Monday, December 27, 2010

Fun Contest for Conservatives -- $100 Top Prize

***Update: Now $125 thanks to Joan of Argghh!

I've been complaining for some time now that the label Republican In Name Only, and its acronym, RINO, are ineffectual to say the least.

My topmost reason is that a dichotomy exists in the word republican. Conservatives think of republicans as representing the people who elected them, with an eye fixed on protecting and preserving the American constitution with its limits on government and its recognition of personal rights. Progressives think of republicans as elitist and doing what they think is right no matter what the common folk think, and "The Constitution is only a piece of paper."

When conservatives see the "Progressive" subversive wing dominating the party and the decisions it makes, they get really rankled. But simply using the term RINO and intending that to be taken as disparaging by the arrogant politicians does not get the job done. The elitist either laughs at the ill-conceived acronym or looks down at the one who hurls RINO and sniffs "that's the kind of know-nothing who needs me to make the decisions." The elitist may be slightly annoyed by our intentions, but is neither insulted nor embarrassed.

So here's the contest. Come up with a variety of suggestions for an acronym to replace RINO. Here's some guidelines.

  • The letters it stands for should be easily understood. It might include words like republican, or subversive, or corrupt, or elite, or evil, or globalist. I don't really know what combination will work, that's why I decided to fund a contest.
  • It should be an easy word to repeat. 
  • It should be fun to repeat. FOOLs or DOPEs would be great if it could be tied to our subversives.
  • It should be a word that people will not feel embarrassed using. CRAPO (Corrupt Republican Aiding the Puppet Obama) for instance seems to me not ready for prime time. 
  • It should be a word that penetrates the hide of an arrogant SOB.
  • It should be timeless. When Obama is out of Office, a word like CRAPO will lose any punch it might have had (if it ever did.)
  • It may or may not have a good image associated with it. RINOs has rhinos. ASPs (All Sell-out Politicians) has serpents.
  • Enter as often as the muse inspires you, but do not spam.
  • Most of all, have fun inventing this new acronym. If you win, that's a bonus. 
  • Post all suggestions in the comments. Email me only if your comment does not appear. It may have gone to moderation or spam. Blogger has done both without my knowledge.

I'll decide which new acronym gets $100 from me.

My decision is final.

Currently in the lead is SKUNCs.
Statists Knowingly Undermining National Charters
It has great imagery, is clean both up-front and underlying, and also picks on how all contemporary subversives appear to be globalists. 

Bonus: no pol likes being known as a skunk even if they secretly don't mind at all.

Contest ended January 31, 2011.
And the Winner is "SKUNC".

PF is grateful to blog owners who have endorsed this campaign.


  1. Blowhards Out to Globalize, Undermine and Subdue America

    BOGUSs to America.

  2. That's not bad. If you post anonymously, and you're the winner, how can you claim your prize?

  3. That's ok. There's sure to be better. Work with it: BOGUSAs adds more -- bogging down the USA, but does not make up for its lacking verbal sting.

  4. How 'bout just calling them Democrats?

    But I really want an acronym that spells DUCK, as in, walks like, sounds like, must be. . .

    Democracy Undermining C*cks*cking Kleptocrats? Too much, I guess.


  5. How about

    Dilettantes Undermining Constitutional Expectations (DUNCE0?

    A bit"wordy" perhaps, but does two things.

    1. Calls them what they are, dilettantes=one who is little more then playing or play acting in regards to their expected honoring of the position entrusted to them.

    2. Suggests they consistently vote on measures/bills which are at odds with either their constitutional powers or the legislation itself being "extra-constitutional" in nature. In either case the electorate which placed them in their office, is not being properly served, regardless of the individuals party affiliation.

    Also, are we restricted to one entry only? Came up with this after only one cup of coffee. Might have some other ideas as the day progresses.

  6. There are no limits on entries Guy, other than spamming the same one of course.

  7. S.H.I.T.S= Sellouts,Hypocrites,Idiots,Traitors and Shameful.

  8. PFUIs - Politicians For Unconscionable Impingement

  9. DRONES Democrats (or) Republicans Offering No Electorate Support

  10. *PENDEJO Politicians Exposed Not Doing Enough, Jettison (the) Oaf(s)

    PUTA Politicians Uncaring (of) Their Allegiance

    *Cheech and Chong to the contrary, "pendejo" does NOT mean "very good friend" in Spanish.

