Monday, April 30, 2012

May Day "May Day"?

Be grateful for today, April 30, 2012, maybe the day with the last vestige of calm sanity for some time.

Given the signals from the radical Left and their less radical but ever scheming "Progressive" instigators, tomorrow may be the official beginning of the PostModern Era.

If so, very little will ever be normal again.

Dear Lord: please make their efforts not just fizzle out, but blow up in their faces yet leaving the innocents unscathed.

Unlike Drear Leader, I won't ask for an Amen. If you agree with my prayer, you'll find a way to say it all your own.

More Assaults On the 8th Amendment -- Your Rights Discarded

Originally published 10:27 AM  Friday, April 27, 2012

 The fascists are simply brazen. The US Constitution, anticipating their kind, tells them:
"Excessive bail2 shall not be required, nor excessive fines1 imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted." -- Amendment 8
  1. First there was the assault declared upon the no "excessive fines" portion of the Eighth Amendment to the constitution. The EPA official who bragged about the policy to overwhelm the little guy with fines so large that they are left without funds to mount a court case to defend themselves from the fines. Be it comply or go out of business: it encumbers small competitors of bigger businesses.
  2. And today we have the prosecutor of George Zimmerman demanding that the judge RAISE THE  BAIL to much more than the original $150,000. Why? Because Mr. Zimmerman raised more than that for his defense via an Internet web site. The fascist forces aligned against him are allied against the very idea of self defense and orderly justice. They cannot abide that Mr. Zimmerman be left any funds to defend himself from their demands for persecutions. That's the whole damn reason our founders wrote "excessive bail shall not be required" as a Right protected by the 8th Amendment. The connected guy and rich guy do not need it so much as do you, the average American. And the connected and/or rich man are by far a greater flight risk than are you. Ira Einhorn anyone? Marc Rich anyone?
Where is the opposition party? The one that fights fascists and every sort of tyranny.

Blogs like this one need to call foul.  This is not a bad dream. This may no longer be your country as it was intended, but it IS your life.

If this is the only blog that sees this threat and is calling for the government to put an end to the injustices, then you -- the individual -- are finished.

Understand the assaults on YOU. Gather people to you who understand how bad things are. Fight back!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Michael Bloomberg -- Beyond Dhimmi?

Suggested by today's JWF post No Fun City: NYC Eyes Happy Hour Ban

  • “Welcome to Michael Bloomberg’s dreamstate.” …
  • “Heck, why not just ban alcohol entirely.” 
Then casually recall his unexplained vehemence for the Ground Zero Mosque.

Hey? Did Bloomberg secretly convert to Islam? 
Will some reporter quiz him: "Well, what do you say to that charge Mr. Mayor?"

Yeah sure. Rouse me when you hear that question, please.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

It's a Car, Not a Final Resting Place

The Bugatti 16C Galibier.

Does 16c stand for
  1. the number of cylinders or 
  2. the level, on a scale of 1-10, of conspicuous consumption?
About the only functional bit shown in this ad was the fancy clock/watch.

They convinced me it would make a stupendous coffin. But can she drive????

Friday, April 27, 2012

Was Labeled "Ace" Because He Wasn't?

Interesting Post at Commentary, on the Vicious Disdain of the Elite

Thirteen hundred words for "Ace of Spades" to arrive at the conclusion that there are people in the upper echelons of prestige and influence who lethally hate the common man.

What took him so long?
  1. He's not chief moron for no reason? Or...
  2. Did Ace get turned down for membership in some tony club?

Release the Truth Mr. McFatridge

The video I posted on Wednesday at "Charm" At the EPA has been pulled. Its author, a self-designated "environmentalist," claimed copyright infringement. This was despite the author having previously having labeled it "reuse allowed."

The Daily Caller reports:
The source and now YouTube complainant, David McFatridge of “Citizen Media for We The People,” is an environmentalist and, according to Inhofe’s office, has eliminated all content related to Armendariz’s speech from his YouTube channel.
McFatridge’s complaint comes despite the fact that his page reads, “Consider ALL video Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed)”.
When I first posted the video, it was reading a scant 301 hits. When last I looked it had over 66K hits with no end in sight. 

