Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What Say You?

"We are not voting ourselves out of this" is the line I am repeatedly reading.

So what sort of solution do I think offers us any non-confrontational relief?

We wind up voting The Bummer out. Eschewing any support for a third party will accomplish that.

Then we get very active, and let the TEA Party sentiment be the generally accepted rule and fly in the face of all efforts by the propaganda mills.

This time will be unlike how most of us behaved under GWBush. Much more like how we vocally objected to Harriet Myers and the Dubai ports trial balloons, and very less how we responded to his failure to push tort reform, put teeth into the Beck decision, or use his veto pen even before we remained silent on his growing government.

We daily fight to hold the GOP Prez to what is American and not European/Collectivist/Statist/Globalist.

I am just free wheeling here. Brainstorming. What say you?


  1. Go a step further? Hold the asshats in the House and Senate to these same standards too. Particularly the ones in your local districts. But yes, fight to hold the President to not only to what is "American", specifically to what is right and proper under the Constitution. (Let's start by getting rid of the damn Czars!)

  2. Good. Let's hear more people are determined to turn out Obama. The System will allow us either fast destruction (Obama) or slow destruction under a GOP SKUNC. So we vote out Obama and vote in the softer Statist and then petition for grievances. We go on and deal with members of the Agency of Lies who we fully expect will continue to demonize the average American. In theory it should be easier for us under a pubbie. Just keep in mind that most GOP senators never speaks so harshly to a Dem as to a conservative.


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