Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fear the Higher Authority You Arrogant Despots

I have legitimate esprit de corps concerns about the use of the following scene from Spartacus as an stand-alone emblem to represent the exemplary protest by the blogs to the trampling of the first and second Amendment rights of TJIC.

That is not good enough. I humbly suggest that THIS needs be added.

Here is why. That first scene represents the final act of defiance of the last truly free men in the Roman world.

Understand what it was that defeated Spartacus. Betrayals.

The wealthy patrician and tyrant wannabe, Crassus, had been defeated by Spartacus on the battle field.

Spartacus purchased ships to transport his army off the hated Italian peninsula. They were awaiting those ships at the port of Brundusium.

Someone had betrayed this arrangement to Crassus, and he offered the pirates more money not to show up.

Spartacus and his men were left, depleted of food and water, and trapped between the Roman army and the sea. They were NOT defeated in battle, but were forced to surrender to their duplicitously engineered fate.

You must see that it was not their spirit which had betrayed them, just as it is not our American spirit which would betray us. It was their believing that somehow they could beat the establishmentarian web of corruption by their valor alone. They were betrayed on every level but one. They did not appeal to a higher authority. It was an authority to which they were unaware, as this was roughly 100 years before Jesus.

My problem with the scene alone is that it represents a final, last ditch defiance to deprive the crown-seeking Crassus his trophy -- Spartacus in defeat -- to parade in chains back at Rome.

I sure-as-shooting pray that the majority who wish to stand in support of Travis Corcoran's rights are nowhere near surrendering.

Unlike Spartacus's army, we CAN appeal to a higher authority. We remnants of the English speaking world's freedom, we have been suffering the consequences from the postmodern equivalent of “the murder of the male children,” along the lines of Pharoah and Herod. But this remnant is a strong one, and we know these demigods have feet of clay. And are cowards to boot. 

Have faith that our appeal will be granted. Freedom is not free. More...


  1. I read your comments, both at my place and Ogs. And I understand your concern, and if people and events would faithfully follow that which happened to Spartacus and his band, I believe your concern (at least on the face of it) would be justified.

    However, I don't see it as being about the whole drama which played out to such a horrific end. (Although the ending, the rows of the crucified, were indeed "all Spartacus", after all.) Look at the video at Borepatch's site, on the original post, THAT in and of itself, catches the spirit (and I believe, intent) of what is being driven at here.

    If Travis is being damned for his words regardless of what they are can any of us expect to be treated any different at some point in the future? My heart, gut, and mind tell me NO! This is a very real "tipping point", and at the risk of being somewhat melodramatic, perhaps even our version of a call to arms in the sense the gauntlet has been tossed. If we do not rally here, we aim to lose much more down the road at a much higher price.

    We all ARE "TJIC", which is why that particular piece shown, of men with nothing to lose other than their individual honor as men in keeping silent, realize that is what makes them men always, whether they be called slave or not. And to stand with one of their own, united, is a far better way to exist, than in trading in their dignity for allowing one of their own to take the rap while they remain silent.

    In short they didn't know how it would all play out when they did what they did, whether or not they would be betrayed, but it didn't matter at that point in time. Had they NOT "all been Spartacus", right then and there, the whole thing would have conceivably been over.

    Hope that wasn't too long winded.

  2. Ed, the site comes up with both a 403 and 404. Don't know if anyone has made it to the site or not , but I doubt it.

    Is this it?

  4. Ed,
    No, that site is just fine. They are the ones who (as far as I know) started the "I am TJIC movement" . The site with the errors was Travis Corcoran's. Which you can try and reach here. Chances are all you will get is the 403/404 errors.

  5. you could fuck up an orgy in a whorehouse. Jesus H.Christ. Deal with the imperfect symbolism. Sometimes you are an ass. This is one of those times.

    The fact is that those men stood together to protect one of their own. The fact that they ultimately lost is immaterial. There is thing called HONOR. You should try to understand it. By your objections here, Ghandi should never have tried his little stunt either, because some people, some of his followers, were hurt or killed.

