Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Voter Fraud Institutionalized

I've suspected the Republican National Committee of underhandedness, as I am sure is true of many of you.

But did you know that the RNC had entered into a consent decree with the DNC thirty years ago that the RNC would never challenge voter fraud? I didn't. I heard about this a few weeks ago, but today I remembered to look into it more. So here you go:

Why the GOP won’t challenge vote fraud.

The RNC and DNC made their Consent Decree 30 years ago, in 1982. The agreement in effect gives a carte blanche to the Democrat Party to commit vote fraud in every voting district across America that has, in the language of the Consent Decree, “a substantial proportion of racial or ethnic populations.” The term “substantial proportion” is not defined.
How many more reasons will Americans need before they recognize that the GOP has to be scrapped and replaced by something like the TEA Party, only more formalized? May God soon remove enough blinders from the eyes and stoppers from the ears of those with whom you speak.

In order to be able to begin to roll back the out of control growth of government and all the destruction it will bring to human life (and reduced quality for all, including the aristocracy), some way to bring back integrity of our votes must be accomplished. I currently leave the method of getting it done to cleverer and swifter minds than my own.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Gay Marriage + Immigration Reform = Importing Terrorists

Do I really have to spell this out for you? You can do the math on your own.

How many squishes and SKUNCs will ignore the implications of the compounding effect of these two attacks  on American Culture and sovereignty?

Try to make it an issue on talk radio and find out.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Presidential Timbre /s

Formerly leading Democratic Candidate for President
Hat tip Breitbart.

And this creature will still be spun as a top leader should the Agency of Lies continue to be unopposed in its influence.

But, then again, what is to be done about institutionalized voter fraud in the first place? Our uncreative idiots-in-charge were provided their guidance by a dead white man, Stalin: "It's not who votes that counts but who counts the votes." All our institutions have been under attack for decades and now the inmates are running the asylum.

Even more telling than this photo is this. Our current situation is so simple-minded that it suggests there is a huge vacuum of intellect at the highest reaches of power  Nature abhors a vacuum. New alliances and new leaders will step up to the opportunity at some point. Although I am an old man, I will try to help those who I perceive to be patriots in whatever manner I am capable. God help us.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Godless: Silence Is Agreement

Two more headlines at Drudge that provide evidence that "ordinary" humans cannot trust today's rulers.
Attenborough: Humans are plague on Earth...

Japanese minister: Let elderly people 'hurry up and die'...

Find me a world leader who will excoriate these advocates and useful idiots of the death cult. Those who remain silent tell us what they will rarely admit. (The Japanese minister is an oddity)

Seek out leaders you can trust who will band you against all those who would treat you as overabundant commodities (Precautionary Principle) rather than sacred human life.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


(Please don't miss update at the bottom either. Drudge stepped it up from making the comparison implied to making it explicit. Let's see the wobbly "conservative" talk show hosts stop your comparisons now.)





CBS's Schieffer Likens Obama Taking on NRA to 'Defeating the Nazis'...

And what is creepier are those who constantly invoke the so-called Godwin's Law with neither conscious thought nor conscience.  Conscious thought and conscience such as: those who would outlaw guns in private hands are aiding and abetting a police state.

Assisting this understanding is the fact that "Progressive" agenda  successes have been achieved incrementally. Incrementals. They are Incrementalists. Use that term or some term like it. They are NOT progressive,  dammit. Do not cede the moral high ground by allowing such a splendid word be used as the label for those who not only do not deserve it, but are people whose aim is repression. They are not for progress, they are for regress. They are seeking to overturn the most free nation on the Earth and consign its posterity to be subjects of some corporate-statist, or fascist, or communist, or what-have-you, repressive regime. Grow up Americans.

Well? Where are the adults? Well, not hosting the Hugh Hewitt show (where we find a SKUNC who loves to invoke Godwin whenever any comparison to Nazis is in sight).

Thanks to Matt Drudge for juxtaposing these photos today to go along with those headlines shown in the captions. With Drudge calling attention to this makes it much more difficult for wobblies like Hewitt to shout down callers who make the comparison on each issue that begs to be compared with the actions of tyrants and murderers who came to power before.