Apparently when the video was shared within the narrow close-knit "environmentalist" community, they must have chuckled at the tyranny in the name of their cause. Now that their little inside-joke on the rest of us is out in the open, they stopped chuckling. Why hide it unless they now realize how evil the whole scheme was; how in violation of individual rights it is?

Listen Mr McFatridge. You have done the citizens of this republic a great favor. That includes YOU, and it protects you whether you know it or not.

You should read the 8th Amendment. It specifically disallows excessive fines. 
I did not take Mr Armendariz' words literally. But only a fool would doubt that he meant financial crucifixion. 
  • Excessive fines are unconstitutional. 
  • But it takes money to mount a case that would probably have to go to the SCOTUS for the EPA's use of them to be so declared.
  • Big Business can fight such excesses with relative ease. They even get exclusions from the EPA.
  • Little guys, small businesses -- the big guy's competitors -- cannot.
Do you know what this arrangement is called, Mr. McFatridge? Where the big biz winds up getting the government stifling its competitors?

It's called fascism Mr. McFatridge. Are you a fascist or a fascist tool? I would hope not. 

Mr. Armendariz' financial terrorism is short-sighted and not a joking matter. You have helped reveal his thinking openly. Guaranteed that is just the tip of the iceberg at EPA.  Such "ends justify the means" thinking is entirely sophistical. It is specious reasoning in service to selfish goals. The goal is power to force compliance in environmentalist's narrow terms. But it will also lead to the power to place you and those you care about in the gulag.

Raw power is a very dangerous thing Mr. McFatridge. Look at the 150 million murder victims of it in the last century. That is the selfish goal. Are you proud of your small role as its apparatchik? I hope not. You can still choose not to stay on that path you know.

Recognize Mr McFatridge how good a service you provided to liberty before you even knew it. Release your complaint. Let the truth out. Over the long term, you'll be glad you did.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Near Future As Viewed from the Nuthouse

How will Americans choose to vote this year?

As we have begun to see cracks in the Agency of Lies virtual uniform accolades and defense of the Bummer, we gain a glimpse of the minds of those who Plato said would appear to us only as "shadows cast upon the cave [our mental prison] walls." I call them the "shadow powers" for short.

While commenting elsewhere, I think I stumbled upon the best words for how I feel about how Americans will be persuaded to vote this time.
At this point most people would accept Bumney much as a condemned man welcomes a rescheduling of his execution.
IOW, we vote for the GOP-E because we hope it will buy us time.

I know it’s a compromise. Putting it mildly — I greatly resent it that they got my country over a barrel so easily.

I lay out the circumstances that led us to this dilemma below the break.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"Charm" At the EPA

I think this will go viral and still be met by a big yawn form the Agency of Lies and even the Bumney campaign.

UPDATE: The original author pulled the video. But it still lives! in this report from FNC.

God's Condemnation Made Flesh

The overall trend of American government is now out of control of "We the People."

I know there are a great number of people who agree with this assessment. And they are not all Republicans, or republicans or conservatives let alone big and small L libertarians.

What's most alarming is that most of those agreeing with me won't even bother raising an eyebrow.

In such inaction lays the seeds of posterity's condemnation of this generation.

For you God-fearing types: have you ever considered that God Himself resides in your posterity? Hmmm?

An unimportant aside follows after the break.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Any Conservative

who winds up defending Bumney for President (IF he actually gets nominated -- pray for Intervention) better get prepared for him to run away from your words like our ancestors ran from lepers.

As was fitting to McLame before him, to label his attitude towards the principled grassroots of the GOP as disdain is to view it through the rosiest color of glass.
'You have to vote for me or be blamed for inflicting It on the country. Bwahahahahaha! The GOP-E wins no matter what. So go screw yourselves.'

