Thursday, December 30, 2010

The SKUNC in Florida

I do not know yet if GuyS's SKUNC will be the winner of my rebrand the RINOs contest. But I found a story tonight that ran my blood cold -- fitting choice of words that.

In "No refusal" DUI checkpoints could be coming to Tampa, we read:
Florida is among several states now holding what are called "no refusal" checkpoints.

It means if you refuse a breath test during a traffic stop, a judge is on site, and issues a warrant that allows police to perform a mandatory blood test. [no appeal, emphasis added]

It's already being done in several counties, and now Unfried is working to bring it to the Tampa Bay area.
U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has recently said he wants to see more states hold similar programs.
The RINO SKUNC (in this instance, Statist Knowingly Undermining the Nation's Constitution) Governor Charlie Crist is not acting like a constitutional republican should to insist that his state not run roughshod over individuals' rights. "Compelling state interests" is a crock.

Goodbye 5th Amendment Rights to not testify against oneself.
You could be perfectly sober, and still you are forced to undergo a bloody bodily assault? WTF?

What do have to say for yourself, Mr. American?

Now here is one American answer. From Mark Alger commenting:
They stop me, they’d damned well better have probable cause, or I’ll sue ‘em out of existence. I’ll make a quixotic life’s quest to bring the entire polity down around their ears.
Problem with these damned overreaches is that nobody’s willing to go to the mat with the bastards.
Emphasis added.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Condescension from Both the Left and the Statists

Before I get started, because so few people yet understand why I make a distinction between the Left and the Statists, let me repeat it.

The Left are openly anti-conservative, but the Statists (sometimes called corporate Statists) are quite often found hiding out on the Right. The Left is honest to the extent that they are clear about their intentions. It is the Statists who are untrustworthy. They are craven cowards and, as such, hold back so they are not attacked easily. They are probably the source of the brains for the "poster-boys of self-esteem" but otherwise brainless Left. In my opinion, the Left could make no headway without the rarely admitted but undeniable interference running by the Statists of the GOP.

Try to keep that in mind as you offer your replacement for RINOs in my cash contest.

The opening lines of Fox News Makes You Stupid?, by Brent Bozell of the Media Research Institute reads
There is nothing the left believes in more robotically than the stupidity of conservatives. Otherwise, they would not be conservatives. When liberals get routed in an election, they do not question themselves. The first -- and for most, only -- verdict is that the American people were disastrously flooded by a tsunami of stupidity and misinformation.

The first thing that came to my mind is "Hell, that's the same condescending attitude I see in the Progressive subversive Republicans whenever they lose to more conservative members of their own party, or to independent conservatives of the TEA Party (e.g., Lisa Murkowski in AK or Mike Castle in DE).

Bottom line: It does conservatives no good to pay heed to and allow RINOs non-conservative republicans to become chairmen of Congressional committees. Beyond the extent that they give the GOP the majority in any federal or state legislative body, they are of no use to those of us who wish to see America protected from destabilizing interests at home or from abroad.

Hence, it is not in the interests of conservatives to simply run all non-conservatives out of town right away. But it should be in our demands that they don't carry much more weight than most conservatives and libertarians who work hard to help them defeat their more openly liberal Democratic opponents. (Scott Brown for instance.)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Fun Contest for Conservatives -- $100 Top Prize

***Update: Now $125 thanks to Joan of Argghh!

I've been complaining for some time now that the label Republican In Name Only, and its acronym, RINO, are ineffectual to say the least.

My topmost reason is that a dichotomy exists in the word republican. Conservatives think of republicans as representing the people who elected them, with an eye fixed on protecting and preserving the American constitution with its limits on government and its recognition of personal rights. Progressives think of republicans as elitist and doing what they think is right no matter what the common folk think, and "The Constitution is only a piece of paper."

When conservatives see the "Progressive" subversive wing dominating the party and the decisions it makes, they get really rankled. But simply using the term RINO and intending that to be taken as disparaging by the arrogant politicians does not get the job done. The elitist either laughs at the ill-conceived acronym or looks down at the one who hurls RINO and sniffs "that's the kind of know-nothing who needs me to make the decisions." The elitist may be slightly annoyed by our intentions, but is neither insulted nor embarrassed.

So here's the contest. Come up with a variety of suggestions for an acronym to replace RINO. Here's some guidelines.

  • The letters it stands for should be easily understood. It might include words like republican, or subversive, or corrupt, or elite, or evil, or globalist. I don't really know what combination will work, that's why I decided to fund a contest.
  • It should be an easy word to repeat. 
  • It should be fun to repeat. FOOLs or DOPEs would be great if it could be tied to our subversives.
  • It should be a word that people will not feel embarrassed using. CRAPO (Corrupt Republican Aiding the Puppet Obama) for instance seems to me not ready for prime time. 
  • It should be a word that penetrates the hide of an arrogant SOB.
  • It should be timeless. When Obama is out of Office, a word like CRAPO will lose any punch it might have had (if it ever did.)
  • It may or may not have a good image associated with it. RINOs has rhinos. ASPs (All Sell-out Politicians) has serpents.
  • Enter as often as the muse inspires you, but do not spam.
  • Most of all, have fun inventing this new acronym. If you win, that's a bonus. 
  • Post all suggestions in the comments. Email me only if your comment does not appear. It may have gone to moderation or spam. Blogger has done both without my knowledge.

I'll decide which new acronym gets $100 from me.

My decision is final.

Currently in the lead is SKUNCs.
Statists Knowingly Undermining National Charters
It has great imagery, is clean both up-front and underlying, and also picks on how all contemporary subversives appear to be globalists. 

Bonus: no pol likes being known as a skunk even if they secretly don't mind at all.

Contest ended January 31, 2011.
And the Winner is "SKUNC".

PF is grateful to blog owners who have endorsed this campaign.

START Treaty -- Subversive Republicans

Progressive Subversive Republican members of the Senate who voted in favor of the START treaty during the lame duck session of the 111th Congress.

Subversive Republican State
Lisa Murkowski Alaska 
Johnny Isakson Georgia 
Richard Lugar Indiana 
Olympia Snowe Maine 
Susan Collins Maine 
Scott Brown Massachusetts
Thad Cochran Mississippi 
Mike Johanns Nebraska
Judd Gregg New Hampshire
George Voinovich Ohio 
Lamar Alexander Tennessee 
Bob Corker Tennessee 
Robert Bennett Utah 

In this instance, RINO subversive Republicans John McCain (AZ) and Lindsey Graham (SC) were not needed to pass this sell-out of America's dearly obtained ABM security.They're sure to turn up again for other sell-out duties.

"This Is Right Up Your Alley" -- Misanthropes

The quote in the title above was the message I received this morning via an email "Death Panels Back On." Included in the email was a link to Glenn Beck. However I'd already seen it mentioned at Drudge and JWF (who linked to the NYSlimes) yesterday. I guess I'm glad someone who didn't want to believe me before is beginning to notice; but is he too few, and are we too late?
The "death panels" resurfaced when it was revealed that the Czars of the Obama administration (Zeke Emmanuel no doubt) are going to push ahead with "end of life counseling." That push (as has been happening with quite a number of public policy decisions in the 21st Century, most brazenly under Obama) -- is to spite public disapproval of them.

What do you want from me?

Your uncle Pascal has been warning you of misanthropes seeping into the medical establishment after having seeped into most other institutions. And, in my opinion, the worst of these misanthropes infest the allegedly opposition party: the Republicans. You know them by now? They are the subversives you still, mistakenly and ineffectually, call RINOs.

