Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pascal's New World Order Dictionary

• (n) derangement, a state of mental disturbance and disorientation

Thanks to JWF for the inspirational photo, and Princeton U for their web dictionary.

Friday, October 29, 2010

The Self-Serving Manipulator

Appealing to greed and vanity, expert at false modesty, damning opponents with faint praise, misdirection, disingenuousness, dissembling, and sensing when he can get away with flat out lies. All well known traits of the demagogue.  But how many see it when it's employed? Ah, there's the rub.

In these times, when all America so needs to have the manipulation of the demagogue demonstrated, this, beginning at 8 minutes, is hard to surpass.
Note: Shakespeare composed Antony's speech as overly broad, not to be convincing to the Roman mob, but to reveal to the audience the machinations of demagogues .

and part 2 can be found here

This is the easiest to hear and most effective of all the versions I could find. The film version, starring Marlon Brando as Mark Antony, IMO is not as good a teaching aid.

Much appreciation to MTS for his suggestion to follow-up my earlier post  with this post.

A Progression of Sorts

"...some few lucky people in one lucky generation which has learned how to do [manipulate mankind].” -- The Abolition of Man by C.S.Lewis

We may call such people "sociopaths." E.g.: Hucksters, top politicians.

As they get more powerful and arrogant, we may call them "psychopaths." E.g.: Idi Amin, Saddam Hussein.

As they seek to achieve absolute power, have we learned yet, have we the courage to call them "megalomaniacs?" E.g.: Hitler, Stalin, the New World Order.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Learn to Live with Them

JWF informs us of great news that demonstrates once again of the superiority of individual drive and ingenuity to bring boons to each and every man and woman on the planet.
Advanced Materials, a small Czech company seated near Prague specialising in nanotechnology, has invented special paints that can clean air from emissions and kill viruses and bacteria, the daily Hospodarske noviny (HN) writes Tuesday.

RadicalRon, who posted this news, asks
"Once submitted to the EPA for the necessary approval/s, will the bureaucrats get it right, or screw the pooch?"
Great question Ron. What do you want to bet that the usual suspects will seek to stifle this disease preventative advance?
  • First they'll seek to "discover" that some minuscule parts per million is cancerous, then set the legal limit just above where this advance is effective.
  • Or if that takes too long, some group will find that some insect unknown before is in danger of becoming extinct, and thus "we sadly must ban the use of this awful stuff in accordance with international law."
  • Or if that isn't good enough, they will decide that use of the advance is unfair to bacteria. That would lead to "we in our multicultural wisdom decide that you must learn to live with them." 
Maybe the dream of Dr. Strangelove finally will come to fruition. You know, where the "Progressives" Incre-mental-cases (PI) will have saved this advance for themselves. Then when they retire to their bunkers painted with this material, they then can safely spread Ebola over the face of the earth in order to sacrifice six billion people to their god Sus.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Angry, Unhinged Left Part 2

So where did Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen find the gonads to escalate the rhetoric by suggesting the TEA Party members were the enemy similar to the Taliban?

Like a good little apparatchik, he simply followed the leadership of The RepublicRats Party.

“If Latinos sit out the election instead of saying, ‘We’re going to punish our enemies and we’re gonna reward our friends who stand with us on issues that are important to us,’ if they don’t see that kind of upsurge in voting in this election, then I think it’s going to be harder and that’s why I think it’s so important that people focus on voting on November 2.”  -- President Barack Obama as quoted in the NYTimes 

We don't mind the Republicans joining us. They can come along for the ride, but they gotta sit in back. -- President Barack Obama as reported by the AP

The soundbites are found at Michael Savage's free stream service, is here. Listen from 1:00 minute to about 2:00. I'm sorry if you don't have broadband,  because it's too long (40 Mb) in this form. I'll try to shorten these later (as I used to do) when I have my system, which went down last month, fully restored.

P.S.: All this suggests that my nightmare that got me stirred up this morning, enough to publish the warning Stop This Idiot Plot, may have been a bit more than a dream.

I guess all the signs were out there for our government provoking us. What's happened elsewhere in the world is about to come to America.

