Thursday, April 17, 2014

Wasting Time Exposing Court Jesters

I must admit I found Ace's title intriguing.

Paul Krugman Gets Pwn3d Like a Loudmouth in a Woody Allen Movie

But before I could finish the explanation of the take-down of 'the esteemed" Paul Krugman I was awash with ennui. If that is the right label for the emotion. I'm not sure that ennui even comes close to the disgust I felt about wasting good logic on a complete hack like Krugman; or on any of the Progs that Krug fittingly represents. Self-satisfied, arrogant with not a scintilla of humility, and apparently paid well to provide red-herrings to opponents of Statism when they might otherwise be contemplating ways to effectively eliminating the tyrants.

The otherwise fine job that Ace and, if he's correct in his assessment, that Dan Kahan have attempted proves why writing about the bums and their pretenses is a complete waste of time. In my opinion the bums know they are wrong and it's simply their job to tie sane people up in knots attempting to demonstrate why the clowns are -- if one wishes to more accurately describe them -- well-paid liars.

After over two months of not writing a single word for this blog I think this bit might provide you an explanation as to why.

It is my opinion that committing murder or advocating commiting murder will not solve a thing. In fact it would only exacerbate our woes. However, I would find it hard to denounce people who feel that way today, even to my Maker. That our despots wish us to be thinking like that only further suggests that they may deserve to meet such an end so as to prevent the destruction of so many more people who are relatively innocent. I call myself agnostic only because I do not KNOW My Maker intimately. That He made the world work as it does -- beyond human calculation to make things happen that cannot happen -- I take wholly on faith. And it is because of that faith that I know -- I am NOT agnostic on this -- that today's tyrants seek the destruction of billions of people and the subjugation of the remnant.

In part I know this from the  more complex evidence like that of the masthead above. But I know it even more from the tyrants' claims to be doing things that they could never ever do (e.g., 2+2 ≠ 5) but constantly lie that they are doing. This is wrong and leads to disaster and needs to be ended, but it is something that one mere man cannot bring an end to on his own.

I pray daily that He will achieve it much in the manner that Pharaoh was dealt with. Let His wrath pass over the decent human beings and fall on those who deserve it. It's a lot to ask of He with Whom I have no intimate contact; may it be enough that I ask it not for me.

Thursday, February 06, 2014

$200 Reward for a Verified Copy '82-'83 Reagan Speech

I've posted my recollection of this speech before. Too many establishment Republicans, including so-called friends of Ronald Reagan, apparently don't want the American people to hear this revised version of Reagan's 1964 stump speech.

On this 103rd anniversary of Ronald Reagans birthday, I am offering Internet readers a bonus.

Provide the world with the actual speech and transcript and details of where and when it was given, and I will gratefully provide you with a two hundred dollar bounty. And what is left of the free world too will be grateful too since it will demonstrate how the establishment so hated Reagan that they have been hiding it.

The following, published last year, should provide you with enough information to unearth this buried speech..

Ronald Reagan's Political Model

Today Is the 102nd anniversary of Ronald Reagan's birth.

Many revere the man not so much for his years in office but for voicing his vision of American ideals clearly and with enthusiasm. Among the best examples of that vision was elucidated in his 1964 stump speech "A Time for Choosing." Excerpt:

You and I are told increasingly we have to choose between a left or right. Well I'd like to suggest there is no such thing as a left or right. There's only an up or down: up to man's ages-old dream, the ultimate in individual freedom consistent with law and order, or down to the ant heap of totalitarianism. And regardless of their sincerity, their humanitarian motive, those who would trade our freedom for security have embarked on this downward course.

It was delivered on behalf of Barry Goldwater's run for president. But far more effectively, it established Mr. Reagan as a first-rate conservative voice in America.

Wait. Don't leave yet just because you think you have heard the 1964 speech before.

Some time in Mr Reagan's first term as president, circa 1982, while traveling in my car, I heard what I consider to be a very important expansion on that speech. I have repeatedly tried to find that later version, but I have not yet succeeded.