Here's what I'll do for you.

In the absence of a general strike by all Americans to protest the theft of democratic republicanism by elitist republicanism, I will pray it is not too late.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Addendum to "Minitrue Crowing"

Added this to Minitrue Crowing Like the Puppet-in-Chief.
Obama and the Minitrue Agency of Lies* dolts are crowing of their deeds achieved to spite YOUR wishes as expressed this last November.

The RINOs cowardly brains of the Progressives subversives endangered national security in a lame duck session. 

The lame ducks were forewarned (in September) against giving into their bitterness and going along with such treachery here.
*Editor's note: In later years Pascal began using Agency of Lies because he saw that we were not an Orwellian world quite yet, and felt it best that he speak the truth while he still could.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Minitrue Crowing Like the Puppet-in-Chief

A troll berated me on Wednesday for characterizing Mr. Obama's lame-duck victory speech as "crowing."

It's my guess the jackass is ignorant of George Orwell's Animal Farm, because I could have used other less flattering barnyard noises -- such as squealing like a pig -- to describe the utterances of his dear Puppet.

But apparently, Obama was simply demonstrating to the voices of the Minitrue how he wanted them to perform.

What follows is a video collage of the command performances by the overpaid droids of the Minitrue Agency of Lies*, with them CROWING about the lame duck as was demonstrated by their fearless Kenyan Red.

Ooops. That's close, but no cigar.

Well keep that image in mind at all the important junctures in the following collage.
[This video may not appear in some streams. Please click through to the blog entry to see it.]

Obama and the Minitrue Agency of Lies* dolts are crowing of their deeds achieved to spite YOUR wishes as expressed this last November. The RINOs cowardly brains of the Progressives subversives endangered national security in a lame duck session. The lame ducks were forewarned against giving into their bitterness and going along with such treachery here.

*Editor's note: In later years Pascal began using Agency of Lies because he saw that we were not an Orwellian world quite yet, and felt it best that he speak the truth while he still could. He also used the acronym SKUNCs instead of RINOs for much the same reason.

Statist Tools: Suppression of Critics

In the news yesterday, thanks to Breitbart, was a story of an airline pilot whistle-blower.

The Transportation "Security" Administration (TSA) went after him with the sort of heavy-handedness we associate with banana republics in their early stages. I think it is clear that such top-down efforts to stifle whistle-blowing is another assault on America and for what it stands to the common man. Whatever happened to the Left-backed whistle-blower PROTECTION law, hmmm? Is that a non-starter when the Left is in power? Will the sun rise in the East tomorrow morning?

What's more to come? Watch this video report, and you tell me if you can guess the answer. I don't think it is an admission of ineptitude, and promise to reform, and a thank you to the pilot.

[This is a video that does not appear in some streams. Go to the blog entry to see it.]

It was once typically American for local sheriffs to ask "who the hell are you" of heavy-handed Feds.
Sadly, today, it is more typical that local entities seem to fall into line and add on more unpleasantness, gratis, to subjects of Fed displeasure.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Statist Tools: Inconsistencies [Updated]

First published 10:00AM Oct 27, 2010
Collected Evidence of Inconsistencies

This item has been added to Statist Tools: Inconsistencies.

Today's episode came to my attention at Kevin Baker's The Smallest Minority.

Kevin calls it Quote of the Day - Cognitive Dissonance Edition.

Go read it. 

What follows is my expansion, not as quick to the point, but with a bit more exploration of the point.

One of the basic premises of contemporary liberalism is that humans are basically good.
This is the source of their never-ending compassion for criminals, whom they claim are victims of society's ills -- namely the unequal distribution of wealth. In other words: "poverty causes crime." (This is where the libs and the Left got mixed together. Libs will deny it, but the Left exploits envy in order to write laws that seek "social justice," which, as I've shown elsewhere, is a mockery of true justice.)

This "poverty causes crime" balderdash has been extensively disproved time and again. Did Bernie Madoff commit his crimes because he was impoverished, or because he didn't mind impoverishing his victims? Hmmmm?

Anyway, the quote of the day makes quick work of liberal inconsistency.  If they really believed that "humans are basically good" then why not trust them with firearms? Well, they do if the guns are wielded by any old person who has been recruited into the police force or other "properly recognized" security detail. (For instance, the private bodyguards of the liberal elites). All of a sudden liberals are okay with authority? Armed authority?

This is despite the bloody history of the 20th Century. That was where Leftist governments murdered roughly 200 million of their own unarmed subjects. It is no odd consistency that an armed citizenry is a guarantor that governments remain relatively good (i.e., non-murderous).

Hence this particular inconsistency is a Statist tool par excellence.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Clapper of The Dilbert Principle Presidency

This is Day 38 since I recognized that Barack Hussein Obama was the Dilbert Principle President.

Think of a pretty bell.
Then think of a pretty bell that few people know is cracked.
Then think of someone yanking the clapper on that bell.

Imagine the dull thud.

Then imagine the pained expressions of those who had expected something resonant.

I suggest that this captures the essence of how the world has reacted to how much Director of National Intelligence (irony) James Clapper was uninformed.

Stunned Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper.

I'm torn. I'm not sure if I feel more sorry for our country or for this poor man.

Why the GOP Kept the Lame Duck Alive

In only a few days, the RINOs globalist members of the GOP have signed off on DADT, and the New False Start treaty, and the 911 Responders' victimoguery. This despite the groundswell of votes from conservatives and independents in the November elections that doesn't like this sort of behavior in Washington.

The Statist wing of the GOP continues to prove that my analysis is correct: The GOP Progressives Traitors are the covert brains behind the Statist advances that are overtly demanded by the Left.

The Left-wing radicals who continue to be known as "Progressives" remains in control of the Democratic Party.
  • Most all that they say and do to support their agenda is brainless. 
  • It should be easy to counter them. 
  • Yet they continue to roll out legislation that the Puppet in Chief will sign. 
  • The Left openly seeks middle class elimination (the keystone of Marxism) in every form from good economics to life affirming social norms to strong national defense.
Sneering in the face of the voters, these Leftwing nutsoids advance their policies DESPITE the fact that the political momentum favors the Right. How?

Let's first assume that the GOP spoke the truth when its members said "we got the message" after the election. Then they would not be afraid of either Obama or the Minitrue. They'd be seeking to prove to the voters that they REALLY got it this time. They'd fiercely fight in this lame duck session. If a few RINOs closet Dem GOP went along with the Dems to pass DADT, START, and whatever, that would be at the cost of the Left. All bad that accrues from that would become Leftwing politically stinking albatrosses. And then come the new year, with the larger GOP numbers in both houses of Congress, much of this lame duck Leftwing crap would either die or truly be watered down.

But now, let's go with what I've been saying. With the GOP Progressives Oppressives acting as the brains behind all the Left wing demands, they really need to let the Left get most of what it wants NOW. They'd use the Left demands to seek accommodation with the Left's demands. For example, I heard one GOP Senator say they worked to dicker down the cost of the 911 First Responders bill down from $6Billion to $4Billion. I guess he thinks we should be grateful that the Left didn't get the whole hog. Damn bastard has no desire to sound principled. "It's too damn hard."  With all the press against it (Google 911 responders bill republican and see it really wasn't easy), it is hard. BUT THAT'S WHAT AMERICA WANTS. Damn you.

