Wednesday, July 31, 2013

"Death Panels" Now Bipartisan Words

Some news today helps sustain my comments of yesterday. I wrote about why I shifted from being a Sarah Palin supporter to being skeptical.

I loved her looks; her dynamic personality; her origins; and the things she said. And if you hit my Palin label, you will see I may have been the first to understand PDS and to rail against it.

However, after learning of some of the things she had done while she was governor of Alaska (naming only two awful things: AGW policies and endorsing the UN Law of the Sea Treaty) I became disillusioned in her. 

And when she campaigned, in the CA GOP primaries, for two female SKUNCs (Carly Fiorina to oppose Boxer and Meg Whitman to oppose Brown) against real conservatives in the primaries, plus helping the despicable McCain retain his senate seat, I can only say that I hope the type of character that Palin represents is NOT disqualified as you [commenter Paul] suggest with "I doubt we see her equal again." Because I yearn to live to see the real thing.

Our enemies know what we like, and are clever enough to provide us facsimiles of the real thing. You will notice that Palin and family are today richer than they ever could have legitimately become serving in public office. A large part of her money came from people like me who wanted to help her fight the two-minute hate machine, which in the least would be the chivalrous thing for us to do. 

Never forget that Orwell made it clear in 1984 that the opposition to Big Brother was an institution taken over and run by the inner party.
So when Palin became the first to call out Obamacare's Independent Payment Advisory Board as death panels, I was perplexed. My readers know I was aware of these things long before she called them out. And I would have been delighted if any other national personality had called attention to them.  But Sarah Palin, having long been serving as our Soviet-Style Media's two minute hate object, pretty much made her the worst, counter-productive choice for sounding such an alarm.

So when the news comes out that Howard Dean, of all people, acknowledges that Palin was correct, Howard Dean admits Sarah Palin was right on ‘death panels,’ I hope you understand what I meant by "Our enemies know what we like, and are clever enough to provide us facsimiles of the real thing." 

It's been a liberal trick that was noticeable since Archy Bunker was created by the radical Leftist Norman Lear.  Bunker was given lines that spoke little truths now and then, but always in all the wrong ways. The character was created specifically to discredit anything he said because he said it. Thus Bunker provided liberal wags ways to avoid answering all conservative arguments by turning them into personal attacks "why, you sound like Archy Bunker."

Same thing here. "Death Panels? You sound like Sarah Palin, Haw haw." And no further discussion ensued. Until today.

And so what? Obamacare has been passed in part because the most antihuman part of it was laughed out of the discussion. It was there, but dismissed. The means of dismissing it was diabolical. And it worked.

So now you know how this was done disreputably, do we still have a chance to stop it? Yes, but it is a long shot.

The House of Representatives can, on its own, derail the ACA implementation by refusing to fund it. But whether House Speaker John Boehner is just another SKUNC or merely a weakling, it matters little. It will take some very loud voices to force him to comply with your wishes. If there were many more like my readers, the derailment might actually happen. But I just don't see it right now short of Divine intervention.

Still, do whatever you can. So many people you know who are still unaware are facing a very grim and unnecessary death.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Ace Is Almost There

The primary problem with the so-called elites is that they are not elite, and they are neither wise, nor intelligent, nor educated, nor enlightened, nor superior in any fashion save two, accident of circumstance and elevated self-regard.

They do not have any conception of what they're doing, of the history of this country, or of the disasters their stupidity visits upon the ruled every day of the year.

And they will be the death of us all. -- Ace of Spades, Obama: I Didn't Bother Asking a Lawyer If I Could Unilaterally Suspend the Law; All I've Done Is Merely Seize Plenary Power on Behalf of the People
Ace is almost where I have been for over 2 decades. Yet Ace does not see the errant connection between his second paragraph and his third. "They do not have any conception ... that they will be the death of us all."

Au contraire mon ami. Many of the "elites" do have the conception of what they do. It's just that the progressive/sustainability vision is so God-awful that they dare not speak it except in obscure journals published by radical nut-job institutions for which they provide tax preferences and to which they funnel taxpayer money.

This is the problem I have with all the top Dextrosphere bloggers. Because the Left, the phony Right Statists, and the enemies of humanity (but I repeat myself) will not say they are its enemies, the top bloggers fear being laughed at. That fear is not new. It lies at the heart of Hans Christian Anderson's tale The Emperor's New Clothes. Only the fool, yours truly, will speak of it nearly every day. The others are quite apt to go to their deaths muttering something like "if Stalin only knew."

Across the board. We. Need. New. Leaders.

Find them amongst those who are unafraid to call out the enemies of all mankind: the Prog megalomaniacs.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Fundamentally Change ... the Land of Opportunity

The truth of Obama's promise -- to "fundamentally change America" -- may not have been what many believed it was, but who can deny it was the truth?