So I had a dilemma. Continue to search and wait to pass along what Mr. Reagan attempted to portray or pass along his words as best as I could recall. I made the decision a few years ago that until  someone answers my request to unearth the last version of that speech and provide the man's actual words, I would on various occasions publish it. It is what I remember about Mr. Reagan's more detailed explanation of the political mechanism that Americans find themselves saddled with and he meant for you to know it.

He clearly was attempting to provide us with a new model that could be used to override the Marxist model that he rejected. In my opinion he was correct in rejecting it. When we stick to the mono-directional model made famous by Marx and promulgated by our media, we are playing on the field of their choosing. Mr. Reagan offered us an alternative, and we ought to have learned to listen to him by now.

Please forgive me my inabilities to be precise. It is more important that those who love freedom know the essence of his vision as I recall them.

Thank you.

As best as I can recall, Mr. Reagan referred to a political platform. He likened what he considered to be the Marxist political spectrum of left and right to a see-saw of a platform.

The Left would gain control, and they'd pile up programs on their side of the platform. The foundation beneath the platform would begin to sink from the weight of their efforts. This resulted in the platform being tilted noticeably. It made the voters feel uncomfortable. So the voters would turn to the Right to straighten things out. 

Well the right might try to prop up the left side a bit, and refill the foundation, but in doing so, they'd dig a hole under their side of the platform next. Those who gain power always have interests who want something back -- usually in the form of legislation that favors them or taxes their competitors -- for their support. Thus the weight of these efforts and favors repaid cause the platform to tip to the right this time. That sinking feeling leaves the voters uncomfortable again.

So the voters would then put the Left back into power. And the Left would begin to fill in the hole under the right, but pile up more programs on their side and drive their side of the platform even deeper into the foundation of America's liberties.

And so it would go on, back and forth, Left and Right, Left then Right. Pretty soon the citizens of this great nation would find themselves in a pit of despair; a pit dug by the machinations of those who built up the oppressive weight of government. Government has been built up incrementally, one law after another, ruling upon ruling, practice becoming entrenched policy. And it was all done under the guise of representing a left or a right side, but both headed in one direction -- into the pit of tyranny. All those vested interests would insist it stay that way. Worse, as they'd get more demanding they'd cloak it with fairness. They were owed all that they'd "earned" for their efforts to gain "their people" power in the past.

At some point the vast majority of Americans will insist on climbing out of the hole dug for them by this political machine -- that single minded and ruthless incremental see-saw of power-seeking achieved by eating away at the foundation of our liberties. Taxes and regulations and busybodyness that is in no way justified in a nation dedicated to individual freedom.

Americans were passed a birthright containing the fresh air of freedom. It is what  our Founders had envisioned, and it is what our fathers fought to keep. And it's pretty much still been available to most Americans for around 200 years. If we do not stop the digging soon, somewhere along the way, Americans will demand to be let out of this pit. May God bless them then as He has in the past.

It is my opinion that the Tea Party movement is the realization of Mr. Reagan's vision. We will no longer limit ourselves to the thinking that we must choose to accept a Left or a Right.  We are trying to climb out of the Marxist/Statist pit dug by influential forces who've been incrementally overriding the restraints on their power. We are seeking freedom from the tyranny of those tired old partisans who claim to be working for our common good but are enthusiastically enslaving us and our posterity. 

Monday, January 27, 2014

Consider the Possibilities

After you have finished reading my last post Statist Tools: Compliant Media Editing, I'd like you to consider the possibilities of the reaction at the Holder DOJ to this headline.

Rivals DirecTV and Dish team up to sell customized political ads.

Q: What do you suppose will be Eric Holder's first response should any of those political ads be critical of his boss, the Bummer?

A: Anti-trust indictment here we come!

Then there is this in the text of the headlined story:
"Dish and DirecTV said they would consider partnering with cable companies if it means they can reach a larger base."
Q: In the unlikely event that all those subscription services suddenly begin acting as if larger government is a bad thing (when you stop laughing...), what will the SSM be calling such an agreement?