So, the we hear from the GOP the orderly cave-in.  We hear them saying BS "it went along with these lame duck demands because "otherwise the Dems would peal off one or two Republican votes and pass" whatever bill Americans hate "with all of the high costs."

Damn you Senator. Didn't you ever hear Reagan say "make my day!" Americans hate this sort of compromise. Unneeded compromise on the day after victory. Senator: You suck.
  • You keep acting like you didn't like DADT -- but you really like destroying the best of American Institutions.
  • You keep acting like you favor America's safety -- but you sign away our rights under a treaty that becomes legally binding on us NOT TO DEPLOY MISSILE DEFENSE.
  • You keep claiming to know what are the limits in the Constitution -- but you sign off on extraordinary expenditiures while claiming your actions are good because you saved us a pittance from what the Dems would pass by themselves alone.

And so our GOP brainiacs are happy to let their President Puppet crow over "his" success as  "the comeback kid" (in a non-denial denial). In keeping with the teachings of the Sophists, it's far better to let the fools bask in the limelight. When you've gotten what you wanted in the face of widespread public disapproval, it is far wiser to let others claim the credit.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Statist Tools: Snares and Intimidation #2

Early in December, I ended part 1 with this about the injustice dealt to gun-owner Brian Aitken by the state of New Jersey:
Hey you liberals: I think that your beliefs that judges always act mercifully are in need of serious review.

I personally think that this judge has displayed a lower sense of mercy than that of a common criminal. The common criminal doesn't pretend that he's punishing you for the sake of respect for the law.

I surely hope New Jersey allows its chief executive to commute sentences, and that Governor Christie overrides this injustice very soon.

Well yesterday, that happened. (h/t Ace) That's great news. Way to go Governor Christie!

Sadly, intimidation for owning guns continues. But, perhaps in response to prayers, one individual will not have to suffer any more on the Statist altar.
    His prosecution was persecution.
      His persecution served the purpose of intimidating YOU.
Whatever happens in future to Governor Christie, good or bad, learn from his example today. Become the sort of leader he is today.

Hold on. There's a good caveat regarding Christie. It comes to mind when considering the question proffered by Allahpundit at the hotair link.
"Exit question: Why commute his sentence instead of pardoning him outright?" 
Yeah, the man remains a felon under the conviction, and the conviction was used by his ex-wife to deny Brian parental custody of his son. His son was the reason he moved back to New Jersey in the first place so that he became ensnared in this nightmare.

See? Those in power continue intimidating us. They simply cannot help themselves. 

Come. Let us help them reform.

***Update 2***
The answer to the question in update #1 is: By only commuting the sentence and not pardoning the conviction, governor Christie left Mr. Aitken and supporters standing to overturn, through the appeal process, the conviction  and the practice of legal persecution that led to that conviction.

If Mr. Aitken and defense team do fight further for his rights -- and our rights by extension -- then the commute rather than the pardon is indeed an effort to "Let us help them reform." That would be an excellent course of action, and I support the thinking.

Now pray for the follow through and for success.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Something Other Than RINO

Republican In Name Only. RINOs. Sounds like rhinos. But it does not carry any stigma for those whom we call RINO. There is good reason for this.

America is ostensibly a constitutional republic. There are other forms of republic, of which America was never intended to be, but into which it has always been in danger of transitioning. The most favorable sounding is a Platonic republic. It is, in short, a republic ruled by the best and brightest of its citizens -- the true elite. There are downsides to such a government, because of arrogance that too often overcomes the best of intentions of people who think highly of themselves and are being flattered about their status regularly.

But what if we have people who think of themselves as elites primarily because they associate with other members who also think of themselves as elites? A mutual admiration society at the highest levels of power. They would lack most of the true accomplishments that an elite force might have, but have all of its arrogance. It's bad enough to have American school children who score near the bottom of the world's students in math and science, while scoring the highest in self esteem. It's much worse to have politicians sitting at the top of the most powerful nation on earth who have the highest self-esteem and are dolts.

Well, I maintain we'd have some Republican representatives who think exactly that they are Plato's dream come to fruition, but are, in reality, some of the most deluded souls in all of America. They bridle at having their self-assessed good intentions limited by a piece of paper known as the constitution. Yeah, they took an oath to protect and defend that constitution, but oaths are for subjects, not rulers. Everybody knows that.

Anyway -- isn't it that sort of person at the highest levels of the GOP who we conservatives consistently call RINOs? We are hoping to be derisive and inflict at least a bit of pain so that they might notice. Here's a news flash: It. Doesn't. Work.

Get this straight. We conservatives think of the Republican Party as the party of limited government. Ronald Reagan even said that. And we're pretty sure that's a major plank in the party's platform, but we could be behind the times.

The reality is -- and it should be as plain as day after 30 years or so of using the term RINO -- that when we call Progressive Statist Republicans RINOs, they think we're simply too dumb to understand. In their own minds they are elitist Republicans, and they have their friends who agree that they are the elite.
"So who are these lowly conservatives to say that we are republicans in name only? It is to laugh. They have no sense of history, or of Plato, or of our importance in the great vision of Plato. Let's just ignore the ignorant fools."
What I am asking in this post is for conservatives to put on their thinking caps. Come up with a new nickname or acronym that will be derogatory, nasty, and insulting enough to penetrate these self-assessed elites thick skulls.

We live in an age where the corrupt and powerful are shameless. Still, if scorn is heaped high enough, it reveals their thinking that the rest of us are stupid. No despots can withstand such exposure for long. Help penetrate the pomposity of Statist Republicans and maybe save this great nation.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dilemma? No Choice


So you believe that Obama has a dilemma. Does he serve his ideology or seek to regain lost love? The wishful narrative goes like this:  "The media played up love for Obama so he could get elected. He misses it. Obama wants to be loved, so he'll come around."

Your uncle Pascal warns you to look to history, particularly the history of despots and their wise men. More on that to follow.

First, let us look at two incidents reported widely this past week. Both involve what could be seen as the result of unthinking apparatchiks. One was connected to a big entity, the other to a small one. Both bore the signs of heavy-handed stupidity. Yet in both instances, the "stupidity" also carried a warning to regulated institutions and decent individuals, indeed to all on-lookers of what transpired.
  1. Feds force bank to pull 'Merry Christmas' buttons... As I reported yesterday, the Fed backed off, but the bank and other institutions know, there is yet another shoe to drop. The initial action, as always, carries with it intimidation. In this instance, it was against  Christianity and those displaying its symbols. That intimidation remains in place.
  2. Good Samaritans Fined for Helping to Save Deer in Distress. (with a h/t goes to JWF). Could our masters be looking to chill heroes? That's like asking will the sun rise in the East tomorrow? The cowardly scum at the top HATE heroes -- hence no good deed goes unpunished. Heroism, like martyrdom, is tied to old biblical values. Martinets must do their duty. In this instance: 
    1. the men were well above the age range for the law allegedly broken, 
    2. the ticket wasn't even properly filled out, so they could be let off on a technicality. 
    3. but the men, if they want to fight city hall, will have to take more time out of their schedule to in order to fight back. 
    4. Hence, the ticket will cause the next good Samaritans to engage in double-think "oh, what's the use, I no longer live in a world where I'm rewarded for heroism."
What's the common thread in these two stories? The people involved did not ask for permission from above to act before they did. So they must be punished one way or the other or else the masters will risk having other subjects acting without first obtaining permission.  
Individual initiative must not stand.

