Friday, April 29, 2011

Can't Break an Old Dog of a Bad Habit

I still consider the BC issue to be a deliberate red herring. Nevertheless, the ramifications that illuminate how much stupidity exists in halls of power makes it meaningful beyond it being meant to distract attention from all the other extra-constitutional activity going on in DC.

Something came up this morning that runs contrary to my surmise that the release of Mr. Bummer's birth certificate was a deliberate, in your face "Yes, I lied. Watcha gonna do about it punk?" kind of tyrannical ploy.

The following also suggests someone in the White House deliberately has it in for Mr. Bummer. (Let's face it: I think we would all much rather have the turncoat scenario be true than the Stalinesque scenario.)

The following is an excerpt from this.
And now, let’s compare the birth time and the dates of the signatures on your long form cert abstract to the Coast Province General Hospital, Mombasa, British Proctectorate of Kenya, Barack Hussein Obama II Certificate of Birth. I’m sure you see what I see, Sir. Your boy genius, the Official Document Maker Czar, has just effectively tied you to the Kenyan Birth Certificate a Lucas Smith bribed to get from Kenyan officials. [emphasis added]
Yep, they are identical. The original “fraudulent” Kenyan birth certificate somehow has the same time of birth, 7:24 PM, as Bummer’s reluctantly released long form.

If the Kenyan BC was a fraud, and the Hawaiian has supposedly been under lock and key until early this week, how did the alleged Kenyan forger know that last year?

I am embarrassed for all of us for not noticing that amazing coincidence. There are 1440 minutes in every day. Somehow the Kenyan “forger” chose the correct time of day? The probability is 1/1440. Not impossible, but so unlikely without prior knowledge, that it is more likely the alleged forger of the recently released long form is so lacking in creativity, he wound up plagiarizing the earlier forger’s material.

Quick — do you remember anyone in Bummer’s WH who has a history of plagiarism?
[fill-in the blank]

Obama: “Hey Joe. I give you a simple little job to do, plenty of money, and this is the best you could come up with?”

This is a foul-up, hiding in plain sight, that is of Nixonian proportions. All the usual suspects will defend Mr. Bummer and try to explain away this Bummer snafu, and maybe some new, formerly thought Right-loyalists, will join in.  It will be of no good to him.

IMO, this is what comes from Mr. Bummer declaring that he would not follow a law that Congress had passed and he himself had signed rather than veto. Mr. Nixon tried something similar, and the sleeping dog of Watergate became news all over again very shortly thereafter. Mr. Bummer is a very poor student of history too.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Must You Fiddle While America Burns?

Are Americans behaving like the postmodern equivalent of Nero? More and more attention is being paid to defending the principle known as presidential eligibility while the alleged fraud is perpetrating much larger frauds.

While we fiddle over the latest version of this old red herring and do battle with all the usual suspects who defend it, Bummer is daily making a mockery of every other constitutional limit on government authority.

Here is a partial list of excesses, ones that this old man could think of this morning, that Bummer continues to skate on.
  • ObamaCare’s on-going implementation 
  • Friends of Obama openly getting tax and regulation breaks
  • Seeming out of control EPA killing industries and raising fuel prices
  • Strong-arm breaking of contracts to favor unions (e.g., GM’s take-over)
  • Undeclared acts of wars (Libya) without any Congressional review
  • Continuing to pay Czars despite law (Bummer signed) declaring it illegal.
Open Blog. 

To help you add to this list, here's a new article at American Thinker: Obama's Real Strategy.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

So You Think This is Over

You’ve GOT To Be Kidding Me (Birth Certificate)

Anyone who thinks this is over is nuts. This is the red herring that just keeps on working. Even the debunker asks the question: Why is this forgery so amateurish?
The despot reserves the privilege to pee in your ear and then demand you accept his claim it’s only rain. #
As the burgeoning State gains more power, expect more of this.

