Monday, January 31, 2011

And the Winner is "SKUNC"

Many thanks to all the contestants who entered. I hope you all had fun poking fun at the members of the "progressive" RINO unfaithful, deceitful wing of the GOP.

The winning entry was submitted by Guy S, proprietor of the blog Snugg Harbor.  Congratulations Guy. Check your email to find the more substantive thanks for providing me with what I consider to be the acronym with imagery that most closely fulfilled my request. 

Guy tried many entries until he struck on the acronym SKUNC. Guy played with variations on the words that comprise SKUNC, which is the essence of what wordplay is all about. When he came up with what I considered the leading candidate to win the contest, I encouraged him to rearrange the underlying he had so that no articles or prepositions were required. So he came up with
Statists Knowingly Undermining National Charters
shortly thereafter. This works because the drive to undermine all western nations so that they accept a global government appears to be the foremost common attribute all over the world. Like suddenly the words of John Lennon's Imagine -- "imagine no countries" -- are now permissible to incline towards, if not openly utter, everywhere around the globe. The fact that the "leaders" so represented stink of their duplicitous intentions, makes them all candidates for the label SKUNC.

Now, once we recognize that there are a wide number of national "leaders" so inclined, why not go on to the next step? Why not recognize that the SKUNCs are setting the stage to make their countries vassels of an international body?

Well, the current body that comes closest to that is the UN. Guy and I and Joan of Argghh! have found one formulation that is most agreeable to all three of us. We think that
Statists Kneeling to United Nations Control
pretty much provides a vivid  image of the international "dignitaries" bowing to the new world order and giving away their country's sovereignty by treaty. If the United States does that, a signed and ratified treaty could put its armed forces under the command of the UN or whatever new name the international body finally decides upon.That would provide the UN the clout it now lacks. No country on earth could withstand her, and that includes us in the U.S. of A.

To my mind, the Kneeling version pretty much describes the behavior of the as yet undeclared globalist leanings of those in ruling positions or high elective office around the globe. And so I personally recommend "Statists Kneeling to United Nations Control" to any and all who might care for a new descriptive acronym.

So far the only leaders who appear to be running against this trend toward a new, but now world-wide, collectivist government, are those in a good number of the former iron curtain countries of Eastern Europe. But that remains to be seen.

There are some very powerful people -- the type who cast but shadows on Plato's cave wall -- who are on the verge of achieving an ages old dream of world domination. Does anybody believe a few small bloc Eastern bloc nations, Switzerland, Singapore, and Taiwan, are going to resist this force, do you? Once the US has succumbed, all are doomed.

The "shadows" think that the only force that could stop them now does not exist. And if He does, well, why not force His hand and get it over with? We are witnessing the age of the truly arrogant and dangerous. I pray the bulk of us survive it. Innocent human life is sacred. Innocence should not be weighed based upon the usefulness of the life as subjectively determined by the human animal determinations management of they who seek to rule Earth.

We still do not have [Update: we do] a special name for the "progressive" Statist members of the Republican Party for which RINO I find thoroughly inappropriate and laughable. It is their activity over which is most threatening. Should they vote with the Democrats, there would be enough votes to sign away United States Sovereignty under the treaty provisions of the US Constitution. Should they go far enough, they will give away to the UN body the full power of the US and its military. That would be the teeth for enforcement the UN currently lacks. For those traitors I've a special modifier for SKUNC that I plan on revealing tomorrow.

Let today belong to Guy S.

Statist Tools: One-Way Outrage

My title refers to the deliberate polarization of discourse, so that reasonable discussion becomes all but impossible. To me it is clearly straight out of the "divide and conquer" playbook, a climate where demagogues may too easily destabilize our society.  

Mike D'Virgilio, writing at The American Culture, believes that Elton John has revealed the True “Gay” Agenda. After providing us the raw evidence, Mr. D'Virgilio summarizes the message being sent:
In order to not be held in contempt by Elton John and his ilk (how very tolerant of them), I have to “respect” his lifestyle. I am forced to believe that the anal cavity is a sexual, um, receptacle, when it is obvious from nature that it exists to deposit bodily waste, or I am worthy of publically being the object of a vicious vulgarity. And not only that, but the one who hurls such an insult can be “cheered wildly”.

Those who happen to believe that homosexuality is not only unnatural, but immoral, whether that is on religious grounds or not, are accused here of saying that homosexuals are not human. I am a Christian, and I don’t believe such a thing and I don’t know of any Christian who believes such a thing. But such sentiments stated have one purpose, and that is to demonize; ironically it is to itself dehumanize.

You can see very clearly here the real agenda of homosexuals and their supporters. Either we accept their moral standards, or we will be considered societal and social pariahs.

At the end, Mr. D'Virgilio gets very close to voicing the point I'm making -- that this is another Statist tool -- but doesn't quite state it that way. He concludes:
If the very nature of marriage is redefined in [law by elitists on high], the liberty of a huge segment of the American people will be effectively nullified, which is exactly what they want.

I was going to suggest to Mr. D'Virgilio that what he saw revealed was much more than the the true gay agenda, but the ever more rapid unfolding of the Statist agenda. Indeed, his antecedent for "they" in that last paragraph were "the progressives and the left and the elitists."  But the casual reader could too easily believe "they" are the gays rather than the bigger fish. And that would miss the larger message revealed by his efforts.

I wanted to say "Mr. D'Virgilio, why not go on to the next step and see how this reveals the misanthropic agenda that so few in power dare admit?"  The number of onslaughts on America are now coming in quick successions. Those exploiting the homosexual community, by staging such  vulgar and over-the-top self parody, are quite literally what they are meant to be: shock troops. Stunning. If they have the desired effect on our larger society -- to paralyze us by its audacity -- then we are more readily overwhelmed by the other onslaughts on our liberty.

That last emphasized statement I held off for this blog. It was too off topic and potentially controversial to introduce in a comment at another man's blog.

