Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Forced By Swine to Vaccinate

Where are the all those loudmouth activists who insist on labels on just about everything we consume? Just about?

How come with all this commotion to force us to get vaccinated, there are no labels on vaccine contents?

Is that because you swine at the top are trying to force down our throats what you would never allow private companies or lower level governments to do? You are going to try and get away with this even though Constitutional powers do not give you the authority.

Why? Are you trying to kill us?

Following on with this thought.
You pass laws requiring manufacturers provide every bit of information on food packaging from soup to nuts. Similarly for fabrics used in underwear to curtains to mattresses; even for most pharmaceuticals, including prescriptions that are delivered with fine print a mile long. On everything. Except! Except for those questionable vaccinations you've been forcing kids to endure for years before being let into schools.

I am appalled that it took me this long to notice.

Boy, you guys are good!

But you, like so many of the power mad who came before you, are blowing it now.

For now we are seeing another new wrinkle in this total lack of disclosure.

Doctors and nurses have been trained at great expense to them in time and money. They are very valuable assets to us individually and as important societal elements. If anyone knows how badly people can react to whatever is in vaccines, they would know.

Let me put aside your threats to our school children and their parents if they don't knuckle under to you (link1) and to our military personnel (link2) -- as if the connections between gulf war syndrome and squalene were easily whitewashed.

Our doctors and nurses are being threatened to be shut out of their trades (link3) They are put in danger of being bankrupted by not being able to pay back their investments in education, insurance, equipment, etc., unless they give up their rights and accept a top down demand to be vaccinated. It is allegedly for swine flu this time. But it could be in answer -- your answer -- to whatever new crisis you self anointed swine at the top dream up. Is that why you don't want us to call it swine flu, but rather H1N1 -- by official edict? Too negative? Too close to Orwell's depiction of you?

Who among us are better suited to understand that many recipients of vaccinations are injured or killed from what is in the vaccination? And you swine don't even want to disclose what's in it? Once again, all your secretiveness makes you suspects in my book.

So, I'm with them should they offer you all a collective "up yours." You want a national strike? You will surely get one.

You swine at the top: who the hell do you think are fooling? We know you love power just because you have it. You love that you are on the brink of stealing the ultimate power -- the statist power to control every aspect of life -- and you simply cannot contain your joy.

Let me remind you how your Napoleon disclosed what you all think
"We are God's partners in matters of life and death."
I got it. I got it. What -- you think you're something new? Throughout history more people have been put to death by their own governments than all the minor criminal activity that ever existed. So your dealing out death is really no big deal. What is a big deal is that you think you are gods... Boy, you really are that stupid.

**** Update ****
So you power-mad pigs know that many of your subjects are on to you, and you want to mute our warnings. You weren't satisfied after the moron at MSNBC, Ed Schultz, charged only the GOP with what I'm charging you. You saw you weren't making any headway in stifling the charges? So, for your next attempt at muting the truth, you let loose a freshman congressman from Florida, Alan Grayson, to level the same charges on the floor of Congress against the GOP alone. And that still wasn't enough -- because that's viewed only on little watched C-SPAN. So you had your Left-wing Ministry of Truth give Grayson fuller exposure to attack the GOP alone.

After all this, your rotten plans are still crumbling. Why? Because in trying to force vaccinations on us unwilling free men, you power-mad pigs remind us that this flu "crisis" fittingly bears your name -- SWINE.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Restoring the Joy "Watermelons" Steal From Our Kids

If you have kids who come home from school terrified and turned against America, it may be due in no small part to a Marxist agit-prop video (likely blessed by Bill Ayers) making the rounds at about the fourth grade level.

Or even if you don't, you may still love watching this.

(Thanks to The Smallest Minority for spotting this.)

