Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Role of AoL Continues to Unmask [Occupy L A Edition]

Yesterday I drove by the Occupy Los Angeles tools of Marxists. They had descended upon the LAUSD building. They were remarkably few in number. I saw only one "Occupy" sign on a stick. I was too concerned with driving in the resultant traffic to be reading whatever messages the score of "protesters" was carrying. News Agency of Lies (AoL) crews were far more noticeable -- and troublesome. 

(For the following, refer to the embedded Google Maps screen-capture to which I've attached red blocks as indicators.)
There were 3 AoL trucks immediately noticeable. Their boom antennas were raised 30 or more feet in the air. One of these was parked askew literally on the SW corner of Beaudry and 3rd Streets.

As I passed, I saw two more "parked" trucks without raised antennas.

LAUSD S/B Beaudry between 3rd & 4th Streets

Also, not to understate it, there was at least one more AoL truck circling the triangular block seeking a berth for itself. I have no idea if there were more trucks circling or more "parked" on the 4th Street side of the building. Red zones seem not to be of concern to AoL agents. They have their connections with law enforcement if law enforcement knows what is good for them.

There is no doubt the "news" trucks were responsible for the traffic jam that took me 4 cycles to get to 4th Street on the building's south side rather than the normal 1 or less. Because of their disregard for normal humanity as it tries to do real business, the AoL agents turned two southbound lanes into only one at 5PM on a Tuesday.

The "news" trucks took up more space and caused more trouble than the FLEAbaggers.

Gee. You said the AoL agents were troublesome. Didn't you mean trouble-making?

Well you can drop that thought. If you think that the MSM Agency of Lies is actually a key element in this #OWS movement you are obviously deluded or something.

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