Friday, September 29, 2017

Vengeance of the Power Elites Pleases Satan

My attention was drawn to the following video "Jordan Peterson - Political Correctness and Postmodernism" by a fan of Professor Jordan Peterson. He's the prof who's been castigated by Leftist Sinister critics for being politically incorrect in his warnings of threats to free speech and thought by proposed Canadian legislation before it was passed.

What Professor Peterson concludes may better provide my readers with a way to covey the premise of which I have long warned: that the haters of humanity ally themselves with casuists (true believers) because the latter provide both cover for haters' misanthropy and free labor in carrying it out.  

Beginning at about 16 minutes in, he extracts some quotes from Nietzsche's Will to Power.
The following paragraph is a summary of Prof. Peterson's quotes of Nietzsche leading up to a series of exacting money quotes out of a chapter in Zarathustra.

The nihilistic doctrines that would emerge in the aftermath associated with the collapse of the moral underpinnings of the West would produce a form of political catastrophe (associated with communism) that would kill 10s to 100s of millions of people in the 20th Century. (Peterson, noting that Nietzsche was right, then quotes Nietzsche informing us that the elite would ignite the flames deliberately, out of spite).
"'What justice means to us [the power elite, anticipating the popular rejection of them] is precisely that the world will be filled with the storms of our revenge.' Thus they speak to each other, 'We shall wreak vengeance and abuse on all whose equals we are not.'...  You preachers of equality ... your most secret ambition is to be tyrants [who] shroud yourselves in words of virtue."-- The Tarantulas

Peterson asks "why this emphasis on [seeking] power above all else?" He answers "It's resentment [of being less revered for their intentions (all which failed) than those out in the real world who've succeeded] disguising itself most reprehensibly as compassion."

I compressed the above paragraph because it helps the reader understand quickly what he was trying to say. I recommend listening to that segment in full so you have more of the evidence he presented to sustain his conclusions.

Peterson ends with "It's time for the mask of that to be removed and set straight before we walk further down the path that leads to no good [worse than we've already been misled]."

He appears to have arrived at that point of realization for which, in my opinion, the 10th Commandment was written. Every day it ought to become ever more clear to the wavering faithful what a too often underappreciated gift that commandment was to us from our Loving Maker.
"Thou shalt not covet [for it may lead to the ultimate unhappiness for both he who covets and for those he resents and provoke casual violations of all Commandments.]"

The supplanting of the Judeo-Christian moral code with a Satanic one appears to be complete in those whom Professor Peterson asks us to unmask for the sake of us and our posterity.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Obamacare Deadline Lie

Pass a bill for Prez to sign: Extend the Obamacare deadline for majority rule.

What Congress created with a majority, Congress can extend with one.

Of course, when John McCain, mercifully, finally dies, the GOPe will find another no vote.

But at least this farce -- or lie I'm thinking -- of needing to pass any ugly bill before a deadline created by the Congress of 2010 that can't be rewritten by the Congress of 2017, will have a spike put through its black heart.

Congress and President Trump: You can pass a continuing resolution every damned 90 days forever for your spending, but you can't pass one for Obamacare?

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