    Yes, in the end, those who stood with Spartacus lost their battle. But they ultimately won, in the field of honor. So did Ghandi.

    Do you piss on everyone's parade?

  6. Sorry B. I knew what I was saying would be unpopular, because Og generally has a good sense of what is and isn't.

    I did not disgrace anybody's honor. Sorry you can't see that I'm living by mine, whether my friends like it or not.

    Look at my title again and read to whom this post was addressed. It was not you. I was wagging my finger at the bastards at the top who think they've got us over the barrel. But they will answer to a higher authority. I'm informing them that their deviousness is understood by many more than they think. They think all but themselves are too stupid. We'll see.

  7. One more thing. "Not US this time you bastards" could -- if we choose -- serve to remind us of the 100 million murdered as subjects to Leftist rule in the last century. The need to stand united against the Left's full-on follow-up campaign I pray is indisputable.

  8. This is possibly the edge of the storm. The first strikes of lightening have found their target. For good or ill, it appears it is time to, if not take a stand, at least be very watchful for a very short period, and chose sides.

    As woefully ignorent of what they are really up against, as the SKUNC's and their overlords appear to be, they still have much power and control to be wary of. But I wonder if there will be a "follow up campaign". Rather, I see a constant pressure applied, hoping there will be a breach in our resolve, where one of "ours" responds in measure greater then what might be required. We shall see ... keep your powder dry my friend.

  9. One of the repeated complaint I hear is "tell me something I don't already know." I certainly pray that a post like this is indeed widely known, but the signs of that knowledge are woefully scarce.

  10. Og is an idiot, and so are you. Where did you idiots go to school? Probably the same one where leftie retards learned that BUSH=HITLER.

    Those were SLAVES, morons. They were fighting a tyranny that made Nazi Germany look tame.

    You guys are a bunch of mealy mouthed bloggers, an embarrassment to the gun community, if truth be told - and like your hero, if push comes to shove they will grab your guns without you firing a shot!

    Life is not a comic book or Hollywood drama, kiddies. In America, people that own guns are expected to act like adults.

  11. Idiot Anonymous.

    1. Ok, I'll agree I'm an idiot when you provide proof of it. Until that time, I'll retain this comment that demonstrates proof of my assumption. You're another of those sadly abandoned twits. When you were an infant, your first words were an insult. Your retarded mother and her caretakers thought it was cute, so you never progressed. You have my sympathy.

    2. How and why in God's name did you drag poor Og into your comment? I did not mention him or link to him. It appears you did so only to hurl insults at him too. Watsa matter punk? You afraid to write that of him at your own blog? Or send him an email? Or tell him to his face?

    Oh, I'm sorry. The thought of that last suggestion just caused you to mess your diaper. Come back later after you've cleaned that up. Perhaps demonstrate your better state of advancement with bothering to come up with some pseudonym. "Vacant and pointless insult to twits" is too long.

  12. Cowardly ThreatenerJanuary 23, 2011 at 11:45 AM

    Anonymously [again]

    Proof? You just gave it. It's always the same with you idiots. A braying idiot like Og or your comic book hero beak off at their betters or the authorities, beg them for a fight - and when they get pounded they try and pass themselves off as victims of tyranny or bullies.

    I know that all men are not created equal, so I will spell it out for you guys in terms you probably won't be able to understand:

    You do have the right to own a gun, you do have the right to be an idiot - but it is unlawful for you to do both at the same time. If you insist on being stupid about it, you may lose those rights the way your mealy mouthed blogger did. That is at the discretion of your betters. Sorry, we can't dumb it down any further than that!

    No need for infantile threats or insults, Pascal. I see little merit in the thoughts of small men like yourself, and if we meet or speak again, it will be because I am nailing you to that cross as a warning to other idiots that may think like you.

    January 23, 2011 11:40 AM using a canadian ISP address

  13. This is probably that fucktard who styles himself Sir Fredrick James. Too much a coward to come out from behind a keyboard, he's content to sling arrows anonymously. Pity he's such scum, in the real world I'd clean his clock and send him home bawling to his mommy.

