that the young have been denied the teaching of sound logic, this sort of outrage will be the norm and not the exception unless you get involved in the fight to try and sway a handful of the very powerful to radically abandon their bleak outlook.

This is one of those topics where I have too much evidence that I'm talking to a wall.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Scam Detector Report


The email in question is titled "37 Things You Should Hoard..."

Our first warning (and in no way the most glaring) to be wary comes from this line in the email.
Click here to learn the 37 food items that FEMA should be buying…
In reality, this is what you will find to be true:
Click here to find out how to learn the 37 food items that FEMA should be buying…

The implication of the email's wording is that you will be told. The reality is that the sender is selling the information. Quite understandable, but it is not what he said.

So now I'm posting this to tell you that no matter how good is the information the man is peddling, the manner in which he has chosen to get his message out matched several of the unsavory tactics used by door-to-door salesmen of an earlier era.

I do not recommend clicking on this "video" link. (I've not included it; I'm just saying if you receive the email (once, or several times as in my case).   If you do click over, there are several other tactics that become evident, some of which you definitely will not like. I'm not going into detail here as the vendor may go back in and make fixes to better hide the traits that tripped my warning bells.

If you want to know what I saw, ask me via email. There are maybe a half dozen I have a list of 9 other tells I'd be happy to share with my regular readers.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Some Pros and Cons On Herman Cain

This is an edited version of what I posted at Redbaiter's place

For Herman Cain Critics- Difference Between Sales Tax and VAT

Redbaiter is correct. Mr. Cain's critics are wrong to call his 9% sales tax a Value Added Tax. However, in concert with his proposed flat 9% corporate tax, it is adding taxes along the way that are ultimately paid by the consumer -- you and me. I discussed the other drawbacks which really need a good sounding and for which really are not being aired in these debates. It makes me shudder to see the issues I raise below not raised to national prominence.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Role of AoL Continues to Unmask [Occupy L A Edition]

Yesterday I drove by the Occupy Los Angeles tools of Marxists. They had descended upon the LAUSD building. They were remarkably few in number. I saw only one "Occupy" sign on a stick. I was too concerned with driving in the resultant traffic to be reading whatever messages the score of "protesters" was carrying. News Agency of Lies (AoL) crews were far more noticeable -- and troublesome. 

(For the following, refer to the embedded Google Maps screen-capture to which I've attached red blocks as indicators.)

My Campaign to End Junk Mailings

Note: It is completely legitimate to inform businesses that you view their repetitive solicitations as posing a security threat to you.  Read on.

I have been receiving offers to apply for new credit cards for years.

Sometimes I even get them from banks for whom I already have one or more cards.

In the last few months I have been getting offers in the mail from the same banks 3 or more times in a single month. What is going on?

I have finally decided to do something about it. I sent off my solution to Chase and BofA earlier. Today I am about to send one off to Capital One in their business reply envelope, including the cut-off portion of the envelope that contains my mailing information.

Here is an image of my work.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

An Affront to Humanity

People who rule like this are engaging in cultural Marxism. (hat tip Andy at Ace's)

Anne Foley, the principal at Kennedy School in Somerville, Mass., sent an email to teachers warning them about celebrating Thanksgiving [sic], the Boston Herald reported,
"When we were young we might have been able to claim ignorance of the atrocities that Christopher Columbus committed against the indigenous peoples," Kennedy School Principal Anne Foley wrote.

"We can no longer do so. For many of us and our students celebrating this particular person is an insult and a slight to the people he annihilated. On the same lines, we need to be careful around the Thanksgiving Day time as well."
People who engage in cultural Marxism are either themselves Marxists or their useful idiots. Since Principal Foley is sending out edicts based upon her feelings, that makes her a subjective ruler and not a public servant.

Ms. Foley: There is some considered argument about Christopher Columbus' affect on the indigenous peoples of America. Even were you partially correct, there is no indication that their annihilation was his goal.

But we have ample evidence that people who think like you deliberately murdered over 100 million of those under their rule in the last century. Those murders were a product of a terror campaign that led to the enslavement of billions more.

Marxists and those who turn a blind eye toward that form of enslavement and never speak out against it (I bet you tolerate May Day) have no place in our schools. You speak of offending long dead indigenous people as if it were real. But you really offend the still living survivors of Soviet and Red Chinese rule at the very least. Were I in a position above you, I would find you unsuitable for your position and fire you for gross negligence* in subjecting the students and teachers under you to this blinkered cultural Marxist claptrap.

For all that remains of decency in this world, resign in disgrace Ms. Foley!

*Probably Canadian too since Columbus Day is Canadian Thanksgiving. But to confuse the two holiday names while serving as a principal in the vicinity where most of America think of during Thanksgiving is too ignorant and "insensitive" to be allowed to serve in an American school. Continuing in her job after being grossly insensitive violates her own standards.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

AoL for 13 Oct 2011

The incremental drip, drip, drip that "opposing Obama is bad" continues. It is the job of the Agency of Lies (AoL), the New Pravda after all. 

This headline appeared at my My Yahoo this morning turned up with their
Yahoo News-feed Propaganda Headline Of The Day
Senate Republicans Tuesday may have blocked President Obama's jobs bill, but a new poll suggests that's not what a majority of Americans want. Nearly two-thirds of the respondents to a survey from NBC/Wall Street Journal voiced their approval when pollsters were told them [sic] the details of the president's "American Jobs Act"-- including that it would [...]