Instead, I wrote out the following that I hoped exposed the same thoughts so that he might arrive at the same conclusion. My humility inclines me to believe I have little chance at success, and will almost certainly expose myself to angry rebuttals (at best), but I pray I helped him what I see.

This is why sarcasm is dead. It is virtually impossible to parody what is itself a parody of life.

Homosexual love, with or without any explicit act, produces no new life. Mr. John wants to share in the respect society has reserved for those who endure the whole task -- the joy, pain, cost and effort -- to look to build the next generation by their love without making that commitment himself.

It's even worse because Mr. John demands respect from those to whom he grants none. What do I mean by that? Note that Mr. John has no harsh words for those on his side who regularly hurl the bigoted slur "breeder." It appears in signs and in comments at gay events, yet one never hears a word of reproach of such bigotry except in mock reproach.

The one way street demands of extremists once were easy to parody. When counter-cultural warriors regularly make a parody of the lifestyles they claim to champion, what avenue is left to cultural defenders?

The technique that Blaise Pascal pioneered, that led to the freeing of the human mind, has been neutralized. The parody of his lifestyle that Mr. John and company exploits is a broad copy of celebrity roasts wherein targets learn to develop both callouses to incoming criticism and a callousness in being critical. The old court jester's purpose employed in postmodern times. Thus, they have developed immunity to parody by going beyond the parody and embracing it. And then they are free to go on the attack themselves against their critics, real and imagined.

I surmise that what we are witnessing here is just another effort to put out of bounds certain thoughts. One thought attacked after the other. It is the deliberate attempt to close down freedom of thought. Such repression is regressive on its face, the trademark tactic some call PC -- that I've relabeled as Political Cowering -- that is the "Progressive" way.

The respect Mr. John demands is but one step removed from the respect demanded by a misanthrope. "I hate people, and you display your bigotry by not showing any respect for my anti-human agenda." *

(*That's a topic too long to explore in a comment that is already too long, but it is the next step the Incrementalists have moved on to. That aggression is frequently exposed to criticism at my blog.)

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Andrew Klavan has another humorous demonstration about where good liberal intentions are leading.

But Mr. Klavan only suggests all this in biblical terms and images. I've no idea why he did not connect the Hell he is suggesting to the Hell on Earth so many other humans had to endure in the past and even today as subjects of Leftist tyranny.

So I will take it that extra step. Ironically, it will be the Left who'll be the most unprepared. Pray for them when you pray for America and yourselves. Honestly, they know not what they do.

When the liberals and Leftists are no longer needed, they will be chewed up by the all powerful state they helped create. 

When the false promises fail, as they must, the most visible Leftists will be sacrificed as scapegoats. The process is so progressive regressive that it's positively pagan. This follows from the premise that the total state is infallible and the "there are no enemies on the Left" doctrine. 

The schnooks will be demonized as counterrevolutionary fascists, forced to confess, and then imprisoned, brutally punished, and slowly and painfully killed. It may even be broadcast live as there will no longer be need to hide these practices. Their consequences will serve as warnings to all the rest of the subjects. 
"Be still, accept your fate, and we may let you live a bit longer and without extra pain." 
The promise of The Terror will have come into its own.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fight the Advance of Stalin's Children: The Chinese Side

While I was searching for a version of the Soviet Story with English subtitles, I found this documentary/commentary on the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

In part 1, the theme is that the CCP essentially forced the formula that Power Seeking = Struggle, and Struggle = Violence

It represents misanthropy on unprecedented scale. Merciless seems lacking to describe it.

Of the 100 million methodical murders of subjects under Leftist rule during the 20th Century, an estimated 65 million were Chinese.

Think of a multibillionaire who thinks nothing of wasting 100s of millions of dollars. Then think of those seeking to rule our world with its 7 billion people. What do you think they will they do with their "surfeit" of subjects? They never tire of showing us.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fight the Advance of Stalin's Children, Updated

My apologies Readers 

Although this version is narrated in English, it has subtitles that ARE NOT IN ENGLISH as was the original that I'd posted about before. There are several segments in this one wherein Russian and other speakers are not understandable because the subtitles are in another language other than English.

As you view the one below, you miss out on too much of the narrative to carry the story -- and so the film loses much of its effectiveness.

I will continue to search for the return of the English subtitled version of this film that I'd seen before. I will update this thread again when I do.

Thanks for your understanding.

The videos of the astounding documentary film, The Soviet Story, has become available again. This time it is in two parts so that maybe it won't overload this host's servers.

Part 1
[There are videos that may not appear in some feed streams. Click through to the blog to see them.]

Part 2

For my commentary on this film, and why viewing it is important for our times, please go to my original post Fight the Advance of Stalin's Children.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ameristocracy Targeting TJICs

In comments to my post inspired by the "I am TJIC" campaign, I was driven to think about stunning new challenges that the American citizen is facing. We are living witness to the buildup of unprecedented top-down edicts and concomitant restriction on individual rights. The destruction of our culture and its nurturing of good leaders is the cause, but it's not yet fully destroyed in those who remember our ethical legacy.

What prompted this were comments by an anonymous troll, who fashions himself as speaking for "your betters."

The interchange which followed led me to the following observation:
I'm not the type who'd file a complaint about the threat [to me by the troll], but someone must have in Travis' case. [Is there any doubt that the Feds prodded locals to act on their behalf?]

In 1993, Clinton signed the Omnibus Crime Bill which, IIRC, made a capital crime out of killing a number of (~100 different) Fed elected officials and bureaucrats. That made them a protected class under Fed law -- as if local laws were insufficient. I do not recall if "threats" real or imagined was included in that law.

So, maybe this is what Cowardly Threatener meant by our "betters." They're protected better. So the Left, which favors large govt, gets to threaten us explicitly without being hassled, but the Right is threatened by the govt who lodges complaints over imaginary threats.

Og, doesn't there seem to be a post developing here about the unequal treatment under the law lending itself to effectively SUSTAINING an American aristocracy? Look -- anyone not anointed by the political system to be allowed to run for office, or be in their
recognized media, CANNOT speak a harsh word against anyone in government lest it be construed as threatening.