Where those at the top appear to be faltering, in a normal world they would seek a remedy. But what if the seeming faltering is their goal? Well, then, there must be penalties for noticing the faltering. For then you are in the world where the emperor has no clothes and he knows it. In such a world, nearly everything that is true, especially as arises from individual initiative, must be suppressed, in order to ward against some damn fools blurting out the obvious and making governing that much more difficult. (What do you think this is, America or something?)

How do I know this? Because when the despot is forced to choose between being loved and being feared, and he is unwavering on what he wishes, don't you know which choice he will make?

So here's your insight to courtly thinking courtesy of your uncle Pascal.

From The Prince, Niccolo Machiavelli (translation Stephen J. Milner)
This gives rise to an argument: whether it is better to be loved than feared, or the opposite. The answer is that one would like to be both, but since it is difficult to combine the two it is much safer to be feared than loved, if one of the two has to make way. For generally speaking, one can say the following about men: they are ungrateful, inconsistent, feigners and dissimulators, avoiders of danger, eager for gain, and whilst it profits them they are all yours. They will offer you their blood, their property, their life and their offspring when your need for them is remote. But when your needs are pressing, they turn away. The prince who depends entirely on their words perishes when he finds he has not taken any other precautions. This is because friendships purchased with money and not by greatness and nobility of spirit are paid for, but not collected, and when you need them they cannot be used. Men are less worried about harming somebody who makes himself loved than someone who makes himself feared, for love is held by a chain of obligation which, since men are bad, is broken at every opportunity for personal gain. Fear, on the other hand, is maintained by a dread of punishment which will never desert you.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Moral Marshmallows Retreat -- For Now

One of my oldest understandings of Progressives our cowardly, voracious, power-mad institutional termites was how surprisingly willing they appear to be to back off when challenged.

I read a story at Drudge early in the day about how an Oklahoma bank was commanded by the Federal Reserve to take down its Christmas signage, ban employees from wearing "Merry Christmas" buttons, and remove the Christmas greetings even from its website. 

Then, late in the day came the report that the Feds had reversed themselves — for now — as can be seen from this piece at Ace’s: Feds Attempt to Force Oklahoma Bank to Remove Crosses, Bible Verses; Bank Fights Back and Wins.

I'm decided to post this primarily to explain the "For Now" aspects for this seeming retreat by our cultural assaulters.

This is typical of the apparatchiks, hence my "for now" interjection above.  “Apparently, this was all the fault of an overzealous Federal Reserve examiner.” Yeah — Right.

Guaranteed, the bank managers will feel the pain sometime down the road. It will be like the sword of Damocles hanging over them. How do I know? The Fed examiner was not named, and I am certain will not be reprimanded (unless he's foolish enough to display actual remorse — then he'd better watch out).

The Fed will keep reminding the bank honchos of it too of their inevitable comeuppance — probably through the next interchange with the same examiner who could make things more difficult. (I’m just sayin’ is all.) And it's likely the parent organization may find some way to send a signal to the Feds that they got the message — in a manner that will scapegoat some poor schlemozzel at the bank.

 Anyway, I don’t want anyone to who reads of this story to ever think that our eternal vigilance can ever end.

Isn’t it really too bad God doesn’t perform miracles anymore? You know what I mean — like opening up the earth and swallowing transgressors en masse for all the world to see. (No, the frozen butts of the COP16 cretins at Cancun early this month qualifies as fitting, not miraculous.)

Typical Leftist Aggressive

Too many of our politicians who claim to be on the Right keep playing with those on the Left.

It doesn't seem to matter how many times the Left breaks the rules, the Right keeps playing with them. And just when you think the Left has lost interest -- feigning disinterest? --  they suddenly rise up and punch (and maybe stoop to biting) you in the nose.  Progressives Aggressives indeed!

A don't know about the rest of you, but I am sick and tired of our alleged representatives playing pattycake with those who are out to enslave me.

Here's the video:

Thursday, December 16, 2010

PSB Month 11: Sen Brown (RINO MA) Backs DADT Repeal

Once again, do not despair social conservatives and American patriots. Despair favors your enemies. They're enjoying this betrayal, sure, but they're enjoying your discomfort even more.

We started the Post Scott Brown series back when Scott Brown won the special election to fill the Senate seat vacated by the late Ted Kennedy. We knew the elation over his win ("new era" of conservative takeover of the GOP) was overblown. This is the first addition in a long dry spell to the series because more popular sites, of whose allegiance to principle remains open to question, seem to enjoy passing along troubling news.  Because he does not appear to be nasty to SoCons as others are, I give you this from Ace:
And now Scott Brown, somewhat predictably, as he had the same objection.
Massachusetts Republican Scott Brown today voiced his support for a stand-alone repeal of the military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell [DADT] policy, bringing the bill one vote over the 60-vote threshold that it will need to reach if and when the Senate votes on the measure in the coming weeks.
Let me remind you that Scott Brown's "staunch conservatism" was denied by him as early as nine days after his election. From PSB Day 9:
See? This hardly took any time at all:  "Brown tells AP he'll sometimes side with Democrats". One needed not be some great seer to recognize that Scott Brown is human, and a politician at that, and he hails from Massachusetts. QED.  
Scott Brown is merely another ADE to those who are applying the finishing touches to the destruction of one of America's most important institutions -- it's armed forces. I'm not sure how DADT will undermine our forces, but almost assuredly it will come from treating non-heterosexuals as a protected class. No, it does not need be that way, but that is the way it has played out in every other institution in this country. This does not portend well for our forces.

My principled position is:
DADT should not be removed UNTIL the destructive and unjust practice of dividing the population between  protected and unprotected classes is ended. This anti-American one-way street of "justice" must end. 
So far, even among friends, I have not heard a single voice who agrees with me. Maybe only God knows how badly that speaks for our country.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sarah Palin, Orwellian Target

"I don't see why the left even bothers with their relentless attacks on Sarah Palin when you've got these milquetoast RINO's doing the work for them." -JWF  
This wistful observation is how JWF began Irony: Palin's a Quitter, Says Woman Who Quit EPA Job After Two Years. He and a many others still don't get it. Nobody wants to get "it." It is too painful to think about, the fear of scornful reception makes it too threatening to discuss. Dammit people. This is how power-grabs are accomplished most easily: by instilling fears over actually discussing the mechanics of power-grabs.

Palin, quite simply, is being used as the Statists' two-minutes hate object. An Orwellian target is something we should easily recognize. And the worst implications of the device, given all the resources poured into servicing it, need to be explored by cooler patriotic heads because its purpose is to divide and undermine us.

RINOs and Leftists both hate her because she fits the bill for Alinsky rule #12. She is liked by vast numbers of independents because she carries herself as one of them. So she is used as the natural embodiment and personification of the TEA Party. It's the sophisticates against the great unwashed, the inner party against the proles.

As our world becomes more Orwellian, you have to expect the State entities (parties and Minitrue) to hurl invective at its opposition. And Palin fits that bill as Trotsky fit it for Stalin.

One more thing --

The Sort of Progress PF's Been Promoting

This is so optimistic that you can be sure it leaves the Progressives power-mad repressives and Greens Malthusian misanthropes in frothing fits of rage.

Cuz they want this reversed, and normal people don't.

History Wordplay

History to me is His story.

