Thursday, December 22, 2011

Blaming the TEA Party for Not Owning the Media

The news cycles have been relentlessly blaming a handful of Republicans in the House for days now.

This INCLUDES at least one "conservative" talk station, 870 KRLA, which is a major (if not flagship) station of Salem Broadcasting. Salem also owns Simply corrupt.

What do we call this working overtime for the other side? Quisling seems too far. Mole doesn't fit when they own the place. Termites tend to be bureaucratic. RINO is an old epithet that I've repeatedly complained of as being too kind. The corruption is so palpable.

Guy S' SKUNCs, even though I like it, is simply not angering enough as far as I can say personally.

I don't know what else to say. Even Og is no help here. The best he can do is tell me "like you expected something different?"  YES. Why have so many on the Right given up?

Is Ace corrupted? Most days I think so.

Even I must be corrupted in that I constantly feel the urge to just give up.

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