Thursday, May 24, 2012

Govt Motors Killed How Many Jobs

With the MSM Agency of Lies, it's all Bain, all the time. Bain cost how may jobs 20 years ago after Romney left the company? But they're not telling us how many jobs Government motors eliminated under Obama in the last 3½ years.

Were I running some mainstream journal and not beholden to the Establishment – talk about fantasies – I'd have my business reporters scouting the country in search of how many people lost their jobs when the Bummer took over GM.

How many factories were closed? How many jobs lost?
How many car dealerships got closed that had no "friends" in Chicago? How many jobs lost?
How many suppliers never got paid as Bummer gave all the money to the UAW? How many jobs lost?

I suspect that the bar chart on job loss looks like this:

But I don't own a mainstream journal, and don't have the money and staff to investigate.
When MSM finally does its duty, I will happily post an update.

But we know what the Agency of Lies is doing on this subject don't we? Bain, Bain, Bain, all the time.

So, in absence of a press corp that is not in the tank, you are free to assume this bar chart is not only correct, but understates how bad reality truly is that they dare not tell us. With so much evidence that convinces us that the press is totally in the tank, our cynicism is not unfounded.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bummer the Bammer

Well I like the tune.

Sigh. I don't see Bumney being all that much better. The GOP-E won't speak the truth for "fear" (or so they claim) that the lying Media will call them racist. That's the same media that is run and is funded by the same establishment that is doing swell under Bummer – and is the E in their label.

Just do what you can to elect members to Congress who have the TEA Party ethic. That will cushion the blows. With Boehner sounding like Schumer on this issue (Fugitive Slave Act), we need plenty more TEA Partiers so we get a new Speaker.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Attack On the Big Bang Theory Was Inevitable — Updated

I read today how the Big Bang theory is under attack.
The Big Bang cosmological model is in trouble, but its adherents, reluctant to abandon the theory, are busily attempting to shore it up.“All Effect and No Cause”: Colliding Branes, Bouncing Universes, Promiscuous Singularities, and Fashionable Nothings — Five Versions of How It All Began.

I'm a much too simple man. I figured out long ago that this day was coming.  See, even before that, the young fool in me thought of the question, 'Well if you think the answer is simply that God created the universe, who created God?'

As I got older and a little bit wiser, the words recorded by a shepherd who claimed to have spoken with God had rattled around in my little head long enough.

It occurred to me that there was a simple way to align current axiomatic cosmological physics to Judeo-Christian theology, and it also answered the question of which that juvenile thought was only a quip.

The axiomatic portion was that it all started with a big bang. That would be the beginning of recorded time if records could have been kept.

But just like that juvenile quipster who asked who created God, these great minds are troubled that time could actually have a beginning, even though they'd never be satisfied with the answer. (Sounds like rent-seeking cosmologists if you ask me, but who would bother asking, and what do I really know of what sort of character would hide out in the sciences?)

Anyway, just for the record, here is how what Moses told us fits the Big Bang.

Moses recorded that God told him His name was I Am.
"I Am that I am." 
That is He Is, but in the first person singular.

Now this is at that time in history, right? And -- well I'm talking to the non-religious to anti-religious now -- it's all come out of the mind of a poor goat herder; right? Nothing really of significance could possibly be there, right?

YET? Yet that goat herder seems to have arrived at the same place so many brainy scientists have taken  (you should forgive the phrase) as gospel for the last 50 years or so. How's that? Here's how.

Recognize that the infinitive of  is is to be.
For those who insist on a single word to be a name, let's choose the French Etre.

  • Theologically we have God on one hand, where Etre has yet to complete and implement His plan. 
  • On the other hand we have, in cosmological physics, The Great Potential to be the Universe. 

  • Theologically, Etre would ponder a move from the infinite infinitive. 
  • Cosmologically, the Universe, it says nothing.

  • Etre's ponders are essentially splitting the infinitive into the interrogative:
  • To Be? 
  • OTOH: The Universe -- it says nothing.

  • Etre stops pondering, and converts the interrogative into the imperative:
  • Be!
  • The Universe -- it bangs biggly.
God: I Am.
Universe: It Is.

Let's face it folks. The big bang was in trouble with the secular anti-theists from the very beginning. But it was propounded in the day when Statism was hardly a word ever spoken or understood, let alone about to burst upon the scene openly.

Since the philosophical environment in which the Big Bang theory was introduced is no longer the case, well – the Big Bang just has to go. QED

Someone once avered: Liberty will be lost not with a bang, but with a whimper.

