Sunday, December 04, 2011

They've Disguised Ugly Passions with Sophistic Reasoning

Here is a meme worth discussing if you want to pull the West back from the brink, or at least provide its survivors a clue as to how it was destroyed. 

The hiding of many ugly human passions by giving them the appearance of reasoning.

  • Envy and covetousness have been hidden with the reasoning of "social" justice.
  • Attacks on property ownership has been hidden with the reasoning of "environmental" justice.
The passions hidden here while given full rein are
  • the inclination to steal; 
  • the inclinations to force others to do your will.
By giving passions the guise of reason, people in power keep the illusion of calm while they upset the rest of us.

Each of these can be stopped through reason by exposing the sophistry at work.

There are other hidden passions that have been granted cover through sophistry. One of these most conservatives know from being on the receiving end: bigotry. How? Tell me the ways.

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  1. Let us also not forget the deception being played against non-homosexual sympathizers for same sex marriage by the homosexual lobby group and their leftist enablers.

    Without these sympathizers - who are mainly young and inexperienced people as to the ways of the world whose own morality is now questionable - the homosexual lobby would have been cried down and made to re-enter the darkest recesses of society.

    The West is committing cultural suicide to the whims of the minority groups and we are just observers of our own decline.

  2. The feminisation of Western men into "metrosexuals" is being touted as "improvement".

  3. Wakee -- Yeah it's a conditioning that attempts to short-circuit naturally occurring passions and reroute them. The Conditioners (a term CS Lewis invoked in The Abolition of Man) have been very successful and have been rewarded both with entertainment and less argument over their usurpation of power. You can sometimes see it in their smug smiles.


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