Sounds like a Catch 22 doesn't it? That's some catch, yes-sirree. 

Og, the Neanderpundit, God bless him, DID write  "its good to be king" in a justly inspired post today. Pray that others take up this theme. Here's why.

Our "public servants" -- formerly our equals -- have written laws to make a protected class of themselves. They have special standing before the law* and are seeking more of it. They have, in their own minds, risen above their station of, posh, "public servant," to rule over their former masters (the citizen).

Watch for them to write new laws and seek special treatments for themselves that would sustain their new elevation. Making of themselves an American aristocracy, or Ameristocracy. It a concept that even sounds criminal.

TJIC is ANYONE who dares speak against their seizing of power beyond the limits written in our constitution.And there are a lot of us. They are fearful of losing all that they've schemed to achieve by any and all means available. It's like the Godfather ethic. To them "It's only business." Maybe this is why Eric Holder rounded up all old Italian mob bosses.)

Hence, they are targeting all TJICs.

"Thank you very much for identifying yourselves" is the next campaign of intimidation to expect from their lapdog media Administry of Lies. Thus, as Og wisely sees, this nascent Ameristocracy is  behooving us to speak out loudly.

Let's kill the notion of Ameristocracy in its incubator before they arrange our demise.

* A protected class with special standing are the people whom my mentor, Blaise Pascal, helped bring low. He used sarcasm to embarrass the "betters" of his time into backing off. His efforts succeeded decades after his death. The Age of Reason ensued.

Our "betters" are shameless, so Pascal's methods no longer work. The type of people Pascal helped bring down are about to reclaim their crown. If you don't like that, recognize what has happened and keep this history lesson in mind. Sarcasm is dead. Use real emotive words, even new ones that convey the sudden and varying threats clearly, and not doublethink words, while you still may.

Reprise: The Jackal Speaks Tonight♫

Published last year, I thought this might be appreciated by those who've just about had enough. So here it comes again!

Ee-e-e-yikes, wot-a-bum
Ee-e-e-yikes, wot-a-bum

In the congress, the dreadful congress
The jackal speaks tonight
In the congress, the cupid* congress
The jackal speaks tonight

Obama-bum, Obama-bum, Obama-bum, Obama-bum
Obama-bum, Obama-bum, Obama-bum, Obama-bum
Obama-bum, Obama-bum, Obama-bum, Obama-bum
Obama-bum, Obama-bum, Obama-bum, Obama-bum

For the pillage, the dreadful pillage
The jackal speaks tonight
For the pillage, the stupid pillage
The jackal speaks tonight

Obama-bum, Obama-bum, Obama-bum, Obama-bum
Obama-bum, Obama-bum, Obama-bum, Obama-bum
Obama-bum, Obama-bum, Obama-bum, Obama-bum
Obama-bum, Obama-bum, Obama-bum, Obama-bum

Hush my darlings, don't gripe my darlings
The jackal speaks tonight
Trash my darlings, s'no dream my darlings
The jackal speaks tonight

Obama-bum, Obama-bum, Obama-bum, Obama-bum
Obama-bum, Obama-bum, Obama-bum, Obama-bum
Obama-bum, Obama-bum, Obama-bum, Obama-bum
Obama-bum, Obama-bum, Obama-bum, Obama-bum

Ee-e-e-yikes, wot-a-bum
Ee-e-e-yikes, wot-a-bum

For those who don't know the tune, here is a demonstration.

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Administry of Lies

Do you know what problem I have with using the term Ministry of Lies to refer to what remains of the ostensibly independent institution we call the Fourth Estate in America?

No, not that it is Orwellian. That's the Ministry of Truth. The Ministry of Truth was that institution of information in George Orwell's novel 1984. It was referred to by its Newspeak/doublethink nickname, MiniTrue,  by most every character in the story. It was the institution through which the State determined what minimum of truth would be disseminated by the rulers.

No, and it's not because I am now resigned to avoid engaging in Newspeak -- that's too Politically Cowed for me.  The press lies. Lies. LIES. So what use is sarcasm like "ministry of truth?" None. May as well call it as it is: the Ministry of Lies is fine from a truth stand-point.

The problem I have with Ministry of Lies is that it is too British. America does not have ministers and ministries. America has representatives and administrative departments that are separate from the legislative branch of government. Alas, we did at one time, at least to some extent. But now the Fourth Estate has wholly dissolved into an undeclared agent of the government itself. It is the number one institution that widely delivers the propaganda that the administration wants to be spread. So I've struck upon a new name for the institution that controls all professional denizens of the press.

The old fourth estate once loved to poke fun at elected officials. And it wasn't just Will Rogers and H.L.Mencken, it was just about everyone. Nobody could be sure who in the press would go after them, from members of the Senate onto every other representative from the Prez on down to the local dog catcher -- as in "you wouldn't even elect him for dog catcher."

But our damn Fourth Estate Administry of Lies will not discuss, let alone ridicule, how our public servants are acting like aristocrats. Ameristocracy even sounds like a crime.

More on this (as prompted by Idiot Anonymous, upon whom I bestowed the pseudonym Cowardly Threatener since he lacked the courage to provide even a pseudonym of his own) beginning here, on another day.

**Update by Editor**
In later posts Pascal Fervor began using Agency of Lies instead of Administry of Truth, and much for the same reason stated above -- administry still sounded too British, plus it was clunky. The shortest explanation as to why.he sought to get a more direct label for the agitprop media was that he saw that we were not an Orwellian world quite yet, and felt it best that he speak the truth while he still could.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Too Funny Not To Share With Everyone

Obligatory Hitler Finds Out Olbermann Was Fired Video
Especially funny was when, trembling, Hitler peels off his eyeglasses. I'd seen this segment in many other spoofs, but it was this time also thinking "Olbe?" that set me off in a storm of laughter.

