Monday, February 28, 2011

Insidious Propaganda

The following public service announcement was provided by the Ad Council on behalf of the Smokey Bear program. 

"Homework," shortened version. [Someone PLEASE find the long version and send it here. Record it if you hear it. It may be a weekend PSA]

This is the MILD version. In non-bizarre times, it was understood to be not wise to promote the idea that kids barely old enough to walk streets without supervision are prescient sages. It was a laughable notion that childre would to provide moral guidance to doltish fathers. Maybe in Marxist reeducation camps, but not in America.

But disgustingly, that notion is central to and being promoted even by this mild version of the PSA. Of course is in keeping with the pattern used in some network sitcoms, such as Home Improvement. It's a notion that we have allowed to go on for far too long without widespread backlash. I pray this post sets a pattern others will chose to follow.

Maybe this mild version of the PSA is bad enough to drive home my point of how callous, intrusive and outlandish are those who pretend to be our nation's protectors. Only to help make the point, I'd love to find the more objectionable PSA that prompted this post. I think the Ad Council is hiding it. My complaint has so much merit they've been forced to hide it. If they are hiding, it surely is to our side's benefit to find it and hold it up for the full exposure and deconstruction.

Here is what you will find in the longer version.
Where the father makes the weak plea "I knew that" in this version, in the excessive version, the kids laugh at him and say "yeah, sure!"  That was followed by the Dad pleading "Mom doesn't need to know about this, does she?" and the kids braying back, "Oh yeah, Big time." WTF is this ratship the Ad Council is constructing?

Whereas I heard it yesterday on the radio, it's my guess that it still is being broadcast where young and impressionable children can be poisoned against their parents by it. Make no mistake about it, but this is on the road to conditioning kids. It subtly manipulates the natural (and often parentally frowned upon) tattling on siblings, and extends it here to promoting (by example) the ratting out parents to one another. The next logical step and the Ads would promote kids to turning in friends and neighbors to the secret police.

This is the specter of Stalin and 1984. Propagandize the children to rat out their parents to the authorities. I think Hitler did this too, erected statues in town squares honoring youthful rats. The worst thing for children is for the state to take their parents away from them and then later knowing, when they realize how they'd been used by the police state, what a terrible wrong they had done.

Fight back America -- the climate that these Marxist/Statists are rigging is not the America our patriots fought to preserve for us.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cutting the Chains: Time for a “Voidance Movement”

As American voters come to their senses and realize how much they themselves are conservatives, politics for Leftists and Statists are not going so well. The Left is whining all the time now. For instance, as JWF reports: AP Laments: 'GOP governors undermine Obama's agenda in states'.

You know you are having an impact on Leftists when they scream. And in Wisconsin in particular, boy, are they screaming. Do you realize that all that noise and vilification is over Wisconsin Governor Walker's less than full reversal of State worker retirement plans?

In short, they're calling Gov. Walker every rotten name under the sun from Mubarek to Hitler, for doing what? For moving a bill that will bring State worker contracts only a fraction closer to that of the average Wisconsin tax payer employed in the private sector?

I think this serves to prove that Governor Walker did not go far enough! Had his baseline proposal STARTED at parity, what more nastiness could the government employee's unions and the Chief community activist have engaged in?

He should have simply said: "All prior contracts are null and void. The current government should not be held hostage by prior contracts given out to the earlier government's cronies."

Why hasn't the GOP taken that position sooner?

Why should the future be held hostage to the crooks of the past?

Speak to me people. What do you say to a National Voidance Moverment? (For my friends down-under, make that International). That is one where the next generation of candidates for office pledge to review, and void where necessary, all public employee contracts at the opening of the next legislative year.

The spoils systems was supposed to have been ended by the creation of the civil service. But now, with all these public employee unions, the purpose of the civil service has been defeated. What we need to do now is void all prior contracts cronyism instituted under what has become a Democratic Party-Govt Employee Unions spoils system.

Voidance. Voidance. Voidance.

Update: Author: Blast From the Past, in response to my comment at BelmontClub, has had trouble similar to what I have had getting published at PJM sites. For reasons known only to PJM, his comments wound up in my email but not at BC. Here is his comment:

Busy is good. Glad to hear it.

Good point in your article. Kicking a problem up to Central only infects Central with the problem. A similar thing happened with the XVIIth Amendment. Both the Civil Service and the XVIIth were designed to prevent petty local corruption that channeled money from appointments, especially at Customs posts or from infrastructure improvements, to urban political bosses. In effect both moved the problem into DC and eliminated the hope that competition between States or between a State and DC would provide checks and balances that cut down on graft.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

KOC: Moral Relativism Explained

Andrew Klavan posted the following video under the title Multiculturalism Explained.

From an artistic standpoint this is a clever video, as is Mr. Klavan's chosen title.

But because I was more impressed with his post-script, I chose "Moral Relativism Explained." Here are Mr Klavan's words.

"Multiculturalism is based on the "equally sound" [sarcasm] philosophy of moral relativism which holds that nothing is absolutely right or wrong. Except that nothing is absolutely right or wrong.

As Shakespeare put it "there is nothing absolutely good or bad, but thinking makes it so."

Actually, Shakespeare gave those words to Hamlet, who was pretending to be insane when he said them. Which is to imply that moral relativism isn't just crazy, it's fake crazy -- because nobody is really crazy enough to believe it.

So perhaps now we have begun to understand."
Yes. Thinking of what is right or wrong is the process that separates man from beast. And they who would rule over us are controlling the Agency of Lies (MSM) and the indoctrination centers (skools) and even religious institutions (tax codes and cultural Marxist moles), have been inculcating us not to think of good and evil at all.