There are already many people who will continue to make an issue of Obama's eligibility. The man is a fraud on so many levels, yet there are so many politicians on both sides of the aisle who look the other way. At this point, him being born on Mars would be besides the point. The CIC has been allowed so much dictatorial power that goes unanswered (e.g.: SCOTUS refused fast-track review of ObamaCare, giving time to the poisoners to overload our finances and culture), how can any rational person doubt that there is no real political opposition to what he is doing?

This is how Statism works my friends. It creates its own opposition like a debater creates a straw-man argument. Put away your political science books and look to the World Wrestling Federation to understand what is transpiring.

Those who work for the powers that be, willingly or unwillingly, you will continue to go along providing distractions as one neighbor after another disappears — if you know what is good for you.

But as for the rest, the poorly connected but well-meaning fools who continue to make an issue of the birth certificate: I agree with you that in principle it is an important issue. But in the meantime, as you defend that island, the tsunami is washing away all your other more substantive principles.  Wake up.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Could Our Politics Get More Sullan?

By the time you finish this commentary, I expect you'll understand the pun in the title.

Redbaiter published another story about Obama's ineligibility to be president today. Democrat Researcher/ Professor Proclaims “Obama Probably Not US Citizen.”

I am still in the camp that sees nothing to gain from the BC issue. I look at it in much the same way there was nothing useful that came from impeaching Bill Clinton for his coverup of his affair with an intern. I do not recall any justice arising from the Whitewater scandal except maybe Jim McDougal's death in prison due his being "accidentally" denied his heart medication -- and he always had the appearance of a scapegoat.  Still worse, how many remember Monica Lewinsky but don't remember
  • That China got the neutron bomb out from under Clinton's nose. 
  • Or that China got missile guidance technology with Clinton's blessing. 
  • Or that nobody ever was prosecuted for the WH's illegal possession of raw FBI files. 
  • Or that nobody in Obama's campaign felt any legal threat from accepting foreign campaign funds (maybe even from Wahhabist influences) because nobody in the Clinton camp was ever prosecuted for accepting money from the Chinese military.
I could go on, but you ought to get my drift here. There are so many members of the GOP who've gone along with charades of the past, how could they not be openly playing along with this one too? What is so surprising about the Obama hiding all his history and yet the media and the GOP along with all but a few Democrats (like this Notre Prof.) keep pointing to the COLB as if that answers EVERY QUESTION about the fraud in the WH?

They pee on our backs and tell us it's only rain, and we're supposed to accept that?

I am continually amazed that so many people, such as RB, seem never to have heard the phrase "red herring." There is something amiss when otherwise smart people seem unable to admit that politicians staged fights so that they can pull off many things worse while everybody is distracted.

Anyway, back to the story RB posted this morning. The excerpt he highlighted
I will give you the unpleasant punch line upfront: There is sufficient evidence to reasonably conclude that Barack Obama is probably not a U.S. citizen, therefore constitutionally ineligible to be president of the United States.

The fact that he has been serving in that office would then be not only the most audacious hoax in world history — at least since the Trojan Horse. It also creates a constitutional crisis of the first magnitude that will take decades to straighten out.
Well, it might not take decades to decide if circumstances are made to appear dire enough. Power seekers might stage protests featuring this cry — “decades to straighten things are too long to wait” — and thereby lay the groundwork for the elevation of a “temporary” American dictator.

He might come to power in the manner of Lucius Cornelius Sulla who warred against Marius (the Roman proto-Marxist) and then outlawed (forced into exile) all Marius’ known surviving acolytes.” (Julius Caesar was one of those exiles.) But it would set in motion the final end of the American republic just as the rise of Sulla had done to Rome; that was despite Sulla seeming to have intended exactly the opposite result.

I warned against something arising like this a few years ago when I had no idea what might be the specific cause.
One Thing Will Save Our Republic. and it is not our own Sulla. Of course, in order to make that case I had to discuss the history of his rise.

I would think that all who would save the American republic need to be aware of that history. No?

That was the end of my commentary this morning. However, in retrospect, I still do not believe we have it in us to elevate a dictator or tolerate one who tries to seize such power. Part of the checks and balances that our founders put into our government was that our political leaders -- unlike ancient Rome -- could not simultaneously be military leaders.