Irony or not, the opening phrase of JWF's sarcastic sounding headline,  Another Obama Victory! 4 in 5 in U.S. Near Poverty, Can’t Find Work gets it literally correct once you understand the horrific prog/sustainability agenda: "Ending once and for all this land of opportunity and its God-anchored moral guidance."

Now we know what party under which the Obomber ran. We also know that the opposition party sure did not do all it could to prevent his elevation to power (No! He's a nice man." -John McCain). Furthermore, we know it has done worse than nothing to derail his agenda (Crying leader Boehner "fearing" government shutdown, and Deer-in-the-Headlights leader McConnell "fearing" not appearing senatorial), and has been actively targeting the honestly anti-Statist TEA party movement that began because the GOP was not doing its job.

As the fears continue to pile up (extorted into admitting to phony fears in order to not have real sins exposed), is there any longer any doubt that Gresham's Law has taken hold in all important national institutions? Like a real opposition party. Like a real independent media. Like once God-fearing religious organizations that have morphed into ones that only fear losing income enhancing tax exemptions should they oppose (or even expose; or even not endorse) governmental evils.

How many of the people have also succumbed? Maybe not entirely on their own, but because they fail to recognize and follow honest leaders.

What about you? What do you suppose your Maker will tell you?

**Updated with related news: The Environmental Lobby's Great Forest Con

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Rid Yourself of Bush Defensive Syndrome

This is a written as a public service for a nation of conservatives who've had enough of being led around by the nose by elitist members of the GOP. 

On one hand they play up to you when they need your votes. But then, when the rubber meets the road, they mercilessly spurn you (and worse) when you expect them to represent you and, even more importantly, expect them to defend the Constitution and this nation from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

JWF posted this heart-warming story tonight: Bush 41 shaves head in support of 2-year-old cancer patient.

Now, this is a warm gesture coming from any President. Especially now that such warmth is totally foreign to the creature some grudgingly refer to as the pResident. In a world like this, such a story comes as almost a relief; a reminder of gentler times.

There is little question the Bushes* know how to show a humane side in addition to their elitism ("if you are for border protection you must be a racist" being one of their major, blindly bigoted flaws.)

However, without casting any aspersions, let me remind you that Stalin famously observed
“a single death is a tragedy; a million merely a statistic.”
And let me also remind you of Slick Willie’s slogan of
“once you can fake sincerity, the rest is easy”
was not invented by Slick.

As for those who would dare charge me with Bush Derangement Syndrome — your Bush Defensive Syndrome is far more irrational and untrustworthy.

*All of them, right Jeb? Isn't it nice that Daddy would do what ever it takes to make it up to you for 2016 that you were passed over in 2000? Why, he even shaved his head. Being willing to take one for the team like that runs in the genes, doesn't it son? 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Whole > Sum of All Corruptions


Heaven: We have a problem. The corruption is feeding itself.

Let us look at three relatively small items making news today alone, providing us evidence of much much more going on than is good for a healthy republic.

Item 1:
At the Politico column with the name “Behind the Curtain” no less,we have The New Power Triangle from which we find the following money quote.
“We have been looking literally for years for someone we can cut deals with, and finally someone has stepped up,” a White House official said. West Wing aides say they now talk with McCain roughly every other day.
This is nearly admitting to the American equivalent of the 1st Triumvirate of ancient Rome. Well, at least Crassus, Pompey and Caesar appeared on the same stage as equals. Here is our version:
I know that after this photo, there can hardly be anything worse from McCain. However, I see worse yet in this item from the Politico.

It has the audacity to label it The "NEW" power triangle? New? How about McCraven and Bummer talking since the summer of 2008, where, in the alleged heat of the campaign for the most powerful position in the world, the former declared the latter "a nice man?"

Item 2:
Selwyn Duke in Total Recall: Why Recall Elections are a Must, sees the solution to the unresponsiveness of our pols as one where if only those serving us were subject to recall elections. He concludes his analysis with:
"If politicians knew that breaking an election promise or stabbing good Americans in the back would result in an immediate recall effort, they’d be more likely to mind their p’s and q’s. "
Among other things I left in my comment (including a sample proof of his wrong assessment of our current electoral process) -- to which he has not replied -- is that his solution might have worked in another day when the voting rolls had not been compromised and the numbers who get their funds for existence from gub handouts had not been super-expanded by the community organizer.

Item 3:
From Reason: Cop Fired for Speaking Out Against Ticket and Arrest Quotas.
After the arrival of a new police chief in 2010, the department entered an era of ticket quotas and worse.

“When I first heard about the quotas I was appalled,” says former Auburn police officer Justin Hanners, who claims he and other cops were given directives to hassle, ticket, or arrest specific numbers of residents per shift. “I got into law enforcement to serve and protect, not be a bully.”

