Monday, December 30, 2013

Like a Bolt of Lightning

I had just completed some work on my house that required me to climb around on a ladder for several hours. And it fatigued me quite a bit; particularly my lower legs.

I remarked to a friend. "Ya know, my poor granddad was climbing around on those things until he was almost 70. I don't know how he did it." Of course he did it for a living and I just do it as needed. But still.

About an hour later it hit me.

I'm within two years of his age. Jeesh.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Adults Needed for the Anti-Statist Movement

JWF posted the following headline from the Washington Examiner. It ought to be pissing the adults in the country off.

"Democrats will pay political price for Obamacare in 2014"


The American public is far less Statist than our Soviet-style Media wants us to believe. Hence the relentless propaganda against the TEA Party movement as far Right.

But SSM never even hints, let alone admits, how far Left the Dem Party (and itself) is today.

Meanwhile the GOP is filled with liberal Statists who would rather see a GOP candidate lose to a Dem than let any additional TEA party types win and thus have a chance to form a true anti-Statist party.

Bottom line is that too much of the GOP hierarchy are Progs throwing plays to serve the other team. They do it because Dem views and moneyed interests are much closer to their own hoity-toity position than the position of us members of what they call the hoi polloi (when they aren't calling us racist, homophobes or xenophobles; and it is only a matter of time before they are dehumanizing us as Goebbals did Jews).

This headline may not be a complete lie, but it is misleading. If the GOP remains obstructed because too many Karl Rove type picks get elected, we will only see more govt growth from maneuvers where the Hastert rule is ignored or the filibuster gets gutted without consequence.

Thus Dem losses in 2014 are not enough to turn things around. God help us.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Bush Lines

From Fox News we read:

The next Bush says he’s more like Gingrich than presidential uncle, grandfather.

The latest scion of one of America's most powerful political dynasties is trying to convince voters he's something other than what his famous surname suggests.

Right! /s

Recall that W told us he was more like Reagan than his dad.

How did that work out? Well, why not let W demonstrate.

[This is his notorious "Fool me once...." faux pas.]
Had W kept his word and governed like Reagan in most every other way, who thinks we would now be facing what we are today?

(BTW. Who thinks being like Newt sharing-the-couch-with-Pelosi Gingrich is a good thing?)

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Projection: "Soviet-Style" Being Used by Media Itself

Regular readers know that I've been waging a campaign for new media to habitually label the Obama endorsing and protecting Mainstream Media (MSM) as Soviet-Style Media (SSM).

But now the media, itself recognizing that my charges against them are warranted, has decided to use the term Soviet-style as it sees fit. By applying the attribute to others they hope to avoid having the label applied to themselves.

Well, I hope you all understand my frustration here. With the notable exception of Nemesis, nobody else has taken on the media for their Soviet-style behavior by that name. 

Ok, here's the evidence, both appearing today.

First Mark Levin (frequently a TEA Party supporter, but hardly one of us) tweeted his facebook entry (with the fb extra length included in brackets):
Even government radio is frustrated with government propaganda. Obama manages the press the way the old Soviet [dictators did.]
and my reply to him (unanswered) was:

Then there was this tweet by Drudge of his  headline  Media attacks 'Soviet-style' publicity policy... but that happens to be the headline from and link to the mainstream Telegraph. So naturally, I repeated my challenge of Levin to Drudge "C'mon Matt...."

I repeat that challenge to the whole of the dextropshere. (If nothing else, go to those replies to Levin and Drudge and retweet them so that those guys get the sense that we are serious.)

Dare to be leaders. It is hardly difficult to state the obvious behavior of our pols and our media. I know that it is hard to be the first; but new nobility is needed. Many more of us can dare calling every twist and turn accurately so that others like us feel comfortable with calling things as they appear in reality.

The media has not yet gotten into full projection mode. If you delay, others will delay too. The media will shortly be calling others what they are themselves if you fail. They may do it anyway, but you can point to my blog entries and our side at least will know the truth.
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