Friday, April 20, 2012

Fatherly Advice #1

"If you go around wearing a chip on your shoulder, sooner or later someone is going to knock it off. Is that what you really want or is it something else?"
Children, particularly boys, who grow up fatherless, or with fathers who don't give a damn, are often not getting good advice. And I think this may be the single most important bit of advice that can be given to young men who believe walking around looking intense or mean, menacing or macho,  is a worthwhile means for getting ahead in this world. Maybe in an uncivilized world. Maybe were an uncivil world actually what society wants.

If society is content in raising a generation of thugs, it will not encourage older men to advise young men that carrying around a chip for imagined or even real slights has a very poor return on investment.

Particularly to the ladies: Fight against the PC silencing squads. End this effeminate fear of upsetting some poor snowflake's feelings. Unleash the old goats with their stern verbal warnings. While a word from the wise may go unheeded, as sure as death it can’t be heard when society’s ninnies censure those who warn.

**UPDATE, Saturday April 21, 2011**
It may seem dumb to admit this, but it wasn't until the next day that I realized that this post was inspired by the quote of the day that I had posted a few hours earlier. (In fact, as a further consequence, "Connections" may be the title of my next post.)

The silencing of the male perspective was also an aim of the Frankfurt School. Critical Theory that exploited the tension between the sexes -- what they cynically labeled as "Feminism" -- has been used effectively to neuter far too many males, criminalize many of those who were not neutered, while the threat of being made out to be a misogynist intimidated most of the rest into silence.

If I missed any other tactical ploy against men, tell me in the comments.

QOTD: Critical Theory Consequences, Feminist Stump

The purpose of feminism was never about equal rights; it was about getting women working so that the government could raise fatherless children to be the worthless dependents of the next generation.

Not that they always succeeded, some single women and families with two working parents are successful in raising fine kids despite the public schools, but the Marxists have succeeded often enough to degrade seriously the moral fabric of the nation after cumulative generations.
— Carry_Okie @ FR, Feminists Are Waging War On Family Finances.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

What Do You Consider Cannibalism?

Reported in the LASlimes this last Sunday, and as sent to me via email by an old friend:
Brazil police arrest three suspected of cannibalism, making pastries with human flesh  

SAO PAULO -- Police have arrested three people for allegedly killing at least two women, eating parts of their bodies and using their flesh to make stuffed pastries known as empanadas that they sold to neighbors in their northeastern Brazil city. They had plans to kill another, police said.
The three suspects - a man, his wife and his mistress - belonged to a sect that preached "the purification of the world and the reduction of its population," said police inspector Wesley Fernandes in the city of Garanhuns. Fernandes said they confessed to the crimes.

The three allegedly lured women to their house by promising them a job as a nanny. Police found the remains of the two women in the backyard of the suspects' house, which enraged neighbors burned to the ground Thursday.
The friend, a pretty well-connected Incremental Statist who considers himself part of the intelligentsia, I would bet had sought to upset me a bit because he knows of my views. Can you guess my response?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Beware the "Free" Offer

For months now I've been getting phone calls from "The Gas Company." Each time a computer voice asked me "Is Mr or Mrs Pascal Fervor" there to hear of a 20% discount? Of course it mispronounced my name. So I was inclined to hangup.

This last time I had some time available to learn more; so I pressed "1" instead of hanging up.

The voice then said:
"We need to find out if you are eligible. We will ask you a few questions. Be assured your answers will be held in the strictest confidence."
So I answered the questions (IIRC, there were only 3). Then the voice chirped:
"Congratulations. You are eligible to receive a 20% discount on your gas bills"

Uh huh. Wait for the "but" I'm thinking... I did not have to wait long.

Almost all of the conditions it stated was okay with me -- except for the last one.

Can you guess what it was?
The answer is below the break. Tell me if you guessed correctly as to what the stinker was.

Monday, April 16, 2012

What Will You Do?