The lines written for this one may even get my newest anonymous commenter "Cowardly Threatener" to laugh.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Remember Patton's Dictum...

and then post this warning:

Question: What's Patton's Dictum?
Answer: For those who insist on further explanation, assume they are the other poor dumb bastards.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fear the Higher Authority You Arrogant Despots

I have legitimate esprit de corps concerns about the use of the following scene from Spartacus as an stand-alone emblem to represent the exemplary protest by the blogs to the trampling of the first and second Amendment rights of TJIC.

That is not good enough. I humbly suggest that THIS needs be added.

Here is why. That first scene represents the final act of defiance of the last truly free men in the Roman world.

Understand what it was that defeated Spartacus. Betrayals.

The wealthy patrician and tyrant wannabe, Crassus, had been defeated by Spartacus on the battle field.

Spartacus purchased ships to transport his army off the hated Italian peninsula. They were awaiting those ships at the port of Brundusium.

Someone had betrayed this arrangement to Crassus, and he offered the pirates more money not to show up.

Spartacus and his men were left, depleted of food and water, and trapped between the Roman army and the sea. They were NOT defeated in battle, but were forced to surrender to their duplicitously engineered fate.

You must see that it was not their spirit which had betrayed them, just as it is not our American spirit which would betray us. It was their believing that somehow they could beat the establishmentarian web of corruption by their valor alone. They were betrayed on every level but one. They did not appeal to a higher authority. It was an authority to which they were unaware, as this was roughly 100 years before Jesus.

My problem with the scene alone is that it represents a final, last ditch defiance to deprive the crown-seeking Crassus his trophy -- Spartacus in defeat -- to parade in chains back at Rome.

I sure-as-shooting pray that the majority who wish to stand in support of Travis Corcoran's rights are nowhere near surrendering.

Unlike Spartacus's army, we CAN appeal to a higher authority. We remnants of the English speaking world's freedom, we have been suffering the consequences from the postmodern equivalent of “the murder of the male children,” along the lines of Pharoah and Herod. But this remnant is a strong one, and we know these demigods have feet of clay. And are cowards to boot. 

Have faith that our appeal will be granted. Freedom is not free. More...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

With The Mouth, Everything Is Easy

And of all people, you know that President Obama.

Under the all too convenient headline Obama, Hu spar over human rights, hail econ ties (AP) we are informed of "a rare concession" by the Chinese.
AP - Chinese President Hu Jintao declared Wednesday that "a lot still needs to be done" to improve his country's record on human rights, a rare concession that came after President Barack Obama asserted that such rights are "core views" among Americans.

Dear "leaders," I could not help but notice a lack of ways in which that will be accomplished.
With the mouth, everything is easy.
Mouthing a broad "concession" is even easier.

Do you suppose Minitrue Agency of Lies* is conveying to us that we should be proud of this new, tough guy, Obama?

Yep -- I think that's the game here. Mintrue The Agency of Lies* has been handed the monumental task of making our version of dear leader look far tougher than his bowing head otherwise proves. 

[In later years Pascal began using Agency of Lies because he saw that we were not an Orwellian world quite yet, and felt it best that he speak the truth while he still could. -- ed.]

They May Eat You Last...

... But They Will Still Eat You.

At AoSHQ we see Monty expressing this reality is a slightly more subtle way. In Lefty union-loving magazine owner hoist by own petard, Monty explains the lead in to a coup de gras.
  • Harper's magazine is the New Yorker for people who find The Atlantic too gauche.
  • Liberal and Luddite owner John MacArthur eschews modern technology including the web.
  • Resultant losses had MacArthur laying off UAW organized workers.
  • MacArthur has slathered praise before on the UAW, including "the country’s best and traditionally most honest mass labor organization."
  • ...
  • Monty concludes much as I began: "It's all liberal solidarity until your own employees turn on you, isn't it, Mr. MacArthur?" 
For the rest as implied by the elipsis point above, go to the link above that.

Postscript: The lesson here applies not only to liberals who one day awaken and find themselves being mugged. There are conservatives among us who are conservative in ways other than in support of higher principles. How? "Damn you Pascal: now you're rocking my boat. Shut Up!"

Monday, January 17, 2011

Old Line Republicans

Republicans who still follow the old party line, right or wrong, may be even more dangerous to our liberties than are the liberals who are similarly tied to the Democrats.


Because they still fall in line with every POS talk show host (e.g., the craven Medved) who finds something nice to say about our current Marxist in the White House.

Because they still will follow the lead of members of the NRSC and donate to anti-TEA party RINOs SKUNCs, and vote for those Dem protectors.

Because they will turn on you faster than a mad dog should you question their sound judgment.

I have more hope in swerving a few liberals over to the conservative point of view than I have for old line Republicans who haven't had a fresh thought since Herbert Hoover. The only reason they voted for Ronald Reagan -- because he could WIN.

These jackasses would not know a principle if it was what kept their own hardened heart beating.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Left Thinks Killing Children Is Funny -- Again!

Parent: .."there will be 'huge shortages' of classroom space in lower Manhattan in coming years."

School Chancellor: .."Dropped jaws at the meeting by likening her task of satisfying space-crunch concerns in every neighborhood to making 'many Sophie's Choices.' "
IOW, if there's not enough room, she may to choose to send to the gas chambers one out of every two students.

The above interchange is extracted from the NY Post.

For a reminder as to how the hard-Left thinks killing children is funny, let's review that 10-10 No Pressure "gem" again.
Content Warning!
You may not wish to click this link for a number of reasons. Please read the following before you do.