A: An anti-American conspiracy in dire need of eradication.

What has happened to America? Look deeply into your mirror.

Statist Tools: Compliant Media Editing

It is clear that those at the top of the influence peddling pyramid know full well that what I'm relating here is obvious to just about every American who is willing to pay attention. So it only goes to prove that you creeps at the top are seeking to provoke a reaction from one or more hotheads so your fascist preparations can finally begin in earnest. What you are ignoring at your own risk is there are many people who understand the dangerous game you are playing and may be even more ruthless than you. The next member of your cadre who dies prematurely in all likelihood will not be due to natural causes. But there will be no evidence to the contrary other than whatever your bunko agents try to invent. Think Andrew Breitbart. You may currently believe that your worst fear is what will happen if you cross your other club members. Reality can prove you wrong. Think about repenting while you still have time.

Two days before the State of the Union speech to be delivered by the President of the United States, that same president was charged with abuse of power by a news-making senator.

It was the kind of statement that news organizations once craved because such controversy helped them sell interest in their shows and gain them revenue.

But what would one expect from a "news" organization whose purpose was not to gin up interest in its shows but rather to promote another agenda even apparently more important than their revenue generated by viewership? You'd expect them to edit out the controversy.

Well, here are the facts of two videos. (You may want to save this page so you will have a record when the originals are dumped down the memory hole.) The first is what was extracted by CBS's Face the Nation when Bob Shieffer interviewed Senator Ted Cruz on Sunday Jan 26 2104.

What was edited out.

What was aired instead.

[Hmmm. The MRC embed code is strangely being ignored by Bloogger. Here it is with the brackets disabled with spaces so maybe you can use it:  < iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="270" src="" title="MRC TV video player" width="480" >< /iframe >]

(Well maybe Newsbusters will be able to keep its version alive and safe of the memory hole for a while, so here is the link to them: )

It is blatantly obvious that CBS is trying to shield President Obama 2 days before his big speech. It, like Pravda and Izvestia before it, knows no shame when it comes to marching to the demands of the Party. MSM continues to live up to the Soviet-Style Media label. I do not recall what the major news organ was for the Nazis, but I'm sure it was little different from the Soviets, only it lived a shorter time.

An SSM living a shorter time. Has a nice ring to it, no?

What does Dr. Evil think of CBS News?

Tuesday, January 07, 2014


I’ve been tweeting variations of this line at each CAGW related story in the hopes that many others begin to repeat its essence.

Marginalize the marginalizers. Rent seekers co-opting science to coerce consensus via expulsion are NOT scientists.

Others will repeat this sort of message until there will be no place you clowns go where your audience has not heard it.

We will pile the ridicule high enough and so that even the most brainless rent seekers among you will look for safer pickings. You will help bring sanity and adults back to proper prominence or you will lose to a Higher authority.

Monday, January 06, 2014

A Shining Example

Given the inconvenient turn in climate outlook, this is much more fitting than the Jack Nicholson original.
Al Gore is finally a Shining example

Sunday, January 05, 2014

CAGW Bunkos In the Bunker

Just when you think a format has run its course, someone finds a way to reinject new life into it. I will not make you any promises, but I found the What would Mawson do? segment hilarious.

Just so you know (I had to be informed by my Aussie friend KG) "Chris" is Australian climatologist  Chris Turney. This Leader of ill-fated Antarctic expedition, Professor Chris Turney, defends voyage
tells you how much this embarrassment burns him. ["Don't worry. He should make a very good clown." LOL]

If it so moves you, for extended chuckles you will find a copy of the screenplay of the Mawson segment below the break.

Friday, January 03, 2014

What Are the Chances

that certain of you members of the Washington ruling class would have this happen to you?
OBAMACARE: Doctor's Office Spends 2 Hours On Hold With Insurer For Surgery Authorization, Before Giving Up...

H/T Drudge Report.

The distinctions as laid down by Angelo Codevilla a few years ago will become all the more contrasted this Happy New Yeah.