Now I make errors such as the one highlighted above all the time. But I've not the editors that Yahoo has. Yet the same editors, proven to be sloppy at their jobs, feel no qualms about making up a title such as the one they used today.
  • It appears deliberately designed to pressure the spines of TEA party Senators. 
  • It is propaganda against those who are fiscally responsible. 
  • It is propaganda favoring deepening federal borrowing of which 90+% will be shoveled into the pockets of political cronies.
  • It is propaganda designed to hide the fact that Americans are being enslaved by the debt.
  • It is propaganda that denies the continuing inflation of our currency due its printing to service the debt.
  • It is propaganda favoring a nation destroying mindset that is on track to increase spending for which 100% income taxes could not repay. 

The Yahoo news headline is propaganda no matter what the result of the poll in their headline. That would be true even were the questions legitimate and not ones that had been pushed on "Americans."  Especially since so many will not click through to see the details in the article. Cursory readers of their headline and opening phrase of the article would get the impression (intended) that it's Senate Republicans, and only them, who are to blame for whatever. It is blatant propaganda designed to take the heat off their agent of destruction, the Buma.

The incremental drip, drip, drip that opposing Obama is bad continues. It is the job of the Agency of Lies, the New Pravda after all.
Anyone can see that it's the TEA party that's nuts. (via Drudge)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How Are They the Agency of Lies?

I'm posting this here because too many family members will not click links, but they will come here some days.

Click to enlarge

Hat tip to Ace at Some Tea Partiers Note Slight Disparity In Media's Attitude Towards Themselves, Occupy Wall Street.

However, instead of OWS for these miscreant whiners, I recommend we all add this to the dextrosphere style guide.  The FLEA party:
The Freeloading Leftists Encouraging Anarchy party.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Maybe I'm Clairvoyant

JammieWearingFool today posted Democrats Now Circulating Petition in Support of Wall Street Anarchists. You will soon see why I commented there and brought an edited and expanded version here.

Here is the opening line of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee petition (with emphasis added)
Protestors are assembling in New York and around the country to let billionaires, big oil and big bankers know that we’re not going to let the richest 1% force draconian economic policies and massive cuts to crucial programs on Main Street Americans.
Readers here may recall that only last month I made an open request to you all to help me find a recording or transcript of a Leftist-filled National Press Club meeting that had been broadcast on NPR.

As best as I can recall, its theme was along the lines of "the need for America's way of life to become more Draconian."

And now we have the Democrats passing around a petition which brazenly blames the rich, or the Right, or Eric Cantor -- oh, anybody but themselves -- for forcing "draconian economic policies" when it has been their stated goal. All. This. Time.

We have an advantage because it was publicly stated and even broadcast. Use it!

I'll narrow down the time frame to some time during Bush41's presidency, maybe 1989.

C'mon JWF -- you have a wider readership than my blog. Ask people to dig up the recording and/or transcript of those proceedings. Someone must have a record somewhere. Many of the speakers are surely prominent names today.

Let's turn the table on these scheming b******s. It's been their aim all along, so now make them own it.

I am an old man and can hardly remember where I put my car keys most days; but my long term memory is very very good. You can take it to the bank that that broadcast happened.

Find that record.

Sunday, October 09, 2011


Congressman Tom McClintock remains the politician for whom I have contributed the most money ever. I am firmly convinced that had the "moderate" wing of the GOP -- the group many of you inaccurately label as RINOs but whom I call SKUNCs -- not stuck their noses into the grassroots recall of Gov. Davis, the last seven* years of California's history would have been much different because he'd have been governor instead of Schwarzenegger. We would have been enjoying one remarkable recovery instead of this disastrous decline. And it is destined to continue under Jerry Brown (who would never have been elected but for the disaster that was Arnold) who has a  legislature so corrupt and Marxist that even he has had to veto some of their excesses.

Mr. McClintock gave a speech recently, A Second Term for Obama Would Make the United States Go as California Has Gone, that I feel I must share highlights with my readers. He recaps recent California history. He interstices it with abject warnings that predict starkly what is in store for this Nation if conservatives allow the SKUNCs to stifle them and their candidates again. [emphasis added]
You are here in California to answer an important theoretical question and now you have your answer.

Yes, this is what Barack Obama’s second term would look like.

Study it. Fear it. And then go home and make sure that it never happens to the rest of the country.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Wouldn't It Be Ironic?

Were Mitt Romney to lose the GOP nomination to Herman Cain, it would be despite Mr. Cain having used the term brainwashing.

For those too young or of faint memory, here is the short reason it would be ironic.

It is because Mitt's father George Romney, the then sitting Republican governor of Michigan and front running candidate for the 1968 GOP nomination, fell from his perch for using the term.

"Brainwashing" was the headlines in the political news at about the same time in the nomination cycle (Sept 1967) as it is now in 2011. (At the link, Time Magazine had a field day with the story, and hardly could hide their glee.)

After Mr. Cain's critically equating black voting preferences to brainwashing, what transpires this go-round remains to be seen. I and many other conservative thinkers wish Mr. Cain much success, and that would of necessity come at the cost of Mr. Romney's ambition.

However, at the same time, we all ought to recognize the human element here too. I would recommend that we all retain at least a tinge of sympathy for the Romney family because of what would have to be bitter irony.

Monday, October 03, 2011


Nobody ever lost a plug nickel underestimating the intelligence of America's useful idiots.
Could Mencken and Lenin both be correct?

Here's proof.

[There is a video below that may not appear in some feeds.]

Hat tip to TrueBlueNZ
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