If Bumney was to throw the election to Bummer like McLame did in 2008 in the last pro-wrestling match, what would you do to force him to win?

This is an election of Anybody But Obama for me. And for a whole subcontinent load of other Americans (and foreigners) too.

So since there really is no other option short of God showing up to rain death and destruction on all lost souls, what will you do to see to it that Bummer loses?

Better the Bumney we don't know than the Bummer we do, eh what droogies?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Allen West: 'Screw the TEA Party; Save the GOP'

'Formerly titled

"How  Many Have NOT Gotten the Message Yet?"

I keep hearing about how the establishment GOP screwed Lt Col West. That they pressed the GOP controlled Florida legislature to Gerrymander his seat during redistricting so that his reelection will be much tougher.

What the plan was was to force TEA party members to rally behind one of their favorites. Because the GOP thinks the TEA party members are stupid. And maybe they ARE if they fall for this BS.

Nemesis in comments to my last thread about the new Tweedledum and Tweedledee, forced me to recall how Congressman West caved to pressure and gave away the people's purse to the most cronyist and profligate wastrel who ever sneaked into the White House.

Here is the video courtesy of the Shark Tank.

He explains here that he went with Boehner because a Dem leader seemed happy that they were going to stand up to Boehner on his then plan to hand over the keys to the debt ceiling limit to Bummer.

That meant to West that the Dems wanted to see the GOP split.

Which means that West was now more comfortable with the Republican party than the TEA party. Screw financial sanity, the whole point of the TEA Party.

Shear genius Lt Col. Congressman West! /s

For me it was "case closed" on the reliability of Allen West to the TEA party way back on August 1 of 2011.

WTF is wrong with our side that this is not mentioned every time someone suggests West is a TEA party guy and that he is suitable to be supported by US WHO NO LONGER TRUST THE GOP?


It's a good thing someone remembers fundamental things like the TEA party stands for Taxed Enough Already. As Obama keeps borrowing, WHO THE HELL IS ULTIMATELY GONNA PAY FOR IT?


Please pass this reminder around so that others don't waste any more their money on one of our most disappointing former hopes for this most dear country.

 It wasn't only Nemesis not knowing. It was an email I received asking me to send funds. Here is the top portion of that email. Notice the sponsoring organization.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

You've Heard of Tweedledum and Tweedledee

Well it's time to recognize that the shadowy powers have a replacement for Bummer: It's Bumney

Guaranteed, after Romney gets elected there'll be people playing with his name much as we've all done with  the current puppet after he was inserted into the oval office (with all the qualifications laid down by the Dilbert Principle). At least Bumney has some qualifications outside of "community organizer."

Anyway here's my current "optimistic" surmise of what I see happening.

America is about to experience the new wave Right similar to Key of New Zealand. Bumney will be the next Prez because Bummer's radicals staying in charge would rock the boat too much, so the shadowy powers want him under his bus. (This surmise runs contrary to the idea of fanning a race war that I wrote about a couple of day ago: the pessimistic version of the future.)

Now that Bummer has pushed the Statist growth to an unsustainable limit of growth, they need Bumney to come in to consolidate the gains without breaking the infrastructure entirely. The sheeple will be so happy for the relief they'll accept the soft Statism and forget, forget, forget the constitutional threats that remain.

In this bizarro world that we are experiencing right now, this manipulation of our politics may seem far too prudent. When was the last time we saw sanity on our public stages?) But you know what your signal is that the tide is turning? More and more of this Agency of Lies will turn on the Bummer while the radicals will continue to claim Bumney is a wild-eyed right-winger.

The charade will continue, just a bit more to the Left than before. So we may yet have respite from those crackdowns you envisage. They will be much softer than the Stalinist prediction you could expect if the Bummer is reelected.

Call me an optimist if you wish. That would only be true if Bumney were really be a good shepherd, and not  if people believe that he is. You and I know better. What we see is that America would have back in the White House the Incrementalist version of puppet instead of the radical version we have currently.