Has anybody seen a similar video demonizing American health care? Quick! Send it to this fisker and lets see what he can do to pee in Obama's punch. (Unless he's already too busy demolishing Algore's Academy Award winning toxic effluent that's a full-scale partisan promo for cap and trade.)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Public Employee Unions Grip Our Politics

The lack of responsiveness of politicians and the parties to which they belong was brought up at Eternity Road Saturday. One solution -- the banning of parties -- was whimsically suggested by Mark Alger.

I intruded with my wet mop.
"Whatever we might do to prevent political parties, it would infringe on the first amendment’s free association clause."
I then allowed that perhaps limiting the free association of those working in government might supply us the answer.
"So would it only be in government where free association would be not allowed?"
Well, I revealed that my last question was clearly rhetorical with my next question:
"Then wouldn’t there be a de facto party formed outside—which is kind of what has happened now given the power of vested interests?"
You might well ask: "Well, wasn't it due to concerns about the power of vested interests which brought about, over a period of about 40 years, the various laws passed under the label 'campaign finance reform?' Why didn't that fix the problem?"

Well, considering it was politicians -- already working under the influence of various special interests -- who passed those laws, whatever gave you the impression that any laws would be passed that would exclude those who were already wielding the strongest influence?

Who wants to bet me, with you taking the position that it was better angels who were permitted access under the new campaign finance laws? I'll try not to laugh -- promise.

Anyway, I made the observation that there was one kind of special interests who have more access to the politicians than any other. And somehow they are constantly overlooked as lobbyists all together. It's the public employees unions (PEUs).

Their members are scattered in all arms of government. Where they are not actively talking with elected members, their eyes and ears are collecting information about everyone. Some are certainly innocent of being moles, but it is a certainty that their union reps know how to find out what the rank and file knows or they are not long for their jobs.

How could such a spy system go on for so long without anyone ever making mention of it? Well, they did. Back in the 1950s, public employees could not be unionized. The inherent conflict of interest between being a public servant and making demands on the public was a primary reason for preventing it.

Here is how I put it at Eternity Road:
"SEIU (Service Employees International Union), though a late-comer to political power brokering, has proven to have great power—little doubt by dint of it posing a relentless threat by proximity alone—to sway both parties. They are lobbyists with muscles and omnipresent.

In fact I believe we started to see party differences narrow even more, especially regarding government growth, when the public employee unions recognized their power and started acting.

We are discussing how parties are bad because they constrain outsiders and become gate keepers.

Well, the PEUs are determined to keep it that way; we witnessed them being bussed (we suspect while on our clock) to many venues, and most notably at the congressional town halls in August, where their strong-arm tactics were no longer merely threatened."
Government growth becomes nearly impossible to check when PEUs became legal. It is clear that the two political parties, as I pointed out in Self Preservation, are both statist parties. Their primary difference are one of speed to statist tyranny, not direction.

And as an added bonus, one nutcase at the Huffington Post actually helps make my case. He knows that PEUs are apt to come under attack, and the most prominent one of these is SEIU due to its strong-arm tactics we witnessed at congressional town hall meeting during the month of August. In his sophistic whine today, this is how he began:
First ... they came for ACORN, and the Democrats did not speak out—because they were not ACORN.

Then they came for SEIU....
This is the nothing more than Leftist projection mixed with chutzpah. The statists are telling us where they are most vulnerable by trying to depict their most fascist elements as—victims of fascism.

With public servants well on their way to becoming despotic rulers, only a statist lapdog media would have the gall to label as fascists any citizens on the verge of rebellion.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Political Parties with the Humility of Henry Ford

"Our leaders come with any color heart you want — as long as it's black."

Friday, September 25, 2009

Moral Considerations

Due to my reviewing an important new book that will be published shortly, I had cause to contemplate all that the word morality implies. ("This could be entertaining." think the moral relativists .)

I hope to finish shortly. Consider this in the interim.
Everything you do has consequences. What have you chosen as your measure of yourself?

How many of you, after having risen to heights that even surprised you, regret how much you sold yourself short?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Not Til 1909

Coinage honoring kings and tyrants were relics of the Old World, something foreign to these shores. This was a constitutional republic, one that respected laws and not the public servants who administered that law.