Hanners blew the whistle on the department’s tactics and was eventually fired for refusing to comply and keep quiet.
Maybe you think we should wait for the locals to run the police chief out of town on a rail. However, we learn that he retired (claiming medical reasons). So who hired this man? And who looked the other way as the scheme -- undoubtedly seen as a "revenue enhancer" rather than as a public safety measure -- was rammed through? Indeed, in case you think I'm alone in my conclusions below, we have this quote.
“You have a policy that encourages police to create petty crimes and ignore serious crimes, and that’s clearly the opposite of what we want our police to be doing,” [emphasis added]
I added emphasis so as to pin-point the sovietization of small town America. It's the end result of the ends justifies the means mentality of cynical pols: "Everyone is guilty of something, so what's the diff?" That attitude is precisely on the road to what Solzhenitsyn told us of the operations of the Soviet system: They were not interested in the truth. They simply want to arrest us and then not let go.

When you see little things like this come to the surface, you are pretty damn sure you are witnessing merely the tips of the iceberg. So you know the sum of what you do see is surely far less than the whole. Furthermore, Item 3 provides yet another example of why Gresham's Law Applies to American Institutions. The bad elements fired the good. And on it goes unless we speak up.

I urge you dear readers to discuss these developments locally. Take note on your own of the various tips of the icebergs that you see. Not just for your own sake, but for what this Nation was meant to represent and the opportunities it was meant to provide.

Help preserve what's left.

Help restore what's lost.

He will ask you what you did not try to do. I don't know about you, but I keep looking for whatever I may have overlooked.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Worthless Blog Fodder

I imagine many of my readers have had a similar reaction at some point in the last 4+ years to the following sort of headline posted today at JWF.
Scandal-Plagued Obama Plummets to 41% Approval in New Poll

Who here believes he gives a damn he's unloved? Let's see a show of hands.

I suspect that before I asked the question (the nature of which suppresses the total) that there were far too many hands. The proof is provided by how many times this sort of headline is published and talked about. Yet, it is worthless blog fodder.

Here is  Tocqueville on the subject:
a despot easily forgives his subjects for not loving him, provided they do not love each other.
And Bummer and his DOJ are doing their damnedest to provide those divisions.

I don't want to hear how low the bum's approval rating is, I want to know when the country is going to stop allowing itself to be divided. Our divisions provide opportunities for him to escalate his despotic behavior. Our loss is his gain. Grow up Americans.

If you like this sentiment, then consider blowing off some steam of your own at the link to JWF above. Maybe suggest that it's time we take heed of Tocqueville conclusion and think hard on countermeasures.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Revealed: Eric Holder's Playbook

The Obama White House forced the State of Florida to arrest and prosecute Zimmerman. But then Zimmerman was found not guilty in the most kangaroo of courts in living memory.

And now they are not finished with him despite constitutional protections forbidding double jeopardy.

But there is precedence for this you know.
"The MGB* wasn't interested in the truth and had no intention of letting anyone out of its grip once he was arrested." -- footnote 1, chapter 4, Gulag Archipelago [emphasis added]
*after 1954 known as KGB

Now we know whose playbook Eric Holder’s DOJ is using with George Zimmerman. Who will be next?

This is a shorter, and hopefully more memorable version of yesterday's post. It presented an important comparison. Free peoples need to take heed of this warning from the past given the current political climate with its accelerated hits on their individual freedom.


If you approve of disseminating this sort of knowledge and insight to a wider audience, please consider giving a thumbs up (and encourage others too) to two very similar comments that I left at Breitbart. Here are the links.

  1. ACLU Reverses Championing Pursuit of Zimmerman
  2. Obama Delivers the Zimmerman Coda
Thank you.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Where the Gestapo Was Not As Bad As What's Coming

The irony here must not be missed. Solzhenitsyn compared the KGB to the Gestapo, and the Gestapo was preferable. Who in their right mind would accuse the great author of The Gulag Archipelago of violating Godwin's Law? Why, it is more than likely to come from a kneejerk "conservative" talk-show host like Hugh Hewitt. Of course, I'm sure he'd deny it. Does it matter not that I've heard him indiscriminately invoke Godwin more than once? Of course it matters. So I want my readers to remember this passage so that the next knee-jerk Godwin charger is met with this upside his head.
They understood that the cases were fabricated, yet they kept on working year after year. How could they? Either they forced themselves not to think (and this is in itself means the ruin of a human being), and simply accepted that this was the way it had to be and that the person who gave them their orders was always right . . .

But didn't the Nazis, too, it comes to mind, argue the same way?1

1. There is no way of sidestepping this comparison: both the years and the methods coincide too closely. And the comparison occurred even more naturally to those who had passed through the hands of both the Gestapo and the MGB. One of these was Yevgeny Ivanovich Divnich, am emigre and preacher of Orthodox Christianity. The Gestapo accused him of Communist activities among Russian workers in Germany, and the MGB charged him with having ties to the international bourgeoisie. Divnich's verdict was unfavorable to the MGB. He was tortured by both, but the Gestapo was nonetheless trying to get at the truth, and when the accusation did not hold up, Divnich was released. The MGB wasn't interested in the truth and had no intention of letting anyone out of its grip once he was arrested.
Here in Chapter 4 of Gulag, Solzhenitsyn is telling us about the Soviet interrogation bureaucracy. And in his comparison, the Nazis were more humane than the Soviets. Yet, today, we have fellow Americans who still refuse to recognize imminent threat. The man in the White House has associated with Marxists and Islamists throughout his early, formative years, and they refuse to call him a Marxist even as he pushes policies that herald major damage to private (non-crony) enterprises everywhere in this nation.