From the beginning of creation up until now, the spool of time has been unwinding. Thus, if you believe in God the Creator, well history is His story. Yet even believers will rarely get the history correct, because there are so many different ways to believe in Him. Or not at all. Belief in men, or a man, or in other forms of life or concepts, they will all look to history to validate their view.

So we have come to this current time with variations on history, many which claim they are the right, or correct history, depending on which axe they're grinding. (One of my favorites is how archeologists keep finding stuff that are hundreds of years out of sync. The mental gymnastics required for historians to save face on all the apparently incorrect sequences they'd concocted really ought to be in the Olympics. It's world class sophistry.)

And as global Statism grows, the variations of history will be contested only up to that point that it serves the State. For as Orwell warns us
"He who controls the present controls the past; and he who controls the past controls the future."
And in that world: 
"We are at war with capitalists; we always have been at war with capitalists."
And so that will be one thread of history. It will be like many others as the need arises. But in this special instance, since Communism (or socialism or whatever our rulers wanna call it) doesn't work, then when it is right for the all knowing all powerful State to hit the restart button, it will be:
"We are at war with communists; we always have been at war with communists."

But the reality, if you grok that God can also be a concept (even if He exists, He's done His best to leave each of us with our own concept of Him no matter what high holy men tell us), then every thing that really happens IS history. We may not know it, but it is. Like that proverbial tree that falls in the forest, it does indeed make a sound whether or not we sense it ourselves, since there are no forests in vacuums, and the laws of the universe tell us that it will resound.

So yes, history may come to us from honest wise scribes, or it has been altered by fools or charlatans. But what we must continue to seek is the most accurate accounting so that we can come to know and understand what is.

And maybe become truly wise in the process.

See? It is His Story.

Unexpectedly related but timely example from Wabbit:

Saturday, December 11, 2010


I've been told by quite a number of people something along the following lines:
Pascal, there may be ten people in the English speaking world who would understand or even care how you are using that word.
Of course, the critique is usually accompanied by the explanation that I am more intelligent than most, and so I can't expect other to know what I'm talking about.

I refuse to believe this is true. Dammit.

For one thing, I never liked being talked down to, and I don't think anyone else does either, so I will assume my listeners will be unafraid to ask for explanations should they be necessary. For another thing, I'm not that quick (something "intelligent" often implies). I'm curious about some things and will pursue them. But I'm also a slow reader by choice, and don't have the time to fully ferret out everything, and so often stop short. I retain for a long time what I've read or seen. I explore tangents to the things that catch my attention. So I've a wide knowledge, not necessarily intelligently applied. If some think me intelligent, it's only because I spent time accumulating knowledge and seeking wisdom, not because it came readily to me.

And here is maybe the most pertinent thing for this essay: our American educational system did its utmost to keep me from learning in breadth and depth in the same manner it has likely done that to you. I want to help any who seek it. Hence this post today. I want to try to bring remedy to that. I want to thwart the ignorance peddlers.

We Americans have been saddled by a bureaucratic nightmare in the eduction establishment. If there are a majority of Americans who do not know or care about their own language, their own history, their own economic system, their own political system, and their own religious heritage, it is because the bureaucracy has found a way to undermine the human thirst for knowledge, and the sense of survival that is served by it. Our anti-human wannabe masters want a lot of us to not care about our own survival. This comes from the not-so-much-any-more sub rosa  Sus worshiping green movement's influence. And destroying the understanding that would aid an individual's survival certainly fills that goal.

Our very language is filled with nuance that tells us a great deal. Most importantly, it informs us of the various ways schemers go about abusing the latitude a free society has gifted them with. That language also is full of information that helps us understand human nature without having to go to a behavioral expert (much to the chagrin of those who make money telling us how we should behave).

Look, a few days ago I had reason to shed some light on the word sophisticated. It seems to have fallen on deaf ears. But it's a word chock full of meaning many have not been exposed to.

I'd like to begin a series called Wordplay. Do you think you might find this interesting?

The damn school system probably made you hate studying vocabulary.
What if I could make it more interesting.
Would you read it?
Do you think it could help you better influence your neighbors? Give me a clue.

Postmodern Times Reveals a Place of Marvels

First Jerry Brown gets reelected in California, while neither his exceedingly wealthy RINO opponent nor the GOP ever challenged the legitimacy of his candidacy in court for being in violation of state constitutional limits. 

Yesterday Obama's oligarchical puppeteers remake Clinton president for a few moments. 

Regarding that, have you yet seen the phrase 

D R Y    R U N

come out of the mouths of the apparatchiks at the Ministry of Truth Agency of Lies? [In later years Pascal began using Agency of Lies because he saw that we were not an Orwellian world quite yet, and felt it best that he speak the truth while he still could. -- ed.]

Trust in your old uncle Pascal; it's in the works. AKA trial balloon.

Postmodern times really is a place where you will not believe your eyes. (Nor want to.)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 26: Clinton Proves Obama the Dilbert Principle Prez

It's been less than a month since it occurred to me that Obama is The Dilbert Principle President.
So today, Bill Clinton underscores my observation. [h/t Drudge]

So please, let me get this out of my system.


For a good update,

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Day 25: Watchers for "Excellence in Journalism": NOT


If only they were to quote me IN context, there might yet be hope for the old Fourth Estate.

In an anonymously penned story "Leaked Documents Drive the Online Conversation," it was pointed out
"bloggers that responded largely agreed with [the mainstream press], voicing criticism of Obama and of government overall." 
Basically saying that most stories charged the Obama administration with incompetence in the Wikileaks scandal.

But then the story went on:
Some bloggers chose to blame the media. “It is craven malfeasance that nobody in the Fourth Estate has issued a mea culpa for their failure of duty in service to this republic,” wrote Pascal Fervor.
Well the irony here is so thick there is no way I could let this go by without notice.

This story, published by, "Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism" quoted me out of context. I did not blame the media for Wikileaks, I blamed them for helping elect as president the incompetent Obama.

The rhetorical title of my commentary that day was quite clear Day 14: Are Those Who Hid Obama's Incompetence Blameless? And for the perennial obtuse for whom it was not clear, the opening lines were explicit.
It's been 2 weeks since I asked:

President Obama: What competence have you to prove to the world how you are not The Dilbert Principle President?
So now Wikileaks demonstrates how clueless, weakness, helplessness and impotent, and incompetent Obama has been in office, and it is craven malfeasance that nobody in the Fourth Estate has issued a mea culpa for their failure of duty in service to this republic.
Had reiterated my point, it would have been to emphasize that the media GAVE US the highly praised but unprecedentedly unvetted Obama for whom to vote into office in November 2008.

NO "excellence in journalism" writer. I was not blaming the media for Wikileaks, I was blaming them for hiding Obama's incompetence for so many years.

Again I reiterate for all the blogosphere: your importance as the new fourth estate becomes more real every day the usual suspects scheme to shut you down.

All the Pew's horses and all the Pew's men cannot bring mainstream press's honor again.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Why Don't You Just Give Up Crusader?

A couple of days ago, after I spotted a six year old boy with what looked like aging real tattoos, could I have been more disapproving of parents who tattoo their babies?
[They should] be horsewhipped, with adequate explanation as to why, and what consequences to expect next were they to do it again.
Were it made clear this was literal lashing and not metaphorical it would have been harsher. Then recall too that I noted that this punishment was preferential to calling in Child "Protective" Services (CPS) for reasons that would soon be demonstrated.