Before 1909, not a single coin put out by the U.S. Mint contained the image of an actual person.

In 1909, the first year of the Taft presidency, the Lincoln penny made its appearance. But the wheels had been put in motion for the design years before during the administration of that most "Progressive" of Republican presidents, Theodore Roosevelt. No doubt Teddy, a man who nurtured the lore about his own-self, would have loved the coin to have been of perhaps another president. But these were the days of decorum and avoidance of shame, and so it simply would not have been proper for that sort of presidential deference if not reverence.

Over the years our coins started to lose the images of Liberty and American Indians in various poses, to be replaced by respected presidents and founders. So it's not too surprising to see that the notion that we were a nation of laws and not of men started to become a foreign concept to the children of today -- or even those my own generation. Those of our coins that carried that implication are now essentially out of circulation.

Is the noble concept they implied now also lost to antiquity?

Look how far you have "progressed" America. It's not about coinage and dead presidents any longer. Aren't you proud?

********* UPDATE 10/17/09 ***********

The notorious "mmmmm mmmmm mmmmm, Barach Hussein Obama" School-Children Indoctrination Worship Song was blocked, apparently due to the extreme embarrassment it gave to the President who was simultaneously just overcoming the infamous "I am God's Partner in matters of life and death" that he had been overheard saying.

So here is a new version. If anyone notices that this one is also removed, please inform me. Thanks.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rot, More Rot, and the Totally Deaf

Pascal just took a call from the leading conservative non-profit.

They thanked him for his membership, and wished him to continue this year.

P asked: "Well, now that we have a completely radical White House, when are you going speak to them in language that is fitting to that reality?"

Voice: "Oh we hear you sir. We have to get the economy moving again so that all these other issues will take care of themselves. Would you....?"

P: "Take care of themselves! Even if by some miracle the economy started chugging along again tomorrow, the "Green" legislation and the healthcare bill alone would torpedo any nascent recovery."

Voice: "Oh we hear you sir. But we need to fund our economists so that they are available to the White House when they...."

P: "And you still believe the White House gives a damn about anything you have to say? I'm not convinced many Republicans even give a damn about you or us. And that's the problem right there. The Democrats and the Left-wing media have been dragging the whole agenda left, and the GOP and your organization meekly follow along in the same direction rather than get angry and force a showdown. The majority of the country is to the right of every one of our institutions, and that includes yours. You know we're angry because we know that we can't play nice with radicals because they view that as license to walk all over us. We are waiting to hear you get angry too. Are you even aware of how angry we are out here?"

V: "Oh yes. We hear it all the time. You know we would like you to renew your membership at $500. We need...."

P: "Your needs will be filled when you start showing some spine. I'm looking for a new organization that is not going to stand still while those in power drag the country down into this all-controlling tyranny. Are you going to force me to start a new organization of my own?"

V: "[Laughs] Yes sir. We would like you to renew...."

P: "[sigh] You're wasting your time."

V: "Thanks for taking my call."

Monday, September 21, 2009

Cut Off His Nose to Spite His Face

Troll says: "I want a public option, because I am tired of getting screwed by health insurance companies."

Holy mackerel.

After the fold in "Self Preservation - pt. 2," I showed how the UN's World Health Organization could rank the USA as 37th in health care: their criteria gave favorable ratings to any social democratic regime who forced workers to pay for the health care of the indolent and destitute. But for quick access to aid when you need it, the USA is second to none in health care -- using the UN's own criteria.

That is, the UN biased ranking system -- undoubtedly hanging a facade that proclaims "better than the Americans" on something the rest of the world's people are victimized saddled with -- smiles favorably upon heathcare as financed along the lines of Karl Marx. How could anyone be surprised? (I can answer that too if asked).

Troll did not disagree. In fact, said troll says he's a working stiff and doesn't favor such handouts.