I suspect it must be in pursuit of evermore elusive sexual kicks that you hoity-toity experience* from knowing that your policies are killing us hoi polloi.

I have met you people. Any claims you make that your actions are in pursuit of the public good would be laughable were the results not so deadly.

*Even greater kicks than disgraced former prosecutor and governor Elliot Spitzer got from play-strangling his hookers. His actions were mostly fantasy/play while the actions of you ever more brazen Ruling Class cretins are resulting in the real thing. And I think you still consider him one of you. You really have no normal sense of shame do you?

Given all the muck you helped create and that you love to wallow in, I know that whenever the option occurs to you, you see it would be a shame for you to leave it. But leave it you must if there is any hope remaining for you to save your soul.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Like a Bolt of Lightning

I had just completed some work on my house that required me to climb around on a ladder for several hours. And it fatigued me quite a bit; particularly my lower legs.

I remarked to a friend. "Ya know, my poor granddad was climbing around on those things until he was almost 70. I don't know how he did it." Of course he did it for a living and I just do it as needed. But still.

About an hour later it hit me.

I'm within two years of his age. Jeesh.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Adults Needed for the Anti-Statist Movement

JWF posted the following headline from the Washington Examiner. It ought to be pissing the adults in the country off.

"Democrats will pay political price for Obamacare in 2014"


The American public is far less Statist than our Soviet-style Media wants us to believe. Hence the relentless propaganda against the TEA Party movement as far Right.

But SSM never even hints, let alone admits, how far Left the Dem Party (and itself) is today.

Meanwhile the GOP is filled with liberal Statists who would rather see a GOP candidate lose to a Dem than let any additional TEA party types win and thus have a chance to form a true anti-Statist party.

Bottom line is that too much of the GOP hierarchy are Progs throwing plays to serve the other team. They do it because Dem views and moneyed interests are much closer to their own hoity-toity position than the position of us members of what they call the hoi polloi (when they aren't calling us racist, homophobes or xenophobles; and it is only a matter of time before they are dehumanizing us as Goebbals did Jews).

This headline may not be a complete lie, but it is misleading. If the GOP remains obstructed because too many Karl Rove type picks get elected, we will only see more govt growth from maneuvers where the Hastert rule is ignored or the filibuster gets gutted without consequence.

Thus Dem losses in 2014 are not enough to turn things around. God help us.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Bush Lines

From Fox News we read:

The next Bush says he’s more like Gingrich than presidential uncle, grandfather.

The latest scion of one of America's most powerful political dynasties is trying to convince voters he's something other than what his famous surname suggests.

Right! /s

Recall that W told us he was more like Reagan than his dad.

How did that work out? Well, why not let W demonstrate.

Had W kept his word and governed like Reagan in most every other way, who thinks we would now be facing what we are today?

(BTW. Who thinks being like Newt sharing-the-couch-with-Pelosi Gingrich is a good thing?)

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Projection: "Soviet-Style" Being Used by Media Itself

Regular readers know that I've been waging a campaign for new media to habitually label the Obama endorsing and protecting Mainstream Media (MSM) as Soviet-Style Media (SSM).

But now the media, itself recognizing that my charges against them are warranted, has decided to use the term Soviet-style as it sees fit. By applying the attribute to others they hope to avoid having the label applied to themselves.

Well, I hope you all understand my frustration here. With the notable exception of Nemesis, nobody else has taken on the media for their Soviet-style behavior by that name. 

Ok, here's the evidence, both appearing today.

First Mark Levin (frequently a TEA Party supporter, but hardly one of us) tweeted his facebook entry (with the fb extra length included in brackets):
Even government radio is frustrated with government propaganda. Obama manages the press the way the old Soviet [dictators did.]
and my reply to him (unanswered) was:

Then there was this tweet by Drudge of his  headline  Media attacks 'Soviet-style' publicity policy... but that happens to be the headline from and link to the mainstream Telegraph. So naturally, I repeated my challenge of Levin to Drudge "C'mon Matt...."