  11. How about GAGAs:

    "Go Along to Get Along"


    Good At Getting Assf*cked

  12. LIARS

    Left Inclined Artificial Republican Statesman

  13. Heh. LIARs would pretty much cut a wide swath across all of D.C.

  14. Guess you could pull the S off.

    Just LIAR Left Inclining Artificial Republican


    Socialist In Conservative COstume

  15. Extended Family Member #1December 29, 2010 at 11:35 AM


    Communist Organizers Mimicking Republicans Are Democrats Enacting Socialism

  16. A modification of GuardDuck's


    Artificial Republican F**kwad.

  17. Hoors of Political Pap and Yap HAPPY

  18. I must interject, Hoors Accustomed to Political Pap and Yap. I forgot the A. Flog me with an alphabet...

  19. It might be the London Broil I ate. SSDD-Same Solipsists Different Decade

  20. Oh, better yet:


    Liberal Impersonating A Republican

    Succinct, simple and accurate.

  21. Froth, who linked here on her own blog (waves at Kim!) gave me an idea: how about no matter what we call them individually, we give them a new "party" name: "VD" as in, "virtual Democrats."

    Or STDs: Still Trying to be Democrats.

  22. Donkey in Elephant Drag - you know, something to get across the idea that "you can put a trunk on an ass, but it's still an ass" - except that DED isn't much of an acronym.

    DINGo - Dem/Donkey Intending No Good

    LUTR (“looter”) - Liberal Undermining The Republic

    Dem Impersonating/ Importuning Republican T[…] – I was looking for something that could be said as DIRT-bag.

  23. And I really like "virtual Democrats," because one would tend to say the full phrase, "virtual Democrats" (every time bring home or emphasizing the pertinent point!), and still the linkage with "VD" remains.

  24. Sister Ann (a friend's name for Ann Coulter) would probably say, "Heck! Just call 'em 'traitors'."

  25. Fakers And Republican Traitors. -FARTs

  26. OFFAL

    Officials Falsely Faithful, Aiding Leftists

  27. SKUNC (K) Socialists Knowingly Undermining Nation (and) Constitution (it would be easy enough to make the "C" in this case, sound like a "K")

  28. I like these three recent ones, too.

    But, the reason I think "virtual Democrat" is the best possible one is that same as reason as prompted this thread/contest in the first place -- any acronym quickly becomes too cutsey.

  29. Ilíon, there remains a problem for us with including democracy or democratic in the acronym. You can see it in the quote attributed to Winston Churchill which resounds to the benefit of the lying party which still, illegitimately, bear its name.

    "Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time."

    VD is a social disease, that is true. It is still in the running. However, VD is almost never used anymore, having been replaced by STD. Also, the illegitimate carnal relationships that normally transmitted VD are hardly disqualifications for public office unless one is a member of the GOP. So the negative connotation that VD once carried is pretty -- sad to say -- muted nowadays.

    Keep trying though. Short is good. Something that carries imagery with it is gonna be a good candidate.

    Guy's SKUNCs is my favorite so far. It is followed by Joan's DUCKs, for reasons that should be obvious given that I see the word democratic as both too nonthreatening and inappropriate when applied to the elitists whom are our enemies. :)

  30. DIPs - Democrats In Principle ...

  31. PERPS - Pandering Establishment Republican Progressives

  32. Big Government Republicans ... Buggers for short ...

  33. In the intrest of trying to grind off the rough edges, while still coming up with something both pithy, factual (as much as one can be with any acronym), and still leaving the "awardee" (regardless of party or political affiliation) with a bad taste in their mouth. The following is a modification of my original entry. Feel free to use your "thesaurus-fu" in possibly finding better verbiage for said acronym.

    S: statist, socialist, subversive
    K: knowingly, kleptocrat
    U: undermining
    N: nation and, national
    C: constitution, constitutions

    It has been suggested this particular acronym has the potential to be applied "world wide", in that it is not restricted to any one political party or ideal, individual asshatery world wide may "earn" this acronym.

  34. Husband says to call them BOHICANs (Bend Over, Here It Comes Again). Too bad we haven't seen the last of them!

  35. And of course there will be a best selling novel based on the removal, rounding up, and (at the very least) expelling of Peggy's husbands branded individuals. It will be written by one of their own, or at least someone who is somewhat sympathetic to them. The title of this modern day take on what one could consider to be our "nobel savage"; "The Last of The BOHICANs" of course!

  36. RATS

    Republicans Appearing Thoroughly Socialist

  37. Or: Repubilcan Appeasing Total Socialists

  38. I vote for "BGRs", pronounced "bee gee arrs" in public and "buggers" in private. I agree with the sentiments above opposing using the word "democrat" and about cutesy acronyms. No insult intended to any of the above posters.
    Daniel K Day


    Entrenched (or enabling)
    Liberal (or lying)


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