Were Hewitt or Medved, or any of the rotters, to accuse Solzhenitsyn of violating Godwin's Law, I could hear the old man laughing at their buffoonery: "Yes, you morons. The Soviets were worse. And so would be the man whom you refuse to categorize properly as a fascist/communist/Statist puppet."

Let me make this crystal clear.

"The MGB wasn't interested in the truth and had no intention of letting anyone out of its grip once he was arrested."

Much like Eric Holder with George Zimmerman.  

At the risk of being too Jeremiad, maybe this post ought to be subtitled. "Or George Zimmerman, the first victim of the New Gulag Archipelago."  

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Minor Leftists: Beware

George Orwell took great care to make it clear that apparatchiks (party members not part of the inner circle) are invariably tortured for sport by those for whom they helped obtain and keep power.

Help restore the United State of America and save yourselves whist there are still others with whom you may ally (if they'll have you). In light of all that transpired during the 20th Century under totalitarian regimes, do not take Martin Niemöller's warning lightly (short version).
First they came for the socialists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Jew.

Then they came for me,
and there was no one left to speak for me.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Is this worth posting?

About the hopelessness of my siblings.

It is possible my late Dad sent me a juxtaposition while I slept. "It is not liberal guilt; it is holier than thou attitudes you're seeing."

They are invested in the idea that a large number of Americans are racist, and they are therefor better. Trying to get them to see that it's their political heroes who are the racists requires them to look at it from a different perspective.

When we were kids, I could get their attention long enough for them to laugh at how a hand-drawn staircase demonstrates shifting perceptions.

One moment the drawing looks like it goes from upper left to lower right towards you as viewed from above. But after you look at it long enough you see it shift before your eyes. Then the stairs are seen descending upper left to lower right going away from you as if you were viewing it from below.

Today, however, there is no way I can get them to look or listen long enough to anything which would reveal that the racists are the race hustlers who go about disguised as liberals.

Sure there are run of the mill racists. But not to the percentage in the whites of the nation as are in those whites who hold office or appear on TV.

Know what I mean?

If you have had better success, please share in comments.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Appeasement Never Works -- WWEL?

Will we ever learn that appeasement never works?

Implicit in the title The Election of a Black President Has Meant Nothing is that America expected that racial tensions would be healed by the election and reelection Barrack Hussein Obama if only America gave a black man a chance to sit in the oval office.

Throughout the text of his elegy for hopes dashed, Dennis Prager demonstrates the fanciful notions long-peddled by the entrenched Republican hierarchy ("he's a nice man" said John McCain at the beginning of his campaign to defeat Obama)

The greatest hope most Americans -- including Republicans -- had when Barack Obama was elected president was that the election of a black person as the country's president would reduce, if not come close to eliminating, the racial tensions that have plagued America for generations. 

Not stated by Mr. Prager, but seeping from the words in his essay, is that those expectations arose from a sense of a need to appease the angry charges, and prove them wrong, that America is racist today because she was racist in the past.

We know from countless events in history, but most tragically by the rise of the German Third Reich before WW II, that appeasement does not work. Indeed, we know that appeasement contributed mightily to Hitler escalating his demands due to the timidity he saw in the then leaders of other nations. So bad were their early dalliances that they came very close to providing him the time and resources to defeat them all. (Oh, by the way, be prepared to snicker at those who want to charge me with violation of Godwin's Law for the buffoons they are. I'm of the generation that was schooled to notice how Hitler (and Lenin and Mao) rose to power. Those buffoons are either useful idiots or fellow travelers, and you should add their names to your list.)

What is more alarming to me is that we have had similar dalliances going on within our country. Those who love the notion of a large omnipotent government -- what I  mean when I repeatedly refer to Statism -- are now in the highest seats of power and influence now that many of the structural mechanisms, meant to check the centralization of unlimited power, have been defeated.

Throughout my life, and for decades before it, the Statist goals of the Progressives were incrementally advanced. Slowly. They mastered the art of the aggressive compromise so that their movement prevailed with "two steps forward, one step back" successes.

In my mind, their methodology of incrementally undermining all societal institutions that had been designed to keep governments small and in check has been about the only thing progressive about Progressives. Progressive rot.