Youth of the world: murdering your fellow man is wrong. Arranging his starvation is akin to murder. If you value your own life, or think you will some time in the future, then follow this simplest form of the golden rule: "Do nothing that is hateful." And I am not talking about hurting their feelings, because sometimes that can save their lives, but about not being hateful towards their very existence.

Here's a simple rule to know what is hateful. Ask yourself:

"Would  my being murdered be hateful to me?" 
In most instances -- and that is good enough for me -- your answer will be "Hell yes!" 

That's a very good way of putting what is right and what is wrong in perspective.

Tell the next moral relativist to pound sand. Don't let his pretending to be crazy drive you there.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Youth of The World: Learn the Truth

We in America have lost control of our government. Our government is supposed to be our servants, not the other way round. We will struggle in the coming conflict to reverse what has happened. Some who claim to be on our side are really working for the authoritarians, the globalists who have and are bringing famine to your countries. They have done this in the name of fighting Catastrophic Anthropomorphic Global Warming, or human-caused climate change. Of all the lies being fed to you, that perhaps is the worst. They want you to die, and without children of your own. In some cases it's simply because they dislike other humans; but they have promoted into power those who really do  fear you. Those fools fear you in large numbers. They view you as a parasite who'll simply deplete the planet of all it's resources and pollute her as well. The tyrants who seek to rule this globe need to remove your parents, and then you. They would treat you like herd animals, to be exploited, and then eliminated when no longer of use. Look around you. As the radical Greens would have it, approximately 12 out of 13 are targeted for elimination. This author would end such scheming tomorrow, but it often seems few stand with me. The poisonous thought and the consequences that derive from it are currently in full swing. There are better men with more decent thoughts still around, but you must plead your case so as to awaken them. If you do, you will increase your chances to live.

Most of us Americans are not descended from the original settlers under European and mostly British colonial rule. Our predecessors were people like yourselves, lured here mostly for the promise of getting out from under the thumb of tyrants such as have, now are, and will again rule your countries.

We Americans who still honor the principles under which our nation was founded hope to resurrect some of our mostly non-authoritarian form of government. Only God knows how it will turn out.

Watch this space in coming days. I hope others -- much better writers than I -- will follow my lead. But if nothing else, I hope I can direct you to interesting sites that will reveal to you truths you are not allowed to see where you are. Even truths that Americans rarely see because our popular media like TV and radio do not reveal the truth, and those who try are restricted at the risk of losing their licenses to broadcast. So far I am still free.

I pray I can be of service.

Violent Leftist Reactionaries

With educrats being challenged by real progress like this
[The video below may not appear in some feeds, so you may need to go to the link. Also, if the video is not "TED", please let me know.]

who can not understand why "educator" unions have joined with the progressives regressive, despotic, anti-American movement such as we are witnessing in Wisconsin?

Then you may also understand why union leadership and the Chief community organizer are beating the drums and hoping these staged confrontations will turn some participants into full-blown violent reactionaries.

This video demonstrates that bloggers filled with common sense on a vast array of subjects can and do reach youths all over the world. Youth are yearning to get information into their heads -- and we can use the world wide web to get it to them, past the demoralizing indoctrinators of the subjugating skools. 

This is why I say to make our headlines EXPLICIT. Use real, not sarcastic, not Newspeak/doublething key words. Web crawlers around the globe will find your legitimate headline and aid in passing along your common sense, and maybe more importantly to Christians -- your common decency.

In short:
I am suggesting that this presentation helps explain why the Statists have so rapidly unmasked in the last decade, and are now fostering violence. They are in a race against time and the truth emerging. When kids can learn this well this easily, it will be harder to convert them into Green Bombers and jihadis.

Hat tip to The Smallest Minority for cluing me to this video.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Major Win for Cultural Marxists

Or, as Fox news is promoting it, "Major Win for Gay Rights," in referring to the Prez instructing AG Holder not to defend the Defense of Marriage Act.

In other news, Sean Hannity said on his show today "I don't believe any other president in history ever said he would not defend a law on the books."
  • If I recall correctly, in 1973 or 74, President Nixon said he was "confiscating the funds" for several federal programs that had just become law.
  • He said he felt the Congress had gone too far in getting the Fed government involved in American lives. 
  • That was despite his having signed the laws in question. 
  • He could have executed his veto, but did not. IOW, Congress did not need to override a veto he never made. 

I do not recall enough of the incident because Watergate became news again very soon thereafter. Perhaps someone else will remind us more of the details.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hoosiers should offer an award

Hoosiers should offer an award for information leading to the recovery of their "presidential material" governor's spine.

Progressed to Contempt Acknowledged

"Oh Pascal, you're over-wrought." 
That was the overwhelming reaction to my Progress-Of series of posts.

Yet, today, in reporting on the Indiana Democrats fleeing their state to avoid voting on legislation they don't like (following the Wisconsin Dem slime trail), Drew M concludes:
 They call themselves "Democrats" but refusing to debate and vote is fundamentally un-democratic. In November, voters made it clear business as usual was over and that the public fisc would no longer be the piggy bank for the Democrats coalition and this is how they respond...with contempt. [emphasis mine]
My last entry in the Progress-Of series, 18 Nov 2009, was
Altruistic ==► Casuistic ==► Craven ==► Shameless ==►
Brazen ==► Sneer at US ==► Contempt for US ==► [TBD]
So there you go. Ace of Spades HQ has finally acknowledged what I've been trying to convey to a wider audience. Better late than never.

This contempt for America by the Statists and their Left shock troops will only get uglier as the days wear on. Be the leader and warn all you care about.