That being said, that lack of us enduring a Sullan future does not forestall what appears to be sullen one heading our way. But it not that bleak either. It's a challenge facing you youngsters like none America has had to face up to before.

As I said in my earlier commentary on the subject, the one thing that will save our republic from the growing tyranny. It is a major restoration of our great cultural heritage by majority agreement, and one that is centered on the concept of God towering above all men. Nothing else has a real chance at defeating all the old hatreds that the agents of our out of control government has been rebuilding to divide us in order to enslave us all.

Malware Designed for the Heart

Guest commentary by Cond0010

In an effort to aid Pascal in his seeking to adequately nail down the "new" morality of those filled with animus toward the Judeo-Christian moral code, I'm adding my thoughts.

If you look at a people's culture/religion as an Operating System for the mind/soul to reside in and function, I would think that the new 'morality' is Malware.

Short-sighted. Unfounded. UNgrounded. Its the road to a shallow and dysfunctional anarchical society. Smash and Grab from those who work and redistribute to those who need (All mouth and no muscle -- an infantilzed society). Don't get me wrong, babies are cute and cuddly, but not as infantilized adults. We are raising a country of Baby Hueys.

Pascal notes:
UNgrounded is the aim of the cultural Marxists. It's hard to be courageous and stand your ground when the jokers have been hollowing out every underpinning in sight.

The new morality has been designed so that the people will worship men who'll promise to provide them more stability. Hence, the undermining of American culture I've witnessed all of my long life. It's a code that permits lies and hides costs, but "all for the greater good." It needs to be exposed so that men can make a clear and certain traditionally moral decision based upon their long obscured and waylaid, but often still present, God-implanted conscience.

The malware to which you refer is a good name for what C.S. Lewis wrote of in "Men Without Chests." There he reported on how our teaching colleges before WW II were indoctrinating new teachers. Teachers were to not permit the past -- with its lessons that came at terrible costs -- to influence the student's view of the future. The aim was to mold students to have an "open mind." This is why the "best" liberals never hear what you have to say about the lessons of the past. They've been inculcated to ignore it all lest they be seen as lacking that open mind their favorite teachers so treasured.

You and I may have been educated in different sorts of institutions, but the teachers for all institutions were affected by the same malware before they were sent out to teach.

That malware was needed so that the things like the new morality would appear acceptable without much complaint. Once present, anti-human, conscience overwriting ideas were more easily accepted by many of us. 

From my perspective, the destruction of the non-criminal individual's normal "live and let live" reflex was and is its purpose. It is to be replaced by something quite foreign to America. Our American skills have been harnessed to produce a machine run by a few ruthless men to rule the world. It remains hard to imagine how sophisticated such an evil plan and goal had to be -- now multi-generational -- from the start, but it clearly has been.
Yes. The new morality is parasitical off the old Morality.

Its purpose really is deconstruction of the old model so that the new model can take its place.

To take God out of the societal morality erodes and undermines the sanctity of the individual human being whereby we would merely be a human resource -- robotic meat to do the bidding for the masters until its function is no longer required.

Its conclusions are ominous -- especially with the progressives goals and attitudes towards 'the human animal'.

This chilling video is really not that far from the truth:

(I know, you've seen this before, but its worth repeating considering the fact we are talking about Moral Malware)

The feral happiness enacted by the progressive characters in this video encapsulates teh future attitudes of the Progressive Left towards those who do not think their way. What's even more horrifying is that there are those on the left who think this video is funny. This is a perfect example of those who have completely lost their Judeo-Christian ethic on human life. True Christians/Jews would be horrified of this -- even for their enemies.