I ask the questions:
How best for those in power and wishing for more to put a final nail in the Constitution that was intended by its ratifiers to be the obstacle to dictatorial rule?
Before I answer, let me point to a recent Daniel Greenfield essay, Looking for Racism in America.
The author repeatedly makes good use of the phrase "grievance theater," a term whose earliest use so far points to Debra Burlingame in 2006. The headliners in that theater engage in victimoguery, a term created to distinguish it from common demagoguery.

"Grievance theater" is the latest form of older Leftist tools. It combines what was known as street theater and agitprop. An example was staged in my Congressional district back in 1994. Were I as experienced then as now, I would have come prepared with allies for employing relatively easy countermeasures. As always, it is my hope that my mistakes might help prepare you or your kids and save you from repeating them.

As is the case with all demagoguery, the aim of victimoguery is personal gain at the expense of however many victims are necessary. It is happy to get volunteers to play the part of victims, it is thrilled when that generates in even more copycats, and it could care less (and possibly even delighted) that the groups it claims to be protecting become even greater victims as a consequence of their machinations. As Mr. Greenfield puts it:
Grievance Theater isn’t about race, it’s not about slavery, police brutality or separate lunch counters. It’s about power and money. 
When victimogues win, the world is worsened.

My answer to the question above is very unpleasant. The final nail would come from unrest provoked by the very people in power who have sworn to uphold the laws of the land and defend the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Although the declaration of marshal law and suspension of habeas corpus has happened here before, such a paradox where the very officials in charge of maintaining order overtly or covertly provoke unrest, that is where they've crossed the Rubicon. It signals their complete contempt for the constitution and the limits it imposes upon them.

Under cover of the victimogues demands for "social justice," (trumped up as white versus black, especially since George Zimmerman is himself part black in addition to being a member of another minority that the victimogues love to pretend they love) any mayhem, not even on a large scale (given the media's skill to make and influence in making every thing small big and everything big small) could provide DC with their Reichstag Fire.

Finally, given that the Senate GOP caved to the threats of Harry Reid abolishing the filibuster while I was composing this essay, it may appear that the title of this post would be particularly apt in its timing. However, given we know which members of the GOP senate (and their history) were most eager to accept Reid's aggressive compromise, an offer that bears all the earmarks of extortion ("Give us 5 of the 7 nominees or accept all 7"), then it would appear that they are merely spineless, or stupid or both. Enough of us thinking like that, it is no wonder they continue to betray our hopes. We are accepting excuses for weakness where something more sinister can easily be afoot. How many times can they be allowed such discretion?

I'm of the school that warns
"once is happenstance; twice is coincidence; thrice is incoming action." 
And these GOP members have done it so many times most of you call them RINOs. OMG already! For the sake of your nation and in honor of all the men who fought and died so that your life is so much better than your grandparents', come to agree that those senators live up to the label GuyS invented for them: SKUNCs. Statists Knowingly Undermining the Nation's Constitution.

In the case of the SKUNCs, they in complicity with Harry Reid, made it appear like appeasement since the SKUNCs are masters at what forms of extortion they can convince their base to swallow. And just like with appeasement, the next demands for more appeasement cannot be far away. At least the appearance of it.

Appeasement or stagecraft, it does not matter. Accepting either does not work. Is it not time we learn that is a fact of life and decide to deal with it?

Thus it behooves those who understand what I've laid out in this post to force the removal of all the SKUNCs one way or the other. Find and reveal their likely crookedness in other affairs and force their resignations. Demand that elections be held to recall them from their office perhaps. But they must be removed before Obama and/or Reid provide them another "aggressive compromise" for them to act like they simply cannot refuse the offer.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Politically Incorrecting Neighborhood Watch

A late post-Zimmerman verdict comment at Sultan Knish's was left by something like the 40th Anonymous troll. It bears all the earmarks of a Leftist racialist who has a problem even with neighborhood watches. That, like CCW, is apparently under attack by the Statist's avante-garde, shock troops, smarmy Leftist -- whatever label I give you is too polite in my opinion.

I responded to the troll on two things he touched on, mostly because they were so typical of all of the Left. I reproduce a post-worthy version of it below, edited of typos and expanded for clarity. However, I want to add one thing first.

One of the things I didn't remark upon was that Sultan Knish had been making the case in his starter thread that the elitists have a class hatred for all Zimmermans in this world. And this troll simply ignored all that and simply went back to the narrative. 

"Wow, many you guys a..." -- Anonymous (number 40 something).

You write like a Leftist white guy who is paid to troll lies so that soft-headed liberals are confused and conservatives waste their time with liars. Baiting for sure in both cases.

Two things:

Fact: While Zimmerman was looking for the address, Martin went home initially. (opinion: Nothing further would have happened. But consistent racialist goading from thugs from your side are responsible for Martin's thinking no "crazy-ass cracker" is gonna make me afraid. )

Fact: So Martin then left home, looked for Zimmerman, and confronted him.

Undisputed facts between the prosecution and the defense.