Monday, February 21, 2011

A PC Tactic

This is far from the first instance I've read the assertion "They obviously have no idea how insane they appear."

I warn you all not to buy into that thinking. It is by far not obvious unless the Left were comprised of nothing but naifs. At this point, the preponderance of evidence that malice is present is so great, that were they to tell me that the sun rose in the East this morning, I'd immediately try uncover why they felt the need to mention it.

Here is how I responded to JWF's conclusion:

Where's the evidence they have no idea how they look? That they appear insane is often a tactic of bullies. If they can convince you that they are not rational, they can make large numbers of potential adversaries just give up. Is it possible you never analyzed how PC works? It's the essence of getting the majority to clam up.

You are wrong because your statement "They obviously" ignores this common tactic.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Blogger keeps messing up my video embeds

The video (of the Ferrari-Shell commercial) posted in the previous post was replaced by Blogger automatically with something else. This is not the first time it has happened.

It fixes only if I hit the edit button and simply republish as is. This is very odd. If I hadn't seen it, I wouldn't even know it happened -- and that is troubling.

Does anybody know the cause? The long-term fix?


Friday, February 18, 2011

Look -- Even Just Listen Guys -- and Try Not to Smile

Thanks to Rome, Rio, New York, Hong Kong, Honolulu, and Monaco.

If you really like this, then there's something you must remember to do:

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Win-Win for the Sus Worshippers

Nearsighted is farsighted. This will make sense, I promise.

A good example. Figurative nearsightedness of technical managers was never more literally inflicted than in the construction of the Hubble Space Telescope.

The short version: Normal checks and rechecks of the focal point of the primary lens were forsworn, while polishing of the lens surface to perfection was dictated as essential. As things turned out, this did lens itself to creation of a spectacular new billion dollar project: the mission to provide corrective lenses for the Hubble. From the standpoint of those who acquired those extra taxpayer dollars in order to save the dollars already expended on Hubble, the nearsightedness inflicted on Hubble was very farsighted indeed. It could not have worked out better had that been their original intention.

Sorry NASA. That's the skeptic in me joking about the outcome with Hubble. There's is no evidence the shortsightedness was deliberate. That any surviving program managers may have been happy, albeit with clandestine joy, to have such a serendipitous justification for a follow-up program, does not negate the fact that the blurred vision of the managers was the most likely cause for the carelessness. Some higher up succumbed to the arrogant assertion that double-checking the most important technical matter was an unneeded expense. After all, who could believe that the primary optics for a JPL managed space telescope -- NASA'a most publicity centered project since Apollo 11 -- could ever be screwed up? Hubris in La Cañada? Never! Heh.

I wish I could say the same -- about there being no deliberate nearsightedness -- about those pressing the Sustainable agenda. If only life was always like that, and that Hanlon's razor always applied.

Hanlon -- meet Heinlein! We live in a world where we have many influential people who believe that "no problem is insolvable with fewer people."  The power and influence of Sus worshipers to foment programs that incrementally decimate humanity should trouble anyone who has some faith that God will provide.

Your man on the ramparts received an email from a (formerly) great engineering school. As you will see, you may infer that the department of chemical engineering wished to impress its alumni. And impressed I was. Impressive was how proud they were of their perspicacity for snatching a share of green funds.  

Your alumni advisory board and the department are proud that it is again ranked among the top 10 in the country.  We aspire to sustain this recognized level of excellence. To prepare our students for the many, multi-faceted roles that chemical engineers play today and will play in the future, the department, with the full support of the alumni board, plan to undertake three new initiatives with targeted investment in the following programmatic areas:
  1. Sustainable Energy and the Environment
  2. Biotechnology and Life Sciences
  3. Complex Fluids and Nanotechnology
    There must be some devil who is laughing over this. He laughs at how agenda item 1 leads smoothly to "wonderful" influences on item 2.  So that you may understand this devil's Newspeak/doublethink, let's review the Orwellian slogans: War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. Now Malthusian Sus worshipers and misanthropes may add "life is death."

    So now, let us see how "nearsighted is farsighted."

    Back in Washington DC, and maybe in every nation in the world, the Statists are determined to reduce the overwhelming entitlement debt they face. So what did they do once they cornered the government?

    They increased the debt by taking on the debts that accrue from a national heath plan all while promising good health for all? How much more nearsighted could that be?

    Wait. Wait.

    Those entitlements were building up long before healthcare was nationalized, and even long before DC decided it was a good idea to overwhelm the financial system with home ownership and easy credit for everyone no matter their ability to repay. That lent to them the meme "too big to fail" and the concomitant TARP and then Stimuli without accountability. Oh how nearsighted! And don't forget the Medicare Ponzi scheme and the Social Security Ponzi scheme -- surely they were nearsighted too? -- only much earlier.

    Wait. Wait.

    Of course the Statists could reduce that debt were there some catastrophes, one that cascaded into a massive dive in the numbers of those entitled. Hmm. Nah -- that's too far outside normal expectations for a natural castastrophe.

    So let's see.

    Now that they had nearsightedly limited the number of outlets providing: employment, food, shelter, healthcare, what other recourse do they have? All that's left to do is for the command and control center to begin cutting off those services: a little here, and a little there, and a little everywhere.

    Hey: Sustainability philosophy + "Life" sciences = Win-Win. Where will they find such farsighted noblemen?

    Clever devil.

    Tuesday, February 15, 2011

    Take Charge TEA Party

    Will the House of Representatives fight?

    So far the news is that there will be no overall challenge of ObamaCare funding for the continuing resolution to fund the government.
    The 111th Congress included language to forces the 112th Congress to pay for the law that defeated the 111th.