Whats the logical conclusion if this moral malware takes hold firmly in Western Civilization? Well... There are a few agendas that are on the docket:

  • The New World order where a small elite of the world will govern everyone.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions need to be reduced drastically because of Global Warming
  • Eating meat is murder, causes global warming, is bad for your health etc...
  • Obesity is bad and should be regulated out of existence.
  • Smoking cigarettes is bad and should be regulated out of existence.
  • Health care is universal and a panel decides your worthiness to society and the amount that you are repaired.
  • A woman has a right to abort the parasitical infestation that grows in her womb.
  • blah, blah, blah...
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • The World is over populated by Humans.

Simple disposal of excess protoplasm walking around should be rather easy once they get that whole uncomfortable 'God issue' out of the way with the upside of resolving the above said agendas rather easily.

Considering the convenience of the new morality and that being human is an evil thing, people ought to happily go to the disintegration chambers. If they don't like it they are being selfish and evil -- thus any disturbing issues of conscience for the Disposal Engineers are nullified and so they can happily go about their business, too.

Meet the new disposable future where we preserve teh world and dispose of the excess people (especially the 'undesirable' ones): A cross between Logans Run, the Stepford Wives and Avatar.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Life's Frustrations

Og cried out "idiots everywhere I look."

He's hardly alone. Worse, there are days I figure I'm the idiot for being quiet about it.

So in an effort to reduce the idiocy I attempt to drop a helpful hint in hopes that the man so encumbered will catch on and fix the cause of his troubles himself.

But there's a hitch. Most idiots can't endure even a vague inference they aren't smart enough to solve the problem themselves. So even solicited advice that goes against their druthers may abrade them. They would rather go on beating their heads against the wall. They not only ignore your hint, they go on imagining that it wouldn't help or do them worse. No good deed goes unpunished sort of retribution is apt to follow. I know of more than a few who -- never making news -- will count his blessings and continue to help his fellow man despite bearing the insults he receives in place of the gratitude he deserves.

I think I may have written about the "the idiot plot" before*, but I will again in brief just in case some do not know what  is. [*Update: A reader had to remind me I did write about it. It's a blessing to have friends as one gets older!]

The idiot plot was prevalent in lower than grade B movies and TV shows of the 50s. It's a plot that relies on a device wherein all characters do not ask the simplest of questions that would end all the confusion. The long running sitcom I Love Lucy frequently used a funny version of this plot device, mocking in its way the plots used in many film dramas.

I've walked out on more than one movie in my days because the only plot was an idiot one.

But how do you walk out on life itself? When the Dems lie and the GOP refuses to call them on it because it's not a good thing for staid Republicans to "descend to that level." WTF? And so the idiots continue to enslave our posterity with the programs that will feed the operators of the system far more handsomely than any "needy" group they claim their programs target all at the expense of the middle class and real human progress.  And the idiot plot continues on all because the party that is supposed to stand for the principles of the middle class are outright sellouts and will never tell their adversaries what needs to be said. (Gee Pascal, how can you believe that partisan bickering is all a charade so that the parties can share power between them?)

And then the really rotten part of what is happening to American life ought to occur to you! It's something that those who are supposed to be our religious leaders (but claim they can't lest they lose their tax exemptions) seem never to point out.
When this real world idiot plot never ends you gain an inkling as to what Hell has in store for you. And you whom help keep tyranny growing deserve it too.

"Hate" In This Postmodern Time

Be very careful about ascribing hatred to those who disagree with your point of view, or faith, or view of what is evil. Frequently those who claim others are haters are themselves looking to excuse their own hatred of the alleged haters.

This is the nature of the message delivered by the MSM Agency of Lies. There is no end to the number of people who claim they know what is in the heart of others.* They are aiming to get common folk to hate each other. For the Agency of Lies to do otherwise runs the risk that all the rest of us would ally with each other to defeat the despots.

Love God with all your heart and all your mind and all your soul and all your might. And love your neighbor as yourself.

*My efforts to define the "new" morality keeps hitting this snag,  That is because I think it may appeal to the decent who adhere to God-based morality to use evidence to ascertain what is driving others to do evil. And I fear I might do more harm than good. How much evidence must be present to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that an individual is a hater of humanity? I do not yet know the answer to that question.