But racial mayhem instigating Left guys ignore it and then have the gall to project the consequences of your side's constantly keeping open old wounds, so that individuals who naturally react to unknown faces who are skulking are portrayed as doing it only for racial reasons. For God's sake, Zimmerman himself is part black (but your media friends refuse to mention it because they want racial war.) Zimmerman did call 911, nobody looking for trouble does that. The trouble makers in this story are your kind who poisoned Trayvon's mind into finding reason to escalate where there was no need.

Second thing: "black people family values." There you go again. Why are black people family values any different than any other family's you creep? The real liberals worked hard to integrate our society. But it didn't take the radicals long to go out of their way to make sure differences between white and black were made ever more segregated so that confrontations such as this one could easily be instigated by poisoning the minds of especially the young.

The Left hates all people, and are quite content on stirring up racial hatreds with bloody outcomes as their goal. Seeing the words "family value" used by the likes of you makes me sick.

**Update** Og has captured some of the Leftist ploys I'm talking about with Everyone out there knows.

This first excerpt is about the attack on the ability of the working class to defend itself by the elites. (as Sultan Knish made painfully clear.) The Statist elites ("Progressives" is their preferred label) rely on a coalition of like-minded radicals, involving tactical deployments of the media, the agit-propping Leftists, and the bilge rats who've gained control of the legal system after years of it being subject to Greshom's Law.
"The left in this country has been utterly unsuccessful in removing our guns, but it has used racism to make sure we’re all terrified to use them."
"if you single out this incident and ignore all the rest of the brown people being killed, you could not be any more racist than that"
Such as consistently ignoring that Zimmerman is in fact half Hispanic (not white) and part black (not white). This circus all began when media elements heard his name and thought him a white Jew. That was too juicy to pass up. By definition, the media, like the NY Times with its newly coined "white Hispanic" headline, is racist. Or, the word I prefer for trouble-makers, racialist.

"Trayvon died because he thought he was a big dog thug. Being black had nothing to do with it, unless you contend that blacks have the right to act that way. Which also makes you a racist." 
This is an example of what I meant when I said the Leftists have been poisoning the mind of especially the young.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

God Bless the Six George Zimmerman Jurers

God knows they'll need it.

They didn't cow to the political pressure, and that is really something to be proud of and admire.

And they will be subjected to ostracism by a large number of their own community at best. Some because they don't like them, and others because they'll be afraid to be seen near them.

I hope that is there is a larger number who will speak up in their defense instead.

And I pray that nothing worse comes.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Gresham's Law Applied to American Institutions

Gresham's Law stated in its simplest form is: "Bad money drives out good".

Although this is a maxim from economics, there is overwhelming evidence that Gresham's Law has far wider application. It its simplest form "Bad actors drive out good."

Bad elements springing up in or inserted into anything – society, governments, neighborhoods, student bodies, families –  drive out the good. And that can only be attributable to the individuals who pursue deviations that lead to the decadence. For Gresham's Law applies also to the way attributes of the individual may change as he goes through life, affecting character, integrity, perseverance, courage – really an endless list where there can be chinks in his armor.

Wherever man forms groupings, even where strictures have been put in place to prevent decadence, it appears that debasement only can be forestalled.  Some groups will succumb sooner than later. And if any one of those earlier groups already has, or can garner just the right kind of power, they will – in keeping with Gresham's Law – accelerate the collapse of other groupings. It is done it by seeing to it that both criminal and civil law, and merely the threat of great expense, are used to compel the removal of restrictions that protected the longer-lasting institutions.

You name the once prestigious and honorable institution staffed by man, and you don't need to be a cynic to see how far it has wandered or been torn away from its stated goal.

And there, my friends, is how America got to where she is today.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Trial By Ordeal

Just when you thought the prosecution in the George Zimmerman case could not be any more anti-American, they decided to try and tack on an additional charge -- one for murder in the 3rd degree -- after the case arguments were rested by both Prosecution and Defense. Judge Nelson says she 'will rule on the proposal later.'** Hell, if there is any justice in her I'd think she'd come back with a contempt of court citation on the prosecutor.
I will let you read the analysis at Ace of Spades and at his link. My point is this.

YOU are being subjected to trial by ordeal. YOU are witnessing what is in store for you should you attempt to defend yourself and the President of the United States decides you'd make a good target to accomplish gun control by other means. The ordeal is to your mind and any considerations you have to your natural right to self defense. You do what is right in the eyes of our self-appointed god and you may be granted mercy, else suffer the consequences.

The idea behind trial by ordeal in medieval times was that God would protect the truly innocent. Good luck with god.

** Update: Judge denied the motion to add a late extra charge; but did not charge prosecutor with contempt of court.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Medved: For the Record

Readers here know that I castigated Michael Savage and David Horowitz for their part in fueling the racial issue divide in the George Zimmerman trial. What you may not know is that in comments at Liberty's Torch I stated the following: "I expect that Michael Medved (and the rest of that Judas goat's suspect Salem Broadcasting stable) cannot be far behind."