However, troll "wants a public option" because one must presume he believes he'll get less screwed by Uncle Sam.

Virtually nothing the government provides today that is also available from private sources is better than the private sources. Be it mail services, or schooling, or roads, or medicare without medicare gap insurance. So is he nuts?

Why would he want a public option for himself knowing that however disappointed he is with his current CHOICE of medical insurance provider, he has more choice now -- and probably better coverage -- than he would ever have under "government is your only choice" system?

So I have got to conclude that he so hates his current CHOICE of insurer, he'd rather take a sure-fire worse option as long as everybody else (politicians and family excluded of course) has to suffer too.

Trolls are renowned to be ugly and ill-tempered. So it should be no surprise that our troll would like you to cut off your nose to suit his face. Misery likes company.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Self Preservation - pt. 2

For no apparent reason other than what passes as normal trollicity (to distinguish from troll idiocy), a troll threw out this factoid in the midst of his response to something unrelated.
Why are 37 countries ranked as having better health care than we do?
For those unfamiliar with this factoid, it arose from a study, World Health Report 2000, produced by the World Heath Organization (WHO) of the United Nations.

Of course this is a conclusion favorable to those who wish to use it to push for health care reform insurance destruction in the United States, a factor that ought to promote inquiries as to who helped fund the WHO study.

But that is not the point that is arousing my Pascal fervor today. The instinct that is reflected by the title of this thread -- self preservation -- is driving me. Are you listening troll?
When looking at the study, one finds that five factors went into WHO's calculation:
  • Health level, as defined by a measure of life expectancy, which shows how healthy a country's population is. This factor gets a 25 percent weight.
  • Responsiveness, which includes factors such as speed of health services, privacy protections, choice of doctors and quality of amenities. This factor gets a 12.5 percent weight.
  • Financial fairness, which measures how progressive or regressive the financing of a country's health care system is — that is, whether or not the financial burdens are borne by those who are economically better off. This factor receives a 25 percent weight.
  • Health distribution, which measures how equally a nation's health care resources are allocated among the population. This factor receives a 25 percent weight.
  • Responsiveness distribution, which measures how equally a nation's health care responsiveness (which we defined above) is spread through society. This factor gets a 12.5 percent weight.
The choices and definitions of the weighting factors clearly have a qualitative bias in them. That means someone, or most likely a select group of someones, chose the factors and decided what weight to assign to them. Of course that has provoked controversy. Yet that also is not my point today.

To advance the cause of self preservation, I am highlighting a single point that was raised by
For instance, judged on responsiveness alone, the United States ranked No. 1 in the world.
What I am suggesting is that if you understand how health care and insurance operates in the United States, and if you make provisions to address what it takes, it means that you can get the quickest and most certain care here -- in the United States -- as it now stands.

That seems to me to inhere the essential aspect of "self-preservation." No third party can currently get between you and your chosen solution. Your healthcare provider is free to say: "the color of your money looks fine to me."

Are there other issues currently in play? Yes. But has self preservation always been your goal? That means you are not now a johnny-come-lately to that realization and are not now demanding others pay for you squandering your earlier opportunities to make proper arrangements. Then one happy circumstance remains true. It is even now true for emergency room care even if you were a foolish youngster. And it even is true if you are an illegal alien. That is, for the most part, you are in the number one place on the planet to get a quick response in your moment of need.

Key word: SELF Preservation.

Oh, and one more observation and a question for my readers below the fold.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Government is the Solution


(hat tip to ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ at Eternity Road)

Tell me how impressed you are with the Fed's inspector general.

Now go on from here to explain to me how you think the federal government is the best all around solution for health care, and environmental management, and education and a whole host of issues.

Maybe -- just maybe -- the men who intended for our federal government's powers to be strictly limited were a wee bit smarter than our contemporary politicians megalomaniacs?

Click here for follow up.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Self Preservation

If what you seek is self preservation, and I mean that in the longest sense possible, then start planning to abandon the concept of Left versus Right, and start thinking in terms of tyranny versus liberty.

