Wednesday, September 26, 2012

If You Believe Political Ignorance Resides Only In Liberals

then you never had a conversation like I just had with an old friend who was a Republican long before I was. Damn he's was so damn smug he no longer lives in California so that he doesn't have to worry about the risk of our state legislature being voted fraudulently 2/3 Democratic in a few weeks. [The democratic fraudulent voter registrations were institutionalized by "R" Secretary of State Bill Jones during his 8 years in office (ca. 1995-2002) and phoney "fair" redistricting put in place under the direction of "R" Governor Schwarzenegger.] 'But they were Republicans and that is all that matters.'

So smug, he laughed as he said "I voted with my feet." 

"You schmuck" I hollered, "You still have a house out here, and I know you don't want to sell it. How you gonna like it when the Dems use their 2/3's majority to eliminate Proposition 13 property tax limits and send you an enormous property tax bill, maybe retroactive, that you can't possibly pay?"

He hung up.

Did Romney Really Do This?

Because if he did, it's a striking departure from RINO behavior.

During a recent Romney campaign stop, a heckler from the audience hollered, "Hey Mitt Witt, where are you hiding your tax returns?

Governor Romney politely responded, "I've found a very secure place that I'm certain they won't be found."

The insistent heckler, then shouted, "And just where is that, dummy"?

Governor Romney smiled and said, "They are underneath Obama's college records, his immigration status as a student, and his funding sources to pay for college. What's your next question"?"

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Establishing a State Religion

When I was little I loved puzzles. Jigsaw puzzles especially. Though some of the pieces can be quite convoluted in shape, it's not unintentional that a good puzzle has many pieces that are bizarre in the same way, yet not any one fits into the position of any other. The task is to fit them all together in their proper place so that you can see the whole picture. (Were there a picture on the cover of the Obamacare bill,  there could be another joke Nancy Pelosi here. But let's not digress.)

Richard Fernandez put up a particularly striking post entitled "Be a Man" that requires only a bit of deeper thought to see the contrast he has set up between Judeo-Christian religions and what the Left and Statists are trying to replace them with. (G. K. Chesterton was right!)
What is the right and manful thing to do? These seem like questions out of an earlier age.

The striking thing about our modern and supposedly secular politically correct culture is just how religious it is. The concepts of piety and the sense of the sacred are still very much in evidence although other terms are used to describe them. In place of “blasphemy” we have the newfangled term “hate speech”. In place of “sin” we have “bigotry”. Where the word “Satan” was formerly applied we have “Romney”.  In place of well … Madonna says “like a prayer”. But it is the same dog with a different collar. Whereas in the past intellectuals complained that society was afflicted by pious women, today the intellectuals have themselves become the pious women.

There is apparently nothing that can be done to stem or suppress the religious instincts in man. They are as strong as ever. But perhaps some purpose can be served by recognizing it for what it is. There is no benefit in the self-deceptive act of pretending that Jesus and Moses are one thing, but somehow Xenu, Gaia and the Prophet Mohammed are another.
I believe Wretchard is implying, especially after viewing the comedian's video clip from which he borrowed the title for his post, that our would-be masters are adamant that none of us is being manly (responsible) unless we each cave into their demands no matter how bizarre and rights-stealing and just plainly not in the true interests of anyone of us. In order to scare us into believing that we will not like it when we don't let them have their way, but being cowards themselves, they are quite content to incite radical Jihadis to show us what we should fear. (They don't make union thugs like they used to; too well-to-do and living high off of government teets.)