So beware the Media helping set up some kind of National Emergency. That will lead them to crack down on anyone suspected of supporting the TEA party in the manner that the Praetorian Guard cracked down on suspected Christians after Nero had Rome burned.

The Angry, Unhinged Left

Projection, you have found a home (probably padded) with the "Progressives" Incremental-cases.

Here we have Richard Cohen, writing today in the Washington post: "The Tea Party, united only by anger and the Internet."

And if you find his title not biased enough for your taste, he goes on right from the start describing the Tea Party not as merely opponents, but something more:

The Tea Party has no leader. It has no address, no phone and no Washington headquarters. It is everywhere and nowhere. For Barack Obama, the Tea Party is the quintessential asymmetrical enemy, much like the Taliban in Afghanistan

Calm and reasoned commentary like that from a mainstream newspaper. Wow! One can only wonder what they sound like amongst themselves, right?

I've got to go. I'll add more later, so come back to see it. Wanna know where this tool found the nerve to go from Democrat lap-dog to attack mongrel, see part 2.

Welcome Crusader Rabbit readers.

Stop This Idiot Plot

I am trying to do that, have been struggling to do that, for a very long time.

What's the idiot plot? It is that sequence of actions wherein the audience is thinking, if not screaming, "look in the back seat!" or  "listen to what they're saying -- oh ferchristsakes!"

Ultimately, an idiot plot is where none of the characters in the story ever really communicate with each other. It's the form of plot where a simple phrase "oh, I did that already" would instantly unwind the spring and put an end to the story. The plot would fall apart, and that wouldn't sell tickets, so the producers leave it in.

I woke up shivering this morning, with the memes of the Reichstag Fire, Nero Burning Rome, and Lenin staging something similar at the Winter Palace. And it was Rob Reiner’s thoroughly irresponsible, and I suspect staged words of fright, (as was Alec Baldwin's intimidating "kill Henry Hyde and his family" a dozen years ago) that set it up yesterday in my subconscious mind. Reiner: "My fear is the Tea Party gets a charismatic leader. Because all they're selling is fear and anger, and that is what Hitler sold." The man's bad history is only compounding the bad name associated with celebrities who think that they are somehow more than the morons they are.

Oh, he had help too. The dimwit would not be where he is but for the fact that those who like the damage he does to our culture encourage him. But what about those who (allegedly) are on the Right? I believe Reiner's performance, repeated all day on talk radio, was what brought on my nightmare. Or was it Bill Maher nodding “Duh,uh, duh,uh” in agreement while his audience applauded loudly that did it?
Not good signs.

The answer to this my friends is to try and break down the walls of intolerance that have been erected. If we don't speak to each other with love in our hearts, I guarantee you that you will not like the outcome when this movie gets to its climax.

Like I said at the top, I've been struggling to open up communications, to promote contact between neighbors and even relatives for a very long time, in an effort to put an end to idiot plots. 

Then how can it be that it seems like I am a lone voice crying out into the wilderness?

Go listen and speak with love. And with God's help we'll put an end to this awful and idiotic plot kept in motion by moral idiots. Open up your  hearts and minds, so help me God.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Highlights from "The Abolition of Man"

The following are from my notes that include analysis and excerpts.

C.S. Lewis in 1943 published The Abolition of Man. It is a collection of three lectures proved prescient by what later transpired: 1) on the coming destruction of early through secondary education, 2) on the nature of natural law, and 3) on revealing the machinations of those he labeled Conditioners.

The last lecture, also titled “The Abolition of Man,” demonstrates how a few of our kind aimed to rise above humanity to claim ownership of all Nature. It is a process which reduces the rest to something less than those who came before. It is a world in which nothing we now call Man remains.

All of the following paragraph numbers refer to the third lecture.

¶16, PF’s synopsis:
        Man may lose his perspective as he studies his kind intently. Once he reduces his kind to a mere natural object, he hands off his self to those whose job it’s become to husband resources, in which category he has placed himself, suitable for processing.

