Monday, January 30, 2012

Better Late Than Never (Glenn Beck)

This morning I heard Glenn Beck issue a warning about the danger to any who hold Judeo-Christian views. This was prompted by Obama's current assault on Catholic Church managed health providers. He wants listeners to stand with the Catholics. I concur. [UPDATE: Attack On Our Care for Posterity is the new follow-up to this post.]

My own formal warning on this, posted at my old website ( in 2006, often cannot be brought up from the WayBack Machine. So I'll repost it again today. Were I to rewrite it today I'd think I write it more to the point, and I'd make sure to explicitly link the Precautionary Principle to the adversaries of the heart of Christianity and Judaism. But I'll let it stand as it is, awkward wording and all.

Saturday, 5 August 2006.

At the Core of the Judeo-Christian Ethos: What Animates Its Critics.

By Pascal Fervor
Judaism and Christianity have one very important thing in common. They are life-affirming religions.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Only Bad Publicity Is No Publicity

I warn you again about how much the Right is being manipulated into backing the two most Establishment candidates.

Talk radio is as conservative as its sponsors and the handful of radio groups will permit it to be. Yes, they will SAY things that you like because those good thoughts all come from you.  But when it comes time to put their money where their mouths have been, they will go with those who have gained their allegiance by permitting them to go on and SAY all those nice things so that you will buy their books. Making each of them very wealthy,

You know in your bones that's how the system works. Accept it.

Once you accept that, then you know that cronies back both the Left and the Right, so you have very good reason to be more skeptical over the way this is playing out.
  • Yes, Romney is the most country club of GOP candidates.
  • Yes, Gingrich is being gang-attacked. I also feel like defending him when the attacks are over the top. But I did that for G W Bush too even though I detested how Statist and Left pleasing (and them never acknowledging it) he could be.
Please look at all this bad blood publicity for what it is: Providing name recognition for Gingrich and Romney.

Rick Santorum basically has had the oxygen in all of the recent debates sucked away from him. Stolen on behalf of R & G by the guiding hand of the moderators and later bickered over all over the map. That all starts and continued with MSM The Agency of Lies -- it deciding who get the oxygen.

I know I am not going to persuade any of you. But let me state this for the record:
R & G are losers for us. They will either lose to Obama like McCain did, or they will become care-takers of the burgeoning state so that the Left can do in 2014 what they did in 2006 -- claim that the GOP is bad for America.
Name recognition buys at least half of the votes. That and fear that only "He can win." The resultant candidate would then only offer the non Leftist American the choice of voting for the radical Obama or a GOP Progressive. That is not a good choice. THAT IS NO SENSIBLE CHOICE!

I don't get where anyone thinks that Newt is not a Progressive. And if you know he IS a Progressive, WTF? "He can win" is what saddled California with the gawdawful Schwarzenegger instead of the best candidate, McClintock.

As you suffer from either Obama's 2nd term or under either of these Progressives, please remember I warned you. Maybe you can then tell me why you didn't heed me. Okay?

Friday, January 27, 2012

ObamaCare Ought To Be the Key Issue

As Rick Santorum pointed out forcefully last night, Governor Romney still defends "the elimination of fundamental freedoms" in RomneyCare. Romney can't run against this BIG (>75% hate Obamacare) issue.

But who am I to tell you this?

And who is Rick Santorum? That's the way the MSM -- including most of talk radio which spends all of its time defending Newt or Mitt only -- likes it.

They do not want you to hear Santorum. Why? He's not perfect, but he can take this issue cleanly to Obama.

Why don't you back Rick Santorum? Because the feminists hate him. And most of our side are afraid of them?  That's gotta be it. "He can't win" because he's pro-life. Tell your feminist influenced friends that Santorum isn't the dictator Obama is. Santorum is not going to eliminate abortions like Obama is eliminating loads of other things. Obama is eliminating freedom of healthcare and eliminating our security with his anti-American foreign policies and eliminating jobs through dictatorial regulations at EPA and Labor and Commerce and -- need I go on?

All you conservatives just don't like that he's strongly pro-life? I must be a fool for not getting it. Someone make me an offer to sell my principles. Oh -- you have? Well, keep trying. Maybe you'll stumble on the truth.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


As this seemingly neverending campaign season grinds on, and you receive requests to send money to campaigns or super PACs, don't forget this.

The money you send is helping keep your most insidious and relentless enemy alive. The  MSM Agency of Lies will take your money and become an even bigger factor in destroying your life.

If only, like The Magnetic Monster, we could over-feed it so that it blows itself up. Ah. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

Did That Really Come From Newt?

When I reproduced the money bomb email in yesterday's post, I scrubbed off the "From" line along with the "To" line. Sorry about that.

I was asked, half jokingly, by more than a few people whom I told of the email
"Are you sure that came from Gingrich?"
It's a fair question given all the political dirty tricks that  have transpired in the past and seem to be on the increase.