Friday, September 21, 2012

Vote Swapping Pledge Part 3, Objections Answered

Darin, a fellow American commenter and frequent ally at the staunchly conservative New Zealand blog, Crusader Rabbit, has registered some objections to our campaign to generate more anti-Obama votes in swing (purple) states. If I recall correctly, Darin lives in a very Red state.
Jesus wept :roll
Is it really wise to presume for Him? Could you be like that woman on the roof in flood waters who refused all help on the grounds that “God will provide.” Then after drowning, St. Peter wants to know why she didn’t heed the rescuers He sent.
Does no one remember H. Ross Perot? The (faux) third party rift candidate who split the vote and got us Bill Clinton for president???? That one should be remembered as the great quantum leap down the progressive road to serfdom. I have family members I STILL have not forgiven for voting for that clown and being so dense as to do so.
This vote swapping idea is not an endorsement of any third party candidate. Wishing 3rd parties away is akin to those who so fear guns that they wish they didn’t exist. It’s a recognition that there are 1) third party candidates who will attract some votes and thereby reduce the numbers for Romney; 2) Conservative voters who will not turn out to vote for anyone because they believe that their vote for Romney will be useless. This plan provides a way to redirect non-nihilistic third party voters to vote for Romney in swing states. And to reinvigorate conservatives frustrated by Blue State realities, and give them a new reason to go out and vote while providing the third party candidates in the swing states a less dangerous way to register their objections about the GOP.
There are several “Blue” states that aren’t so blue they cannot be turned and California is one of them. They could be turned IF conservatives and moderates had not written them off in surrender.
Even Romney isn’t trying. People like you who live in Red states cannot believe how bad it is in this blue state. We are undermined by every institution including the state GOP. I do not have time to convince Red-staters of this fact; there are still too many Californian’s who refuse to hear even some of the evidence, and there’s a mountain of it.  This plan gives blue state conservatives a chance to help turn purple states red. It provides them a moral reawakening. It turns a case of hopelessness into usefulness.
Equally damaging some (faux) conservatives and moderates are also now talking of surrender in several of the purple states. What the hell???
I know and equally detest the faux conservatives of whom you speak. They are people who aim to demoralize conservatives at every turn. This is not in any way that. It is just the opposite of giving up. It’s finding a new way to make use of what the founding fathers gave us to help save ourselves. The total votes don’t matter – ask President Gore. It is the Electoral College tallies that matter. Those who do not know this have been mis-educated.
We do not need nor want a third party period and there are many reasons why having one is a bad idea. I won’t go into them right now, but anyone who understands American politics and has half a brain should be able to figure it out. Look at what we become if we have more that two parties, do we want to look like the UK or Europe? Why would a governing political system that encourages and supports triangulation be better than what we have now? No, I completely reject a third party as anything more than a delusional fantasy.
You are repeating, I will try not to. This plan recognizes that third parties exist and why. It offers a rational and honest third party voter a realistic alternative. He can vote for the slow road to servitude and not feel he’s giving up his principles. A principled conservative like you ought to appreciate that. We are not turning America into a parliamentary system. This would never do that, and cannot anyway. There’s no provision for power sharing.
We do not need a third party if we on the right take back control of the Republican Party. This is actually happening as we speak and has been all summer. This talk of a third party vote rallying around a nobody like Gary Johnson is akin to calling for surrender in the middle of a pitched battle that we are winning. If you don’t believe me that it is happening then examine who Romeny picked for VP and why as opposed to who the party elites had in mind.
I certainly hope you are right. But we also thought we had control of the House of Representatives when Boehner became speaker. How’s that working out? Not! But we were also buoyed up when McCain chose Palin. Didn’t prove a thing did it? Nor did it help as long as McCain was aiming to lose. Even if Romney is aiming to lose, we can’t afford to let him do so. We are taking Gary Johnson votes out of states where the Electoral Votes are winnable by Romney and transferring them to states where Romney isn’t even trying. Our goal is to get the Electoral College Tally to favor Romney and disfavor Obama. That’s what counts, not what “Contempt” foolishly called for.
Romney is not my ideal candidate, but any talk of him being anywhere near as bad as Obama is just plain lunacy. If Obama gets back in, even if the Senate goes back to Republican control we are doomed, people have no idea just how bad things will get under a second Obama term. If you don’t like what he has done so far, well let me tell you it’s just the tip of the iceberg.
I did not talk of him as being as bad as Obama, that’s why I want him to win. I agree with your other points in this paragraph. We are doomed if we don’t eject Obama, that’s why I came up with a new way to rack up more Electoral College votes  – the only votes that matter.
So, conservatives and libertarians, if you want to vote for Gary Johnson, or write in your dog’s name, or just sit out, then go right ahead. If you do however you are lighting the funeral fire for a once great nation and don’t come crying to me when you get burnt.

Again, this is just the opposite of sitting it out. It will give conservatives in blue states a new reason to live. It will give other party candidates a way to register their dissatisfaction while increasing Romney’s margins, turning the purple state red.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

First, Bring Back America

AMERICA? Filmmaker taken in for interview...

