Thursday, September 25, 2014

NRSC, Your Money, and Lenin

IIRC, Lenin famously predicted that capitalists would sell him the rope to hang them with.

It seems the Prog NRSC thinks it can beg conservatives for money with which to campaign against the grass roots but with which it claims it will use against Democrats. Bridge in Brooklyn unneeded.

Slipping away

NRSC Breaking News

To: Me
Today at 1:52 PM

After months of predicting GOP victory, the Washington Post's statistical model now shows a 51 percent chance that the Democrats hang on.


The answer is simple – the Democrats are spending over $40 million more than the Republicans in battleground races. For weeks, our candidates have been holding on, despite a relentless barrage of negative ads – but we need your help now or it's over.

I know that times are tough, that's why we're fighting so hard to bring new leadership that will turn things around. But, if we don't rally together now – as a team – then we will lose as individuals.

Can we count on you? [followed by links to donate]
They never stop.

Every penny sent to the NRSC is fungible. They may claim to use it for one thing, but it can be put to use where the leadership thinks the money will do them the most good.

The money will be spent not "to bring new leadership" as they promise, but to defend its incumbents and even to funnel some money to Dems in order to defeat real conservatives as happened in the Mississippi primary for U.S. Senate. 

And in Kansas.  And Nebraska. And in Indiana two years ago.

If you have some money burning a hole in your pocket, better to give it to the beggars outside 7-11. They certainly would do less harm to the republic than the Prog leadership that is the NRSC.

I pray SKUNCs in both parties are visited by an Eleventh Plague.

Let me be perfectly clear on this. That prayer is an update on the Tenth Plague. What they intend to happen to decent Americans winds up boomeranging back on themselves.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Here's Your Sus Worshipers America

From this weekend's Climate March in NYC

Pagan-like Sus(trainability) worship. Priest RFK Jr wants to jail all non-believers.*
This is the primitive Pagan type worship that your American government is establishing.

Fight, fight, fight.
See this as an example suggested in my series about the evidence that an American State religion is being created in violation of the Constitution.

* Environmental activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. lamented that there were no current laws on the books to punish global warming skeptics. From the same link were more links that provided us an insight to the more violent ideas influencing RFK Jr, suggesting punishments much worse and unlawful than merely jail.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Misanthropic Tactic Number 1

I'm calling this tactic number 1 of the misanthropes because their contempt for "lesser" humanity seems affirmed each time they can get some dunce to believe that large gains can come from small falsehoods. That they managed to sell a Brooklyn Bridge to the dunce at little cost and great benefit to them is only the practical goal. Proving there are so many dunces is what makes them feel best.

How better to shut down discussion of a hoax than to assert
"Even if it is a hoax, the end result must be good."
That is the message of this cartoon.
Fix it to read: 'What if it's a big hoax and we destroy liberty, lives and civilization due our gullibility?'

Retrieved from the FB page of the Watermelon project that goes by the name "The Story of Stuff."

That Story of Stuff series of videos is a complete throwback to the early Marxist anti-industrialists. The Left could never win where the middle class was benefiting by being "exploited" by all that industry. Most certainly not the generations closest to those that had escaped European and Asian tyrannies.

But now with the CAGW CACC hoax's never-ending  propaganda by the SSM and academia,  they have numbskulls (with no inkling of the despots their forebears escaped from) thinking that they own the moral high ground if only they go along with the hoax. (The morality component and how it is used is explained in my essay series Fighting the Growth of Theocracy in America.)

Indeed, one such fool posted
One of my favourite climate change cartoons! I've got it on my phone for a quick reply to any deniers who start carrying on about the matter.
as if the squelching of freedom is a small price to pay for a presumed better world. 

Here's the answer folks. Consensus built by cominterns to provide them cover for their hated rule have NEVER made a better world. The greatest advances have been achieved by individuals. Individualism is despised by collectivists.

Listen up you Prog megalomaniacs. 

The billions of murders you aim to achieve under cover of your Sustainability project will never be forgiven.  
Gene Roddenberry warned you of your fate in The Conscience of the King. Your own children will be driven to madness knowing what you began or -- G-d forbid -- completed.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Akin to "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie"

When cat is in your lap either don't pet him into a deep sleep, or do not make any sudden moves.

24 hours later

Second choice is doubly hard when in a rocking chair. :(

Friday, September 19, 2014

The Best Thing About Auto-correct

is that it cheaply provides you with a way to feel superior about something.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

SSM the Villain in Ferguson, Poll Says

Poll says? Why should anyone need a poll to know this?

Poll: Black & White Ferguson Residents Agree - Media Made Things Worse

On August 21 I posted this: How the SSM* Came to Be the Biggest Villain

If I can see it, anyone can see it. What's the matter American: gotta have a poll to see first if others will agree?

Damned cowards can't bring themselves to stick their necks out and speak the obvious -- for fear of sounding different.

Just because G-d did not strike you down for your cowardice doesn't mean He doesn't expect you to see your need to overcome it.