The video in question links to an extremely graphic advertisement that the radical Greens made for BBC TV with tax dollars and support from a whole gamut of international corporations including Sony.
The video was so bad it never aired on the BBC. It was that off-the-charts indecent. You may not even want to read the following description.
The opening scene features a sparkling, lovable school mistress.
She is encouraging her class to participate in the 10-10 campaign to reduce greenhouse gas production.
She surveys her class as to who will participate.
To those who demure, she shrugs "No Pressure; your choice."
Then unexpectedly, she presses a magic button that blows up 2 students, shocking everyone in the room except the teacher. School mistress remains as cheerful as ever.
This scene is followed by 3 more scenes in which about 1 in 5 are similarly blown to bits, showering the remains on all in the room.
In no uncertain terms the 10-10 Campaign Ad intimated murderous intolerance was coming to those who refuse to be convinced by the CAGW propaganda. Or rather not merely propaganda in this instance, but outright intimidation -- a warning of violently bloody and sudden murder.
Maybe the Left really thinks this is funny because they've become inured to such atrocity but will not admit it openly. They flatly deny it even as their think tanks promote negative populations. And the subjugated "Fourth Estate" will never challenge them for their denial not matching their policy goals.

And maybe the Left thinks this is funny, because as members of the Right see this ad -- even as they are disgusted by it, the Right too will become inured to such mayhem.

It is even very possible the Left wants the Right to forget its decency and become as bad as they are. Were they to succeed in that, that might be the biggest tragedy of all.

Ok, now that you've been warned as to the downside of viewing this assault on decency, and you think you can withstand the assault on your own decency, go ahead and click on the above link.

Meanwhile, the hard-left (and even the dumbest of liberals) are still trying to project onto the Right the Left's own blame for provoking Jared Loughner.
Loughner's target was a Blue Dog Democrat who wasn't hard enough Left for the radicals.
The Daily Kos blog had Congress member's district under a gun-sight.
Unlike Sarah Palin's use of targets, the Kos screed went a major step further by proclaiming that Giffords "was dead to me."
That had been preceded by Chris Matthews broadcasting that Obama needs an OKC incident.
Loughner bought his gun shortly after that.

Hey liberals wake up!
Look who it is who keeps invoking images of violence from positions of power (and then backpeddling by claiming they're joking time after time like "you're stupid or something?"). It is your "friends" hard to your left who hide behind your good intentions. 


Friday, January 14, 2011

Fundamental to Understanding America's Founders

Think of this as a prequel to yesterday's commentary American Founders Suspicious of Power Seekers.

Princes and governments are far more dangerous than other elements within society.   Niccolo Machiavelli

To those who would label you as dangerous because you are suspicious of those in government, here's your retort.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

American Founders Suspicious of Power Seekers

In an update to his recent post, Fran Porretto highlights the Left spinning news of events for political gain. I sought out and found a video which goes further than that. It proves the depravity of the hard Left. They eagerly wished for tragic events with which its propaganda arms might pummel the Right.

The following are an more extensive version of my comments to Fran and DebS.
1. On Leftist demagoguery: Providing proof of your charge
“Opportunist politicians are seeking, ineptly but determinedly, to use it as a Reichstag fire moment,”
we have this video of Presidential adviser Mark Penn’s words being enthusiastically received by Chris Matthews in which Penn says.
"Remember: President Clinton reconnected through Oklahoma.... Obama needs a similar, a similar kind of act."

2. On seeking to turn the Right’s sense of decency against itself: Your update is important in how it highlights how the Left will attack every point of weakness, don any disguise, to shut down opposition to their accumulation of power. I will seek to use it to amplify my recent graphic warnings and to encourage many more to fight Leftist and Statist goals.

The current rapid growth of power in Washington (or in any nascent globalist entity) they seek to run must be fought. The hard Left are Stalin’s children, and are on the road to making Stalin’s megalomania look tame by comparison.

3. Re DebS “When...has there been no suspicion of government?”: With the 20th Century's legacy of over 100 million systematic murders of subjects under Leftist rule, the world ought to be grateful for, and embracing of, America’s founders being suspicious of those who seek power over all God’s children. The mocking by Leftists and SKUNCs of all those who are suspicious of government growth is hardly reassuring. Limits on government in order to reduce the governments' allure to criminals is what makes America different from all other thugocracies.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Shameless Partisanship

Just when you thought, prayed even, that common decency might have a chance for a come-back, TrueblueNZ informs us in detail how America has not yet seen a limit to how low the usual suspects are willing to go.
Mourners greeted by campaign slogans draped on backrests

Fight the Advance of Stalin's Children

A couple days ago I posted a link to Kevin Baker's Smallest Minority Posting that featured the Blip.TV version of the documentary film, The Soviet Story. Since then, the video has been pulled (probably due to its large size and demand on their servers. There have been other versions posted on YouTube that were broken up into 14 and 15 segments and thus not so demanding, but YouTube pulled them due to copyright issues. 

Here is a Link to a clip containing 5 minutes of segments that I hope will provoke my readers to seek out the whole thing -- with English subtitles.
(This may be the 6th time I've come back to update this link. Youtube keeps shutting down even short clips. The Leftists simply can't stand it. Should you believe that Youtube only has copyright infringements in mind, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I can sell  you for a song. -- 10/30/11)

The following is another link I found 10/30/11 that is about 14 minutes long.
[There is a video below that may not appear in some feeds. Please click through to view it.]

This is an important film. It's terribly revealing of more than just the atrocities on display and anti-human policies affirmed. Also exposed is that those polices are not only not repented in Russia today, but we discover them echoed in the rhetoric issued by today's hard Left. (10/30/11: Pay close attention to the clip beginning at 9:40 to hear an old darling of the Left. Note how closely his words match today's radical Greens.)

What remains horrifying to your humble author is the unforgivable blinders worn by, and silence from, just about all American institutions, notably the Fourth Estate. It took this film to detail the story of the atrocities of the Soviet Union and show us the honoring of the perpetrators by Russia today. Bad enough. Then go on to contemplate how much this story has gone under-reported in the West. It is scandalous to say the least.

As you might guess by reading the subheading of this blog up above, none of this is very surprising to me. But I know from experience a large majority of my friends and family do not want to hear it. "You're just over reacting."  Damn the silence by our ostensible leaders. Their decades long silence reveals too well why I say, based upon the hard Left's now brazenly open attitude, that the United States has fostered the growth of dangerous monsters inside its softhearted liberal, "tolerant" society.