The concept of Left and Right was derived from the fact that opposing factions in revolutionary France were seated on either side of an aisle. Now both sides of the aisle have become dominated in various ways by forces that are dragging our government relentlessly towards total statism; i.e., every aspect of your life under control of one government bureaucracy or another. Essentially there is no "side" that takes the position that government growth favors top down tyranny and government dissolution favors individual liberty.

You town hall and "Tea Party" participants and supporters represent the individual liberty faction that remains in our society. Were you to continue to get scant respect from either side of the aisle, it becomes pretty clear that there is no aisle. Government becomes clearly of and for itself, and not "of, by, and for the people."

It is safe to say that the Left includes the vast majority of shock troops. Either those on the dole, or those who pass out the dole, provide bodies, and usually while they are being paid by government. They come out at your expense and demand more and continued government payouts at your expense. (It is only this year that we are seeing tea-partiers turn out in record numbers.) So the large numbers of Leftist shock troops, aided and abetted by Leftist Media, have generally led the Left further left, and dragged the Right with them.

This has been going in one way or another for all of my long life, and at a variety of speeds at various points. But today it is happening at alarming speeds, and more and more of us who are targeted to become subjects are seeing it. What we have not heard yet is language sufficient and clear that identifies the problem so we can fight it adequately.

Instead of a constitutional republic which allows government among men to exist only under limiting constraints, power seeking forces seem now to feel pretty comfortable that their creation of a Platonic republic of mutually recognized elites is now beyond prevention. That is, they believe that there is no way any resistance to them can succeed.

These wannabe rulers will succeed if you continue to think only in Left or Right rather than freedom or slavery.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Only Remaining Liberal Things...

about "Progressives" that I can see is their application of government to "solve" everything; their brazenness in lying about what they have done when caught; and their gall at projecting their own lies and misdeeds onto their critics.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Not Taking Anything For Granted...

When troll "Reaper" (surprisingly? diffidently? jealously?) asked me:
GD, how many trolls do you have?
it required a bit more information before I could answer:
Including The One in the White House? [rimshot]

Including this one too?
Be forewarned. One reader said they were sorry they clicked on the above link! LOL

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bama Bummer Bumper

Which is your favorite font?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Boomers Cum Obummers

Talkin' 'bout my generation.

We are the people who try to put us down.
Talkin' 'bout my generation.
We did sing hope I die before I get old, dint we?
Talkin' 'bout my generation.
Well, our ObamaNation brings us ObummerCare.
My Generation! My generation, baby.
We've laggard so that Things they do look awful cold.

Talkin' 'bout my g-g-g-g-generation.
Why don't we all just f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-fade away?.
Talkin' 'bout my my my generation, baby.
my generation, my generation, my generation,
my generation, my gereration....

Don't thank me folks. Thank my troll -- Ms Ann Thrope -- for the inspiration.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

At What Cost Comity?

Our dilemma is well known and appreciated by the bastards at the top of the heap. They know because they have been active in its building.
The despot cares less that you love him provided you don't love one another.
Oh he provides alright! Money buys influence and attains power. And once attained, it then can use your money to deploy distractions and discord as the need arises. A.C.O.R.N. anyone?

But that is relatively easy where factions are naturally occurring. But what of infighting within a faction? What then? As Mark Alger reminds us:
In-fighting is invidious. Let's have a little less of it.
Knowing of the tyrant's wishes to sow discord where none exists, and to nurture it into open warfare where it does, finding agreement when we can, comity, is certainly a preferred outcome. We have a bigger fish in need of frying.

However, what about balance?

On one hand, we all know the ludicrous tale of the boy who murdered his parents and then begged mercy on the grounds that he was an orphan. On the other hand, none of us would have faulted George Washington what he was apt to do had he captured Benedict Arnold. These are easy cases. The harder ones need more care. After all, we encumber Justice with her great and omnipresent scales for good reason.