I repeat that challenge to the whole of the dextropshere. (If nothing else, go to those replies to Levin and Drudge and retweet them so that those guys get the sense that we are serious.)

Dare to be leaders. It is hardly difficult to state the obvious behavior of our pols and our media. I know that it is hard to be the first; but new nobility is needed. Many more of us can dare calling every twist and turn accurately so that others like us feel comfortable with calling things as they appear in reality.

The media has not yet gotten into full projection mode. If you delay, others will delay too. The media will shortly be calling others what they are themselves if you fail. They may do it anyway, but you can point to my blog entries and our side at least will know the truth.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Tragedy of Consensus

What gets us into trouble is not so much our ignorance. It's what we know that just ain't so. -- Mark Twain
The regrettable reality is how many of us are susceptible to group think – the consensus understanding of anything that “everybody knows.”
We in the west like to think of ourselves as more civilized, more advanced and all that, but we’re just as capable of refusing to acknowledge reality and looking at facts placed in front of us. We’re not very different from the barbarians of old believing in potions, chicken bones and whatever hocus-pocus is shown to them. We’re susceptible to the same stupidity. -- Mathew in comment at Crusader Rabbit

I like Mathew's observation of our civility. Particularly our "intelligentsia" thinks themselves more civilized; they will see that there is hell to pay for anyone who dares suggest they’re not. Burn the evidence and the detectives who dared dig it up.

And it is not just our wannabe rulers.

Most of us react instantly negatively to anyone who dares violate our consensus. The reaction has been been described as having ones world turned upside down. Nausea is not an uncommon result.  So it is not abnormal when all of us, as a general rule, hate to fight the consensus we find surrounding us lest we find ourselves on the receiving end of that reflexive negativity and emotional outbursts. That is tragic; only made more so by those who exploit it. Sociopaths are tremendously successful in tiptoeing past that minefield while condemning most of the rest of us to the mines they themselves placed. Yet even the harshest of realities may never burst the illusions in some people. The proof of that is found in the reports of the last words of communist true-believers as they died in Stalin's Gulags: "If Stalin only knew [what a faithful comrade am I]." It is quite apparent that consensus and the fear of transgressing is so strong that, were zombies real, it would be manifest in its victims after death.

If I ever stop procrastinating I will complete the series of screeds I've begun about how consensus has been a terrible factor in why we are so divided in how we perceive our troubles and our enemies.

Although there are many national stories and news outlets and major talk show hosts who traffic heavily in fostering and maintaining consensus views, I have a couple of anecdotal examples of defense of consensus views. One is from the Left.  It is the rabbi with whom I differed over his new-age take on Genesis 22. He censored my rejoinders, and eventually deleted from his site that portion of our interchange he originally posted. However, his efforts are foiled by the wayback machine and copies of what he refused to publish. The second is from the Right. Tam did not delete our discussion, but her manner provides a fine demonstration of why the Right is no home for either principled conservatism or classical liberalism.

Neither example is of people influential enough to be considered significant members of the Downers. But their type sure as shooting aids the Downers by being so damned closed-minded and fearful of climbing out of the pit of despair and joining the Upsiders. That both will blindly continue what they've been doing and expecting different results is sad. That they are not alone is tragic.

More anon. Soon I pray.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Art of the Moment

This artful pic was captured yesterday by one of my offspring while escapading.

Click to view in original size

Friday, November 22, 2013

The Downer of SSM Openly Admitted by a Mediot

I just had to share this one line from a review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.
The depiction of a craven television media's employing all its flashy insincerity in the service of power comes so close to modern-day reality that it's chilling. [emphasis added]
From the mouths of the enslaved members of the outer party.

Pray my friends.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

How America Became a Corporate-Fascist Clone of the Soviet Union

That dear readers is the title of the epic I will never write. Surely someone will because it's aching to be told.