Please God prevent Stalin's Children from coming to full power.
With Thanks to KG at Crusader Rabbit

The complete video, but without English subtitles (where they were useful in the original that I'd posted), can still be found here: Fight the Advance of Stalin's Children, Updated

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Big Lie Campaign Demonizing Dissenters

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” -- Joseph Goebbels.

First, let me make a distinction between the Left and modern liberals. I've known too many former liberals who became conservatives after finding themselves betrayed by strident Leftists. They may still persist in believing much that they may call their idealism, but getting them to become aware of where their idealism is fallacious needs be a lesson for another day. They may become dissenters and allies if the rest of us give them a fair chance. Better, they will help defeat the Big Lie campaign, and that is far more important.

The Left's demonization of the Right fits in with The Big Lie concept. It charges conservatives and movements like the TEA party with every image it can dream up. It then repeats them over and over again until the lies gain the respect of truth. The Left needs to divide all dissenters to their own power-mad rush to power, so that the formation of strong alliances against them are obstructed. To achieve that, they need demonize all dissenters to each other. (Libs and Cons can never get along, right?) If they can keep the dissenters divided -- that's the best thing of all. That is because the Right is where the principles that ennoble that dissent are found. The Right is the natural home for those who wish to shrink the size of government (not tear it down as the Liars say) and thereby reduce the threat from all encompassing Statism.

Modern liberals tend to be softhearted souls. Maybe chief in their self-image is the idea that not "being judgmental" makes them a better person, and that judgmental people are less so. Into that small wedge, in many cases simply a misunderstanding, all sorts of demonizing has proceeded.

But, as it slowly dawns on liberals that that the Leftists are the diametric opposite of them, the Big Lie campaign will have convinced them that the Right is even less safe. They will believe the lie. Many already do. They will remain frozen in place, or become informers to the State. They will inform on people who were actually serving them and their country well. That is the fact of the nature of a world of the Big Lie: good is bad, up is down. Have you seen much of that lately?

This is why Goebbels ended his lecture with  " the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

Therefor, I suspect the best defense is not in directly denying that conservatives are the danger. That's because denials begins to sound like a matter of differing opinion rather than of a determination of what is factual, and a suspicion of truth inheres with the denial.  
Worse: In denying the lie, the target repeats the lie. Then the propagandists repeats the lie in their targets own words, adding that to the Big Lie campaign. See this anecdote by Fran Porretto if  further understanding is needed.

My conviction is that instead of concentrating on defense, it is a far better use of our time to go on offense. As the Left is exposed as repeatedly lying, it won't take long for the public to see the Left as the real threat.

There is more than enough evidence to show the Big Lie is being waged. Show it.

  • Point out what the Big Lie is. 
  • Show how the Big Lie has been implemented and picked up by Leftist voices. 
  • Hold up a mirror up for people to see the menacing faces of the Big Liars engaged in the campaign. 

Where the blogs have been doing this -- pass that along. It. Is. Important.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Mayhem and Statist Agit-Prop:

"One death is a tragedy; a million merely a statistic." - Joe Stalin

While some of us were walking on eggs awaiting the smoke to clear from the scene of Saturday's  mayhem in Tucson, the usual suspects on the Left were out in force blaming the conservatives and the TEA party movement and anything that moves on the Right.

As the story becomes clearer, we find that the madman was associated more with the Left. We also find that the Sheriff, a Democrat, who was among the first to ring the hate-the-Right bell, appears to have been doing some shift-the-focus CYA: he had prior knowledge of the madman issuing death threats  and did not act on it.

Agit-prop, Agitate and propagandize, is the planned disruption of normal life, expecting a reaction, or staging excessive one if the desired type of reaction does not materialize, and then pointing out the outrageousness of the reactions over and over again, counting upon help from friends in the press to propagate the propaganda campaign far and wide.

With the current episode, the Left had been looking for another Oklahoma City so Obama might make gains as did Clinton after his mid-term fiasco of 1994. So they just moved in while the gun smoke was still in the air, and made up lies to propagate. A big lie campaign. Will the blogs be able to defeat them alone? (Fox News' Roger Ailes seems to have no stomach for the battle).

Nowadays the entire Fourth Estate is either part of the act or under the thumb of those who are, so now it's up to blogs like this one  to expose the game.

More popular blogs than this one are actively doing that.

Here's my contribution to the deeper implications of this chaotic news cycle.

The Statists who want power will be actively pushing bills aimed at further conditioning of Americans into fearing individuals.

Individuals, by themselves, whether a lone madmen like this one, or a gang of thugs who terrorize whole neighborhoods such as some here in Los Angeles, ARE NOTHING COMPARED TO WHAT A THUGGISH STATE IS CAPABLE OF DOING.

The Left and some SKUNCs in the GOP and the bulk of the press, and some "conservative" talkshow hosts, will focus on the tragedy of the mayhem in Tucson.
  • But they will remain silent about the legacy of 100 million murders of subjects of communist rule in the last century.
  • They will remain silent about on-going planned mass starvation of 50% of the population of Zimbabwe under bloody Marxist Robert Mugabe.  
  • They will remain silent to what the subheading in my masthead refers: The anti-human desire by well-funded Utilitarian nutcases who believe that non-useful human beings should not be alive because their continued existence will either starve the rest of us (the moral imperative of the Malthusian nutcases) or irreversibly pollute and deplete the planet (the moral imperative of the Green nutcases).

The indispensable Kevin Baker, by way of Dr. Sanity, has an 85 minute video posted* about the 20 million civilian mass murders committed by Joseph Stalin. If someone as knowledgeable about self-defense as Kevin can state "the thing that I didn't understand before is that mass murder isn't a bug of Marxism, it's a feature,'' perhaps there is hope.

There is hope that more intelligent writers around the world will have the clouds lifted from their vision after seeing this documentary.

Understand America and the World: The Left are Stalin's Children. They're determined on the road to make his megalomania look tame by comparison. 