For on the very next day -- yesterday -- I posted on a story that reinforced my misgivings about how dangerous CPS can be. When they thrust into a situation, and decide to give a baby over to the state care, they then provide the state the opportunity to kill a baby "for its own good" (or to save scarce medical resources) whichever reason those who had seized upon such power would dare admit.

So after I posted that second commentary, I was confronted by an email about the first commentary.
Re: your essay on a child's tattoo:

Did you think to check Google for information on the Legal Age for tattoos in CA?
Cal AB 186 requires registration with county health dept and facility inspection.  tattooing of minors is prohibited
Well It's illegal.  Did you report it?  Don't just bellyache.
My response:
Did you not read of the dangers from CPS? Reporting it is what the power-mad Statists WANT. Quoth Shakespeare: "The law is an ass." Besides, the tattoos could have been temporary. Sure, these looked like old inked ones that had faded as the kid grew up. However, the man with the kid wasn't tattooed himself, so I doubt he was responsible. I was not gonna make a federal case out of this and I would never recommend anyone else do it either.

What I want is for people to hear that I disapprove. What I want is for others to begin airing disapproval where and when it is appropriate. Like on a blog.

The airing of disapproval is the kind of thing that has been suppressed by the Left. PC thought permeates the entire society. We have been Politically Cowed into silence about the most basic and commonsensical of observations. Speaking up fights that too.

To hell with the opinion-suppressors already. If you have good reason to disapprove of something, let the world know it. Then maybe parents will think twice before being so STUPID. That's the way to save the child, and your neighbors from their own stupidity. Don't let the state get involved unless it's traditionally appropriate to do so. How do you know?  Here's a fine rule of thumb: If your great grandparents didn't call the police, you shouldn't either.

One more thing: CPS is a terrorist organization as far as I'm concerned. I'm sorry you don't agree.

I don't give up because I understand too well how social mores have been rushed downhill due to the useful idiocy of the Left to the benefit of Statists.

Rather than let such short-sighted messages as prompted this commentary leave me in despair, I intend to use them to demonstrate how short-sighted my neighbors can be. I think they are short-sighted because in the past I lacked the patience to try and convey my deeper thoughts. The need to develop two forms of patience -- one to understand their resistance and the other with the work it takes to arrange my thoughts -- are probably good topics for another time.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Danger Creeps from Every Corner of Govt

In yesterday's screed against one child's abuse I warned also of the dangers of government when I referred to child "protective" services.

I've also warned in the past about how the medical schools have either abandoned or largely altered the Hippocratic Oath of "First, do no harm."

This story, Los Angeles DCFS trying to take our grandson. Need attorney, [that's been pulled, here's a cache screen capture] appeared as a plea for help at Free Republic by a grandparent.

It involves a baby having been scooped up by CPS in Los Angeles due to the charges being raised on basis of a remote possibility.  But there's even more danger involved, as one commenter suggested in their offer of help.

This is the best advice, but your son needs to lawyer up and so does your grandbaby.

That baby will need his own lawyer in order to protect him from DCFS if they decide his medical treatment offers no basic improvement in his "quality" of life and that he would be better off dead.

Not only does your son need to be protected from trumped up criminal charges, the baby needs to be protected from anti-life murderers who do not value his intrinsic human worth. The "helping" professions are infested with them.

This is the sort of development of which I've been alert for over 2 decades now. The public, if it gathers together locally, can bring a temporary end to such excesses, and force the craven scum to backs off (sometimes.) The public must get involved until the upside down institutions are righted again. Sadly we've allowed them to become run by the power-mad. Their anti-human forces will work their mischief in the absence of push from the grassroots.

If America still has a shred of its historical moral base, then it still believes the strong must defend the weak from predators; this is a prime example. Do what you can to raise awareness before the bureaucratic grim reaper comes to visit you or one of those you love.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

You People Are Sick

I was in the steam room late this afternoon. In came in a Dad with a kid maybe 6 years old. Through the steam I saw what I thought was a large tattoo on the kid's left upper arm. I shook my head to myself.

Later, out by the sinks, I realized then it was even worse.

I didn't stare too closely, but the kid also had another tat on his right upper arm -- looked like an eagle's head -- to match the one on his left. And for good measure, there was something nondescript, about 2 inches square, over his breastbone.

And these tats were fading. How old was this kid when they branded him?

I am not a fan of child "protective" services with their broad-sense, near licentious license takeover of parenting. This kid may indeed have been removed from his parents, so now this kid was fostered or adopted by the Dad he was with. Since I'd not seen the Dad before, who knows? Rather than removing the kid from parents who permitted this kid to be so marred, better they themselves be horsewhipped, with adequate explanation as to why, and what consequences to expect next were they to do it again.


Saturday, December 04, 2010

Leftist Fostered Monsters

Time and again I warn of how anti-human the Leftist so-called humanists are.

It is their policies that foster the monstrous behaviors such as are detailed today at JWF's
Savages Hang Toddler by His Ankles in Closet and Beat Him.

JWF ended his post with the prayer:
'May God help that little boy recover and have a life free from these beasts."

That will not happen in our legal system. The judges appointed by our demigods will find a way to allow these monsters back out to cause more mayhem in short order.
And why not? These particular monsters are now proven agents of our ever more brazen Leftist/Statist death cultists at the top of our society.

Agony in AGW fallout

Oh, the humanity! /s

Friday, December 03, 2010

The Crowing of A Death Cultist

“Today, when the court sentences Steven Hayes to death,” [Attorney Thomas] Ullmann said, “every one of us becomes a killer. We all become Steven Hayes.” 

NO! I will not accept the argument that this lawyer is merely delusional and misguided. I say he is a soulless professional agent of the death cult and is trying to tarnish all of society by projecting his own life endangering cravings on everybody else. Hayes has been an agent of death. Hayes has repented enough that he welcomes his own execution. But not so Attorney Ullmann. Ullman does not wish to chill the actions of other murderers. Thus I call all those that would feel emboldened by his advocacy (to abolish the death penalty) as agents of Ullmann's. That rotter, long before Mr Hayes meets his just punishment, is even now encouraging actions such as those of Mr. Hayes.

The moral bankruptcy of Mr. Ullmann's statement is symptomatic of the death cultists that have, in my opinion, always been accepted by the Left, and who have affected liberal thought. Classical liberal thought has been warped from permitting the voicing of ideas, no matter how bizarre, into endorsing ideas that are dangerous to human life that most conservatives still call "liberal."

You can read of how awful were the murders committed by Monster Hayes by picking up the trail at this NYSlimes link.

iAnother/i Emmanuel Goldsteining

Another Emmanuel Goldsteining

More proof how our world is becoming more Orwellian day by day. Read this story at JWF: 'If Beck Isn't Stopped, I Think We'll Have Another Oklahoma City [bombing] in This Country'

The message, driven by Soros' Media Matters, is that Glenn Beck must be stopped from broadcasting. He is too effective in alerting people to history and thereby organizing opposition to the "Progressives" thieving pigs who are systematically trampling our rights one by one.
"Every sponsor of every Fox show should be put on notice that this insanity is being underwritten by [advertisers]," Brock says. He adds: "If Beck isn't stopped, I think we'll have another Oklahoma City [bombing] in this country."