I found cause to disagree with a couple of likable fellows, Roderick Reilly and Life of The Mind, at the Belmont Club early today. They had commented favorably on a well heeled, well spoken, often diplomatic but always partisan Democrat, the late senior senator from New York, Daniel Patrick Moynihan.
Never, never, never, revere any politician too much, because they all have feet of clay.

Moynihan said many nice sounding things which made him seem well-anchored in principle, such as his famous “Defining Deviancy Down.”

The Tax Reform Act of 1986, pushed by Reagan, was very popular, and pretty much remains so today except by the Left. As head of the Senate finance committee, Moynihan shepherded the bill through very well. Sounds like he was uniquely bipartisan and had the well-being of the country in mind right?

Well, he inserted into the tax code, at the last minute of conference committee sessions where committee chairs are rarely challenged, words written by lawyers at one company that hugely benefited that company.

That section of tax code solely targeted every engineer and programmer in the country, while costing the taxpayers more as well. That company was run by his wife’s family. Anyone who thinks he didn’t benefit directly from that is beyond hope.

And then there are those who will know or accept what I just said is true, but will be members of the apologist brigade. Their line is “So what? They all do it.”

There is the problem in a nutshell. It’s similar to those who defend RINOs when they help the GOP attain a majority (no matter how Pyrrhic a “victory” it be).

When personal gain and betrayal of principles become acceptable in any republic, even long after the fact and after so many others have followed the same path to personal gain (via passing law that restrict liberties and eradicate constitutional restrictions), how do you ever hope to regain order? You should remember your acceptance of betrayals when you later bemoan threats to your personal liberties.

Betrayal, too often dismissed, will be costly. It should have been costly to the betrayers, but instead it costs the acceptors of the betrayals and their posterity.
The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones -- Shakespeare
How especially true it is (because others watch and see no downside to perfidy) when we remember too kindly such men.
I chose to record this exchange here at my blog because it touched on a very important aspect about seeking justice when we find someone has betrayed our nation -- as did Senator Moynihan when he chose to carry his own water albeit in "expected" fashion. He knew we knew he knew better. So much more the shame to whatever good may have been a part of his legacy.

Such shame is certainly not lessened when we find someone in our own faction has been aiding and abetting the other faction a bit too much. Another reason we so distrust MSM is that it frequently bestows a glow of approval to the word bipartisan. But it is horrid to the individual who discovers -- as if burgled by a thief in the night -- that the sum total of his liberty has been diminished due in great measure to his very own representative agreeing, in the dark of some committee, to allow power-seekers to override limits on our government that had been written into our constitution for the good of all time -- solely because someone demanded that each "crisis" not be allowed to be wasted.

Bottom line? At what cost do we gain comity? Do not for a moment deny to yourself who pays.

Betrayal, too often dismissed, will be costly. It should have been costly to the wicked as justice would discern. Someone will pay. When wrong-doing is too easily (or shortsightedly) forgiven, the costs are shifted to the acceptors of the betrayals and their posterity. Indeed, that is the greater crime.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

So Much to Say That Focus Suffers

Even though you've picked up the pace of your blog entries in the last two months, there are times when there is quite a bit of news and yet you don't seem to publish. Why Pascal?
I really haven't been idle these past few weeks. The thing which has troubled me is: "to whom should you address your thoughts?" I find that I'm not that far ahead of many people, and indeed sometimes lag. Thus it may be less effective if I continue to address my essays to the ordinary person. I could write with scorn directed at those who think and -- what is worse -- behave as if they are better than ordinary people. I've done that a few times already, and it is not without effective precedent. If you look at the introduction at the top of this blog, you can see that I believe we may achieve some relief by writing in that manner.

The question arises: Will anyone in higher stations notice such an affront to their self assessment? In at least one instance, I know I have pierced those who afflict us, so I know it is possible.

