Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Had Enough of Good Gop, Bad Gop Yet?

Yes, it's akin to good cop, bad cop. It sucks. They're both working for the prosecution, and conservatives -- heck all Americans -- are the patsy.

The good GOP -- Paul Ryan, Michelle Bachmann, Jim DeMint, Marco Rubio, -- keeps the TEA party from outright revolt whilst the bad GOP -- the old line RINO senators, Boehner, Romney, Gingrich -- continue to compromise us into chains. I've conversed with members I call SKUNCs. They are far more ferocious in answering my tough questions than ever they are with their Democratic "opponents." After all, they are just my "representatives," whereas the Dems make sure that the power of the ruling class as a whole keeps growing.

I can see their druthers, why can't more conservative Americans?

No matter how bad has been Obama, the bad GOP -- the SKUNCs -- are wangling it so that a moderate Republican becomes the Prez candidate. And if he wins, look to Cameron in UK, Gillard in Oz, and Key in NZ to know how he'll cater to everything the Left has put into place! He will entrench Obama's immense spending and extensive intrusiveness into our lives just as Nixon did with LBJ's Great Society program.

There has to be an end to compromising with people who want to enslave you. Compromise has simply resulted in you being enslaved piecemeal.

The TEA Party, if its ethos is to supersede this Statist end game, cannot stand by whilst the bad GOP keeps buckling at every debt ceiling confrontation, real or imagined. The boogeyman isn't at the door, he's in the house, and has just about ransacked it all.

When it comes to defending this republic, the only people the Dems and the bad GOP have kicked out and kept out of the House are the termite exterminators.

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