Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Had Enough of Good Gop, Bad Gop Yet?

Yes, it's akin to good cop, bad cop. It sucks. They're both working for the prosecution, and conservatives -- heck all Americans -- are the patsy.

The good GOP -- Paul Ryan, Michelle Bachmann, Jim DeMint, Marco Rubio, -- keeps the TEA party from outright revolt whilst the bad GOP -- the old line RINO senators, Boehner, Romney, Gingrich -- continue to compromise us into chains. I've conversed with members I call SKUNCs. They are far more ferocious in answering my tough questions than ever they are with their Democratic "opponents." After all, they are just my "representatives," whereas the Dems make sure that the power of the ruling class as a whole keeps growing.

I can see their druthers, why can't more conservative Americans?

No matter how bad has been Obama, the bad GOP -- the SKUNCs -- are wangling it so that a moderate Republican becomes the Prez candidate. And if he wins, look to Cameron in UK, Gillard in Oz, and Key in NZ to know how he'll cater to everything the Left has put into place! He will entrench Obama's immense spending and extensive intrusiveness into our lives just as Nixon did with LBJ's Great Society program.

There has to be an end to compromising with people who want to enslave you. Compromise has simply resulted in you being enslaved piecemeal.

The TEA Party, if its ethos is to supersede this Statist end game, cannot stand by whilst the bad GOP keeps buckling at every debt ceiling confrontation, real or imagined. The boogeyman isn't at the door, he's in the house, and has just about ransacked it all.

When it comes to defending this republic, the only people the Dems and the bad GOP have kicked out and kept out of the House are the termite exterminators.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

With Their Owning the Propaganda Mills

it makes no matter how outlandish are their current demands, they make our fight difficult. For example:

“You want us to let up on making it appear that you are holding hostage a billion dollars to help out in the last disaster relief? Well let us keep the few trillion dollars we scheduled to be passed along to our cronies before we lost power last November.” 
Let me now rewrite my recent insight.

There is no real compromise with people who want to enslave you. All compromises have permitted your creditors to enslave you piecemeal. As in the above example, they have gained time and again due to the spinelessness, complicity, whatever, of your representatives, and so are showing you no mercy at all.


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mark Levin mocks Professor Elizabeth Warren

On Thursday, Mark Levin had a segment in his last hour in which he demonstrated how to turn the tables on Marxists. If he sounds demagogic against the Left, remember that is his point. This is the Left's tactics, as they use it against businesses and taxpayers, but used on them instead.

The object of his efforts, which is what ours should be, is to try to get well-meaning liberals*, maybe only a handful at a time, to understand what monsters they've helped unleash on the world in their name. It is never too late to ask forgiveness and try to fix the damage that is a consequence of electing politicians who ignore and override the limitations in the U.S. Constitution to the power they wield.

At the very least, it may help get conservative moderates to understand why there is no real compromise with people who want to enslave them. Compromise simply means they'll enslave you piecemeal. (If I have said it once, I've said it a thousand times. The progress that "Progressives" have sought was accomplished by accumulating every niggling bit of power that they could beg, borrow, steal or wrest from individuals and vested it in their collective.)

There is another important point that Mr. Levin partially discusses about the Left's version of the social contract that connects it with the Left's hatred of humanity. If only I can keep from getting distracted and forgetting about it, I will make a separate post explaining it.

For now, read this transcript in an effort to learn from the tactic.
*behind whose good intentions the Leftists and Statists hide their greed for power.

Friday, September 23, 2011

So The Slow-Witted Cat

went outside twice yesterday without my noticing until the two times he came back and asked to be let inside again. "How did you get out?" I asked. But he said nothing.

Then, this morning he went outside twice with me into the yard, and came back in with me each time. The last time he starts in talking in an odd way not common to him.

I answered: "Kitten's just gone. You must be pleased. You now don't have to swat him away from his food even though you had your own."

He says "mow, me meow, mow, wmrow."

I said, "Look, you know he liked wandering away from home and hanging out in the street, and playing chicken with strange dogs. Why didn't you do that?"

Bruiser just looks oddly at me with his big vacant eyes, and rubs the back of his neck against my ankle with a soft whine.

So I pick him up -- oof -- and rub his head, and put him down in front of his food bowl. That ended his talking for now.

Bruiser is now asleep on his favorite bed by the window. I figure a few more days of this and he'll finally forget to ask where Kitten is.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


CALLER: ...And for the purpose of this survey, we would like you to provide some demographic information.

YOU: Okay.

CALLER: ...And, finally, what group would you say best describes you: Whi....

YOU: American.

CALLER: Would you say White, Hispani....

YOU: American.

CALLER: Thank you very much for completing this survey....

This Vagabond Cat

adopted us in early June last year. Maybe a year old at the time, he was less than 7 pounds and more hungry than any cat I'd ever known. In the time he was with us, that never changed.