That will give us a breather until the next time conservatives need to be elbowed out of the way for the next Leftward thrust. I'd rather see the breather cuz I'm not crazy. But we have got to be very independent sheep dogs. We must be barking at every effort where the new shepherd shows us he's taking us to where the old one did: leading the bulk of the herd to the slaughter house.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Our Lying Media And Charles Manson's Helter Skelter

What the title implies is that our lying national media is egging on a race war.
[Early on August 19, 2016, this post began to get several hits from facebook. If one of the readers who came here from there would be so kind as to inform me (via the comment block below) of the location in Facebook where this was linked, as I'm hoping that the commentary that led you here is helpful. Anonymous commenting is permitted. Thank you.]

I've a fair solution. How about we put in prison every one of the chief editors of the NYTimes, LATimes, WAPO, NBC, ABC, CBS, NPR, CNN, on ad infinitum, and release Charles Manson and call it an even trade? What about the 1st Amendment? Seeing as how they are pushing the idea that this blog and millions of others like it need to be shut down, I'd say they've lost their privileges as being independent of constitutional republican government because they have opted instead to become a very active and dangerous agent of Statist government.

Here's an example that just greeted me when I signed on.

Tyson on Zimmerman: 'It's a disgrace that man hasn't been shot yet'

That's the damn headline that Yahoo news has as its next from top story tonight.

This is its top story:

    Zimmerman charged with 2nd-degree murder

    George Zimmerman, the 28-year-old neighborhood watchman who shot and killed Trayvon Martin on Feb. 26 in Sanford, Fla., has been charged with second-degree murder in the 17-year-old's death. Zimmerman is being held without bail. "Just moments ago we spoke by phone with Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin," Angela Corey, the special prosecutor investigating the case, [...]

    Notice that they are STILL insisting on using the photo of Trayvon Martin when he was 13 years old. A fair minded person would have to suspect that the lying media's object is to make Martin look much smaller and more innocent than Zimmerman. That's not responsible journalism; it's what was known as yellow journalism in the 1890s, and it has been used to start wars.  They want us fighting with our neighbors so that we are too weak to fight their masters.

    Folks, What say you we alter Mike Tyson's words and replace "that man" with "that the Agency of Lies" and call that a fair trade?

    Monday, April 09, 2012

    No GOP Money For Media

    In keeping with my position that the GOP cannot be trusted to use properly any funds I give her, I am taking the pledge to provide NO money to any candidate who will use it for media ads.

    Money to the major media will allow them to survive and to go on to torment me for another generation.

    The major American media are the single worst, most rotten, despicable prostitution institution in the whole world. Their influence over the American people has allowed them to divide us into minorities, and then they go on to foment hatred between those groups. Most of us know that the Trayvon Martin case is only a peek at what they are capable of fomenting.  Nobody knows which of us those liars will be painted as the next George Zimmerman. It's got to be up to us to register our displeasure in meaningful ways.

    The media's aim is to stymy us with internecine warfare in order to prevent us from thwarting their shadowy* masters' take-over of this republic. That takeover would mark the true establishment of the world's most powerful empire since Rome, by far exceeding in tyranny that ancient power that was lost to its own decadence. Whether the rest of the world knows it or not, they are hoping for the American people's success in preventing that event.

    It is incumbent on us to defeat this global tyranny nearing its goal. We must find a way to defeat the media first, and the SKUNCs behind our lines second.


    *shadowy? Really? Don't take my word for it; take it up with Plato in The Republic.

    Sunday, April 08, 2012

    Be Grateful

    At this time of year there is a shared theme in the religious proceedings of both Judaism and Christianity. Passover and Easter each contain a reminder for us to revisit that weakest of human emotions -- gratitude.

    For the older religion there is the reminder that ancestors were all slaves who were freed from bondage so that they could go on and live their lives in freedom. Many today really do appreciate that freedom, but sadly many do not. Facing up to freedom and its consequences are found in the something a child who whines about their lessons: "It's too hard!"