    And the GOP led 112TH Congress won't fight even in their own Rules Committee? The 111th Rules Committee created this atrocity, so the 112th's has the right to retaliate within the same body. Gutless wonders, eh? Quell surprise!

    How about taking it to the Supreme Court?  Robert Byrd did that with Ronald Reagan's Line-Item Veto and got that overturned. The premise by which SCOTUS overturned it was division of powers.

    What greater division of power can there be but that the voted out Congress can hold no strong arm over the current Congress? We have the precedent. Dig up and drag Byrd's carcass to the SCOTUS if need be.

    Fight. FIGHT. F I G H T!

    Friday, February 11, 2011

    Do Not Be Too Hard On Yourself

    Do not be too hard on yourself or on the rest of us. God knows there's some really rotten scoundrels who are willing to do that for you and us, and have arranged our education so that we have been inculcated — conditioned — to be accepting of their injustices to us.

    This eerie warning came to my mind when gallant KG introduced Queensland floods…the OTHER story
    one man's recounting of flood ravaged Queensland, Australia. In it, Gary Briggs of Dalby writes of the numerous [malicious?] institutional hardships piled onto the natural hardships visited upon both those needing help and all good Samaritans seeking to help them. KG, having read of the inanities suffered rather than revolting or even just risking a fine by telling the officious retards to stuff it, arrived at a sad conclusion that I could agree with in part. If I am a bit more optimistic, I pray you'll allow me that failing.

    KG: “Below the fold is an email I was given. Read it and weep for what was once a tough, resilient people. Until we got off our apathetic, cowardly, lazy arses and begin confronting these bastards the madness will continue. And get steadily worse. Egyptians can brave bullets, water cannon and torture, and we can’t even risk a day in court and a fine? In that case, we deserve all we get.”
    Well, here's where Pascal reveals weaknesses and regrets that, I pray, might help readers find solutions he failed to achieve.

    Hold on KG. I understand your frustration KG, believe me. I bet you and I could match stories.
    The lowlifes are given PULL by those who are gaming the system at the top. We have been left PUSHING. Guess what works best?

    The 60s radicals used to speak about “getting it over the Man.” Who of our teachers ever explained that Marxism/Leninism was always targeting “the bourgeoisie,” and that means “the middle class?” We’ve been conditioned to not know we were targets, and at the same time “to suck it up like a man.”

    If you have ever read the accounts by former Left brigader, David Horowitz, you know that in the 50s the Left had summer camps where they trained their “red diaper babies” how to assault Western institutions. Who on the Right offered classes in countermeasures? Nobody. We were subjected to the Left indoctrination centers even if a few of us resisted it. So now we are woefully two or three generations behind and far removed from generations that were NOT so indoctrinated! I sometimes feel like an undereducated, definitely unprepared remnant.

    Individuals do not stand a chance without building their own blocs. The Left is filled with cowards who hide behind laws the Right is inclined to respect from the start — except for the unequal treatment that the gamers have CONDITIONED us to accept.

    Nemesis may have trained his own kids to think clearly, as I have my grown brood, but it is not enough. I learned the hard way what it means to have failed to build blocs and train them to withstand — for the sake of our posterity and not just for ourselves — the forces who hate liberty. Maybe it is because I did not want to believe that such forces still existed — I don’t remember now. I do remember that I simply thought that right thinking people would rally behind me. I failed to foresee that there were schemers in the neighborhoods and city, and that they had loads of ways to undermine weak blocs.

    I know what you might be thinking, because I think it myself all the time. I vacillate between “It’s too late” and “is it really too late?” I will simply relate to you something a wise man once said “Where there’s life, there’s hope.”

    I wasn’t kidding when I suggested that men like Nemesis should be sought out to train the local kids how to put down the con-men. If they fail to seek out such teachers — and protect those teachers — THEN we will all deserve what we get.

    Thursday, February 10, 2011

    You Knew Weasels Could Brew

    You knew weasels could brew a tempest in a teapot. Take one word, infuse some heat into it, and stand back while the fools get all bent out of shape.

    Well such major blow-ups of small distractions are the kind of side-show made to order to benefit the Alinskyites in our State Department and Obamitall regime. As they go about destabilizing the world, it sure does help to have the Agency of Lies at your disposal running all their pie-holes at once.

    Have you heard about Rick Santorum opining to S.E.Cupp why Sarah Palin declined to give the CPAC keynote address?

    You will.

    I put just two words Santorum Palin into a Bing search.

    • Feb 09, 2011 · Former Pennsylvania Sen. and possible 2012 GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum provided a questionable analysis of Sarah Palin's decision not to attend the ...​rick-santorum-sarah-palin-cpac_n_​820645.html
    • Feb 10, 2011 · (CNN) -- Sarah Palin is mixing it up with potential rival Rick Santorum, suggesting the former Pennsylvania senator and presidential hopeful is a “knuckle ...​sns-cnn-palin-santorum-spat,0,585751.story
    • In an interview with National Journal, former Pennsylvania senator and likely GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum shared his feelings on potential rivals Mitt Romney and ...​santorum-knocks-palin-romney
    • Feb 09, 2011 · The lead-up to the Republican campaign for president next year is getting testy. Former GOP Sen. Rick Santorum, a likely candidate in that campaign, is taking ...​rick-santorum-politico-secupp/2011/02/09/id/385498?s=al&​...
    • What would a day be without some sort of Sarah Palin controversy? This time, it involves former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum and Politico. In an interview wi​sarah-palin-in-national/​palin-on-cpac-santorum-brouhaha

