Friday, November 11, 2011

The Original Los Angeles Oddity

Los Angeles is known for a legion of oddities. There is no certainty all this weird behavior is symptomatic of life in the State of California as whole. Though they could be, it is more likely that just the man-caused variety are the products of this locale. For close to a century L.A. has been forging new oddities and releasing them on unsuspecting and decent people everywhere, all part of the biggest misleading into decadence the world has ever known. Surely San Francisco has done its damnedest in recent years to regain the title of "oddest of the odd;" but theirs (IMO) is mostly mindless. For deliberate scripting only Broadway sometimes beats L.A.

However, there really is an original oddity of L.A. It is the weather. Los Angeles is environmentally a desert. But thanks to the engineering miracle of water management, and the not so miraculous manipulation of water rights, the most populated county in the United States has sprung up around the once little pueblo with the overly long name.

Yes, Los Angeles is well known for its lack of normal rainfall. But have you ever witnessed HOW that happens? Today I am providing you an insight into that perhaps useless bit of knowledge.

Over the last few days we were warned of a high likelihood of a storm passing through today and tomorrow. And it has been overcast since late yesterday. So, wondering when it might hit, I went to the Weather Channel's Doppler radar map to see.

The storm is not passing through Los Angeles; it is passing over Los Angeles.

Click to enlarge

The street outside my house is dry as a bone.

The rain is evidently falling, but it is evaporating before it hits the ground and rising again into the clouds. The desert is still desert. Yes, we will get our cloudbursts, the results of which could be catastrophic as they have before. But so far, God be merciful, it looks like today is not one of those days.


  1. Imagine my surprise to find out the Los Angeles is also the 3rd largest oil-field in the United States:

    The Hidden Oil Wells Of Los Angeles

  2. Thanks Cond. The yoyos who built the Red Line subway (with our tax dollars) had intended to take it under Beverley Hills along 6th St all the way through Santa Monica to the Ocean.

    As your video suggests, the oil companies had so hidden the fact that there is an oil field there that the Libs on the transportation committee figured there could not be any problems.

    Reality brought a stop to their pork barreling because -- surprise! (/s) -- near the La Brea Tar pits they kept hitting pockets of natural gas. A fireball of an awakening.

  3. Idealism without Realism doth a liberal make.

    ...and you'ld think that would make them harmless.


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