The battle against the "new" morality could very well be fought and won with words if the words that define it are well enough presented. I am neither fool nor vain enough to believe that a single word could make all who've been misled see the light. But it may well be possible to reduce the number who are deluded by striking upon the most enlightening phrases.

Better to try and fail than to never have tried at all.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

DOJ to Whitewash Obama Fuel Price Targets with Scapegoats

White House fraudulence continues.
Obama says new task force will examine gas prices

RENO, Nev. – President Barack Obama announced Thursday that the Justice Department is assembling a team to "root out any cases of fraud or manipulation" in oil markets that might be contributing to $4 a gallon-plus gasoline prices.

Bummer is counting on the Agency of Lies to not remind his audience that he campaigned on raising gas prices, and that it has been his policy to raise gas prices using every agency in government from the EPA to Justice. The SOB is seeking scapegoats in order to take the heat off of him.

It will be up to the blogs to do the reminding, as I do not expect the talkshow hosts will hound him with a uniform voice on this. They might, and I surely love to be surprised, but it's really left up to the blogs and the individuals who read the blogs to remind their neighbors.

You are paying over $4 per gallon for gasoline because raising gas prices has been Obama's goal from the start, having even campaigned on doing that. He knows you don't like it. So now recognize that he's just declared that he will be using the Justice Department like it is the Gestapo in order to take the heat off of his own economy destroying policy.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"Be More Optimistic"

I heard this in response to my advice "enjoy it while you still have the chance."

He: Be more optimistic.

Me: But I am. I believe we will solve the problem. Don't misunderstand me. My fears are of the neo-pagan pessimists who in serving their god Sus would rain Hell on earth. People like yourself simply need to know now that those pessimists exist and how bad they are. You will need to know what it is you are fighting so you don't fight friends.

As for me, I still haven't nailed down in easy words what is the new morality. Those who still adhere to God-based morality need to know what it is in clear terms so as to be able to reduce the number of recruits available to the enemy.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tide, Mudflats, and Quicksand

Le Mont-Saint-Michel, France

There are places where the tide pulls so far out one finds it hard to believe it will ever return. All that lays revealed may only be mud, yet that mud proves its allure every day.

Still the tide inevitably returns,often swiftly. It's so easy to be stranded out there. And that is even if one is not trapped in the insidiously numerous pockets of quicksand.

I have put together a slide show of  about 65 stills that were shot over about 12 hours.  Frames 25-30 were shot seconds apart to show the speed of the advance. Because wave action is miles away,  the advance is steady and relentless as it surrounds and cuts off higher mud.

It and a few explanatory notes (plus another man's art show I added late) are below the break.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Abetting Evil

Silence is agreement.

I know I cannot be the only man of average intelligence who noticed the key historical deletion in the history channel show yesterday. But I don't hear anyone else calling it out.

I found one more reference (other than the one in yesterday's post) to the historical event of the NAZIs walking out of the German Parliament in 1932-33 to prevent a quorum.  "Little Acorn" -- an anonymous commenter on a few sites to which I need to subscribe in order to converse with him. For what? To commiserate?

Look America. Your media will continue to get away with lies -- and continue to get worse and make it easier for tyranny to destroy this last standing republic --  unless more Americans start to call the media out for having become the single most untrustworthy institution in the country.

Your posterity is already going to have to pay big time for your somnolence. For being "nice" in the awful sense that Ann Barnhardt explains in her video from last year.

I must admit that this old memory of mine is not perfect. I do not know if it was an earlier History Channel showing of this show, or an entirely different one it showed earlier, or even if it was from another documentary or dramatic movie that I saw several years ago. What I do know is that what the Dems did in Wisconsin earlier this year, and what they did in Texas several years ago -- walk out in order to prevent business to be carried on as was their duty -- was a characteristic of the NAZIs as portrayed.

And THIS version of history that the History Channel aired yesterday deliberately left out that footage and the exposure of that tactic.