As JWF says:
So advertisers are being "put on notice" and Glenn Beck must be "stopped." If I didn't know better I would say these thugs are making threats.
This, combined with the Two Minutes Hate-like demonstrations at MSNBC by loons like Olbermann, resembles too much the campaigns by the Statist regime in Orwell's 1984 against its opponents. It is a  form of demonizing that I call "Emmanuel Goldsteining." (The most chilling thing in that novel was that the State was so thoroughly running every aspect of life that they long ago infiltrated the opposition so that now they were running it. The opposition was organized to entrap every outer party member who had qualms about their role in serving Big Brother. It sought after and sucked in desperate consciences like Winston Smith.)

I realize this threat to Beck and his backers is not the first effort of its kind by the Left/Statist alliance.  I pointed out how the Left has used Sarah Palin to personalize and focus (Alinsky rule #12) we who oppose them 18 months ago.

This is an addition to PF's chronicle of Statist growth.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Statist Tools: Snares and Intimidation

Now you laugh "Snares -- yeah sure -- but intimidation? A Statist tool? Well Duh!"

Understand me. What could be more chilling than when a judge renders a verdict wherein it's clear he knows that your rights have been trampled by the state and he's not only fine with that, he rubs it in?

From the masterful headline (by Kevin Baker) at The Smallest Minority today we see a judge's comment "When dealing with guns, the citizen acts at his peril." When the judge added this snark when sentencing a hapless gun owner -- who got snared in anti-gun paperwork -- we witnessed the ugly state on the eve before it threatens to get uglier still.
This is what I imagine would happen if I got to confront the judge in this case:
  • Me: "In this case, the peril was from the state and not the gun, and every body knows it."
  • Judge: **Wink**
Oh, there's a whole lot more to this story too. This judge held back even the legal statutes requested twice by the jury during their deliberations. The victim, fatefully, was in the wrong state when his mother momentarily felt concern for her son.  Her maternal instincts led to his being ensnared by a law that no reasonable person would indict another citizen over unless they themselves were Statists. You can find the sickening details elsewhere -- they are really not my point. That's the snare part, and again, that everybody with any sense knows.

What's intimidating here is that the Judge, acting in most high-handed of Statist ways, wants the world to know that it's too damn bad for the victim here. That is what the State's victim -- and you by implication -- gets for figuring an individual really has any rights that a man in his position would honor.

Yes, it is possible that I am confusing intimidating with infuriating.

Hey you liberals: I think that your beliefs that judges always act mercifully are in need of serious review.

I personally think that this judge has displayed a lower sense of mercy than that of a common criminal. The common criminal doesn't pretend that he's punishing you for the sake of respect for the law.

I surely hope New Jersey allows its chief executive to commute sentences, and that Governor Christie overrides this injustice very soon.

******* GOOD NEWS UPDATE **Dec 21 2010*****

Christie Commutes Aitken's Gun Charge To Time Served

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Lead: Promote Human Life

There's a new story that recalls the question in the masthead of this blog. "If our "leaders" are so humanitarian, how is it that we never hear them direct a harsh word at the Malthusian, Utilitarian and Green nutcases?"

Lilith: the barren, sex-crazed, child-killing mascot of the abortion movement

Every once in a while, one stumbles upon a terrifying level of honesty among abortion supporters....
a moderately successful group dedicated solely to providing low-income women with abortion money, called the Lilith Fund

The Texas-based group explains its name on its website as follows: “Lilith was the first woman created by God, as Adam’s wife and equal. Because Lilith refused to be subservient or submissive, she was sent away from Eden.” 

This is a somewhat accurate presentation of Lilith’s bio; however, it’s certainly not the whole story. 

Here’s how the Hebrew legend, as first described in the Alphabet of Ben Sira of the 8th-10th century, ends: after Lilith flew away (and was not sent) from Eden, God punished her by dictating that one hundred of her own demon children would be killed each day. She responds by asserting her perpetual desire to sicken and kill newborn infants. 

The abortion industry’s poster girl if ever there was one.

In fact, the primordial population control expert bears a significance far beyond Hebrew culture....

...Other pro-abortion feminist organizations have snapped up the name as well. (One of several such blogs, The Lilith Plan, helps women self-abort and even provides gruesome instructions for an illegal do-it-yourself D&C abortion.) It seems some abortioneers are at least honest enough to openly associate with the child-killing demon who is even more well-fed in our modern world than she was 6000 years ago.
I was asked at Thanksgiving last week by a liberal male member of the family: "Are you against abortion?"
I answered: "I am firmly against the promotion of abortion."
He: "Who's promoting it?"
Me: "If you haven't yet noticed on your own the whole industry built around it, how it seeks customers, how it has rigged the legal system to help it, and how little you hear in mainstream media that promotes human life, please tell me what could I possibly tell you now that you'd believe?"

So when I saw this commentary on Lilith this morning, I felt I needed to highlight it here. The fact that promotion of death has become so acceptable is boldly highlighted by our "leaders" blithe silence on abortion promoting organizations such as this one.

The promotion of human life is another of those voids that have grown large in the public sphere. Green parties are nowhere near a large faction in any western government of which I am aware. Yet their policy preferences have clearly gained acceptance in the high-level political scene where AGW and its related legalities are advancing. Similarly, as pointed out in the reference article about abortionists, among the Greens the mostly unspoken but sometimes candid solution to humanity's taxing of the planet is "less humans means increased sustainability." IOW: "Yeah -- All Hail Sus."

It is clear that those who favor human life as I do have pretty much been ignored (at best) by top "leaders." I put the word leaders in scorn quotes because a leader, unlike a manager or ruler, tends to take seriously and sincerely the interests of the individuals who follow him.

If you wish to see an end to the acceptance-by-silence of such abortion promoters as the openly anti-human Lilith Fund, you will have not only to openly oppose such groups, you will need to speak out in favor of human life too, and strongly.

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 15: Obama's Incompetence Continues Sans MSM Note

Marking 15 days since we requested
prove to the world how you are not The Dilbert Principle President

So today we have Prez Obama appearing after the White House summit with the incoming GOP delegation. We are told that he and they spoke of what it would take to make things work in the coming year.

Now if I am correct, and this is indeed the Dilbert Principle President5, it should surprise nobody that he opined on his just concluded discussion USING A TELEPROMPTER.

Not hard to conclude that he went in with a script, and it had not changed afterward; not one iota.

So for your perusal, and to prove my point to those still skeptical, here is our national puppet:

Monday, November 29, 2010

Statist Tools: Inconsistencies [Updated]

First published 10:00AM Oct 27, 2010
Collected Evidence of Inconsistencies

Today's episode came to my attention at Ace of Spades HQ.

NYT during ClimateGate NYT Wikileaks now
The documents appear to have been acquired illegally and contain all manner of private information and statements that were never intended for the public eye, so they won’t be posted here.” Andrew Revkin, Environment Editor, New York Times Nov 20, 2009. “The articles published today and in coming days are based on thousands of United States embassy cables, the daily reports from the field intended for the eyes of senior policy makers in Washington. The New York Times and a number of publications in Europe were given access to the material several weeks ago and agreed to begin publication of articles based on the cables online on Sunday. The Times believes that the documents serve an important public interest, illuminating the goals, successes, compromises and frustrations of American diplomacy in a way that other accounts cannot match.” New York Times editorial 29/11/2010 [not a mention of ILLEGAL!!!]

Ace calls it really well too:
James Darymple calls this ideological bias. I'm thinking that's not a strong enough term. That's kind of a so-what sort of thing. Everyone's ideologically biased.

The Times is ideologically biased, for starters. But what they really are -- and all the media is -- is dishonest in service of leftist ideology.