Well, he didn't go that far, but can it still be said he is, indeed, not far behind.  I ask your honest opinion and why.

The first hour of the Michael Medved show today (July 10) was devoted to taking calls on the GZ trial. I want to state for the record that Medved did not go so far as the other two.

I wish I had a transcript to review what I heard him say on his own and in reaction to callers. But since I do not, and won't pay for a podcast to get one, I ask you to rely on my own memory (that comes and goes since I tend to become distracted with my own thoughts in reaction to what I hear.) Still, my memory is often pretty accurate even when not precise.

Yes, Medved 'deplored those who raise racial tensions as have been on display here.'

Furthermore, I would bet big money that his call screener did not permit callers on to add to the hour the important news released only a few hours ago by Judicial Watch that reveals that the Obama DOJ has been actively fomenting racial tensions since Zimmerman shot Martin.  It would undermine what I believe to be his real intentions but for which he would never admit (unless this was his turn to be the radical.)

So in typical "Progressive" fashion, he let the DOJ and other two talkers carry the heavy load while he made appeals for the rest of us to play it cool and not rise to the bait.

Another way to look at this is found in the typical Leftists tactic of the Moral Marshmallow. One or two make the crazy, then fade into the background so they can't be questioned. Those who remain out front argue that you didn't hear what you just heard, and besides, it would be wrong to react violently to violence. And like this news that the call screener never allowed on air, it's as if it never happened so he doesn't have to deal with it in a timely fashion.

In other words, this was not Medved's turn to be in your face to us commoners, it was his turn to downplay the danger us commoners feel because his compatriot "former" Leftists had said what he vehemently denies matched his intentions.

The betrayal by "conservative" talk radio continues. It is my most fervent wish that others start critically observing such inconsistencies and help me shed light on these fifth columnists.

Velociman came up with a fine way to weigh DOJ's involvement:

"This is the most stunning abuse of the police power of the state I have ever witnessed. And John Mitchell is the disgraced Attorney General? This is the United States of America. Your top cop does not agitate mobs and foment bloodlust against a private citizen." [Emphasis in original]

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Death Cult Elitism On View

It has only been a couple of days since I was pissed off enough to warn readers about two turncoat voices who have been fixtures in Right politics since at least the 1990s. Both Michael Savage and David Horowitz (Despicable "Former" Leftists) now consider themselves part of the elite. Savage never tires of telling us how great he is, and Horowitz had been raised to be part of the Left elites until he parted ways (allegedly) with his early gestators.

Today, Daniel Greenfield helped me understand WHY these two "former" Leftists chose the George Zimmerman murder case to reveal that their hearts remain with the Leftist elites. They now have blown their credibility with me because I understand something about elements of the Right that few others are willing to address.

All it takes to be an elite in today's world is to discount any human who you deem to be in a lower class than yourself. Nothing else better explains how easy it is for the Leftist elites of our society to be fostering self-destructive behavior among Leftist "favored" herds (blacks, latins, homosexuals, feminists).

And now thanks to Sultan Knish, with the condemnation of George Zimmerman by these two on the Right (joined today by Bob Beckel on Fox -- but is he really Right?), their behavior can be explained by dislike for those still in the lower middle class who only want to protect the little they still have from the marauders to whom the Left has incrementally been giving license to maraud even more.

I do not wish to appear too harsh in my judgment of these loud voices who claim to speak for the conservative view. But what else is left for real conservatives to do in the face of these Right elitist abandonment of weaker people which by law and conservative principles they are supposed to protect from gangs of thugs? We have to maintain our standards, and no matter what service these voices may have provided us before, they have revealed that their hearts really are not with our principles.

The Left has been promoting racial violence should justice not go their way has long been understood. Even now the headlines tell us that more than one Florida county is preparing for riots. The SSM and the Left have wanted it for decades (Charles Manson apparently caught wind of it even at far back as the 1960s). Now it seems that some on the Right do too. The good news to me in these instances is that the 3 voices so far "on the Right" who are saying things to promote the race riots are figures who it seems never really left the elitist thinking that is a hallmark of Leftism.

May God bless us and have mercy on the deluded souls who have let their hubris win out over the common sense that caused them previously to leave the Left (if they honestly did so -- and only He knows that.)

Monday, July 08, 2013

SSM Hides Graphic

Because our Soviet-Style Media's job is protecting the butt of (when not butt-kissing) Bummer, the message delivered by today's Egyptians will remain hidden as long as they possibly can.

Photo by way of Twitchy.

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Despicable "Former" Leftists

To whom am I referring? Michael Savage and David Horowitz.

Savage sent out emails to listeners (in this case, former), that were almost as dishonest about the facts in the George Zimmerman trial as anything MSNBC published from the start. (Text is below the break.)