Why would the Gingrich campaign deliberately send out an email that plays to the stereotypical charge that "Gingrich is a bomb thrower?"

I have no idea. Ask them.

Here's the line I left off yesterday (since added).
Subject: Money Bomb: Deliver the Knockout Punch
From: Newt Gingrich < >

I really wish the question did not feel like a joke. That is because the targets of the joke are all those who legitimately wish to restore the dream that is America.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Could Newt Be More Self Defeating?

In what follows, I'm aware that there is a certain sick humor about all this. Perhaps the laugh is on anyone who thinks the GOP hierarchy is actually trying to oust Obama. Or maybe the laugh is on the gullible buyers of books put out by conservative talkshow hosts. They sure write good books detailing what Obama is doing wrong and extolling what is right and honest. Obama's presidency has been a boom time for them, doncha know. 

It surely is mighty hard to take in what follows and keep a straight face..

By now everybody has heard how tone deaf Romney has been. Talkers and bloggers have chalked up his loss in Saturday's South Carolina primary election to Mr. Romney "being unable to read the voters."

Like that was a revelation? As far as I'm concerned, Mr. Romney, like Mr. McCain before him, and Mr. Huntsman, and countless other Republicans, simply hate conservatives because we simply don't approve of "Progressives" pretending to be moderates.

But what of Mr. Gingrich? The Carolinians reacted favorably to Newt's eagerness to fight the media and from there extended confidence in him to take on Obama and the Dems. I personally still await to hear his clear denouncement of the radical Greens and their sophistic abuse of the Precautionary Principle. He has the smarts to do it if he's not in the tank. Intelligent anti-greens know this too. I want to know:
Is Newt truly a changed man?

Well, now that's where this post begins to get funny.

The media and the talkers and several big bloggers have frequently call Mr. Gingrich "a bomb thrower."

And what shows up in my email on Sunday? 

Subject: Money Bomb: Deliver the Knockout Punch
From: Newt Gingrich

Please read this special message from Newt Gingrich.


Our success in yesterday's South Carolina primary is a result of one thing: a national movement of conservative patriots who want to see bold solutions enacted to....

Money Bomb? Any kind of bomb?

Wasn't one of the primary reasons Mr. Gingrich won South Carolina was because he used his great political skills? He proved he could out-trash talk the media? Because he could turn the tables on them?

So what does his campaign do right after that win? It feeds the opposition's bomb-thrower stereotype.

Bold ass you say?

Yeah, that's the first criteria Americans seek in their presidents.

Friday, January 20, 2012


South Carolinians sure have my sympathy today. You are the latest subjects to be manipulated. I surely hope you understand.

If I learned nothing else from Orwell, I learned that the Statist regime winds up running its own opposition. And you believe our current situation is dissimilar?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

“We’re doing this because it is the right thing to do”

Is that the imperial "We" there? You bet it is.
Understanding the Implacable Enemy Within the West -- part 6. 

In recent weeks I've presented how the Precautionary Principle forms the basis of a new morality. People who operate surreptitiously -- for what they believe is the common good -- feel good about themselves no matter how much sophistry they employ. “We’re doing this because it is the right thing to do.” Got it?

Below the read more is an independent video taken at the kickoff for the "winter workshops" of a regional land use commission with the authoritarian sounding name OneBayArea. Have you had similar experiences? Share them. Homeland Security is not the NKVD -- yet.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What Would Institutionalized Voter Fraud Look Like?

Thanks to James O'keefe, we know.

The institutional apparatchiks wear such smiley faces, what's to worry?

H/t: Ace of Spades

Monday, January 09, 2012

"Progressives" Using Incrementalism

My readers know I loath the word "Progressive" used as a label for the bastard Incrementalists. That is because their chosen label belies their real agenda: to achieve furtively, a little bit at a time, authoritarian repression. They do this with a clear conscience because they believe themselves anointed with a clearer vision. That vision requires that mankind be ruled by supermen. So in support of the Precautionary Principle's worry that mankind might overburden the environment without their rule, they fully intend on regressing the livelihood of the common man.

Tough to do in a free and open and informed society you say?

Mark Levin, in the second half hour of his show

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Precautionary Principle Is Older Than 1999

Understanding the Implacable Enemy Within the West -- part 5.

I've heard a disheartening remark from at least two people who already understand how the Precautionary Principle is a threat not only to progress but to liberty. "Most people are too stupid to understand, so why bother discussing it?" For me such an attitude recalls the smartassery "beauty may only be skin deep, but ugly goes clear down to the bone."

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Nanny State Bestows Mercy

I stumbled upon some good news for a change.

A terrified householder grabbed a carving knife and fought a ‘fencing match’ with machete-wielding burglars, a court heard yesterday.

During the struggle, an intruder was stabbed and died from his injuries later.