¶18 portion:
        “I am not here thinking solely, perhaps not even chiefly, of those who are our public enemies at the moment. The process which, if not checked, will abolish Man goes on apace among Communists and Democrats no less than among Fascists. The methods may (at first) differ in brutality. But many a mild-eyed scientist in pince-nez, many a popular dramatist, many an amateur philosopher in our midst, means in the long run just the same as the Nazi rulers of Germany. Traditional values are to be `debunked’ and mankind to be cut out into some fresh shape at the will (which must, by hypothesis, be an arbitrary will) of some few lucky people in one lucky generation which has learned how to do it.” The Conditioners declare what is and what is not permissible in a discussion. Worse: substantive words that disclose goals are transmuted to euphemistic alternatives.

¶19 portion
        Deeply significant features of individual things are obscured by making abstractions of them so they fit in categories. Thus, truth gets concealed. "Man’s conquest of himself means simply the rule of the Conditioners over the conditioned human material, the world of post-humanity which, some knowingly and some unknowingly, nearly all men in all nations are at present labouring to produce."

Friday, October 22, 2010

Incrementals -- part 3: Fight to Reclaim Our Language [Updated]

Good news friends.

This evening I heard a promotional ad by Dennis Prager for his radio talkshow.

In it he stated that he bristles when he thinks of how the Left has staked claim to the word progressive. And that it makes it sound as if any who oppose them are anti-progressive. [The following is corrected from before as I promised I'd do.]
He says we on the right ought to change our name "from conservative to morally clear. Why is that any more self-serving than progressive? If you're not for progress you're for regress, right?" [/end update]

Really Dennis? You are still dancing around to their tune. I know you are not really advocating abandoning our not always accurate label (though we could choose a new one for good reasons).

But you are not making the strong case as to why the Left has no legitimate right to call themselves  progressive. It is for the same reasons that they had no legitimate claim to the word liberal (which once, long ago, only meant "pertaining to freedom").

The Left has been engaging in language theft my whole life. It's a form of agit-prop meant deliberately to put their opponents off balance. Sadly this one tactic seems to keep some off balance for far too long and all too easily. Jeesh!

I have no faith that you'll ever hear this, but here is what some long departed great uncle would say to you if he could:

Stop whining Dennis.
You have had command of your own microphone for 15 hours every week for roughly 30 years.
Who else on radio -- anywhere -- has had that much access to the minds of Americans?
You have had an unprecedented opportunity to sway not just opinons on the Right, but national opinion.
Are you the opinion maker you ought to be? Or are you a boychick who runs home crying cuz the bullies stole his counntry's future by claiming possession of an important word?
You don't like that the Left has stolen progress? Well be a mensch and fight to take it back!

Sigh. Well no matter. At the least, Dennis Prager has somehow either caught wind of the meme I started earlier this week or he's independently arrived at the same conclusion -- conservatives need to do something! Sadly, in my view, Mr Prager has chosen a far more difficult way to go to war.

Dennis, you didn't get my memo? It's a lot easier to achieve what you want than you currently are suggesting. We don't have to continue to live with the repressive, regressive Left's dishonest theft of the word progress.

What I do in print is write "Progressives" Incrementals when I refer to them. It's a simple thing really. But it has real meaning as I've explained elsewhere. Don't ask me how I know that this word is important -- I can tell you already sense it too Mr. Prager. I'm just a little blog where maybe a handful of friends will see the idea and run with it on their little bigger blogs. From what I surmise you have the attention of more than 5 million ears each week. You could make a dent in Leftist ownership of "progress" if you wanted to.

Here is what you can do on radio. When referring to them, you can say "the 'Progressives' -- no the Incrementalists actually." And then go on and use the word Incrementalists, and Incremental theft of personal liberty a little at a time, and so on as you refer to them and their actions. Then never use the word progressive again in that session of your talkshow when referring to them. Only use progressive when speaking of wanting real progress, like in job creation, and re-stabilizing our monetary system, and improving home life and restoring traditional values.

When they challenge you -- and you know they will katzenjammer like mad --  point out that the only progress that is of importance to an Incrementalist is what permits him to gain power. Power that is totally self-serving and with which they, as a group, have been demonstrably incompetent. Then go on to demonstrate all the ways it is true. Do you think you have enough material to show that they are regressive, repressive, postmodernist, misanthropic and overall power-mad? Yes, I thought so. So do it!