  14. Og: In your experiences with it, has the coward ever made promises of visiting violence before? Looks like he went over the line here.

  15. No. He's a mommys boy and a coward. He won't show his face anywhere, least of all act. If it's who I think it is, I emailed him my home address and invited him to say to my face what he's said behind the keyboard.

    "With the mouth, everything is easy" as you so correctly say.

  16. Still, what he said, believable from him or not, was far more explicit than anything Travis said on his blog. How come the RCMP haven't come and taken him in for questioning? Hmmm?

    Speech is far less free in Canada than it has been here. Ask Mark Steyn, Ezra Levant and Ann Coulter.

    Are there special passes the Mounties hand out to libtards so they can threaten the lives of everybody else without suffering any consequences?

  17. Most of the mounties are libtards. Witness the fact that muslim mounties can wear turbans instead of the traditional mountie hat.

    And mounties are not what they once were, which is to say, the majority of the law in most parts of canada. Think of mounties as "DEA agents"

  18. I'd not the type who'd file a complaint about the threat, but someone must have in Travis' case.

    In 1993, Clinton signed the Omnibus Crime Bill which, IIRC, made a capital crime out of killing a number of (~100 different) Fed elected officials and bureaucrats. That made them a protected class under Fed law -- as if local laws were insufficient. I do not recall if "threats" real or imagined was included in that law.

    SO maybe this is what Cowardly Threatener meant by our "betters." They're protected better. So the Left, which favors large govt, gets to threaten us explicitly without being hassled, but the Right is threatened by the govt who lodges complaints over imaginary threats.

    Og, doesn't there seem to be a post developing here about the unequal treatment under the law lending itself to effectively SUSTAINING an American aristocracy? Look -- anyone not anointed by the political system to be allowed to run for office CANNOT speak a harsh word against anyone in govt lest it be construed as threatening.

    Sounds like a Catch 22 doesn't it? That's some catch, yes-sirree.

  19. Indeed. There has been a growing sense of "it's good to be king" among the ruling class. Gonna have to stop soon.

  20. Ameristocracy sounds criminal.

  21. Hmmmm, It seems you have a "visitor" who invisions themselves as a cross between, Guy Fawkes, Zorro, John Carter (of Mars), and amazingly enough, "the Cowardly Lion". All tied together with the most elitist of bows.

    But this male (?) version of "The Three Faces of Eve", cannot reach a consensus amongst himselves as to what, or who he really is. So settles for the comfortable cloak of anonymity. How courageous! The very self styled epitome of elitism, seeks to parade in the most common and easily obtained threads of the "unknown masses".

    I suggest "Mr Commenter in the Shadows" (note, that is in no way comparing you to "The Shadow", for the only mind you have the power to cloud, is your own) , you try offering concrete, constructive criticism. Or perhaps offer valid evidence, when and if you assert your claims, be it about yourself, or about the "history of the world".

    Until you find it in your heart and soul (should you still, amazingly enough, be in possession of either article of humanity) to civilly address folks here, let me offer freely (and so you know the worth of it) two words of advice as to what you may do with your "alone time" ... Bugger Off.

  22. I have turned off anonymous commenting, at least for now. I fear near complete anonymity is too alluring to childish imbeciles. It allows them to empty their diapers here too easily.

    So thanks to Cowardly Threatener, I've invoked Blogger's "registered users" feature.

    Cowardly Threatener lacks even basic consistency. In his second comment in this thread he promised: "if we meet or speak again, it will be because I am nailing you to that cross." And here he came back and spoke to me again, only two days later..

    I don't believe that self-assessed elitism be better represented. Thanks -- now I don't need any more examples.

    Cowardly Threatener, lacking basic self respect, casually proves his word is worthless.

    Boy, did I miss when I bestowed upon you your pseudonym. Cowardly Lying Threatener is your new name. Go register it.

    There are a variety of registries of which commenters may avail themselves.

    I may also be reached through email, links from your own blog, or via links in comments at other blogs.


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