    For the offspring religion, there is the reminder that One took on the burdens so that souls could be freed of the sins (the falling short of perfection) that arise in this world to first mislead and then confound each individual soul during the life of the body it inhabits.

    In the Jewish sedar proceedings, there is a song known by its repetitive segment. Dayenu*. It is pronounced Dai-Yay-Nu. It means "It would have been enough." Enough for what? To praise the Lord. To show gratitude.

    The whole song (hard to find -- it can go on and on as people think of another event) is a vessel in which to remember each of the gifts and miracles and justice that had to transpire for the children of Israel to be released from bondage under Pharaoh and to be free to seek the Promised Land. After each miracle performed, the Dayenu refrain follows, which is a way of saying "It would have been enough -- and yet there was more." It's about being reprieved from the foolishness of generations that had grown soft and allowed themselves to become slaves.

    I'm not that familiar with specific popular Christian songs that relate the similar theme that grants release for the immortal soul as purchased by Jesus' sacrifice for the sins of humanity. (Handel's Messiah seems mostly about Revelation's finale.) However, I'm pretty sure the word Hallelujah is tied to it. It's another Hebrew word that is rarely defined for English listeners. But it essentially means "praise the Lord."

    The Gospel words "For God so loved the world He gave up his Son so that everyone who trusts in Him shall not be lost, but shall have eternal life" are supposed to be remembered today. I pray that more will come to understand and actually be grateful. Really.

    So try. Try hard to be grateful.
    Wherever you are, for your life itself, and more.
    For having been given the gift, however it has been offered to you, which if accepted, would allow that your soul might know peace.

    * see the whole lyric after the break here
    Dai, da-ye-nu,
    Dai, da-ye-nu,
    Dai, da-ye-nu,
    Da-ye-nu, da-ye-nu,

    Dai, da-ye-nu,
    Dai, da-ye-nu,
    Dai, da-ye-nu,
    Da-ye-nu, da-ye-nu!
     The English translation for the stanza follows. (They are quite melodic in Hebrew as you heard when you clicked the link above in the body of this post).
    Had he brought us out of Egypt, but not split the sea before us,
    Brought us out of Egypt, well then--Dayenu!
    Had he split the sea before us, but not fed us in the desert, Split the sea before us, well then--Dayenu!

    Had he fed us with the manna, but not brought us to Mount Sinai, Fed us with the manna, well then--Dayenu!

    Had he brought us to Mount Sinai, but not given us commandments, Brought us to Mount Sinai, well then--Dayenu!

    Had he given us commandments, but not led us into Israel, Given us commandments, well then--Dayenu!

    Had he led us into Israel, but not given us the prophets, Led us into Israel, well then--Dayenu!

    Had he given us the prophets, but not built for us the Temple, Given us the prophets, well then--Dayenu!

    Had he built for us the temple, but not promised the Messiah, Built for us the Temple, well then--Dayenu!

    Monday, April 02, 2012


    When I said that the Incrementalist "Progressives" had stopped moving incrementally, I really wasn't prepared that they'd pull out all the stops.

    Obama, the "constitutional scholar," issued his most ominous statement yet.
    US President Barack Obama on Monday challenged the "unelected" Supreme Court not to take the "extraordinary" and "unprecedented" step of overturning his landmark health reform law. --from yahoo news Combative Obama warns Supreme Court on health law.

    Oh, but he was a bit less strident when he said the following, which contained the highlighted lie.
    "Ultimately, I am confident that the Supreme Court will not take what would be an unprecedented, extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress," Obama said.
    Had Mr. Obama said "...that was passed by a strong-armed majority..." it would have been the truth.

    Statist Puppet Says He's Your Keeper

    And he's telling the truth for a change. Certainly when you recall that "keeper" is what you call those who keep animals caged. Our supermen look upon human beings as lesser creatures, and you know it. The people, for whom he is the head-bobbing puppet, detest your freedom.

    Hear him yourself. Pick up his monologue (with his trained seals squealing in the background as usual) at 2:14.

