Thursday, December 28, 2017

Jordan Peterson 'Hatred For Being Itself'

Since I posted Jordan Peterson on Root of Evil  I have been going over many more of his lectures. JBP constantly repeats various aspects of his insights as they intersect with his latest discussion.  So that led me to listen again to Biblical Series II to see if there were inconsistencies. There were none that I spotted. However that led to correcting several portions of the transcriptions. I think it is now 100% but with stammers excluded.

Then after absorbing many of the cross-references, it occurred to me that there was more to say about how his view in this area -- exploring existence -- intersects with my own.

What JBP left out and what he instilled in me to express more clearly is what has prompted this essay. I pray that some of you might gain something -- comfort? -- from reading it.

First of all there is his conclusion that the hatred of being is at the root of malevolence. See, the desire to cause pain, suffering and destruction for the joy of inflicting it is only a symptom of the subject: the hatred.  

In order to comprehend the depths of that hatred, one must answer the question "what is being?"

Well, the ultimate form of being is existence itself. There could be no greater evil committed by anyone -- if they could - than to end existence itself. Such a villain has placed his will above the rights of every other creature alive.

One need not be religious to accept philosophically that existence itself is fundamental to the book of Genesis, which opens
"In the beginning, God created the heavens and the Earth." 
That's the beginning of existence as we perceive it on a macro scale as told in many a myth and tale.

What I find amazing is so few have concluded what I've long noted about the foundational grammatical parallel in John. For God's sake thinkers, it talks about The Word!
"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."
 Why is it not clear to every religious man and philosopher what Word that is?

For there to be existence, there had to be some action taken for it to come to being. That is a verb.
Basic grammar, the infinite variations of any verb begins with its infinitive.
  1. Thus The Word in the beginning, standing all alone, must be the infinitive "To Be."
  2. The next step would be The Potential Prime Mover -- God if you will allow the substitution -- pondering the Word and thus turning the infinitive into the interrogative "To be?" This would be the where the Word was with God.
  3. The final step is The Potential Prime Mover turns the interrogative to the Imperative. "Be!" And the Word was God.
This is further supported as related in Exodus by the answer given to Moses when he asked "What is your name." Answer: "I Am that I am."

That is the first person singular of Being. What Professor Peterson has gotten very close to but has not stated outright that I know is demonstrated below.

When Peterson concluded the portion on the root of malevolence he said:
"It wasn't unconscious. [The Columbine killers,] they'd been dwelling on this for months, plotting their revenge. And it was against for being itself, for the crime of being. "
What Professor Peterson could have said, but perhaps left for us students to realize is this
"It was against Being Himself."
Oh how I wish JBP would explore more deeply along these lines. He has a short transition to make because, as I recounted in the link above, he said this in the video that inspired my last two posts:
2:10:15.8 the root for malevolence is the desire for revenge against God for creation itself.

For those for whom this is merely a philosophical consideration, can you see the danger posed by those for whom existence itself is hated? Most especially if, in a moment of laxity, you fail to consider the existential threat of humanity permitting one of its own concentrated power for any stated and possibly fabricated crisis? Such as Sustainability. Should you fail to explore the downside in full measure you are failing philosophers. Unquestioned love of sophs that lead to ultimate destruction is hardly philo.

For those who have faith in Him, you really need to consider this view. The hatred of being is the hatred for Being. Failing to call out the haters for that hatred sure seems sinful. Allow the philosophers their lack of faith, and try to recruit them on their level so that they can lay the groundwork on secular grounds to awaken the misled seated near the rotten in high places. That would surely be a virtuous calling.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Jordan Peterson on Root of Evil

The root for malevolence is the desire for revenge against God for creation itself.  Jordan B Peterson

The more I hear Dr. Jordan B Peterson, the more I think he has had thoughts similar to my own. Indeed, I have inserted in the transcribed text a link to where I analyzed the meaning of God's Name so that it clearly corresponds to a key realization that Dr Peterson observed as he answered a more general question in the video portion that I've transcribed.

The good thing for me is that JBP has invested far more energy (and has a paid position from which) to explore ideas that I have only done a bit on my own, poorly apportioned, time.

I am grateful to have found out about him, but sadly due to his coming under attack by various Sinister forces. So this is another instance where I'm bringing what I think is his vital thinking to your attention.

The transcription and time marks below are for the video lecture of Professor Peterson's Biblical Series II: Genesis 1: Chaos & Order. This transcription are from captions I contributed to a version captioned in English that's not yet unpublished. Once released, either the whole 2 1/2 hour video, or the portion highlighted here, will replace the one embedded below. Any emphasis here added by PF.

2:05:40 -2:06:05 Audience questioner requested that JBP provide his view of the consequences due to humanity having been  appointed to expand upon creation.

2:06:10.4 [JBP] Here's something interesting too; we will develop this a lot.

You see, when Adam and Eve eat the fruit, when the snake gives them the fruit, the thing that happens is their eyes are opened.

Okay, to me that means that they've woken up. There's been an increment in their consciousness.The next thing that happens is they recognize that they're naked. To recognize that you're naked is to recognize that you're vulnerable.

Human beings are strange creatures. [JBP bends over] Most animals are like this, and they're protected. But not us. [stands tall] Our most vulnerable parts are displayed for harm and for everyone to observe.

Right, so we have that sort of bipedal self-consciousness built into us. But what is really interesting, is that when Adam and Eve realize that they're naked it's the same moment that they know the difference between good and evil.

and that -- God -- that, I just ground away on that for years: what's the relationship between consciousness, knowledge of nakedness and the knowledge of good and evil?