This Drudge headline brought to mind a 26 second clip, "Go Back to America," from the 1940 pro-Western movie, "Escape."

Libertarian/Republican Vote Swapping Pledge, Part 2

Blue State conservative independents and Republicans:  I am sorry, but your state's electoral votes have been written off as the Bummer's by both campaigns. Your participation in this pledge gives you an indirect way to help prevent the reelection of Barrack Obama.

Swing State Libertarian and other 3rd Party voters who recognize that Obama will end this republic much faster than will Romney. Your participation in this pledge helps increase Bumney's margin over Bummer. Electing Bumney theoretically should give our republic some more time to survive. It should become easier to overcome the propaganda perpetrated by the media as the media continues to unwind and expose how much of a collectivist loving, individualist hating agency that it is.

Red State conservatives: You should not risk your vote in this pledge. But you CAN encourage your conservative friends in blue states and independent friends in swing states to participate.

Part 1 is here: The Libertarian/Republican Vote Swapping Pledge.

added: Vote Swapping Pledge Part 3, Objections Answered.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Associated Press CONTINUES Its Lying

The Associated Press continues to lie about the influence of the previously obscure, but lame and poorly produced video "Innocence of Muslims." They continue to irresponsibly, dangerously and unprofessionally assert that the video was the cause for fatal violence that erupted in the Middle East this week.

The AP's action fits the media's ongoing and widely documented efforts to shield President Obama from charges of malfeasance over his mishandling of the Middle East. 

In the story today linked by Drudge, [emphasis in the original headlines]


 the AP levels the following charge:
Federal authorities have identified Nakoula, a self-described Coptic Christian, as the key figure behind "Innocence of Muslims," a film denigrating Islam and the Prophet Muhammad that ignited mob violence against U.S. embassies across the Middle East. [emphasis added]

Please notice that they did not stick to their press book rules and use the phrase "...that allegedly ignited mob violence..." 

This is a follow up to my post of yesterday The Inconsistency of Radical Leftist Media is Palpable Now.

The Libertarian/Republican Vote Swapping Pledge

It is my opinion that Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are both Statists. Both will seek ways to gain more power for government at the expense of individuals. How can I put this nicely? Both will continue to look at the Constitutional limitations on their power as a challenge to be overcome.

It is also my opinion that Bummer will take us over the cliff faster than will Bumney. So, therefore, I would prefer to see Bumney elected. It's only to buy us some more time. It may be hopeless; but if it is true that time heels all wounds, maybe time will be on the side of our republic. And so I'd like to buy her some more of it.

There may be some Libertarian voters out there who'd like to vote in such a manner that slows the progress of Statism somewhat more than less. However, they plan on voting for Gary Johnson because the thought of voting for the lesser of two evils is still evil. But in that statement is the recognition that one evil is worse than the other.

There are several states in which the presidential vote tally may be very close. Every vote not for Bumney increases the margin for Bummer, allowing him to win several of those states.

There are also several states where it is a foregone conclusion that Obama will capture their Electoral College votes. In such an instance, a vote for the largest of the 3rd party candidates is not a wasted vote against the worst of the main party candidates, but a vote registered in protest that the existing parties are both far too statist.

For those Libertarian voters living in swing states who think that slowing the evil is preferable to speeding it along, I have a proposal.

As a California voter, I’m really frustrated that my vote for Romney will not count. Romney cannot win here, thanks in large part to the ham-stringing of the California GOP by national party headquarters back in 2002 and continued ever since.

I will vote for Gary Johnson in California if you will vote for Mitt Romney in your state.

This is all on the honor system. It may not make a big difference, but sometimes what seems like a gargantuan task can be accomplished if a bunch of little guys can agree that the worst schemers in this world ought to run into annoying opposition every now and again.

If I am correct, and there are a lot of pissed off people out there, a lot of Libertarians and conservatives will be willing to take this pledge.

The way to notice if our effort made a difference is to note the vote tallies the day after the election.
  • For Libertarians: if your total votes are increased, the Libertarian Party and all who are ticked off with the status quo will have left their mark.
  • For Conservatives: we will see that Bummer is retired and will then have 4 years to whittle away or obstruct Bumney's Statist inclinations.
Hey, isn't this better than voting in blocs that are two small to win? If you really want to make a statement against the status quo, this bargain gives you a realistic chance of increasing the total number of votes that signify that.