And the Headline from Breitbart David Horowitz: Conservatives Jumped the Gun on Zimmerman Innocence provides words of Horowitz' which will only foster race riots should Zimmerman be found guilty. Or even worse in the long run, terrify the jury into declaring Zimmerman guilty to save their own hides.

Listen up Horowitz. Most reputable conservatives did not claim Zimmerman was innocent. They were appalled
  1. that all the Left had declared him guilty. 
  2. that Prosecutor Cory had used extralegal means to indict him (and she has been indicted by a grand jury for it too)
  3. and additionally, they were concerned, and rightly so, that all gun-rights eliminators from the President on down would use Zimmerman as another excuse to disarm Americans.

Has this "former" red-diaper baby has gone back to his bastardly ways? Looks like it.

Listen up Savage. I know your listener-ship is plummeting. Your lame attempt to promote your ratings with controversy has failed stupendously, and rightly so. You washed up talker and now senile old doper.

(**Update** After you read the evidence below the break, you may want to read my follow-up Death Cult Elitism On View.

and also read J.  Christian Adams' Newly Released Documents Detail the Department of Justice’s Role in Organizing Trayvon Martin Protests  providing evidence that the Obama DOJ has been deeply involved in setting up the fuel for race riots.)

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Well, Imagine That

"The speech of the president last night, before the 48 hour deadline, did not achieve the goals of the people," the Army chief said. He said it prompted the militay [sic] to act  "based on its own national and patriotic duty."



Ace wishes:
"One can only hope that America learns from Obama as Egypt learned from Obama's pet Mursi." 
However, Ace, Egypt is not saddled by a uniformatarianistic Soviet-Style Media; merely a recently formed and distrusted state run propaganda office.

Tuesday, July 02, 2013


Time and again we witness Western governments act as if only by cowering to Islamist demands can they keep the peace. Yet they will crack down on every group except those undermining native societal norms.

We who are appalled by their one-sided actions will invariably call them cowards. That is easy to do as we compare their behavior with that of courageous actions of past Western leaders.

Cowards they may indeed be. However.

Permitting themselves to be seen as cowards provides them the latitude to be complicit.

How precisely does a turncoat and fifth columnist act? In your face directly? Or more likely like Senator Palpatine — behaving meek and cowardly so that the young, foolish and indoctrinated strike the men who would save them from him?

When you’ve good reason to doubt, figure complicity -- and the rest is then a matter of resolve.

Monday, July 01, 2013

Wretchard Twists

Just too many to call out quotes of the day.

These are all extracted from Gambler's Ruin

1. Let me give you his last first.
God takes care of children and the United States of America.
You may not want to dwell too long wondering what became of the drunks or idiots.

2. You know how Americans loved Chinese goods when they were so much cheaper than American made? And then, surprisingly, all that subsequently mounted American debt held by the Chinese? (emphasis added):
The Chinese may have a new motto in Afrrica. “Call Me Bwana”. China seems to have a knack for benefiting from American policy in the Middle East. Recently the New York Times reported that “China Is Reaping Biggest Benefits of Iraq Oil Boom”, something America can’t do because it’s immoral to trade American blood for oil. But there is no objection as long as it benefits China. This fact is one of life’s mysteries though somewhere in the Encyclopedia of Political Correctness an explanation must exist.
Well, you may believe this is tortuous reasoning, but debtors do attempt to gain credits by offering 3rd party discounts. Nope. No blood for oil. No siree.

3. Setting up to address blame (emphasis added):
Well he’s still promising them [new beginnings in the Middle East]. Yesterday “President Barack Obama called on Egypt’s government and opposition on Saturday to engage each other in constructive dialogue and prevent violence spilling out across the region.” And as if to emphasize the irony Washington Post added the same day “US eyes security at embassy, consulates in Egypt as Cairo braces for weekend protests”.

Watch out for them videos.
But that's ancient history and couldn't happen again.

4. And then there is his use of unnamed sources to deliver cogent observations (see emphasis):
The man in the street is miserable and he needs someone to blame.  Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood ran on a program of Hope and Change and delivered exactly nothing — and that would be putting it kindly. “Morsi is so incompetent he seems almost malevolent,” my friend said.
Rest assured that Hanlon will track down that source before such speculation spreads to Morsi's allies.

5. Oops. Too late.
To some extent America is in the same boat as the Egyptians. There’s an awareness of deep trouble which nobody has figured a way to get out of. [Or wish to speak of openly anyway.]

The administration hoped to rely on the President’s genius. Somehow the belief was that the new administration would be “smart”. Things didn’t need to be explained to the public because the smart guys now in power would have things in hand. And now it is becoming evident there was at no time either plan or genius at work. Or if there was it was not in evidence.
There is a paper by economist Robert Higgs published in the mid 1990s by the Ludwig von Mises Institute: "The Myth of Failed Policies." The theme he demonstrated time and again was 'monopoly services that those on the receiving end view as abject failures, are almost always viewed by the providers as a spectacular success.'

Perspective matters? Whoa! Who thinks like that?
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