Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Stink of SKUNCs

When Guy S came up with the best acronym, SKUNCs, for what so many continue to call RINOs, little did we know that it would prove doubly appropriate in these days of #OWS.

The movement that has moved across the country and the world, called Occupy Wall Street, got promoted due to the behavior of one of the most obvious phony Republican elected official in the country: NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg. This former Democrat wanted to become mayor. He had the money, but no real connections in the NY Democratic political machinery. So he bought the Republican nomination and ran against the Democratic machine mayoral candidates and won the first time. And he's been the incumbent ever since.

Had Democrat er Republican er RINO er SKUNC mayor Bloomberg cracked down early on the #OWS clowns in Zucotti Park we would not be forced to hear of the malodorous human excrement in various cities from Oakland to Altlanta.

Hence I think it fitting that the lingering stink of decaying, festering, human excrement should always be associated with SKUNCs.


  1. Dearest Pascal, I must admit to not remembering, nor being able to conjure up the meaning of the SKUNCS acronym. But a skunc by any other name would smell as foul!

  2. Joan, I believe you were at least partially responsible for it coming to pass.


    And true to form, from the protesters, who know little or nothing about which they are protesting against, to the rumors starting to circulate the Obama administration is about to use said OWS and their fellow travelers to promote possible acts of mob violence against the rest of us.... to the latest rumors spreading about Herman Cain (which cause one to flashback to Clarence Thomas), They cannot attack a case on it merit, or and individual on his (or her) record, or the issues ... they have to make it personal. They have to make it violent. They have to take banging their sippy cups to new and lower levels.

    Think it is long past time to take em all behind the wood shed and take a switch to em.

    I think it is fitting, in the truest spirit of "bi-partisanship" (*spit* *hack* *cough*) this title is applicable to any and all members of the government, in all three major branches, their agents, and agencies, and all political parties.


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