And even "conservative" talkshow hosts don't mention this. Who passed "Godwin's Law" and made it mandatory to exclude or ridicule any commenter who LEGITIMATELY calls out where any political party is behaving like the NAZIs did a little over 80 years ago in order to force event to allow themselves to gain total control?

To you theiving talkshow hosts who read sites like this and borrow some our insights without crediting us.
You talkshow hosts who invoke Godwin's Law I do not trust and neither should any other American. You are preventing complete comparisons. In many instances it may be truly inappropriate. But in this historical instance, it's fully functional you damn morons. Your Political Correctness Cowering is helping the Statists condition every American into silencing themselves. Are you Quislings too?

It would not take very long for this story to blow up in the faces of the Left, and their craven Statists masters, if more conservative Americans who despise the MSM (the Agency of Lies) were to check out the historical record and compare it to the stated goals of yesterday's show "how millions of people were so vulnerable to fascism."

Continuing to stay silent on altered or hidden or deleted events such as this is abetting evil. 

You can continue to call yourselves conservatives if you wish. But the Father of Conservativism, Edmund Burke, had this to say to you

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.
Are you conservatives, or are you really only cowards?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

History Channel: Glaring Deletion

Years ago when the History Channel was new -- and better in my opinion -- they ran a show on the rise of the Nazi party and Hitler in Germany. When they got to the part where the Nazis had about 1/3 of the votes in parliament, they showed film of the party members rising as a group and walking out when issues they disliked but could not stop with votes came up.* The instability that arose due to the parliament then being unable to overcome the quorum rule led to President Hindenburg reluctantly appointing Hitler Chancellor. Hitler had them over a barrel as it were.

Well today the History Channel ran a show titled "Third Reich: The Rise -- A unique perspective on the rise of Nazi Germany and how millions of people were so vulnerable to fascism, told through rare and never-before-seen amateur films shot by the Germans who were there."

The TV listing say it's new, but I'm not so sure. Maybe "revamped" would be more accurate since much of this show was similar to the earlier one I recalled above.

When they got to the period just prior to Hitler being appointed Chancellor (about 25 minutes into the two hours airing time), all they stated was "On February 10, 1933, the Nazis were the largest party in Germany." It was an awkward statement, and quite surprising that was all they showed. After all, given the stated intent of this documentary, "how millions of people were so vulnerable to fascism," footage of that tactic was an essential one.

How could they in good conscience have deleted the part of the story demonstrating the means by which Hitler achieved his first big appointment?

Gee -- do you think -- that the deletion could have had anything to do with recent news events? Like when the Dems walked out of the Wisconsin Senate to prevent a quorum that was needed for a vote they did not like, my immediate reaction was to think of this scene.

I've labeled contemporary media "The Agency of Lies" in the past for good reason. Media continues to try and prove itself to be the most untrustworthy institution in the country.

Pass news of this deletion along my friends -- while you are still permitted to do so.

* Another source.The walkout is found in the 6th paragraph here.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Too Many

The following is the gist of a short conversation with a pleasant young man of my acquaintance.

Me: "I really hate to inform you of this, but the odds are against my being permitted to live as long as my parents, and the odds are against you being permitted to live as long as me."

He: "Why is that?"

Me: "How many people are on Earth?"

He: "Too many."

Me: "That's the reason. Too many believe there are too many."

There was more to this conversation both before and after. But this portion reveals the insidious problem I've long fought.

Those retaining considerable allegiance to traditional morality and wish to fight to defend it will need to understand the "new" morality inculcated in the army of our foes. As my confidants know, I've been working on it for quite some time. My aim is to write it as clear and concise as I have done anything. I sense a well written statement of the "new" morality of our foes will significantly fulfill half of Sun Tzu's advise.
"Know your enemy" before going into battle.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

On the Unreliability of Professional Talkers

I’ve been listening to Michael Savage since 1997. He, along with every other talkshow host, is feeding back to you and me our own common sense — kind of like the robber in the JS Mill quote* — and claiming it for his own.

