Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Will Mark Levin Ask Newt My Two AGWF Questions?

Mark Levin has Newt Gingrich scheduled on his radio talk show Wednesday (tomorrow). [And here is my followup to what actually transpired.] I'm craving to hear Newt forced to answer the following.

Mr. Gringrich: 
  1. Do You Think CO2 Is a Pollutant? [and if he says "no," then followup with]
  2. How do you plan on ending EPA's insistence that it is?
Does Mr. Levin have the nads? Or is he just another patriotic poseur who writes books that sound so patriotic? I imagine I am not the only one tired of the BS that frustrates conservatives world wide.

And assuming  Mr. Gingrich says he'll rein in EPA, we'd like him to swear it's not the lie that this was. (hat tip to TrueblueNZ)

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