**** Update ****
The embedded video at the above link has been pulled by Blip.TV. A worthwhile small segment and further discussion may be found here: Fight the Advance of Stalin's Children.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Media Continues Its Downward Spiral

In the L.A.Times yesterday appeared HHS and EPA will recommend lower fluoride levels in water supply:

The Department of Health and Human Services and the Environmental Protection Agency said Friday that they will recommend lowering the amount of fluoride in public water supplies because most people are now getting large quantities of the protective agent from other sources, including toothpaste, mouthwashes, prescription supplements and fluoride applied by dental professionals. As a consequence, some children's teeth are becoming mottled because of overexposure to fluoride. [emphasis added]

Well. Duh.

 I always counseled my kids: "Spit out the toothpaste. Don't swallow it. It will mottle your teeth."

My eldest and wise-acrest of offspring would have told you that more than 20 years -- after finding out the hard way that my warnings were well founded.
And after all these years later, that one still has mottled teeth.
My youngest does not have the problem.

I knew to warn my kids because this has been known for years before that.

But today, the L.A. Times writes this like it's NEWS. Not daring to declare their masters in government liars or even incompetent. They write it as if it's a sudden discovery.

Minitrue (the Fourth Estate now wholly suck-ups to govt) -- you are a worthless POS.

Friday, January 07, 2011

Corrupted Literature

In the news lately was the fact that portions of our literary heritage have been cleansed of troubling words. Huckleberry Finn was already bowdlerized by removing the N word. I forgot what was new recently, but that is relatively less important than other forms that are less noticeable.

I once had a discussion (more than a decade ago) where an anti-theist challenged me about troubling passages in the Bible. He had made an assertion for which I researched the answer, and then refuted. He then disputed my results by presenting me with an on-line version of my source. In the online version of the source, two words had been reversed in order, changing the meaning completely. I showed him the old printed text that had the proper order. It was against his druthers for my old copy to be right, but the printed version made more sense in context with the remaining commentary. At best, that error would leave the honest reader confused. For the skeptic, it provided more fodder for attack -- as was the case here.

Recently, when searching for some phrases in C. S. Lewis' The Abolition of Man, [alternate found at] I found another error that could leave the reader wholly lost due to the alteration of a single letter!
Instinct, by the only known reality of conscience and not a reduction of conscience to the category of Instinct. [highlighted: error in the online text]

Instinct, by the inly known reality of conscience and not a reduction of conscience to the category of Instinct. [highlighted: as printed in the original]
Now, this is likely due to spell checking by the publisher's aid. But the "correction" should have been caught and restored. Our contemporary world thinks of spelling errors as relatively unimportant. As the above passage demonstrates, that is not always true. Maybe it's all Lewis' fault for using such a non-standard adverb. He should have anticipated the future better than he did. (I hope my readers see the irony in that sarcasm aimed at his critics.)

Folks. It would be wise to preserve all your old hard-copy books. Because the memory hole is not only due to deliberate destruction, it comes about due to poor supervision of doltish contemporary scribes clerks. If you want the future to have to reinvent less "wheels," be more protective of our heritage in your possession if you can.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Machinations of the Super-Moral

Urban Legend #1: The ACLU does not like Police.
"We'd like a police officer on every corner. Then we could close the prisons." [emphasis added]
Quoted, to the best of my recollection of a conversation roughly twenty years old, of an executive member of the ACLU in stating her organization's goals to me. I detected not a bit of irony nor disparagement of my concerns. Simply speaking, she was conveying a liberal stance she believed to her core was the right course for society. I have no doubt as to her sincerity. What I always doubted was that she could have ever thought badly of the people who had convinced her such a goal was good. She was, at the time, the mother of two. I got the impression she had not thought out the long term consequences well at all. Consequences for herself, or her children and the world they'd inherit.

What prompted the recollection of the ACLU's wish for omnipresent police -- and my recounting of it today -- was this story noted by Drudge: Drone may be coming to Miami-Dade
Howard Simon, the executive director of the ACLU of Florida approves of the drones but also advocates strict regulation of the drones. "Technology: there's no reason not to embrace technology if it makes the streets safer, if it helps the police. The concern is, though, that every new technology also has within it the capacity to threaten people's privacy," he said. [emphasis added]
The two sentences of Mr Simon's quote represents the goals and the consequences -- split into two separate thoughts. The details of how the second thought might substantiate, and used by whom, was what was ignored by old my friend. The ACLU is thoroughly Marxist in its origins, and you know the history of Marxism. Anyone who thinks that the last sentence was only rhetorical eyewash (and it is that too, on a simple level) needs to do more research on the organization.

I can explain why the ACLU stance is threatening. But I bet there are wise people in your local neighborhood who could help you explain it in local terms.

It involves the Left's love for power; its hiding behind liberal softheartedness. And it's dependent upon the liberal's beliefs (assertions!) that: man is basically good; that poverty, the result of unequal outcomes, is the sole cause of crime; and that social justice requires society to pay for those inequities. And this will be done by empowering those with a super-moral commitment. Hence the Left's love of modern liberalism. And, hence, the Statist's love for and protection of the Left. (Conservatives: convince a "liberal" of this, and you've birthed a new conservative.)

I wished to keep this introduction to the sort of thinking short. Please question me, rhetorically if necessary, so I will feel better that more people have come to understand the danger.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Rebrand the RINOs Contest Ends 31 Jan 2011

As you know, I've been pretty happy with what I consider the lead entry, SKUNCs, in my Fun Contest for Conservatives -- $100 Top Prize.
  • S:     Statist, Subversive, Socialist
  • K:    Knowingly, Kleptocrat
  • U:    Undermining, usurping 
  • NC:  Nation & Constitution, National Constitution, National Charters
The variety of underlying words that come to mind reveals the versatility of this acronym. After all, the most common concern amongst conservatives is that our theme of smaller government living within constitutional limits are constantly being betrayed by "RINOs." About the only drawback for me with SKUNC is that it fits sold-out villains in every sovereign Western style nation (pace Mark Steyn: English speaking in particular), not just those who are members of the Republican Party.