One complex question: 
One complex question that I think leads to finding an answer to the question of my epic's title is this one.
How many people with portions of their pay invested in 401Ks and union pension plans realize how their savings have enabled the trustees of those plans to make a mockery of the promise of "publicly held" corporations?
Why is this question germane?
Certainly the trustees that manage that those plans are all carefully vetted corporate men and unionists (corporatists and Leftists? -- R & L Downers at any rate) respectively, who vote each other onto corporate boards of directors when each new proxy is sent out. 
They drink fine wine and eat caviar at annual shareholders' meetings as they battle amongst themselves: 
  • what is their most favorable course of corporate and governmental directions?
  • who in government are most certain to advance their goals?
  • who in government is most certain to obstruct their goals? 
  • who on K Street is the best choice to see their ultimatums get delivered?

How did America become a corporate-fascist clone of the Soviet Union?

Friday, November 15, 2013

Downers' Downers, No. 1

Yesterday I decided to take Ronald Reagan seriously enough to abandon the Marxist scale of Left and Right because there are too many Progs hiding out and influencing what we call the Right. While it takes some more than others to recognize that in the past they have influenced the Right to accept, incrementally, rule by the Left, they in the last dozen year or so have become more radical and have forced more aggressive compromises on all of us.

I have had enough. I do not think I am alone. So let me remind you again that Reagan said we do not have to accept the false notion of Left or Right; that we need to recognize there is really only an Up or Down.

Up to individual freedom, consistent with law and order, or Down to the ant-heap of totalitarianism.

Yesterday I labeled myself with the Ups. And I identified the enemy of us Ups and labeled them as the Downs.

Upsider is my label today (and may yet change again). Downers is what I may like for all time for all enemies of individual liberty.

That aside, here is today's news report exposing another of the negative effects on human life by the Downers. This time it was one life, tomorrow it could be more as we continue to let them run roughshod over all our values by force of arms.

LAX security officer bled for 33 minutes as help stood by, report says

An airport security officer lay helplessly bleeding after a gunman opened fire at Los Angeles International Airport as paramedics waited 150 yards away because police had not declared the terminal safe to enter, according to two law enforcement officials.

It would be 33 minutes before Transportation Security Administration Officer Gerardo Hernandez, who was about 20 feet from an exit, would be wheeled out by police to an ambulance, said the officials, who were briefed on the investigation and spoke on condition of anonymity because the probe was still ongoing into the Nov. 1 shooting.

For all but five of those minutes, there was no threat from the suspected gunman -- he had been shot and was in custody, they said.

How many ways was this one human death unnecessary and how many was it indeed necessary?

Necessary in that:
  • the Downers want and have used this death as an excuse to clamp down on citizens rights some more
  • the Downers want more TSA armed despite the reports of their agents' unpunished misconduct.
  • the Downers wanting the TSA to adopt even more of an Us versus Them attitude.
  • the Downers undoubtedly want more than this, and I and my commenters reserve the right to call them on it yet.
Unnecessary in that:
  • The help was not "standing by," they were prevented by the law officers compelled by Downer rules of engagement.
  • Even armed volunteers were prevented from retrieving the bleeding man by orders of the Downers.
  • Downers had offered no "medic" style training for rescuing wounded. Still don't. Disgusting.
  • Downers have repeatedly hid behind their SSM built consensus that prevents non-felonious citizens from being armed in the first place. 
  • "Gunfree" zones are respected only by the law-abiding and sane Downers know this to be true.
  • I reserve the right to add to this list as they occur to me or my commenters.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Envy As Admitted Federal Policy

Unbelieveably, the essence of Marxist class warfare, envy and its exploitation, was admitted today by "one of the prime architects of both the Massachusetts healthcare reform and the Affordable Care Act, Professor of economics at MIT, Jonathon Gruber." [source]

"That means that the genetic winners, the lottery winners who've been paying an artificially low price because of this discrimination now will have to pay more in return."

Sickening. Coveting the health of your neighbor is now fair game in contemporary America. Essentially this: 'If you are healthy, you deserve to be handicapped, and we have the power to do it to you.' You first Dr. Gruber.