To make progress against the growing tyranny, do NOT let the Left stay in charge of the narrative. You must fight to reclaim the language.

Oh, and for those who will accuse me of attacking Mr Prager, this demonstrates that I know how he can fire up his delivery quite satisfactorily when his head is screwed on right, and I commend him for it.

Posts related to incremental steps:
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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Statist Fools: The Devil is in the Details.

The radical environmentalists misanthropes believe that the earth's population needs to be reduced to half a billion people.

I only recently noticed the ratio involved here. Twelve out of every thirteen people alive today are targeted for elimination.

This ratio is equivalent to the aces seeking to remove all other cards from the deck.

What these overconfident Godless fools fail to recognize is that they are not aces in any stretch of the imagination. Most of those I've met who've risen to captain industry and institutions in and out of government require help, figuratively, to tie their own shoelaces. (And in some instances, literally.)

So I think of them as deuces gone wild.

"The Deuce you say?"

Yep, rule by these self-assessed aces cannot stand once the real aces take conscious stock of their abilities and assume their rightful place.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Incrementals -- part 2

I don't know about the rest of you, but I am sick and tired of feeling the need to put scorn quotes on the word Progressives. "Progressives" are the ultimate anti-human progress force in the world today, and it really isn't right for them to hang onto the moral high ground that is deserved by right to those who truly work to achieve real human progress.

"Progressives" is one way to make the point that they are regressive (as in turning back the clock), repressive (aiming to restrict individual liberty), postmodern ("future" is so passé), misanthropic (6.5 billion people will be reduced to ½ billion by hook or by crook), and the class of people who think they are the only ones smart enough to deserve the power they seek. Society's self-assessed aces.

But the problem with "Progressives" is
  • It doesn't stop them from painting their enemies as "anti" progress rather than anti "progress."
  • After a short while the power of mocking the word they chose to describe themselves loses its sting.
  • "Progressive" news media and other influential institutions constantly use the word Progressive without a hint of their postmodernism being contrary to true progress. 
  • It cedes ownership of the narrative to those we need to defeat.
Back in January I made my first positive effort to stop the hijacking of the word progress by those who make a mockery of the word. I introduced the word Incrementals for the first time.

In retrospect, it seems I was the first to use it in this way. Other words I've coined over the years had multiple authors and so they proliferated. Words like sheeple and republicrats. But it is the self-designated word "Progressive" that still seems to reign supreme when everyone speaks about those who've been scheming for more than a hundred years to incrementally enslave the whole human race.

Today I did a google on the words "incrementals" "progressives." My post on the subject came up as number 1.
About 365 results (0.50 seconds) 
  1. Pascal Fervor: Incrementals

    Jan 18, 2010 ... The Sinister Wingers have chosen “Progressives” for themselves. Let us allow that they are Incrementals. In that they are incremental

Yes I did make a contribution to help defeat the rhetoric of the Incrementals. But I've done a poor  job of selling it. Even worse -- I had forgotten to use it!

For someone who believes that the future leadership that can defeat this anti-human squad of perverts has to come from individuals like myself, I have to admit that I make a horrible example. No, not in my ability to think up variations in tactics. Many know I am good at brainstorming. I simply don't fear making an ass of myself. Brainstorming will fall flat and even look stupid a good deal of the time. But if you fear to float ideas, you'll fear floating good ones that you don't know are good until others react to them. Few people are geniuses until they stumble enough for others to realize the genius.

No, my failure manifested itself in my not acquiring the stamina, guts and drive to keep at it day after day. Real leaders WILL do those things that need to be done and then do even more. I've known real leaders, and even still know a few, so I know what one looks like. I fall short. And no matter what, every day I wake up and still don't feel like leading. I'm sure I am not alone. Most of you reading this probably feel the same way. (Still, some of you has a great opportunity to aid decency. Consider learning what it takes to get the drive and go on and become a leader. The risks are high -- but....)

Back to the campaign at hand. It's really simple, much simpler that the long lead-in above.