Here are the working titles of incomplete essays (often because Mr. OCD is not satisfied) and the dates I started on them, along with a short synopsis.
  1. The "Progressive" Sneer - Aug 16 - The stage that follows brazen.
  2. Repression Viewed As Progress - Aug 28 - Going over a comment I made in 2007 about the film I Am Legend that foresaw our present political state.
  3. "Reactionary" -- A Reorientation - Sep 6 - Now that they own the Establishment, it is a designation that better fits "Progressives" who wish to retain their power rather than the "conservative" individual who merely wants to be left in peace.
  4. Know Your Role - Sep 8 - One cannot rely on professional politicians to preserve your rights.
  5. America Once Viewed Egotism As Disqualifying - Sep 9 - I suggest we need to restore humility and gratitude as a key cultural value: the meaning of Thanksgiving. Perhaps if we demanded more humility of our leaders we might actually receive better government.
  6. The Ruling and Subject Parties - Sep 9 - The professional politicians versus the rest of us. Betrayal is too often dismissed when it should be costly. This involves reviewing and reworking one of my very oldest analyses of political reality in order to understand what it is that is fighting us.
  7. What Convinced You That the Death Cults Were Going Mainstream? - Sep 9 - Reviewing the earliest months of GWBush's presidency.
In many ways, each of these topics overlap many others, some not listed above; individual ragged-edged pieces of an immense jigsaw puzzle. If anyone gives a damn what my opinion is on one or more of these subjects, please leave a comment or contact me by email. Maybe you will help me focus on what is most important -- at least in your opinion.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

"This is MY Townhall Meeting"

More evidence of shamelessness, although somewhat less brazen given this Congressman's closing lines.

To his constituents attending the meeting:
"This is my town hall meeting for you. You are not going to tell me how to run my congressional office. The reason I don't allow filming, because usually the films that are done end up on You Tube in a compromising position."
Compromising position congressman? Damn, facts sure are stubborn things; wouldn't want any hard evidence of them now, would we?

This is not the language of a public servant with very much humility. This sounds more like a member of a ruling class.

Apologize to your children: "America never had a ruling class before. I am very sorry that I allowed one to spring up during my generation. Please forgive me."

Hat tip to DrewM

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Dinged By Webdings

A couple of days ago I published this entry. Somehow, possibly because I had added ♫ to the video screen subheading, the Blogger editor invoked webdings font into its style designation -- automatically. I did not know that this had happened because my version of firefox does not respond to such font designations. I suspect many other firefox users have a similar non-response.

But if you use IE, you saw half a page of gibberish instead of this ♪♫ Cuz they're power hungry and malicious. ♫♪ Where letters should have been, Webdings sprawled unintelligibly across the page under the video screen instead. The "Progressives," whose behavior I was declaiming, could not have been more pleased. (IE is a product of Bill Gates --- hmmmm.)

Anyway, thanks to the concerns of helpful readers who use IE (I don't normally), it has since been fixed. Thank you very much.

I hope you all have seen it. Tim Hawkins' The Government Can is humorous and dazzling.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

More Brazen

Here is more evidence of what I say is true.

I keep telling you folks to reveal these things to other folks: the "Progressives" facade has moved on to the brazen stage. This sample I've presented today reveals more than simple hypocrisy.

In order to get them to do their classic "two steps forward, one step back" dance, you must be the one to apply pressure, cuz Minitru ain't gonna do it unless the particular hack is out of favor with the higher ups.

Where you don't get them to back off, they move on. You will not like their next stage.
  • Do you think you'll have the nerve to fight back then?
  • Are you absolutely sure you'll still be able?

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The Government Can

♪♫ Cuz they're power hungry* and malicious. ♫♪

Hat tip to Ace.

*As I've labored for ages to convince the gullible (as only the government accredited skooled can be), this has always been what drives the "Progressives." Their drive is so insatiable that, left unchecked, it must lead to deaths in such massive number that most decent individuals are unwilling to believe such megalomania exists.
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