I realize that's what we generally mean when we say "bias," but maybe we should start spelling it out for those who haven't gotten the message*. Bias sounds like a penny-ante charge. Dishonesty doesn't, and we need to make clear what the charges against the MFM are.
 The whole collection can be found here: Statist Inconsistencies

*Hooray! for at least as long as Ace's resolve lasts.

Day 14: Are Those Who Hid Obama's Incompetence Blameless?

It's been 2 weeks since I asked:
President Obama: What competence have you to prove to the world how you are not The Dilbert Principle President?
So now Wikileaks demonstrates how clueless, weakness, helplessness and impotent, and incompetent Obama has been in office, and it is craven malfeasance that nobody in the Fourth Estate has issued a mea culpa for their failure of duty in service to this republic. With the Washington Post allowing someone to opine on their pages that Obama has been weak on the Wikileaks matter, it would sell a hell of a lot of papers were they to disclose what they really think of him losing the midterm elections.

Dammit you collectively worthless journOlists, this man was never properly vetted!

Judging from all the documents by and of Obama kept under lock and key as if they needed secret service protection, it is clear the man NEVER had any experience at being competent. This is, after all, the Dilbert Principle President.

Journalists of America and the world -- I lay the blame for this at your doorstep.

Cowards that you are, you will not contest the charge with me.

In Nutshells
The Peter PrincipleThe Dilbert Principle
Managers   move up in any hierarchy until reaching their level of incompetence.Managers are placed at their level  of incompetence having no inkling of what is competent whatsoever.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Filling the Void

We ARE the nascent new Fourth Estate, and Pharaoh’s ministers are advising him to kill us off. So it is advisable we move while we still may.

I have been so impressed by New Zealand's Crusader Rabbit that they’ve encouraged me to write more here. The need for blogs and web sites to fill a widening void is all too apparent to those who are our enemies. (See the news where Obama has seized web addresses for instance, as well as the fact that “Net-Neutrality” is being pushed at every opportunity).

The following was addressed to Redbaiter at CR, but easily the words apply to all of us, yours truly included.

The void is growing because the decadent members of what remains of the old Fourth Estate are not investigating the corrupt, nor asking glaringly obvious questions, not at all filling the needs of the public. (All your Pike River threads demonstrate how important you are. Any criminal negligence possibilities that might be raised will almost certainly be targetted at the most innocent sans the pressure you did and will yet raise.)

We ARE the nascent new Fourth Estate, and Pharaoh’s ministers are advising him to kill us off. So it is advisable we move while we still may. Carefully of course so as to reduce the likelihood of giving the legacy media ammo to discredit us. They assuredly will offer us many red herrings precisely to provide themselves such an opportunity, so we must be careful, and we must bend over backwards to help each other.

I’ll not fault you for not adopting my strategy of using strikeout html. It only is my recommendation and it may not work for your style or your sensibleness. My hope is that if the following example were seen more often, it would begin to catch on, and those who formerly labeled themselves liberals and abandoned it, would have to abandon this one too.

“Like the rest of the mainstream media, [the NZ Herald's] devotion to the Progressive political ideology that relies upon deceit and manipulation, and its simultaneous pretence to be an objective reporter of events is a poisonous mixture to our ability to preserve personal liberty.”

Hit them where they live. Take away every fig-leaf of misperception that they hide behind. While we still have time, allow them no device, no euphemism by which they wish to camouflage their greed for power. The fascists, once they feel they are safe from the ire of the people, will give us no quarter. I fear it is very soon if not already too late.

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

YOU Cannot Afford to Let Rulers Play God

It's as simple as comprehending the sub rosa moral imperative of those who believe that the world is now overpopulated.

If you believe you can trust these fools at the top to decide whether or not you are useful enough to continue to breath, THEN you can afford to let them make that decision.

That's it.

• Trust that men will find you desirable and keep you alive for some arbitrary time at their discretion,


• Trust that God (or Nature) has ingrained in humanity such great drive to survive that you can band together to overcome the machinations of rulers to divide you, then overcome the pessimistic view of those who think your band is too large, and then dethrone those monsters.

Day 11: Has Obama Ever Experienced Competence?

Each day since I launched the inquiry
President Obama: What of significance -- besides your great speechifying in front of properly working teleprompters -- demonstrates to the world your great competence at tackling tough problems in the past? We'd like to be reassured that you have a chance at tackling the great challenges currently facing America.  What proof have you that you are not The Dilbert Principle President?
there's been little to suggest that anyone else is willing to take on the scorn with which such an inquiry is sure to be greeted once the Minitrue is forced to no longer ignore it.

The primary reason that Minitrue continues to dominate the political scene is it owns the major airwaves. Its message is directed at passive viewers for whom there is no true avenue through which the viewers may disagree. But it will not remain that way once we in the blogosphere take our role as the New Fourth Estate seriously. The viewers will hear of what we're saying, and they'll see it for themselves. Shine the light and truth will out.

Surely forcing the MSM to respond to this campaign, demonstrating how lame they have been regarding Barack Obama, would prove it to ourselves.

We are a but a short way off from that now.  It is true that it seems few yet see how easy this could be would we dare to be the informational revolutionaries that this medium still allows.

But the opportunity may not last. Net neutrality could come at any time. Do what you can today. Please, dear Lord, help more to see the open door.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 10: Where Is Proof You've Ever Known Competence Mr Obama?

Ten days and still no answer.
President Obama: What of significance -- besides your great speechifying in front of properly working teleprompters -- demonstrates to the world your great competence at tackling tough problems in the past? We'd like to be reassured that you have a chance at tackling the great challenges currently facing America.  What proof have you that you are not The Dilbert Principle President?
We are the new fourth estate Right bloggers. Ask the hard questions that MSM Minitrue wankers would never ask. You can't wait for Fox news to ask.

Just as the TEA party doesn't trust any establishment party types, we can't trust any journalists, editorialists or talkshow hosts who have regular paid gigs to make the challenges that must be made.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 9: What of Substance Is Obama's?

Nine days, and still no answer to.
President Obama: What of significance -- besides your great speechifying in front of properly working teleprompters -- demonstrates to the world your great competence at tackling tough problems in the past? We'd like to be reassured that you have a chance at tackling the great challenges currently facing America.  What proof have you that you are not The Dilbert Principle President?
Speaking of incompetence (if not sell-outs), where are the questioners who are willing to pursue the questions they themselves raise and then dismiss (as Dick Morris did yesterday).

Well, there is hope again.

At there is this story and video interview of Richard Epstein about Obama when he was at an adjunct faculty member at the U of Chicago. Thanks for the tip from LOTM who notes:
"Epstein has pushed as hard against the official line regarding Obama as a member of the Chicago faculty can. Obama was hired as an Adjunct directly by Geoffrey Stone, who was Dean of the Law School and later Provost of the University. When Stone stepped down from that position Obama's somewhat unusual connection with the school ended... The school went to great lengths during the 2008 campaign to endorse Obama as if he was a real faculty member, even though he never went through a faculty hiring review or participated in the intellectual life of the University."
Nobody "knows nothing" about Obama's achievements. We suspect it's because there are none of note.

Come on Right Bloggers. Join me in this. Take down the fraudulent media by thoroughly exposing Obama's lack of substance and that mainstream media is no longer the fourth estate. They are the unindicted co-conspirators of the Statists who pull Obama's strings.

We are the fourth estate Right bloggers. Do your duty.
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