Wednesday, September 21, 2011


CALLER: ...And for the purpose of this survey, we would like you to provide some demographic information.

YOU: Okay.

CALLER: ...And, finally, what group would you say best describes you: Whi....

YOU: American.

CALLER: Would you say White, Hispani....

YOU: American.

CALLER: Thank you very much for completing this survey....


  1. People want to elaborate.
    They want you to know the trials they've suffered as an (insert ethnicity here).
    They are special, because they have 1/32 amerind blood somewhere in their DNA. Just American isn't good enough.
    I used to have to attend race relation classes in USAF.
    A friend of mine would always claim that his "blackness" was never accurately acknowledged for the trials his people went through, him being "black-Irish" and all! He had a lot of fun with that.

  2. "him being "black-Irish" and all! He had a lot of fun with that. "

    LOL Yea!!! We were the lowest of the low in Europe for centuries!

  3. Yeah, in Europe, the higher mucky-mucks knew the way to keep us hoi polloi out of their level of society was to keep us at each others throats with invented issues that worked like rock/paper/scissors.

    That's why out forebears came to America -- to break free of that rut.

    Now the institutions are asking questions like this that were banned back in 1960 due to the better angels in liberalism. That was just before the liberal ideals were subverted by the ADA and its youth brigade, SDS.

    And now, today, those who have been convinced to think they are carrying the liberal torch willfully remain in the dark because they still believe that meaning well was enough. It never occurs to them to question when the allegedly good intended programs actually achieve precisely the opposite goals.

    The best I can say for them is that they are worse than ostriches to the point of being criminally naive. The indictments on liberalism flows downhill the more they insist on scapegoating conservatives instead of admitting their culpability in letting the Left and Statists use them and their beliefs to hide behind.


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