The best thing is that they amplify our voices.
The bad thing is that talkradio associates the thoughts with the host, and that has been and will still be a deficit. The Agency of Lies and their Statist masters love to tar you and me with guilt by association.

I learned long ago, back in the early days of Rush, how to answer the parrots with their charges of “Ditto-head.” “No, you have it wrong. I don’t sound like Rush — he sounds a bit like me, but often comes to the wrong conclusions.”

Now we have the internet, and are not reliant on any leaders except when they have put together a good series of words as Savage often does. And Levin too. And each claims the other steals from him. The reality is that the underlying observations and conclusions are ours, and both those talkers ride point clearing the way for you and me. We simply have to understand that they help make our thinking more mainstream, and that’s a good thing.

But they often get it wrong, such as in their style and egomania and unwillingness to work well with others.

*The quote is below the break.

Friday, April 08, 2011

An Image to Tickle Your Psyche

Assume that many of Obama's acolytes believe he might be foreign born, but that is okay with them.

Well, they surely will denounce the copy of the alleged Kenyan birth certificate below as a fraud. And it might very well be a fraud.

But the next one may be legitimate.

So they worry. Oh how they worry. And they can't admit it, right?
Okay, now here's the image I've been chuckling over. It is one that I've verbalized in order to share it with you.

Wouldn't it be delightful to have hidden cameras on every beach Obama visits from now on just to take note of how diligently his entourage obliterates his footprints?

The above did not strike me as all that humorous at first. However, each time I thought about it, it was as if Obama had gone on yet another vacation. Somehow each subsequent vacation was becoming a bit more troubling for him than was his previous ones. I'm not sure what to call such a belabored spectacle, but there is something righteously laughable about it.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Obama Scores!

We could never get Bush to shut Leviathan down -- we had to push Zero to do it!
I hope this celebration is not premature. Spinelessness can still surface.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011


This is what it looks like men.

Especially at the end of part 2 where Ann Barnhardt broadcasts her address and phone number.

This is the exact opposite of Polictically Cowed, and so I approve. But it is not leadership with a plan, it is “I don’t give a damn, come and get me,” much like the last stand at the Alamo.

In many ways she was baited into this display. Dhimmi SKUNCs like Lindsay Graham goaded her to show him how she thinks he should act. And his words suggest that she’ll be the subject of Fed sub-rosa intimidation (since they lack the law to sanction her with). So in that sense at least Ms. Barnhardt is riding point and showing the way. In the coming days this lady will need support, and leaders with a plan need to line up and move into the territory into which she has intruded with her video.

With Ms Barnhardt we are not seeing the unattractive, inarticulate Pastor Jones with whom most of us do wish not to be associated. As she says, when Christians are offended by the desecration of their symbols, they pray that the desecrators be rid of the demons that possessed them to do it, and most of all, they aren’t demagogued by their leaders to go on violent rampages as Mr. Karzai has done. Mr. Karzai is our alleged ally, but Lindsay Graham chooses to single out American citizens and threaten American rights. That is no leader, that is a SKUNC.

Ms Barnhardt has manned up and gone in on point. I pray for her and our new leaders who (from all appearance not currently at the top) will arise from the lower ranks when it comes time to defend her.

Joan of Argghh! adds:

If education be the foundation of leadership, she has certainly schooled our would-be leaders. I don’t think she aspires to leadership. She makes it clear she aspires to the defense and protection of those she loves.

But leading by example counts for quite a bit.
Absolutely Joan. It seems she draws much inspiration from our men who fought WW II -- many filled with a spiritual fire that was essential (but rarely credited) to our win. She is demonstrating how Americans once regularly got pissed off. We see less of it now because the Cultural Marxists have long been incrementally undermining us with their termite-like invasion of all of our important institutions. It is much harder to be courageous when even too many religious leaders -- as she suggests -- have turned Quisling for the other side and have actively aided in the dismantling of every traditional moral value in sight. And of course there's the revolting PC crowd. Here's my latest retort "I'm not PC? Politically COWED you mean. Where'd these "leaders" gain the right to think themselves shepherds to all you cattle? For that is how they're looking down on you -- liked steers with no ownership of your own life." (I can hardly wait to see the fear in the eyes of our "lord and masters" when they discover there are many more bulls than they believed was yet possible.