Thanks to a comment from the above link's author, Mike Gray, I have an ***Update*** after the break.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

World Media In a Nutshell

Today's "journalists" are not cynical of ilk such as Barack Obama
because they must preserve their jaundiced eye for the likes of Mother Theresa.

Friday, May 18, 2012

America Has Few Friends In the Prez Race

Mark Levin's broadcast last night (May 17) was a pretty good indication of what a terrible choice we have in voting for president this year. I will post a partial synopsis of the 3 hours (less commercials) below along with a link to the podcast. But first...

As Levin says:
'We simply must vote out Obama. Then we will have Romney [who I fear will finally make G H W Bush look like Ronald Reagan – ed.]. Let's work hard to fill the senate with TEA Party candidates – real Americans – so that the GOP-E's president is constrained.'
Romney displays all the signs of an unindicted unofficially recognized Progressive co-conspirator. It becomes the duty of American voters to eject the outright Marxist and accept the Marxist enabler while replacing the anti-American SKUNCs currently in Congress, particularly the senate.

Here is the link to ML's page where you can listen for free with some controls. After the site's player starts, it gives you the opportunity to download the mp3. I recommend you do that so you may listen to it on your computer or mp3 player  with better controls (after some months it goes to archives and becomes less accessible).

My partial synopsis follows below the break. I will expand it as time permits. If any commenters wish to help me expand it, that would be great. As a convention, I'm using single 'quotes' where I do not want to copy Levin's or a callers' full quote but wish to encapsulate what I inferred from what was said.

Note that during the course of the 3 hour show, Mr. Levin expands on his own earlier commentary, so all of what he has to say is not necessarily found in the earlier points. I may cross-ref these later, but that's a lot of work.

What is important to know is that ML is not sugar coating the Hobson's Choice we have facing us. Not voting is out of the question. Convincing others to vote so we buy time to save America IS PARAMOUNT. 

Synopsis after the break.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fugitive Slave Act — Updated

Senator Chuck Schumer doesn't like that anyone should escape the Taxman. So he's proposed a fugitive tax-slave act. [Update: As if that were not enough, we have GOP-E Speaker Boehner saying to ABC on Sunday "it is 'absolutely outrageous' for anyone to renounce their citizenship in order to avoid taxes." He said that rather than condemn the wanton abuse of taxpayers by unconscionable government spending. Someone needs to 'splain to that clown that it's 'hard to convince us of your moral outrage when you don't use it to fight against the growth of government' (like giving Bummer the keys to the debt ceiling on August 1, 2011). Outrageous facade of outrage is he.]

The signs are flashing in neon my friends. Schumer and his ilk see us all as their serfs. Leaving these bastards in control means a shabby, drab end for your posterity. By not allying with other real Americans, you're allowing America-haters to cement their foothold.

It is possible that this news fits my dream last night. After an exciting prequel of which I have forgotten, I wound up in a secreted position to see how our masters were planning the world. Maybe it's nothing, and really doesn't fit this story at all, but if you want to know, it is after the break.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Repair Damage Wraught By Critical Theory

I was struck the other day by how much I have been affected by the long term efforts of Marxist "Critical Theory" continuing to be deployed in the West. I don't know what to do about it except by reminding myself how grateful I should be to be alive. Before I get to the uncertainty portion of this screed, let me repost the comment string that forced me to face up to how badly I have been affected by the Left's and Statists' determined efforts to get Americans to question EVERYTHING, even what was and is good.

Blast From The Past at the Belmont Club had responded to criticisms of American efforts in the world wars. You can read it (beginning with the 2nd paragraph) to gain some understanding about what I'm about to write, but it was my own initial reaction that concerned me (as you will see). And it ought to concern all Americans, because if it can happen to me, it can happen to many many more, and in fact does.
I find myself pleased with everything you wrote here. However, I also find that I am now at that point where I’m questioning even what I find agreeable because it comforts me. Does that mean that the Critical Theorists have won?

If so, the West is not only doomed, but deservedly so. We neglect the sacrifices of those who won our freedom when we question everything, regretting our earlier mistakes rather than realizing we overcame them, hopefully learning from them, and being grateful for the outcome. But instead of recognizing where we don’t want to go again, it seems are condemned to repeat history because the power-mad are the ones who implemented Critical Theory and we swallowed it hook, line and sinker.

I wish I had the skills to develop in depth the arguments needed to support the last paragraph. I surely hope it was clear enough for it to inspire someone else to the task.