Grandfather Peter Flanagan, 59, was arrested on suspicion of murder but prosecutors ruled he should face no charges because he had acted reasonably to defend himself.

The decision followed a pledge by [PM] David Cameron that homeowners who defend themselves against intruders should not be prosecuted provided they use ‘reasonable force’.
Daily Mail Online
Isn't that grand? UK has been in the forefront of intimidating its citizens from defending themselves, notoriously persecuting and imprisoning home defenders for eliminating, without a badge, state-terror agents home invaders.

Well, here's a thanks to God for Peter Flanagan's good fortune. He was the lucky one to be graced with what meager mercy Downing Street offers its subjects. The Queen's wielders of force took a holiday from their jealousy as sole arbiters of justice.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Precautionary Principle Tyranny

Understanding the Implacable Enemy Within the West -- part 4.

Christinewjc: I apologize if I am not "getting" your point regarding the "precautionary principle." I read your recent blog post about it and have concluded that perhaps I need an example?#

Someone charges that your ideas are a threat to humanity. Your normal defense is that they must prove it. They counter that IF they are right, the danger is so bad that the burden of proof shifts to you. They, under color of authority, go on and ban your normal operations, demanding that you first prove that your efforts are not a danger before they allow you to proceed. Rights guaranteed by the US Constitution, "freedom of speech and assembly and of religion" and "innocent until proven guilty," have been discarded wherever the Precautionary Principle has been recognized.

Judeo-Christian ethics and the Western tradition views innocent human life with sanctity. Human life is holy. Under the cover of the Precautionary Principle, Greens insist that Malthusianism has to be given the upper hand; that a human's usefulness must be weighed in order to determine their innocence; and that old line moralists are a threat to those who seek to supersede Judeo-Christian morality with morality founded upon those who worship Sustainability.
Thanks for that explanation, Pascal. #

I must say that it is kind of ironic that some leftist secular progressives (especially the celebrity types) might use such an idea against Christian Conservative viewpoints, but ignore the dangers of Islam and label it "the religion of peace" when, for the most part, it has been quite the opposite for centuries.

Kind of ironic, yes. There is little true irony when it comes to the implementation of renewed authoritarianism. When each new bar to individual freedom is preceded by the implementers claiming to be achieving the opposite of what you are witnessing, the only irony (unless it's duplicity) is to be found in those who sincerely believe they are watchdogs as those consequences unfold right before their eyes.

Want a new approach to fight each attempted new breech of individual rights? Discover how your adversaries have employed the Precautionary Principle, then go on to reveal how their plans are a greater threat to humanity than anything you might do. Defeating the tactic and turning the tables becomes easier when more people comprehend how they're under attack because you've stripped the facade away from the attackers.

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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year: Implacable Enemy Within the West -- part 3

Understanding the Implacable Enemy Within the West (part 3)

Exactly ten years ago today, a comment appeared at Free Republic in a thread based on the publication “Human Sacrifice Rationalization in 7th Grade Curriculum .” The Precautionary Principle was not directly mentioned, but it was clearly present in the thinking of those who scoff at men filled with faith, optimism and the love of mankind. 

Here is the summary of that comment:
A fundamental disparity appears to set up the battleground, the reason, the cause celebre, for the confrontation predicted in Revelations known as Armageddon.
  • The God-fearing belief they must be allowed to procreate, to obey what they see as God’s wishes, that the choice to have children ought be left solely to the couple and providence. They note that no matter how many people on the planet, God has provided when man is free to worship freely. The overwhelming success of this country is testament to that.
  • Those without faith in God have a different belief: the unshakable, Malthusian driven fear that believers in God must be neutralized in order to save the planet from the inevitable geometric growth of humanity if the wishes of “the great unwashed” are left unchecked. They fear the planet cannot stand further human growth, and are therefore dead-set against any who promote it. So they have aided, abetted and employed the God-scoffers to indoctrinate our children against God and belief in Him. Our children are being indoctrinated to not have this faith in God, to believe man must limit himself. Our children will be warned not to believe that God said be “fruitful and multiply.” Our children will think it patriotic to not have children of their own. Our children are being taught to believe that those who “breed” are traitors.

Even non-believers ought be able to see how this conflict sets the God scoffers against the God believers.
Institutional rot concomitant to advancing authoritarianism have only gotten worse since then.

Over the last week I’ve been flogging how the Precautionary Principle is at the core to morphing Western culture into accepting authoritarian rule. And that authoritarian rule is deliberately regressive in nature because true progress causes humanity to thrive — as happened when the ideas from the Age of Reason led to the toppling of authoritarian rule in British America.

The Precautionary Principle is the prime reason for the new morality that views population reduction as a moral necessity. The useful idiots who actually believe that “we must assume Malthus was right so we can prevent massive uncontrolled deaths” are delivering the West (the progenitor and protector of individual liberty) into the hands of power mad monsters. History is quite clear: power mad monsters always rain death.

More anon.

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