More from Drudge, later in the same day.
FLASHBACK: Tyrants Who Have Used Children As Props...
Oh, please do click that caption even if it is a link to Alex Jones, broken clocks and all.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Heh! "I Thought You Were Smarter Than That"

  1. Pascal on 13/13/13 at 11:52 pm
    I’ve long asserted that it’s obviously good business for those who love government to protect the criminal in a variety of ways. The more criminal activity there is, the more excuses are available to increase government power – ostensibly, of course, “to protect the public.”
    You now find that a Lefty rag has actually aided and abetted criminal activity, and you are shocked? I thought you were smarter than that.

Back last August I posted about The Most Dreadful Phrases. And today I chose to use one of those phrases when I left the above comment at JWF's Home on Journal News Gun List Burglarized, Gun Safe Targeted.

So what's the reason for my "Heh" in the post title that introduced my closing phrase in the above comment?

Because I really wasn't aiming my comment at Jammie, nor even at the state senator he quoted.

My comment "I thought you were smarter than that" was aimed at the American citizen. You who either believe that all the folks in government are well meaning public servants; or you who fail to drive the point home to family and friends that:
  • everyone in public office must be kept on a short leash and never ever trusted out of our sight. 
  • And as far as protecting the public goes -- remember that they will always protect themselves first until proven differently in each and every instance. 
  • Previous good performance is no guarantee of future good behavior.

Furthermore. Remember the 10th Amendment to the Constitution. That one is not solely about your rights; not that one. It actually implies you Mr. and Ms. American have a major responsibility.

You've got a call on the red phone.
The Social Contract is calling.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Thought Crime and Mental Illness -- Updated

There are way too many out there who do not know their history, even recent history.

In the Soviet Union, those who opposed or were accused of opposing or were suspected of opposing the Soviet regime would be investigated. If it pleased the apparatchik in charge, the person investigated could find himself in a mental institution overnight. Over the week; turned to months; turned to years. All due to a report of suspicions.

Remember that and pass it along in light of the following I just heard on the radio reminded me of it.
Mark Taylor sitting in for Dennis Prager, reported that Obama was planning a crack down on firearms via executive order. And that in that plan it was rumored (from "credible sources" he said) that Obama would include "'suspected' of being mentally unsound" as justification for seizing guns (particularly from vets).  That being the case, nobody will be safe.
'being charged with it is all it will take for the Feds to swoop in, kick down the walls looking for firearms... Obama's executive order would be acted upon if you are charged with being unsound by anyone: your ex; the neighbor who is feuding with you; an employee you fire. And on that pretext they will be knocking on your door. That's the word we have.' -- Mark Taylor:

Be accused of behaving in an unstable manner and be accused of being in possession of firearms and....

What more do I need to say? How about: remember the title of this post.
  • Be in opposition to the ever enlarging federal government  
  • ➤ be suspected of thought crime.
  • ➤ be accused of being mentally unstable. 
  • ➤ expect a loud knock on the door in the wee small hours.

That is history. Work at keeping it from being repeated. The pile of skulls wrought by all the little criminals and all the little lunatics combined is insignificant compared to the pile of any one of the police states of the last century.

An afterthought.
Police state:
a political unit characterized by repressive governmental control of political, economic, and social life usually by an arbitrary exercise of power by police and especially secret police in place of regular operation of administrative and judicial organs of the government according to publicly known legal procedures.

I do not know why the definitions do not all note that a police state is impossible when anyone else but the authorities have weapons, but it ought to be clear enough. As even Mao, the tyrant who murdered the most subjects (to date), confessed, "All power grows out of the barrel of a gun."

As a matter for tactical consideration, I'd say it's long passed time our side of the battle consistently called out the other side for its craving for a police state.

Monday, January 07, 2013

KG at Crusader Rabbit brings to our attention an editorial in a print tabloid that I think needed to be posted decades ago but for the fact that nobody wanted to believe there really are people who hate the human race and individualists in particular.  The following is how 'Fight for your life today' begins.
Today is the day to fight for your life. Within weeks, proposed laws will be decided that would destroy your ability to protect your family from predators, including criminals, and, especially, the political wolves who can force you to live, or die, on their terms....
Finally understand that gun control is only one aspect of the great threat.