    • Feb 10, 2011 · (CNN) -- Sarah Palin is mixing it up with potential rival Rick Santorum, suggesting the former Pennsylvania senator and presidential hopeful is a “knuckle ...​sns-cnn-palin-santorum-spat,0,7934746.story
    • Feb 09, 2011 · Washington (CNN) -- Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum is taking aim at Politico over a report that claimed he is throwing punches at Sarah Palin for turning down an ...​santorum-disputes-report-hes-taking-aim-at-palin
    • Feb 09, 2011 · Rick Santorum is downplaying remarks he made Tuesday suggesting Sarah Palin is skipping this week's Conservative Political Action Conference because she wouldn't be ...​rick-santorum-criticizes-sarah-palin-for-skipping-cpac
    • ... of conservative Republican “rogues” —which includes Sarah Palin, Fred Thompson, Dick Armey, Rick Santorum ... This aggressive attack on the party’s electoral ...​palin-thompson-armey-santorum-bachman...
    • Breaking news and commentary on rising GOP stars and the 2012 Republican Presidential nomination. Follow GOP12 on Twitter! Email stuff here. Christian Heinze writes GOP12.​santorum-palin-might-be-skipping-cpac.html

    Long ago I told you that Sarah Palin was being Emmanual Goldsteined. There is nothing said about her that can't be manipulated. Even the daily two-minutes hate needs some variety from time to time. (Not that long ago it was Santorum who was the object of that hate. Do you recall someone observing that irony was dead do you not?)

    I repeat: Stand back. Try not to get involved except maybe to point a mocking finger at those drawn in.

    Wednesday, February 09, 2011

    You Set the Standard When You Accept What is Rotten

    I have known many people who are generally good people. However, even known monsters were seldom monsters all the time. Hitler liked dogs. Stalin liked potatoes.

    I posted two factual observations which run contrary to God's word this week, and the better angels have nothing to add.

    Of the many good people I've conversed with over the years, many who would not harm a fly have also agreed with the Malthusian observation at least to some extent. "Six and half billion people really is too much." The propaganda is winning and God's influence is all but lost there.

    So, when I posted about the debasement of organized religion, I figure it's one of those other sacred cows that cannot be mentioned. It really may condemn those who are afraid to discuss it. Being afraid to discuss either of these issues means you are accepting the lowered standards being foisted upon your world. This is why political correctness is really political cowering, and why I say PC is merely censorship in disguise. Silence in the face of terribly devolving standards demonstrates how effective this new form of censorship has become indeed.

    When you find you can't get a doctor because you've been deemed non-utilitarian, who will you cry to? God will have turned a deaf ear because you turned a deaf ear to the debasement of his church as you watched the shepherding be taken over by atheists and did not challenge it.

    There are far too many willing to let the world go to the dogs because they believe that will hasten the final conflict. If you are among these, I plead with you to alter that view -- because it almost surely would guarantee your damnation. On the other hand, if you see the rottenness and cannot stomach it, and it pains you to see those you love being misled, then you must become a leader in favor of reform. Even on a small scale, you can set a new standard, can make a personal statement from your own reformed behavior.  Simply by demanding a higher standard for yourself you raise societal standards by at least that much. Even the faint-hearted have become leaders by doing at least that.

    I've one friend who constantly begs off of this request. Because he's bright and clever and knowledgeable, his fate is what was once commonly known as a crying shame. Don't you be that way.

    Tuesday, February 08, 2011

    Religious Institutional Debasement

    Of all Western institutions to have suffered debasement, I'm inclined to see that the most damaging to our social fabric has come about due to the loss of standing of our religious institutions. What debased first, the congregants or the institutions of which they once were members?

    I'm on record as an agnostic. But I've only explained what I mean by that to a few who saw good reason to question my declaration. Essentially, the problem with the worship of the God whose core message made Western culture dominant, were the chief transgressors of its ethics. Critics -- likely agents of the next transgressors  -- love pointing to the old transgressors as proof that the ethic was  imperfect and therefore not a sure moral guide. That has been the moral relativists' plaything for a very long time. The schemers, knowing the dilemma is real, mock the faithful with  "Isn't your God perfect?" Who has effectively answered that recently?

    Hence the debasement.

    I'd like to hear some speculations as to why this is so.

    Monday, February 07, 2011

    Statist Tools: One-Way Outrage, pt3

    Protected Classes, Political Cowering, and Censorship

    This is part 3 of an analysis of how selective outrage is used to cow the majority of a free people so that they lose their right to speak freely (of grievances at first, and then nothing at all).

    Part 1: About the advance of the Statists revealed in their exploiting of homosexual pride.
    Part 2: About the ploy of creating the "protected" classes.
    Part 3: About the silencing all but those who have been recognized by major institutions as members of a protected class.

    Do you remember the public murders of openly moderate Muslims of the past? I certainly do. There's nothing like the murder of those who disagree with you to silence all those who think of disagreeing. It equates to the utmost in effective censorship of all visible opposition. It serves to have a demoralizing effect upon the now covert opposition because they feel isolated. When dissent is silenced, it becomes harder to know the true numbers of those who are like-minded. It is hard to know if one has the numbers that will gain one safety.

    And right there, it ought to be seen how the goal of radical Islamists is akin to the militancy of the sort that was reported here.  Uncertainty in safety virtually assures individuals will accept the mind-control that so aids tyrants in their rise to power. As Orwell explained, Statists would to go the extra step to "Stamp out thought crime" by prohibiting an ever-increasing number of words. Their object is to make the thinking of rebellion virtually impossible, "at least so far as words are needed for thought."

    What the public has come to know as Political Correctness is in reality a sort of early censorship created by what appears to be group expectations. In the norm, most people seek approval of the whole, and so that garners self-censorship. However, once enough people have taken on the self-censorship -- or mind control -- the government then has the numbers that permits them to legally censor one word -- or phrase or book -- after another. And it happens despite the American tradition and the individual's first Amendment assurances.

