Thursday, November 03, 2011

Coincidentally 24 Hours Ahead of the Drudge Headline

I put up two humorous posts yesterday. The shortest one was a continuation of my "Jeopardized" theme I started last year. It gave "CHAOS" as the Jeopardy answer to the question "What is the aim of the Occupy Movement?"

And today, low and behold, here was Drudge's top headline at about 7 AM Pacific.

Drudge link was to the My Way story entitled
Peaceful Occupy protests degenerate into chaos

Yeah, they've been peaceful about as much as they don't stink.

No clairvoyance necessary folks. This was so obviously coming that I  valued it at only 100 Jeopardy dollars.  And meanwhile, the propaganda mills at the AoL continues to call it "the peaceful protest" (so unlike their categorizing of the TEA party rallies).

Pass it around folks. 

The AoL intends to turn reason on its head and thereby provoke further violence. 

Be Prepared.

Go to the Cross-posting at Crusader Rabbit for more discussion.

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