I think I figured it out.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

GOPe Skaters

There is so much in damning evidence in the news this week, and it's not what the Dem radicals and snakes have been expecting. I'm not gonna link to any of it today.

I hope  you find my opinion based analysis helpful to your understanding of how power-seeking has worked so well so far to defeat the constitutional limits on government's growth, and why American citizens have had such a hard time trying to get them to back off.
I worry that the GOPe will get in there as they are wont to do and protect their Dem buddies from the latest and ever more damning revelations.

There must be a hell of lot of GOPe who are involved here indirectly. But they know how to look squeeky clean by staying levels away from the action like mob kingpins.

If the corruption exposures fall only on Dems, 1) it will smell of partisanship, and worse 2) the rotten GOPe will skate to live and threaten us again.

Most anyone who comes here to read already knows that it’s the uniparty that makes the swamp what it is. This is how it works.

  • The uniparty lets the radicals make demands;
  • all Dems have no choice but to support it at risk not only to their careers, but also their lives and families;
  • and the GOPe runs interference for the swamp agenda, keeping the conservative wing of the GOP marginalized;
  • GOP constitutionalists are threatened functionally by the GOPe, and more personally by the Dem radicals and the media (but I repeat myself).

The thought of the GOPe escaping all this shakeup sickens me.

While it looks like many Dem operatives are self-destructing (they were unprepared for a Hillary loss), the GOPe have always been more clever and stay far away from the crimes.

God I pray the GOPe snakes will one day soon be hoist by their own devices. That would be so just and sweet. Dream on Pascal.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Fuel for Fires, Criminal Negligence, and Governor Brown

Governor Jerry Brown has been making headlines asserting global warming is to blame for the California fires.

I'm posting only because missing from the commentary is the recognition that removal of dead trees and brush from the public forests and grasslands has been made illegal by anyone not working for a state or federal agency.

Such good Samaritan husbandry was made illegal due to law suits brought by radical environmentalists.

Those suits were largely paid for by unaccountable non-profit foundations.
  • Any suits that landed in front of a judge who might rule against the suit would be dropped, and the costs absorbed.
  • The winning suits were heard before judges with whom the plaintiffs felt comfortable.
It is a practice that has a seedy sounding label: judge-shopping. This explains why large sources of money are needed for such assaults on normal decent behavior. It suggests such plaintiffs needs a judge whose penchant is less than that.

These suits were won even though the judges were warned that dry brush is fuel for wildfires, and that there are many people with the experience and ability to reduce such risks free of charge.

But the concerns for wild life, property and human life were all pushed aside. It's hard to call such judges liberal at times like this. If they had a bias, they should have recused themselves from the cases they heard. So perhaps such judges are less liberal and more Leftist?

In other times, times less under the control of Leftist sinister forces, concerns for human life outweighed whatever other arguments anyone could bring to court.

Today, not so much.

Yet even today, were you to let your backyard or empty lot grow uncontrolled, and left to dry out and unkempt, and then a fire breaks out on it -- you would be charged with criminal neglect.

So why isn't the government and its ruling held to the same standard? Why doesn't the press afflict the governor with questions about his comfort with the environmental rules as they stand?

Why does Governor Brown seek to lay the cause of wildfires purely at the door of alleged human caused climate change?

Why does Governor Brown not lay the blame at the door of those whom insisted that the fuel remain on public lands waiting only for the first spark to ignite it all?

Well perhaps its his guilty conscience. When Governor Brown failed even to utter a harsh word against the Green nutcases who forced public lands to be filled with tinder, he became guilty of criminal negligence, and he left those he is supposed to serve at grave risk.

Saturday, December 09, 2017

A Little Joy, Lost

Where such a happy scene as expressed below has not disappeared altogether, it has been dwindling bit by bit, year after year.

If the joyous sound of which this tune sings, and the happy seasonal scenes and feelings that the lyrics depict, have been removed from the streets of your local city, here is a nostalgic reminder.

I was five years old when this tune was published.  Its lyrics are quite accurate.

If you don't recall such an occasion, I am sad for you.
If you've never experienced the scene at all, I'm angry with those of my generation who stole it from you.

Here's hoping the Orwellian schooled joy-killers don't convince Youtube et alii to eradicate all traces of this original 1950 recording of Silver Bells, and the memories it stirs with it.

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Weather Apps and Firebugs and Unofficial Terror Attacks in SoCal

I think my title states all the speculation that you need to know. You can fill in the gaps.

For instance, the Leftist Sinister judges agreed with the Sinister envirowackos to make it illegal for any public citizen volunteers to clear brush from any land that is in the public domain -- because of habitat protection or some-such.

Fire danger from such legally imposed criminal neglect has consistently been discounted.

[Update Dec 6, 2017: This was one of the essays of was searching for but didn't find until after publication.  This is one chapter of an online book by Mark Edward Vande Pol. He has dedicated his life to habitat restoration, with a significant goal (and some success) in land management reeducation, all at his incalculable expense.

Weeds: A Tragedy of the Commons

I strongly urge readers to go there and see the author's painfully compiled photo exhibits of stated good intentions gone horribly in the opposite direction.

Then read his conclusions. His views pretty much run parallel to my own in that we agree that the public has been and is being misled and misinformed. ]

Ok, I've done my part.

Now please take this germ of speculation and fill in the gaps at various comment streams at the larger blogs.
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