Thursday, October 13, 2011

AoL for 13 Oct 2011

The incremental drip, drip, drip that "opposing Obama is bad" continues. It is the job of the Agency of Lies (AoL), the New Pravda after all. 

This headline appeared at my My Yahoo this morning turned up with their
Yahoo News-feed Propaganda Headline Of The Day
Senate Republicans Tuesday may have blocked President Obama's jobs bill, but a new poll suggests that's not what a majority of Americans want. Nearly two-thirds of the respondents to a survey from NBC/Wall Street Journal voiced their approval when pollsters were told them [sic] the details of the president's "American Jobs Act"-- including that it would [...]

Now I make errors such as the one highlighted above all the time. But I've not the editors that Yahoo has. Yet the same editors, proven to be sloppy at their jobs, feel no qualms about making up a title such as the one they used today.
  • It appears deliberately designed to pressure the spines of TEA party Senators. 
  • It is propaganda against those who are fiscally responsible. 
  • It is propaganda favoring deepening federal borrowing of which 90+% will be shoveled into the pockets of political cronies.
  • It is propaganda designed to hide the fact that Americans are being enslaved by the debt.
  • It is propaganda that denies the continuing inflation of our currency due its printing to service the debt.
  • It is propaganda favoring a nation destroying mindset that is on track to increase spending for which 100% income taxes could not repay. 

The Yahoo news headline is propaganda no matter what the result of the poll in their headline. That would be true even were the questions legitimate and not ones that had been pushed on "Americans."  Especially since so many will not click through to see the details in the article. Cursory readers of their headline and opening phrase of the article would get the impression (intended) that it's Senate Republicans, and only them, who are to blame for whatever. It is blatant propaganda designed to take the heat off their agent of destruction, the Buma.

The incremental drip, drip, drip that opposing Obama is bad continues. It is the job of the Agency of Lies, the New Pravda after all.
Anyone can see that it's the TEA party that's nuts. (via Drudge)


  1. It might just be possible, that in my life time, it will be common knowledge to the public that the press has become a propaganda machine and that all information needs to be sifted for the truth.

  2. Literally translated from the Russian: "There is no truth in Truth [Pravda], and there is no news in News [Izvestia]."

    That kind of common knowledge? >>shudder<<


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