    [Should the embed not show on your browser or newsfeed, please click the link below. If anyone knows how to fix the embed code, please let me know.]

    H/T I'm sorry folks. But the silence on the opposite aisle ("our" side allegedly) indicates that your "leaders" are not doing their job.

    We CAN Beat the Left When We Have Honest Leadership

    There was a time when the forces of the Right could win. But it was only temporary wins and it appears the Left knew it. It was because they had a purpose as shown them by leaders who were in on the planning. If there were any on the Right who were planning the opposite, it seems clear that with so many "Progressive" (Incrementalist) Republicans at or near the helm of power, our side was too infiltrated with with agents from the other side. For ages it seems they succeeded in preventing principled conservative thinking from being in power (Reagan being the exception that defeated them) or stay there for long ("Progressive" GHWB claimed to have seen the light to gain our trust, and then dashed them later).

    Controlling Education has been a dream of the Incrementalists since the days of John Dewey. Kevin Baker generated some fine commentary over a couple of books dealing with Incrementalist education since the beginning of the last century. That prompted me to recall something in more depth that I've only mentioned in passing here and elsewhere.

    What follows is the lesson I learned from an incident I witnessed close to 50 years ago. My readers deserve to hear my report (that you won't find anywhere else) on my own site. I surely hope you guys can help this "agnostic" follow through with his conclusion. I'm pretty sure Kevin would not agree with that conclusion. I didn't even think of that portion while I was posting at his blog. That thought came to me overnight.

    Forgive me if I've reported this here before, but it's germane to what has become of education. It provides evidence that the Left was organized and planning their long march early on, and even told us what they planned to do. We either didn't understand or didn't believe them until it was too late. Or is it?

    Late in the 2nd trimester of my freshman year at Michigan, the first teach-ins against the Nam war were organized.  I only caught a glimpse of what was going on. But shortly thereafter came the student votes to condemn UM participation in war industry through research grants. Naturally the Engineering School led the voting bloc that constantly voted down the resolutions.

    Well, after the SDS lost another vote, some bitch grabbed a bull-horn at an unusual rally site behind the UGLi* and declared
    "the only reason we lost is because you're all ignorant. Don't worry, we will educate you." 
    Most of us went off to work after college to do something productive. She and her ilk, no doubt, went to work as an educrat and thus infiltrated our education institutions. We let them sow their wind, and now nobody should be surprised that we are reaping the whirlwind -- the familiar mindless sloganeering of a herd of indoctrinated sheeple as we witnessed last fall in the Occupy movement.

    The reason it now starts in the primary school classroom is that those 60's radicals first began to fully infest the teaching colleges then. According to CS Lewis in "Men Without Chests," the first seeds of that invasion began in British teaching colleges during the 20s and 30s.

    Like I wrote up at the top, the "Progressives" were well planned from the start to incrementally bring about their complete control of the West (which is to say the world), while the rest of us were complacent at best. They thrived because they could use Alinksy rule #4 to force us to be tolerant of them by hiding behind the 1st Amendment. Good luck getting the same tolerance now that they are in charge. PC disguises Leftist bigotry and allows them to make rules -- which they enforce ruthlessly -- to silence us.

    The question that is pressing us into service is, :
    "Can the Right find and keep real leadership once again to thwart their plans and begin the reclamation of liberty?"
    Probably. But only with reference to and appeals to God. I cannot think of any more in-your-face conflict with the Left (sinister) forces than bringing Him into it.

    *A relatively small rally on the grass between the undergraduate library and West Engineering, probably to catch the attention of us engg students. IIRC, most rallies were staged out in the center of the Diag, on and North of the steps to the graduate library. Her words still ring in my ears. I fully suspect that was the whole reason they were there -- so that if they succeeded eventually, her words would be a form of gloating before the fact.

    It's not over sister. If you're still alive, useful idiots are the first to wind up in the gulag because they are viewed as too dangerous by the inner circle.
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