Red State Conservatives have no direct roll in this pledge. But you can encourage friends in Blue and Swing states to participate. Please see

Libertarian/Republican Vote Swapping Pledge, Part 2

Also, some objections have been fielded too.

Vote Swapping Pledge Part 3, Objections Answered.

Friday, September 14, 2012

The Inconsistency of Radical Leftist Media is Palpable Now

Q: How come MSM the Agency of Lies doesn't say the video allegedly caused the riots and murders in the Middle East?

A: Were they to use the word allegedly, it would cast doubt on their assigned propaganda narrative. Obama desperately needs his friends in the press (which, is to say, virtually all of them) to pin the blame on anything other than him. Obama's feckless foreign policy must not be connected to it in any way.

Let's compare the press' copy book rules.
  • For the Fort Hood massacre, Major Hassan is still the alleged suspect. 
  • But the author of the video is guilty of murder, no allegedly about him.

Isn't that inconsistent enough to brand the occupiers of our alleged journalist institutions as worthless and partisan political hacks? It happens so frequently, it's just so glaring in this case, I think it is.

Obama is bad. No question about it. But he never would have been elected in the first place had we an honest press corps.

C'mon my friends. The inconsistency of radical Leftist media is palpable now. Paint it red and plaster it on their foreheads. Normal people need to know them for what they are.

Monday, September 10, 2012

If You Cherish Your Right to Speak Freely

then it would be prudent for you to seriously review the following news articles with those who might be influenced by your knowledge and caring about them.

The connection between the two articles I've selected is unmistakable. It demonstrates the kind of onerous government behavior that both liberals and conservatives dislike. But the groups will know they dislike it only if large majorities in each camp are waylaid in their conditioned reflex of sticking their heads in the sand.

Last year a bill was introduced by a Republican Congressman. HR347 is titled “Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011.” It moved through Congress under “suspension of the rules” (traditionally reserved for bills deemed non-controversial) so that there was no debate. Although it needed 2/3 majority to pass (according to the Congressional record) it passed by a vote of 399 to 3, which really means that both sides of the aisle are filled with knowing or unknowing (really?) despots.) It was signed by President Obama in March this year.

Now move forward to this last week. At the DNC Convention in Charlotte, we saw Kira Davis, a Black Romney Supporter Kicked Out of MSNBC Pavilion by security officers, accompanied by a US Secret Service agent. [Video is below the break.]  While there is nothing too unusual nowadays to hear that an allegedly unbiased news organization has decided it cannot tolerate even quietly held signs for the Republican nominee at its public venue, the participation of the secret service seems unusual were it not for the new law mentioned above.

It is possible that Ms. Davis was unaware of the new law (perhaps my readers will help bring an end to this ignorance). Whether or not she was aware, it appears she was not prepared to challenge such an arrest in court.

I am including two pertinent videos below the break. The first is when Fox news interviewed Ms. Davis. The second is when Andrew Napolitano predicted back in March how the law would be used to selectively persecute based on the arbitrary decision of the Praetorian Guard Secret Service.  

I want to underscore the facts behind how this law was passed. The second video is entitled “Obama Makes Free Speech a Felony.” However, the law is bipartisan. Not only is it bipartisan, it was done in secrecy. Its very existence is owing to members and leaders of the GOP.
  1. It was introduced in the GOP controlled house;
  2. By a GOP congressman from Florida;
  3. Debate was limited under rules reserved for “non-controversial” bills (That’s under Speaker Boehner’s control).
  4. It appears even the freshman congress critters of the TEA party were unaware that Boehner would allow such a subterfuge to be perpetrated, and they voted for it.

BTW, I was pondering adding some additional stories that disclose how free speech is under attack all over the anti-fascist West (the sole preserver of the “speech is a fundamental human right” institution in a world filled with tyrannies.) This one about being fined in Brussels for speaking or writing something that ‘hurts the feelings’ of anybody in a protected class is the only one I will link today.  What to do about the gagging of Kira Davis under auspices of HR347 is enough of a dilemma to ponder without going overseas.
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