*SSM = Soviet-style media. This trait alone ought be enough to condemn them. In Ferguson it was so blatant that someone decided to ask the poll question. I'm sure the more moronic editors are proud of themselves when they should be fearful.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Fighting the Growth of Theocracy in America -- Part 2

I was going to follow up by adding some of the details I had removed from the draft in Part 1.  For now it should be sufficient for you to read what Og posted at Neanderpundit » The new priesthood of junk science, where he included much from that draft.

Instead I will provide you with some words that help reveal the nasty side of those seeking to establish Sustainability as this new state religion in America specifically; but ultimately all over the globe.

The alternate title for this post could be "Knowing Neither Morals, Nor What is High Ground"
Those working hard to make our society function like [Prince] Charlie's favorite slum aren't moving to their own collective farms. Instead they are transforming our society into the collective farm while pretending that their calculated destruction of our prosperity is smart and modern.
These words are from Daniel Greenfield's The Environmental Apocalypse published in April.

Five months later an anonymous convert to Sus worship felt compelled to contribute the following:
Fighting the destructive side of capitalist economies is not easy. So maybe the practices employed cause odd side-effects or don't pay as well as mining ores whose side effect is poisoning a town's water supply, but wouldn't you rather err on the side of caution for the sake of your kids and theirs when you're gone?

I'm often shocked by the attitudes conservatives have about the unknowns of global warming when they are so adamantly sure of the unknown of the afterlife. If you are good in this life with the aim of securing a place in heaven, why would you jeopardize the ability of those who come after you to have a good life when it is their turn? Whether there is a heaven or not, you will be good in the chance of going there when your time has come. Whether fossil fuels, CO2 emissions, etc. cause global warming, wouldn't you rather reduce this risk than to find out it is the cause and that you attributed to it? It seems so insignificant that people would lose money when it's weighed against your grandchildren living without food when severe droughts and lack of clean water or power sources could threaten the food supply. It seems that doubting global warming is like playing Russian roulette because the odds are in your favor, never mind that pointing a gun at your head is a stupid idea. 
This has very many incredibly off observations, so it would not be hard to fisk it merely for amusement.

For instance, since not all conservatives are religious it proves he's flat wrong about conservative certainty about afterlife.

Another example, more to the point, is how he sees caring for the environment as a liberal/conservative divide. That's a typical presumption of the indoctrinated Left. But it is over means where the divide appears. The Sus worshiper presumes any people who do not fall in line with his methods are -- when not cast as evil -- benighted at best; beneath him in understanding. His tone throughout his remonstration is bigoted: resistors are immoral by default; they can employ no reason in their defense.

That's only a small indication of the kind of danger inherent from a Sustainability state religion whose priests would help draft law. Much like Imans do with Sharia Law for IS.

Disagree only with his religion, he declares you a heretic.

Give him influence over laws, he makes you an outlaw.

Here is my response to anonymous, published on the same day his comment appeared. He was probably a troll as he did not respond.
"Whether fossil fuels, CO2 emissions, etc. cause global warming, wouldn't you rather reduce this risk than to find out it is the cause and that you attributed [sic] to it? "
Your argument relies too much on the Precautionary Principle. Using it, you have chosen fear of shortages as your religion. As such, you see it trumping all other considerations, including the most essential of America's promises to its posterity: defending individual liberties.

Not that you'd acknowledge it, but conservatives and libertarians wish to protect individuals from all religious zealots, including such as yourself who "knows" what's good for everyone else and their posterity.

Yours is a throwback to tyrannies that had all the rest of humanity in servitude of one form or another as symbolized by the broken chains at the feet of the Statue of Liberty.

Indeed, your fears of shortages are even more primitive than that. It's tied to ancient human sacrificing Pagan religions, the successful rebellion from which was endowed by  the Judeo-Christian ethos which your priests wish to eliminate and supplant.

Your views are uninformed because those who taught you your dogma need you to stay ignorant.

No poor anonymous: yours is NOT the moral high ground your priests pretend to stand upon. You are speaking from the pit of despair that Daniel, above, says that they've convinced you to accept for you and yours. And the actions you promote would throw the whole world back into chains so as to keep you company.

Do yourself the favor and break the chains on your mind before you find yourself thrown in the new gulags by those who trained you to be their useful idiot.
Part 3 "Those Forced to Pass a Religious Test Have Standing in Court."

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Best Indeed

 I received the following cartoon in an email that reflected the cartoon's compliment to itself.

I fear my correspondent did not realize how true this may be. That is not because of the words of Constitutional delegate number 1, but because of the implied comments of delegates 2 and 3. Here are the summations of their words.

First Constitutional Convention delegate:
"I keep thinking we should include something in the Constitution in case the people elect a fucking moron."
Second delegate:
"By then, sir, it will be too late.
Even the most astute commentators will constantly resort to vulgar participles to make their points."

Third delegate:
"Even worse than that sir.
The people will never, ever ascribe malice to ills when they may project their own stupidity on the miscreants. Their re-enslavement will feel better that way."