I really do think, that with the label Incrementals, I've stumbled on a very good and accurate word to describe the not-very-nice people who relentlessly have been seeking great power by gaining it a little bit of the time.

So I will do three more things to help my friends who happen by here to use the word Incrementals as a replacement for "Progressives" every time you write it. I will give you the formatting for 3 different environments so that you may use the words together.

  • "Progressives" Incrementals
  • <strike>"Progressives"</strike> Incrementals
  • <delete>"Progressives"</delete> Incrementals

Together we who use this rhetorical tactic may begin to break the back of the Incrementals and end their theft of the word progress and its moral high ground. The goal is to reclaim it as our own.

Blogger has blown it's ability to detect links to conservative blogs again, so...

Much thanks to Crusader Rabbit for aiding with this campaign: 

“progressives”? nah, ‘incrementals’

Thanks for going out of your way to help KG!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

AGW: Fundamentally Antihuman

My title is a more concise wording of what Mark Steyn was recorded as saying when he substituted for Rush Limbaugh in early September. For Mark Steyn it's not new. He said it while back in his book America Alone: The End of the World as We Know It. 

Courtesy of (of all things) Media Matters.

Media matters provided this because they know when they're throwing their fans red meat.

Media Matters was overjoyed to use "Environmentalism" in their headline. It was tailor-made to provoke the desired reaction in most of their soft-headed readers.

But what can we do about it? How can we get them to comprehend what a racket professional "environmentalism" has become?

The comments are filled with mocking Steyn as if he is in favor of polluted air and water. And those are the polite ones. I'm pretty sure had Steyn used the term AGW instead of environmentalism, the difference would have only appeared in the headline and not the response of the readers.

The biggest fools there seem ready to sacrifice themselves along with everyone else to the carbon taxes that will impoverish and health care schemes that will shorten human life. The typical dupe may think that's swell now, but I have no doubt how he'll react when reality socks him in the solar plexus.

It could happen during a particularly harsh winter and is cheerfully told that his family's meager fuel ration has been "raised" from 100 gallons a month to 40 gallons a month.

Or it occurs after he have been rushed to the hospital and is greeted not by emergency room attendants, but by armed gatekeepers.   Maybe it won't be until he hears the arbitrarily decision to send him to the showers to await further processing with the other unlucky (unconnected) ones will he finally notice that the grim reaper has been in attendance for quite some time.

Maybe never.

If the media were not part of the problem and had been playing fair all these years, they never would have allowed these racketeers get away with using a pleasant sounding name like "environmentalist." A real press would hound them
  • for all their inconsistencies; 
  • for their profound Malthusian pessimism; 
  • for their fear of catastrophe that can be averted with an optimistic leadership; 
  • for their hatred of the Bible because it sees human sacrifice as fundamentally evil.

So all these poor deluded people who've been lied to all of their lives would never for a moment consider the truth of Steyn's Statement. The bottom line for these radical misanthropes is WE WILL REDUCE HUMAN POPULATIONS BY HOOK OR BY CROOK.

Other works of Steyn which cover similar territory. 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Downtime Almost Over

I've had to reinstall windows in order to regain use of my computer. I'm not done configuring and update-catching-up, and I've got a terrible cold that is not aided by sitting at the computer installing software and reinstalling hardware.

Meanwhile I've managed to post infrequently, here but more often elsewhere, either for myself or with the help of other agents, over the last 3 weeks. I had not felt like posting this much for a very long time, so maybe lack of access is a good thing.

Then with the release of the 10/10 video on Oct 1, that really lit me up to write heavily. And there I was, hamstrung by my damaged harddrive, my travels, and now this awful cold.

I might feel better were I not appalled at how few are pressuring what passes for our leaders and opinion makers for saying NOTHING about the atrocity of the 10-10 No Pressure video and of the anti-human thinking it reveals.

There are times I feel I'm a lone voice crying out into the wilderness, I swear.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The Magic Button

Let me remind you of the new symbol of repression introduced by the envirofascists.
10-10's Magic Button for Eliminating Dissenters
The film's creators had authority figures use that button to blow up dissenters. Cheerfully. Smiling faces dispatching death without warning.

