Thursday, November 17, 2011

Two Followups

First off, as a followup to Shock: ABC Consistently Inconsistent. Verum Serum posted a video Occupy San Diego Has A Moment of Solidarity for the White House Shooter. This, too, will most certainly be ignored by ABC "News" as well as the rest of the Agency of Lies (puppettedly also known as the MSM). It does not fit the Obama White House narrative, so forget widespread coverage. (I pray each day that the ostriches in my wider family will see some of this and finally work with me).

Secondly, as a followup to Will Mark Levin Ask Newt My Two AGWF Questions?, let me first summarize what transpired beginning at 1:42:40 of Mr. Levin's 11/16/11 podcast.
  1. Right out the gate, Mr. Levin asked Mr. Gingrich "Global Warming: Yes, no, or you don't know?" But IMO it was the wrong question by not being specific. It weakened all followup questions.
  2. As a result Newt skated away evasively by making Cap and Trade the issue he addressed. And he interrupted Mr. Levin's attempt to prod with a sharp-edged follow up!
  3. Mr. Levin ended his Wednesday show with this interview. He profusely apologized for running out of time. But he had also said, early in the show, that he planned it that way. Huh?
  4. I do not wish to impugn Mr. Levin's integrity, but whatever is the truth about this show I continue to feel like it was too staged. And worse: staged for the benefit of darker forces. The interview cast little light but I can assure you that he raised my heat.
The current issue is that EPA declared on its own that carbon dioxide is a pollutant. That decision is of monumental importance due to the mountainous regulations and restrictions imposed by the EPA. Such a decision is arguably constitutionally lawless.

An assertion of such consequence and magnitude while also being highly controversial (despite Al Gore's royal sounding infamous assertion that "the discussion is over") is thus political.

Political issues are supposed to be hashed out in Congress, not by the executive branch and its agencies, and not by the judiciary.

The problem with providing an opening for Mr. Gingrich to focus his commentary on Cap and Trade is that Cap and Trade is currently a dead issue. It was killed even by a veto proof Democratically controlled congress in 2010 before the elections that brought us Republican "control" of the House of Representatives.

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