Incidental report from the street:
I hear from soft-headed liberals who have been repeating the nonsense that gets aired repeatedly on SSM TV such as MSNBC declare that conservatives are anti-American because they disagree with President Obama. This revelation will not faze them in the least.

The real problem:
What is more of a problem are the conservative talkshow hosts who refuse to call this president a Marxist. And you know the old Leftist slogan -- "no enemies on the left." That would explain a great deal why talkers like Michael Medved and others at Salem broadcasting regularly call out others on the Right as traitors to the GOP before they'll call out Leftists as traitors to America. Or traitors to common decency. Or traitors to JudeoChristian ethics (thou shall not covet) such as this genius Gruber.

One Solution:
We of the TEA Party movement need to disassociate ourselves from the "Rightists" on the Marxist political spectrum of Left and Right. Let me repeat Ronald Reagan's vision for you. 
There is no such thing as a left or right. There's only an up or down: up to man's ages-old dream, the ultimate in individual freedom consistent with law and order, or down to the ant heap of totalitarianism.

I am not on the Right any longer. There are too many Downs over there. I'm with the Ups.

To Hell with Downs like Medved, Hewitt, Prager, and anyone else who thinks like them. They are unfit company for people who need to recognize and fight all the enemies of freedom.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Australians Teaching Americans What to Seek

h/t Crusader Rabbit.

Somehow the Aussies were able to overpower the propaganda stream of the ABC, their govt funded SSM, and threw out the Leftist PM Gillard. Now they have elected a non-collectivist parliament and Prime Minister quite contrary to what we have here in America.

It proves what can be done if common people learn to band together -- no matter their other differences -- for the sake of their very lives.

Now, dear God protect the new movement and its leaders from both lethal enemies and the allure of, and traps set by, those who ply evil ways.

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Suitable Postscript for Much Contemporary News

While reading several bits of news, while in IMs with friends, and while reading commentaries at the blogs that I frequent, I remember this clip that I uploaded last year.

I think I may use it more from time to time after I comment on a contemporary story that was not possible in the America of the past.
The shocked American: "You mean there is nothing I can do in a legal way?"
The answer of the circumstance: "Mr. ____: this is not the United States... go back to America!"

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Fatally Naive Americans

The Nov 3 WSJ has an op ed

You Also Can't Keep Your Doctor

I had great cancer doctors and health insurance. My plan was cancelled. Now I worry how long I'll live.

(h/t JWF)

It has as its closing lines
For a cancer patient, medical coverage is a matter of life and death. Take away people's ability to control their medical-coverage choices and they may die. I guess that's a highly effective way to control medical costs. Perhaps that's the point. --emphasis added
Perhaps?  This bespeaks the fatal naivety of all Americans constrained by PC from stating obvious truths. 

What could pass as the Obamacare theme song is now 4 decades old. It has in its frankest of renditions the closing lines: 
"Won't you give it a try? 
Live and let die!"
For several decades I have witnessed and reported upon the fear in so many to speak of the dark side of the Sustainability movement. It is doubly upsetting to see it in those who claim to be God fearing. God fearing implies you accept the premise that all human life is sacred. Turning a blind eye to reports of a mounting threat to that premise (most unsettling to me when I've witnessed it in clergy) is more understandable when the threat seems hypothetical, but not from someone like Ms. Sundby while suffering the repercussions.

Ms Sundby still wants to believe that the machinations to which she is victim are only her imagination. So she writes "perhaps." I guess it makes her feel better. [Or perhaps the addition of perhaps it was required by the WSJ editor. In a world where damned consensus rules are expected to be understood, I doubt the editor needed to make a direct request.]

In a way, this makes Ms Sundby a martyr to Political Correctness. That she in her present circumstances is found still kowtowing to the consensus (to not speak of the Susnuts) ought to be eye opening for the rest of us.  The souls of people who martyred themselves in defense of innocent human life would not be amused.

Please enlighten me how to open the eyes of more while there is still time.