    Let's go back now to the early advance of the Islamic radicals one more time. The authorities where the killings occurred were unable or unwilling to defend those who spoke out against the radicals, or even just spoke up in defense of moderation. Or perhaps the authorities were complicit with the radicals -- the end result of not seeking justice for those who were slain amounted to the same thing.

    So we are all now suffering the consequences. Palestinians were subjected to such terror long before terrorism became our watchword after 9/11, because the world let it go. "Let the subhumans sort out their own crap. It's their problem, not ours." Whereas King Hussein was allowed to end the actions brutally (he being of the same "race") without censure from the world press, the Israelis found themselves much more constrained because the world saw them as a privileged class. The Palis became "protected." Long before the UN declared Zionism akin to racism, the World already was thinking of it racially. So the radical Palis were granted their special "protected" class status and self-destruction for themselves and their posterity ensued -- just as rotten world leaders had every expectation they would.

    Whoever understands the purpose of law and justice cannot miss the message sent to perpetrators when the laws they violate go unsupported. When al Qaeda came along and widened those subjected to terror, why is there no accounting for the legal atmosphere that permitted their death-oriented culture to flourish? These were not mere chickens coming home to roost. They were homing pigeons.

    Well, the fate of the earliest moderate Palestinians leading up to the plight of contemporary Palis should stand as a lesson about all militants at their height of intimidation. You would be hard-pressed to find a non-militant of any "protected class" who isn't somewhat intimidated by the militants of that class.

    Nonmilitant homosexuals, when not made fearful or hate-filled by demagoguery, easily become nothing more than live and let live libertarians.

    We see where many have been forced "out the closet" by the militants and were mortified when not pissed. They were -- or are if they didn't join the militants -- as much at the mercy of the militants as any class whom the Statists have decided are "owed" protection from the rest of society.

    Quick review of other "classes":
    • Non-militant blacks are called Uncle Toms and Statist media gives them no fair opportunity to rail against their aggressors.
    • Non-militant woman are called female impersonators and likewise given no fair and equal access to respond.
    • Other people of color are called coconuts and denied the microphone granted their detractors.
    • Non-Left leaning members of Government are called right-wing (SKUNCs) and wing-nuts (conservatives), where mostly only the conservatives, when nearing a media mic, are shouted down.
    On the other hand, Greens who were really communists in disguise, we have labeled as watermelons for years. But did we ever hear that label used by MSM in reference to radical environmentalists? For that matter, when was the last time anyone heard the adjective "radical” in reference to anything Left?" The last time I recall hearing it was in the 1960s, for instance: “the radical Mark Rudd.” Today, a reader of the NY Times would think there are no radicals on the Left. Scarily reminiscent, is it not, of the Leninist slogan "No enemies on the Left."

    Conservatives and independents who fit into those protected classes dislike and want no part of "their" militants. Yet the Left-wing dominant media torments them by insisting that the militants speak for them. Thus these people, their voices ignored, find themselves worse than marginalized – they are painted as non-existent! If it's hard to imagine members of the Left being racist towards members of a protected group it is because other Leftists will claim their own people are really closet right-wing bigots. This is the meaning of "no enemies on the Left."

    The broader public simply will not see this lie, nor those afflicted by it, until this scam is widely exposed. Are we so afraid of being called names by the Left who will assail us for exposing them? I feel it's never done in great part because of the influence of SKUNCs in our ranks, like Michael Medved, who will assail us with homilies like "two wrongs don't make a right." Hold on -- we who are not racist know how it feels to be called racist, so we shouldn't say that real racists are racists because we know how that feels? Well, that is our SKUNC-works. The GOP needed a varmint eliminator twenty years ago.

    No, no. Such exploitations could never have taken place without the full backing of every facet of establishment media. A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post about how we, the new Fourth Estate, should discard the Newspeak/doublethink label "Minitrue" and simply call the MSM the Agency of Lies, or as I labeled it at the time The Administry of Lies. Again: that's because sarcasm is dead.

    The rotten Statist game can and must be exposed. More than a handful may listen, but I've no illusions.

    What you're experiencing with the homosexual avante garde is a pattern that has been repeated over decades. Homosexuals are merely the wealthiest and well educated of the protected classes if not the newest (that's Muslims). Or should I have written "educated." Being a wise-guy has become wisdom in postmodernity. When the new protected class drops a wall on members of the wealthiest one, we'll see who's wise then, eh?

    When it comes right down to it, the "protected" class is the deliberate creation of sub-groups in society so that the government "finally achieves some measure of social justice." It's really a way for those in power to get more power over the entire society it seeks to rule.

    Social justice is a mockery of what is known as justice without any modifier. Social justice amounts to a judgment against the larger society, but without trial. There are not even any specific charges against specific defendants against specific victims. It all becomes an intentional blur, like the trick of an illusionist.

    Essentially we are witnessing those in power assigning a punishment to the society at large on behalf of a subgroup for allegedly being treated as sub-humans. It's a collective guilt assigned based solely on the existence of differences. Cause and effect, the very core of rational thinking, has nothing to do with it.

    And wait -- there's more. Because within any subgroup are found individuals as a whole who are not members of the other subgroups, everybody not in power gets swept up in the web of deceit that the deceivers label "social justice."  It's the government enslavement of the whole simply because -- well -- that's what the power mad ultimately seek!