I really do hope someone who understands the incremental poisoning by Critical Theory and its long-term intertwining affects on us. Describing how it has undermined our society's confidence and especially our sense of being touched by God. And maybe offering some hope for reversing the damage.

No matter who writes up the history thoroughly and well, the question will remain as to how to go about reversing the damage the Marxist counter-culture achieved, especially knowing that it all started while the Soviet Union was still in existence, albeit with the clandestine help of our own craven Progs.

Were it only due to the moles in the employ of the USSR, then we ought to be able to stop from being stung by a dead bee. Of course China is still officially Red, and she is quite entwined in our economy now. Yet that's another issue. What matters is how we in our society choose to act. We've permitted the inmates to run what looks more and more like a nuthouse.Our institutions are totally infiltrated with people who more or less still believe in Anti-Americanism.  And even that has remedies, though hard and takes courage.

So what that we have the most Marxist man in the White House today, and the party leaders of the alleged opposition  refuse to say it. Not only that, you'll also get disparaged and cut off by most talkshow hosts for saying too.

If our "leaders" refuse to lead the opposition, then it means we need new leaders and a new opposition. The TEA party was the effort to do that, but its idea was initiated by a TV talker on CNBC. That is establishmentarian influenced, so what's up with that?

No, no. We cannot blame any leaders if we find ourselves still stuck with Bummer of Bumney. "They gave me no choice" is such a juvenile whine that it's embarrassing to have to point out to what-should-be-adults how we are easily our own worst enemy.

The uncertainty that I sensed in my reaction to Blast From the Past is something I do not know is affecting others, but I fear that it surely is. What I do know is that letting the dream of America be lost is really a sin.
  • We are members of a continuum that makes the history of mankind, and we have been living in the freest time in history. 
  • When we become concerned only for ourselves, thus not knowing the true meaning of self-sacrifice, and not for those who come after us, we have abandoned our duty, a duty that was mostly obeyed by they who, in their sacrifices, gave us the chance to advance some more. And I am NOT talking about the simplistic sacrifices demanded by the Left that were so contemptuously and rightly derided by the Narcissistic Ayn Rand.
I once told my kids that I hoped to leave the world a little bit better than when I came into it. And that my greatest hope for them was that they would come to see the wisdom in seeking to do the same thing.

If there is a God who governs that continuum with something a bit more than natural law, I pray He will allow me the clarity to see where to find what more that I need, including the company of people who want little more than that also.

Seize the Inconsistency

For further demonstration of how slow yours truly can be, I offer the following.

Because the axiom "I before E, except after C" is insufficient, I long ago devised a more extensive mnemonic to aid my spelling (in the days before spell-check).
I before E, except after C;
or when sounding like A, as in neighbor or weigh;
or sounding like air, as in their;
or sounding like ear, as in weird.
And then, for some reason only known to deep recesses of my mind, at 1 AM this morning, I seized upon the realization that seize is also an exception to the rule.

And to think it only took roughly 6 decades -- well, it demonstrates something.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Beautiful and Peaceful Interlude

This is titled " Yosemite Range Of Light Time-Lapse." However, it includes a much wider area outside of Yosemite Park including the tufa towers at Mono Lake and the bristlecone pines in the White Mountains between Death Valley and Owens Valley. Although its black and white contrasts are very beautiful, Shaun Reeder's capture of little rainbows in the waterfalls are nothing to sneer at.

[The video will not appear in some feeds. Click through to view it.]

If you have had trouble sleeping, the score to this video might solve that problem.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

In More Innocent Times...

pranks, typically sophomoric, such as mocking over-exposed politicians, took the form of marking up their posters with black crayons, and later those newfangled "Magic Markers." (Admittedly, it was in a day when graffiti was not yet the scourge it is today). From time to time school text books would show up with similar evidence of juvenile rebellion.

Today we get images of The Øne and his family assaulting our eye over and over and over when we open web pages and emails. But there is no relief for us as had once been supplied by such pranksters.

Well, there was one image that I've seen nauseatingly repeated at And I found a young man who was willing to come back from the past to offer you an altered image that may provide you some of that old-time relief today.

Find it after the break.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Faux-Ca-Hon-Tas [fantasy]

Were Scott Brown not a RINO I can easily imagine that he could benefit from TEA Party groups greeting his opponent, Lizzie Warren, outside every venue she attends with

in beat to their tom-toms.

But he'd probably say something to put down such swells of grassroots support. It's simply not something a stinking RINO SKUNC would welcome.