We see misanthropes every day. In fact there are times that our fellow man is such a PITA that just about everyone feels the same inclinations until our better angels take hold.

And we all know Malthusian Greenies. Regular readers have seen the 10-10 No Pressure video, and that was only suggestive. See, now even mainstream TV dramas have used serial murderers who justified their killings with reference to such extreme Green rationales (viz.: see the Blue Bloods episode of Friday Jan 4 Fathers and Sons). When finally caught and subdued, the killer boasts "future generations will declare me a hero."

Startling and uneasy maybe, but only fiction you say? Then you are not paying attention to who is holding sway in Washington DC. When these two aspects, misanthropy and Malthusian true belief, are found mixed together in those who have significant influence at the highest levels of power (such as Obama’s science Czar John Holdren) then our danger from megalomania is no longer far fetched.

Megalomaniacal Malthusian Misanthropes even sounds clownish to me. Nevertheless it is hard not to see that both Holdren and Zeke Emanuel (Yes, the Godfather's brother) and their unseen promoters fit such a term quite well.

Given the proles created by our edukation systems, I don’t expect 99% to understand what any of those words mean.

But maybe the symbol M³, or the term M cubed could be inserted into common parlance. For instance referring to the threat of M cubed. Clearly I’m no PR guy, so what do I know — other than the threat is quite real and looming.

A reader asked me to clarify this post. I think he was correct. I came back and italicizes the three M words when I first mentioned them, and highlighted them when I linked them. Now what is meant by M³ should be clearer.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Illogical Fear of Guns and Eloi

I left a comment at Joan of Argghh!'s "Gun Control And Sex Education." It was my reaction to several well-spoken who had tried logic to enlighten a strange new visitor. See, that visitor left a comment that was rather remarkable in its lack of understanding about inequalities in brute strength, as well as choices and consequences and responsibilities to ensure one can deal with brutes. In fact it revealed a rather childish understanding of how the world works historically and its threats. Eloi like.

So rather than respond to the Eloi directly I addressed a short diagnosis to Joan that I was certain she would understand. Since it was an open letter, it is also my hope that my words would also alleviate the frustrations of the other commenters who had tried to enlighten the Eloi using logical arguments.

pascal on  said:
Joan. I see an Eloi dropped by.
Logic and the childish mind do not a good fit make. It has been lulled into believing the government is filled with nicy-nice grown-ups. They can always be relied on for protection and could never ever be hiding any Mao monsters, whatever that is supposed to mean. Repeating in its little head is a loop: “Guns in the hands of govt: GOOD; guns in the hands of individuals — BAD.”

This Eloi brings to mind that wonderful line from one of Og’s commenters: “Those who know their history are condemned to watch those who don’t, repeat it.” - DaveK
I really do hope my comment plays well with the other commenters who tried to reason with the man-child. It identified itself as not being American. I wonder if its another Canuck like my Toronto Troll who, despite repeated requests to stop, insisted on inserting antigun diatribes in old posts that had nothing to do with guns. Whatever the case with this particular Eloi, I empathize with those who try to drill through thick skulls and discover a dry well.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Knuckling Under to the Grating Dictator and His Lying Media

What was the point of struggling over the spending bill in the House of Representatives all these months if Boehner knew he was going to capitulate to the Senate spending bill without so much as a single alteration in conference committee?

So all that rushing around and gnashing of teeth in what was meant to be his attempt at finding compromise was only loads of melodramatic theater?

All the hoopla over what the Speaker of the House was going to demand in spending reductions and allow in tax increases was only a very thin smoke screen?
Demands from a limp noodle?
Allow from a spineless dolt?

Dear God give me a bigger platform so I can tell my fellow Americans what my grandfather said in the 1950s when the unprincipled government growing assholes were only beginning to make their move.

"The American people are so gullible and eager to be misled that should a demagogue come to power here, he'll make Hitler look like a piker."  -- Gpa Fervor, circa 1955

I am sick to my heart that so many many Americans are STILL unwilling to discuss out loud how our election process has been totally invalidated by the Statist schemers. The ruling class has won and you still refuse to acknowledge it.
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