    And now here is what may be the most stinking thing about it all.  Members of the ruling class have from time to time been heard to utter the sort of blasphemous speech to which they point to as proof of the guilt of the whole rest of the society of individuals. However, it's only people in the outer circles who get scooped in, chewed up, and thrown out for such transgressions. This is the proof they've reached the pinnacle of power -- the license and the will and the thrill from inflicting pain without being punished as are lesser men.  The ages-old dream of all tyrants: to swagger with impunity as others cower.

    It is hard to imagine that I've not thoroughly exhausted the how and why of subverting the American sense of justice. It’s possible I’ve missed a wrinkle of two. But I certainly I’ve made it clear what is the Statist motive.  Their political goal is the enslavement of the noblest asset of mankind: the human mind.  And from there, the enslavement of all Americans, so they are no longer free to prevent the enslavement of the rest of the world as they’d done or attempted to do countless times in the last century.

    There is no tyrant more rotten than he who seeks to suppress and destroy the human mind -- and it all starts with the one-way street of Statist censorship dispensed in the guise of compassion.

    No Problem Is Unsolvable with Far Fewer People On Earth

    Overheard in a conversation. Says an MD to a well respected investment adviser:
    "There is no problem that couldn't be solved were there less people."
    Convince me.

    Sunday, February 06, 2011

    Statist Tools: One-Way Outrage, pt2

    Victim-hood, Demagoguery, and the Creation of Protected Classes

    Part 1 of this essay had been inspired by the story Mike D'Virgilio posted at The American Culture last week. It was his response to me in part 1 which prompted me to expand a bit more on how the Statists benefit from victimoguery as exemplified in by those he reported on and also by those who attacked him.
     Divide and conquer is the oldest game of tyrants. I presume militants of all protected classes are vassals of the Statists whether or not they know it. 
    1. Statists bestow celebrity on those who effectively do the "job" to make, widen and keep the populace divided. 
    2. For each recognized class, co-opted media will place a mic in front of avante garde elements and cut to the ones who best advance, in the producer's opinion, the desired narrative. 
    3. The ones most effective at demanding more rights, and thus more power for the Statists, will be recognized by the "news" producers. 
    4. The media turns to them time and again. Several infamous ones surely will come to mind.
    Turning the tables on all of Western Civ is Leftist activists' greatest achievement. It is through our decency (looking to aid those we believe are in need of our help) that they found ways to undo us; Alinksy rule 4: "Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules." That's not irony -- that's the Left having it both ways!  

    Statists who've gained sway over most of our institutions, nowhere more visibly than in mass media, foster and nurture divisions today worse now than ever before. And they do it all while flying under the false flag "tolerance."  

    Because their propaganda machine runs 24/7, it behooves bloggers such as myself to expose, analyze and explain what we find as best we can and as often as we can. We have become the only alternative reaching out to the wider public.

    After that, it falls to our readers to ask questions and even use the Internet to find out more; and then pass along what you find to be accurate. We can be a reasonably well informed army of individuals when each of us puts in some effort. If 1% of Americans do this -- and I think we are more than that -- we will make a difference. What more do I need to prove this than to point out how much the establishment is afraid of the TEA party?

    And take this to the bank. There are those among us who are paid agents ("stimulus funds"), or have been convinced by paid agents who they think are their friends, who will yell that I'm crazy to try and get to the bottom of the lies and expose them. And to try to convince even liberals of how they've been used, "well that's the craziest of all." Do. Not, Fall. For. It. The Statists have not yet won. It's not just your liberty which is as stake -- it is your posterity's.

    Any individual who WANTS to survive the collectivist thrust to limit his liberty needs to lean on the liberty he still has.

    Bottom line is we can make outrage a two way street and thereby reclaim our right to speak and overcome the "frequency jamming" poured out by the Statists' Administry of Lies.

    Part 3 will discuss how effective has been the creation and exploitation of "protected classes" because there had been for decades no fair public scorn of this game.

    Friday, February 04, 2011

    Whoa: You'll Think You're Dreaming

    when you read ‘Mentalist’ Episode Provides Strong Pro-Liberty Message.

    In the way this TV show installment plays out, one might think this is long lost Mission Impossible episode. You know the formula: the IMF team foils some despotic third world ruler through guile and finesse exploiting the bad guys' weaknesses, and using the overwhelming resources of a bigger, better government. Back when America was more reliable.

    If only real life would play like that.

    Hey, enjoy it. This may be all that our postmodernist Hollyquid mavens will allow us anymore.

    (The real solution is to band together in a bloc and protest city halls of this kind, using words very close to that of the protagonist. Oh -- I'm dreaming again. Sorry.)

    Thursday, February 03, 2011

    Our Fight Against Lies

    Exactly how skilled have those with evil intentions been able to disguise their machinations?

    Wabbit in These really are shameful times' exposed how idiotic was a lie about global warming. But the fact that the lie could be refuted did not
    1. keep the liar from uttering it
    2. keep the MSM Agency of Lies from repeating the lie.
    3. reach all those without access to the Internet.
    4. faze true believers, incubated to fear truth as a vampire does sunlight.

    As I did a bit of cheer-leading for Wabbit efforts, it occurred to me that this was a good time to review an old machination of the liars. It was one that served them in the past when they were still wearing the misunderstood, well-intentioned liberal disguise.

    Keep on exposing all Lefty lies; it is a good thing. But it is important not to beat around the bush; call them lies when it’s clear. Be clear, and avoid sarcasm; because as a tool to reach out to the audience, sarcasm is almost totally dead to all but those already in our choir.

    The Left and the Greens and the Agency of Lies, lie about everything. Especially their intentions — which allowed these malevolent  "Progressives" Incrementals to overwhelm those who tried to prevent them from gaining control of almost every institution. So now it’s left to us on the Right, itself riddled with moles like you see in your National Party, and I see in the GOP, to call it as they lie.