It would simply be sad should American conservatives fail to compose a new and more accurate, vitriolic and imagery-filled acronym for the craven, disloyal, self-serving, anti-American global elitists who were formerly and mistakenly called RINOs. Because of American predominance in attaining a world freer than at any time in Earth's history, this group contains an important subset of these globalist subversives. Should  the globalists prevail, this group's treachery to their fellow homosapiens is far greater than that of other men, and so they have earned something more rotten than has yet been submitted.

The SKUNC entry was provided by GuyS of Snugg Harbor. He has requested that the contest be kept open until the end January.
"Perhaps with the passage of time, a few more folks will be inclined to submit something, especially once the new congress goes into session prompting folks to find new creative names for their congress critters."
It's hard to disagree with Guy that the prospects are (sadly) too great that new labels for the suspect miscreants may occur to you.

So, if one of you should provide an entry that surpasses Guy's, you can thank him for advancing the finish line so that you might finish first.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Managers HATE Leaders, Pétains HATE Pattons

I don't even know many of the names involved in the story: Navy fires Capt. Owen Honors over raunchy videos Yeah, Obama is the Prez, but this could have happened under Bush too.

I only know that the safety of the sailors on the USS Enterprise are the last thing the navy brass and the Joint Chiefs care about. The removal of Captain Honors, on the eve of ship deployment, for a morale boosting video "described as lewd and disturbing" -- disclosure of which had been public for months while the ship was being prepared -- smells like orders originating from SKUNCs. Undermining the morale of our country and our fighting men seems to be all that Washington DC is capable of in this generation of brass. They even had to have a spokesmouth deliver the bad news in the press. 

"He who is without sin" -- was it he who cast the first stone?  Not likely from what I've heard; but I did not check it out because it is believable as it matches the over-the-top holier-than-thou type.  The organization that allegedly was most "alarmed" by the video was an interest group that was in the forefront in having DADT ended. 

So, fresh from that victory, and full of themselves, they went after a bawdy video? What do you wanna bet that the leadership of that organization has appeared in the most in-your-face parades in public in NYC or San Franfreako? And even if he didn't, it is virtually unprecedented that he ever uttered a harsh word about his side's deliberately and fully public bawdy displays.

But then, I'd expect such hypocrisy from a Leftist organ like that. But not from the brass of our armed forces. From them I expect leadership that isn't cavalier about its enlisted men. America does not deserve rank managers seeking their next star. Whatever good they may have done in service for this county is now dead and of no consequence to,  lessen the evil of  the damage they're doing today. For these former heroes I am saddened; for the current wankers I have this wish: 
Your hypocrisy should turn rancid, turn inward, and choke you into a drool. Then you can drop dead in front of the whole world as a lesson, Those who follow, at least for a generation, would then know to avoid your slimy path.

Absent such divine intervention, should anything bad happen to the crew of the Enterprise in its new deployment, you and the Commander in Chief deserve a firing squad.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Atlas Shrugged Weapon Now Reality?

Falling birds likely died from massive trauma

I invoked the speculation of my title only because it's one that Minitrue the Agency of Lies has not yet tried to hype since this story broke.

In the CNN video at the link, the wiseacres there figured it was sly to mock all those who legitimately do not trust the government by posting one after another crackpot comment and video.

Bottom line: the Agency of Lies will be attempting, over and over again, to condition* us away from criticizing the agents in government. There are people in government who are disloyal to the American republic, and their comrades in the Agency of Lies are paid to divert criticism against them -- usually by personal attacks leveled against the critics. Fallacies in play: "ad hominem," "guilt by association," and "change the subject."

For those who don't know or are in need of recollection: in the title of this post I'm referring to the sonic weapon of Atlas Shrugged that the govt moochers had commandeered. Then they put its control in the hands of a dolt who refused to listen to warnings from the scientist who had invented it.

As I recall, the dolt inadvertently, and in a moment of pique, wiped out all life in a number of states.

So it is only natural for one to wonder what bird-brain caused the current mass animal deaths.

I'm pretty sure some apparatchik will scan the blog headlines, and not read the underlying message here, and then go on and use this headline as another example of extreme lunacy in response to the dead bird story.

****Update 4 Jan 2011****
Two things on Glenn Beck demonstrate how he is one step behind me.
  • Ca. 5 minutes into the 2nd hour: "Not going to wait for a leader. I will lead." (For a couple of months now I've had tagged onto all my streams "We Recognize and Encourage the Leader in You.")
  • Ca. 18 minutes into the 3rd hour of broadcast: "Maybe it was a sonic weapon" that killed the birds.
This reiterates something I've said since I first heard Rush. "He doesn't say something on air until something like it has been heard amongst conservatives in the general public. Rush, in filling the void created by the censors in establishment media, made a mint."

SKUNC Leading Entry in the Rebrand the RINOs Contest

It looks like most entrants seem to agree that SKUNC will be the winner.
It meets the criteria specified in the contest.
There have been no new entries for several days. 
About the only drawback I see is that SKUNC fits globalist villains in every sovereign nation, not just those who are members of the Republican Party.

Let's review.
  • S: Statist, Subversive, Socialist
  • K: Knowingly, Kleptocrat
  • U: Undermining, unprincipled, ugly, usurper, (updated from Joan of Argghh! comments)
  • NC: Nation & Constitution, National Constitution, National Charters

I've already used SKUNCs in the international form of Statists Knowingly Undermining National Charters* a few times. It felt good to have a single label that represented the concept even if it is not recognized in any households yet. But that's just me. Our side needs something better to describe the villains who promise us conservatism, but give us the finger once they get in power.

Extended family member #1 suggested SKURGE where URG is "Underminer in Republican Guise" and hasn't come up with what E represents other than the final e in guise. But this still has the problem associated with RINO in the first place -- it retains the word Republican.

I plan on keeping the contest open for a couple of more weeks. So spread the word some more. I'm surprised liberal trolls haven't come by and stuck their noses into this.

The definition that I finally adopted was the one highlighted in yellow above.
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