And of all the cheerful, smiling faces in authority, the teacher was the most despicable and evil. 

Think about how you felt about her before she pushed the magic button. You like her. She was pretty and sparkling and lovable; precisely the type you'd wish was teaching your kids (even allowing for her seeming gullible acceptance of AGW). 

And then she betrayed you in the most horrible way you could imagine. This was a monster in disguise. A wielder of a deadly weapon displaying smug pleasure in exerting total power with calm dispatch. Killing innocent children in a manner guaranteeing that their blood splatters on their classmates, and thereby assuredly intimidating the remnant who are trembling in horror. 

And if that is not bad enough, there is something even more sinister that was revealed by this unexpected horror-show. The Left and Statist shills think we should think this is funny! They are so sick they do not even recognize how sick!

Whether it was the teacher or the boss or the coach, or the film's director, each preceded his pushing the button with the words "No Pressure -- your choice." Clearly each of the actors were instructed to display authoritarian resignation to what they were about to do. They conveyed the notion "then you deserve what's coming." 

And ever since this atrocity was released, the brazen creeps who are trying to shove carbon taxes up all our orifices have their apparatchiks writing propaganda aimed at convincing fools that they are only joking. Don't believe them. Also try to open the eyes of the ever-growing number of indoctrinated proles. I see it as our wannabe ruling class simultaneously bragging and issuing threats.

My fellow lovers of liberty, it is up to each of us to reach all we can touch with the truth.

What exactly does the magic button represent?
  1. Eligibility to government doled healthcare could be denied those who dissent.
  2. Jobs access or promotion or avoiding layoff or getting representation could be denied to those who dissent.

That's just for starters. I must thank Gates of Vienna for both ideas. The first was in a story they ran a few years ago. I've written the Baron and Dymphna for a link to it. The second was suggested by an item in their news feed on September 29.

You know what I've been warning now for years.
The radical environmentals believe that the earth's population needs to be reduced to half a billion people. That's twelve out of every thirteen people targeted for elimination. Liken it to the self-assessed aces of society wanting to remove all other cards from the deck. What these fools fail to recognize is that they are not aces in any stretch of the imagination, requiring help to tie their own shoe laces. No, think of them as deuces gone wild. 

Unless you are among the God haters, you do not stand a chance of being among the survivors. And even then, you better kiss the butts of your overlords every day. Because in a world without the fear of the Judeo-Christian God to restrain their actions, they expect you to act like they are your gods, so help you.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Even Atheists Benefit from the Concept of God

As the level of tyranny increases in America, it is the concept of God, invoked in the Declaration of Independence, that guarantees your right to life.

It is the utmost foolishness to let a dogmatic insistence that God cannot be proven to exist prevent you from telling the arising tyrant that he lacks the skills to be the replacement for God that the concept of the Creator represents. Thus the instrument that led to the legitimacy of his civil powers declares that his right to rule is limited to what he can legitimately do. He is not the author of your rights since he is not your Creator.

You are still an atheist, but if you are also bright, you should know when you must allow a simple theistic concept to reign supreme, and you haven't established any religion as a state religion -- including ones that elevate humans to godheads.

Goal In Sight... "Progressives" are telling us what has REALLY been on their minds all along (h/t Katabasis 10:10 - The best response yet):
By the way -- what follows is only 24 seconds long (and so is probably not what you first thought it was).

[NOTE: If you are on my main blog page, there is supposed to be a video below that may not display here. Click the title of this blog-post above to see it. ] 

"The Final Solution"? You betcha.

Regular readers of these blatherings  will recall I've been publishing an on-going analysis as "Progressives" incrementally unmask and reveal their true selves.

Progress-of "Progressives"
Altruistic ==► Casuistic ==► Craven ==► Shameless ==► Brazen ==► Sneer at US ==► Contempt for US ==► The Final Solution

So, there we have it: For sustainability,  the Final Solution.

Of all the stages listed above, for the most part "Progressives" have been craven well in excess of 90 years.
Charming image of the grasping, disingenuous "Progressive"

Oh. Speaking of craven cowards. How exactly does that magic red button work?

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