On a cautionary note, I reiterate that I can’t shake the feeling that she and we have been baited by Lindsay Graham and all of the Agency of Lies, and too many in talk radio.

She marked herself as a target not just by jihadis, which is ballsy enough. But at least they’d attack her out in the open even if they choose to sneak up on her. It’s the cowards in our PC loving rulers against whom it is harder for us to protect her.

They would come like Lilliputians because they lack direct law to back them, and they’re too cowardly to do much else. They’ll attack her for violations of little laws, the number of which could well be staggering. This is why we INSTINCTIVELY are for small government, because we know the imps can’t pile it on then.

Our new leaders need to know how to effectively counter those intimidations and Lilliputian snares. For example, how do they keep gangsta government from tying up her bank account due to fines they decide to hit her with? So many ramparts to protect, so few recognizing that how much we need someone trustworthy to lead on the planning out the defenses.

And never forget this fundamental fact about our foes. Statism is defined as the complete control of all aspects of living. It organizes its own opposition and works to discredit any who have good cause to oppose the overreaching state. In the days to come Miss Barnhardt will need defenders. Be prepared. 

Monday, April 04, 2011

Making His Bones

To add to your distrust of Glenn Beck folder.

Did you hear Mr. Beck this morning? I swear, all the media is set up to confuse the masses, and Mr. Beck appears to be doing his bit to aid that confusion.

Of all the things he could have said about Pastor Terry Jones, his shtick was simply to mock Mr. Jones’ few words as given in an interview. He did this over and over again for the whole hour and on into the next like a running joke. The running joke should have been a series of riffs exposing the outlandish posture “oh you can’t offend Islam” playing in the halls of power and on the Agency of Lies (including FNC).

In the 2nd hour he was back to disclosing some news not playing elsewhere worth hearing, but by then he got a good portion of his audience tuning him out.

Worse, of course, is his attitude, like the one he displayed against Donald Trump last week. It serves only to discredit him, and that detracts to his message. Understand?

See, in his own way, Mr. Beck undermines our message exposing Statists exactly like Terry Jones undermines our outrage at Islamists who used Mr. Jones as the next excuse for their current week-long instigated mayhem akin to Orwell’s two-minutes hate.

With an alarming unattractive and poor spoken pastor like Mr. Jones, WHO doesn’t know they’ll be compared to him for getting angry at the dozens of people murdered? With Mr. Beck acting like an ass, who wants to be seen repeating the important news that he reports?

It is my conjecture from observation that Mr. Beck’s behavior could be no worse were he paying his “dues” for membership in the club of broadcasters (it fits this former rodeo clown who is used to taking his hits), or were he making his bones* for gangsters who have been cultivating dhimmitude worldwide. You know -- like DAMNED SKUNC Lindsay Graham did today.

Mr. Beck made Mr. Jones the object and not the overreacting imams and THEIR excesses, nor did he make a joke of the sniveling dhimmis that pass for leaders in the West. Did Mr. Beck play his part today? Did he do his bit to keep his bona fides with the powers that be? Was his stupid, repetitive, unfunny mockery of Mr. Jones his bit at running himself down? Is he the paid clown to discredit all the good info about many stinking stories simply to discredit that news when you wish to pass it on to friends and relatives? Remember -- Statism is defined as the complete control of all aspects of living. It organizes its own opposition and works to discredit any who have good cause to oppose the overreaching state.

Well, Mr. Beck is not the first on the Right we have learned to distrust like David Brooks or Peggy Noonan. His numbers are down — so maybe he’s desperate like those other two.

My personal opinion is that bloggers are far and away more trustworthy. Until they get paid or we find out they have been on some deep-pocket payroll — then watch out.

*If you think this metaphor is too extreme or too subtle, please click clarify below. If you don't know what "making his bones" implies in this context, try this.
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