    It’s a very difficult thing to fight when our side is afraid to speak up. To make the world safe for us who fight the lies, we have to beat the censorship that they disguise under the Newspeak and double-think label they invented and keep alive called political correctness (which is the topic of another of my posts).

    For a good example of the problem, I’m going to use the Left’s own BS. Was Lefty film maker George Lucas laughing at us or inadvertently warning us at a climax in "Revenge of the Sith" exactly how skilled evil has been at disguising its intentions?

    I am speaking of the scene where Senator Palpatine, his treachery revealed, whined successfully to Anakin so that he could kill Mace Windu. All the lies Palpatine had been telling Anakin earlier apparently paid off in that moment. It allowed the future emperor to turn the tables against the forces for good.

    Is that our future too if we let down?

    In order to defeat the lies, they must be exposed as often as possible. Eventually the foolish Anakin tools may catch on. But it also helps keep us from being divided by more lies. The money the Statists have to keep the Left in the business of lies is nearly endless.

    Again, call out the lies wherever you can expose them. It's a trait of leadership. Do not be afraid.

    Wednesday, February 02, 2011

    Ace's Idea Hasn't a Chance In a SKUNC Filled House

    Obama: I Will Veto Any Bill Which Limits the EPA's Nonexistent Power to Regulate Greenhouse Gases

    Ace: I Think I Just Found A New Amendment For the Debt-Ceiling Bill

    Pascal: With a house filled with SKUNCs, wanna bet what'll happen in a showdown? How about a smaller bet that your idea never even passes out of the GOP dominant but SKUNC filled House?

    Ace, you sure are gullible for a guy who flies the flag of a buccaneer. 

    Evil, Not Stupid

    The lines at the end of this xtranormal creation are as clear as a bell to those of us who understand the dangers of large government. It naturally occurs in the arrogance and stupidity of those who think they can rule millions and billions of people. But it also lies in the evil of those schemers who have been telling the wannabe rulers that "you are the best and brightest," and so they must resist the temptation to listen to the common sense of the people.

    [If the following video is NOT "Why Obamacare Was Ruled Unconstitutional" please notify me. Blogger has put something else there once, and so could do so again.]

    Lefty: What upsets me the most is that the judges are the ones stopping ObamaCare.

    Freeman: What's the difference?

    L: Judges are supposed to be on my side.

    F: Always?

    L: Yes. The court system is supposed to be filled with liberals like me and act as a fail-safe in case the voters disagree with us.

    F: That doesn't sound like democracy.

    L: Democracy is over-rated. People are dumb and need to be guided by the best and brightest.

    F: So you think people are too stupid to make their own choices; unless they work for the government, in which case they are brilliant enough to make choices for everyone.

    L: Yes.

    F: I guess I'm still waiting for the best and brightest to show up.

    L: Sorry. People like Obama and myself are as good as it gets.
    These lines are meant to be funny. What's makes them laughable is the utterly unlearning from failure, knee-jerk doctrinal responses of Lefty.

    But what if they're willing to look stupid just so long as they can implement the dangerous policies?  Then we are witnessing evil and not stupidity, and evil must be fought. Evil intentions are no laughing matter.

    Left undeterred, the forces that are attempting to implement ObamaCare will pick off individuals one at a time.

    Let me say that there was one interchange that did make me laugh though:
    L: I can't understand how ObamaCare lost in court. Didn't Obama say he used to teach Constitutional Law?

    F: Yes; but he never said he was good at it. 
    Tip that may add to the humor here: see The Dilbert Principle President series.

    Tuesday, February 01, 2011

    SKUNCs, DAMNED SKUNCs, and Statist Icks

    First, let's salute cynical humorist Mark Twain, who made most famous the line bowdlerized by the title of this post.  However, the treachery I'm addressing is no laughing matter. Statist icks is really quite an understatement. If anyone can suggest a more disgustingly apt term, be my guest.

    For those who may be new here, yesterday we concluded a 35 day long search for a more accurate acronym than RINO. A Republican who, due to declines in the electoral institution, finds he no longer is held accountable to voters he allegedly represents, remains a republican still until the republic dies completely. The acronym I liked best was SKUNC -- Statist Knowingly Undermining National Charters. However, it's an acronym which is a suitable label for all those seeking to subvert the fundamental charters of their nations for the benefit of a few.

    So I've kluged together an additional acronym to tack on before SKUNC:

    Deceitful American, Morally Noxious, Elitist Defenders of Statists Knowingly Undermining National Charters

    DAMNED SKUNCs refers to members of the Republican Party who view conservatives with contempt, and will sell out American sovereignty to the detriment of the whole world. They are worse than the radical-Left dominated Democratic Party. At least the Dems have made little secret for their contempt of America and her middle class. They've been actively subverting the US for at least 50 years, and makes no show of loyalty to founding American principles. But the GOP is the ostensible opposition to that -- and our SKUNCs are the lowest form of human life known: false patriots; moles; fifth columnists; Quislings who lack the former heroics and stature of a Benedict Arnold.

    It's not perfect, but I personally like the sentiment.

    That they are willing to sell out the US of A makes it clear to every other nation in the world that the United States government at every high level is now totally unreliable in a pinch. House Speaker John Boehner on Egypt sounded like Jimmy Carter! No effing wonder that Mubarak and Jordan's King Abdullah are looking for the exits.

    I say that if the prayers of men who have yearned to be free are heard, that once the United States is subverted to the UN or some other globalist entity, the US SKUNCs would most certainly be the most damned among a whole host already damned.

    Ask for forgiveness and turn on the other DAMNED SKUNCs while you still have a chance, you dumb bastards.
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