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Fighting the Growth of Theocracy in America -- Part 1

There are two fitting alternate titles for this topic.

1. Fighting the Establishment of a State Religion in America. 

It is important to this discussion that individuals who might be subjugated by such an influence established in law understand the wider definition of religion. Religion requires no supernatural supreme entity for its existence:
Religion: a pursuit or interest to which someone ascribes supreme importance.
As will be discussed later, the new religion of the time is the supreme need of preventing world catastrophes such as CAGW er CACC. And pursuing what is known as Sustainability.

But first, let us examine the opponents of existing legitimate and currently peace-loving religions: militant atheists and anti-theists.

While extreme atheists and anti-theists are well known for haranguing those who think of themselves as theists, and even those who merely are tolerant of theists, they never utter a word about pursuits or interests of supreme importance to other groups that are used to drive the growth of government.

Indeed, one of the most visible of these anti-theists, the late Christopher Hitchens, was an admitted communist. Funny -- isn't it? -- how a media-renown and eloquent man such as Hitchens never acknowledged how his views on a "just" society constituted a religion for him.

Ah, but so it goes with all supermen who bemoan the obstacle of individualists. It must be upsetting for them to watch "lesser" men "foolishly" seek guidance from concepts outside themselves rather than accept guidance from men who know themselves to be superior.

Establishing a state religion, where heretics may be punished by law, surely seems like the kind of  solution of which supermen would approve for ruling the hoi polloi.

And just as surely, this is what America's founding generation was trying to prevent when they added the opening phrase to the 1st Amendment to the constitution. 
-- Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; --

2. Our Need to Reclaim the Age of Reason from Scientism

Scientism: Belief that science has all the answers. Once a favored theory is accepted it is treated as if it were sacred. Any who disagree are to be stripped of their science credentials and cast out.

Scientism provides a wonderful tactic, when promulgated by a soviet-style media and Leftist bent academics, to move forward with unpopular policies "in the pursuit of truth as proven by science."

Of course no part of this charade is remotely scientific. Its purpose is to bestow the prestige of the science label on rationales for unpopular or unconstitutional government policies while simultaneously scaring most critics into silence and marginalizing the rest. When critics persist, then out comes an enforcement arm that seeks to stem unfavorable discussions of those policies not only by labeling them illegitimate, but by publicly discussing how prosecutions are being considered.

How the implications of this trend to establishing a state run religion in America threatens the onslaught of a new Dark Age will be discussed in subsequent posts.

Part 2: “Knowing Neither Morals, Nor What is High Ground”

Updated to include links (because Blooger eventually forgets.)
Neanderpundit » The new priesthood of junk science
Fighting the Growth of a Theocracy in America. Pascal first sent a link to this post to me many days ago, and I have been looking forward to seeing him post it. Tired of waiting, let me cut to the chase on this. In Crichton's “State of fear” he posits ...
Posted by Og on September 8, 2014 at 3:00 AM

***Update two, proof from their own lips:

Rajendra Pachauri, former head of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change:
“For me, the protection of Planet Earth, the survival of all species and sustainability of our ecosystems is more than a mission. It is my religion and my dharma.” -- source
Part 3: "Those Forced to Pass a Religious Test Have Standing in Court."

Neverending Ploys for Ending Liberty

When I write about fighting the growing despotism, I see, along with many of you readers, how thoroughly the apparatchiks have penetrated our institutions and continue to run our lives based upon an ever increasing pile of lies.

So I often say we can only do that with G-d's help. When speaking to atheists, can that have any meaning? Yes, of course it can. I may imply nothing more than that we must fall back on physics rather than metaphysics, so that "G-d's help" wrings out as:
 "natural law has a way of building tsunamis of reality, like chickens coming home to roost, so that every stack of lies will inevitably be swamped."
Rhetorical question from Og: Like the global warming that has continued not to happen?

Yes, that hasn't stopped them from using The Lie as cover to steal our liberties incrementally.
Following Og's advice, I will continue to write short items like this before my writing skills cause them to grow so large nobody will ever read them.

Saturday, September 06, 2014


Something to ponder from a discussion on New Zealand racial policies at Crusader Rabbit.

KG says: YESS!
It needed saying and it needs to be repeated, again and again.
Returning to live in NZ, I’m surprised most by two things:
The widespread anger and resentment at the special treatment and privileges maori are afforded, and how afraid people are of speaking openly on the subject.

The Gantt Guy says:
It really is quite palpable now, isn’t it? For a long time our political elites have fanned the flames of division and discontent, and yet they now seem surprised at the level of discontent they’ve fostered.

Pascal says:
“and yet they now seem surprised at the level of discontent they’ve fostered.”
In a politician, “seeming” surprised by policy consequences is a survival skill.

Discontent “fostered”

The Gantt Guy says:
Indeed, fomented would have been far better than fostered. One implies an active pursuance, the other passivity.

Prog Politics: 
A war on individual human rights carried out by other means.
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