But we can laugh at the idea -- and at the players in this charade of a senatorial election. And that is somehow fitting given that this IS Ted Kennedy's seat.

[filed under Fantasies Foreign to GOP-E Campaigns]

Friday, May 04, 2012

Shadows of Our Former Greatness

Today's episode of "Scant Memory of Our Former Greatness" is:

Harvard Law School has a professor with Indian ancestry on its roster. 
But refuses to reveal who that is.

Right up front and honest. When did that last happen?

All of this is on behalf of Lizzie Warren. She is the lame Dem put-up job for Senate against Scott Brown. It's as if Scott Brown hasn't been carrying water for the Incrementalists (that revelation was chronicled here) and they aren't happy with the outcome. The Progs will be satisfied with him as they are now, and we all know it.

There are so many bouncing balls it's tough to keep on eye on any one, let alone the important ones, just as the shadows intended. Oh what a silly people we've become. Nearly all of the twelve out of thirteen will follow their assigned Judas Goat when told to do so.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

High Likelihood the USA Is Doomed

Why might the likelihood be high?

  1. We direly need a leader with a lot of common sense.
  2. Yet anyone with that much common sense knows to keep their yap shut if he wants to keep breathing.
Joseph Heller's catch didn't come close to describing half the dilemma facing our hero, did it?

So it comes down to someone who knows God in on his side and thus forges ahead despite the torpedoes and flack.

Hence, you've ruled yourself out.

After facing up to that, you have no right to be complaining that heroes and heroines are in short supply.

So, short of divine intervention, we're doomed? Without the humility found in earlier Americans, I don't see God's hand saving us unless at least 10 good men find each other before the Statists hunt down all candidates.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

NRSC Poisoned Its Own Well

I just received another call from the National Republican Senatorial Committee. I was told the Chairman, Senator John Cornyn (of Texas) had asked him to call.

They were seeking my contribution for their fund drive.

I asked the caller "Is John Cornyn supporting Richard Lugar in his primary bid to be renominated as the GOP candidate for Senator from Indiana?"

That question is tops on my mind because of this story at RedState: The Ultimate Treachery
Politico’s Maggie Haberman is reporting that the leadership-affiliated Young Guns Network has sent out mailers asking Democrats to vote for Dick Lugar (not exactly a young gun) in the Indiana Republican primary against Richard Mourdock on May 8.  But that’s not all.  They are stirring up Democrats by referring to Mourdock as extreme.  In what way is he extreme?  He wants to eliminate the Department of Education!
Caller answers: "I don't know. We will use 95% of the money to help elect Republican candidates to office."

Well you better let the people there know that other operations like The Young Guns Network is poisoning your donation well: grassroots conservatives all around the country. Of course, given the sort of treachery we've been witnessing, that could be feature and not a bug.

So you get back to me when you can honestly answer "No, we will not use your money to help defeat your candidate Mourdock in Indiana."

For principled conservatives such as I, here is the rub:

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

It Makes No Sense Only If You Believe the Lies of Liars.

The prequel to today's May Day destruction was reported at JWF this morning. I chose the following reported comment on the destruction in San Francisco as revealing of how tolerant this nation has become in large part because so many are kept in ignorance to the real meaning of words [emphasis added -ed.]

“They’re coming through the Mission, where there aren’t any corporations, just a lot of small businesses, which is what they’re all about,” he said. “It doesn’t make sense.-- words of a political naif

It doesn't make sense only if you do not understand that Marxists hate the MIDDLE CLASS. Only they use the French term for middle class: "bourgeoisie."

  • Marxists (bums without real work) stage violence in the streets 
  • at the expense of real workers, 
  • to further the aims of the Ruling Class 
  • and the aims of their Wealthy Class backers (to reduce the wealth of the middle class so that they cannot afford to crowd the wealthy out of their favorite vacation spots.)
This is not rocket science. This "it doesn't make sense" are the words of a child.

There are simply too many "adults" (or use the old polite phrase: "people above the age of majority") who were never warned not to talk to "strangers."* Nor to heed their own wariness when noticing strange behavior. Nor seem to learn why even after being victimized time and time again.

When offered goodies from a man with a smiling face who strangely seems unconcerned while monsters are circling behind him, an adult knows to be looking for the exits while fingering his weapon.

*Strangers meant as limited to a sense of strangeness: that is, sensing odd behavior as strange and rather than dismissing the sense, taking precautions as your own senses warrant.
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