He helped fill out the house cats; the 18 year wise old lady and the 7 year old slow-witted, 15 lb, tuxedo cat. Button was in her last days, and Kitten kept Bruiser fully occupied so that Button could slowly fade away. When I tried to help her eat or drink, she said, in her own way, "Don't worry Dad. It's time." She didn't particularly like Kitten, but he gave her that respite from having to outfox Bruiser all day, so his presence worked out well for her. She passed in her sleep on July 31 of last year, less than two months after Kitten had turned up at our door.

Well, this morning I found out that he is gone too. A neighbor from another block who regularly walks by with his two dogs let me down easy. He first asked me if I'd seen my cat. Then told me one that looked like him was several blocks away.

It was not unexpected in that this cat was always too laid back. He would stroll up to most dogs being walked on leash, some over 10 times his size, and get nose to nose with them. But his most unsettling trait was that he would lounge in the street and not duck from cars until they were very close. Keep him in the house? There simply was no keeping this domesticated free agent in the house. He came to us on his own volition, and he insisted on keeping his freedom.

I gotta say I liked him most for his disposition.  Pretty darn honest in cat terms. He just wasn't sneaky. People who don't like cats would like this one. It may have helped that he was more amiable, especially to strangers, than most are.

He was the most quiet of all my cats, and that was very nice. And his looks -- I have had both a red and honey colored tabbies before, but this orange guy was a remarkably pretty tabby. 
"Kitten" -- 2-3 years old

Except for his eyes, which were too yellow for my tastes. (Ah, Button -- she had great bright eyes! Right up to the end.)  I was always amazed that he didn't get stolen. I doubt that he'd have protested if someone picked him up and walked away with him, at least not for a while. He preferred not to be held for long.

Well we always knew this day was coming. It wasn't much of a shock at all. But he will be missed.  Especially by the dogs who look for him each day.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Not the Time to Be Complacent

The forces that got unknown Barack Obama elected are not done with him yet.

And, of course, a wounded animal is a dangerous animal.

Friday, September 16, 2011

But WHAT Is the Nature of That Disapproval?

The MSM Agency of Lies is having a ball telling us that Congress' approval rating is down at 12%.

They also seemed to be enjoying telling us that the disapproval rating for Congress is way up at 80%.

And I am sure they delight in the following figures too.

  • Disapprove of Republicans 75%
  • Disapprove of Democrats 63%

What they did not disclose is that why I disapprove of Congress. I disapprove of Republicans because they are dominated by an old line leadership that is really in league with the Democrats and the interest groups that influence both parties. Crony Fascism. They are failing to stand firm against further spending because they are cowards in one way or another.

As far as the Democrats are concerned, I don't disapprove of them; I loath them. They wouldn't even still exist as a party if their "Progressive" brothers inside the GOP didn't keep helping them stay alive. Reform the GOP and the Dems will have to fall into line simply because a truly conservative platform would be as super popular as was Ronald Reagan. The sad thing was that even during the Reagan years will still had these Marxist moles burrowing into all our institutions. The good thing about the Left (that works for us) is that Leftist institutions are built on falsehoods, and so cannot stay standing for long. The danger of all that failure is that the country may not have enough solid citizens to recover before we are attacked by the subversive elements that the tyrants have allowed into the country.

I think the bottom line amounts to this: the Congress is at such a low standing because they are allowing the executive and the courts to run roughshod over our individual liberties.

And why do we disapprove of Congressional Republicans more than Democrats?
Because Republicans should know better!

You Can Bet Your Boots

Were Obama a Republican, then who could doubt that Pravda MSNBC would have captioned the following photo of President Obama at the otherwise somber 911 Remembrance something like this.

As Islamists around the world celebrated 911, they had an emissary at ground zero who basked in the glow of a job well done. (MSNBC, Bizarro World)

Hat tip to Primordial Slack. (And apologies for not noticing sooner.)

Cross posted at Crusader Rabbit.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Newt, Again, Has the Best Lines -- But

"I say it here, it comes out there."  -- TV news-writer Aaron Altman, played by Albert Brooks in the 1987 Comedy "Broadcast News."

Aaron's problem in the movie was that although he knew and understood world events better than any star news reader for whom he provided the intelligence they lacked (William Hurt and Jack Nicholson), he was incapable of speaking in front of a camera without perspiration quite literally pouring from his pores.

I recommend choosing full screen to appreciate the humor. (The embed does not appear in some feeds. Click here if Blooger botches or YouTube restricts the embed at some later date.)

In many ways, Newt Gingrich  reminds me of the fictional Aaron Altman.

Newt's responses last night could not have been much better had he written the questions for Wolf Blitzer.

For instance, as a follow up question from a TEA party questioner to Mr. Huntsman, Mr. Blitzer asked Mr. Gingrich that juicy question about oil company loopholes and fairness. Instantly, Newt first noted the absence of Obama crony GE from the Mr. Blitzer's question, and then went on:
"I was astonished the other night to have the President there in the joint session with the head of GE sitting up there and hear the President talking about taking care of loopholes.  And I thought to myself: doesn't he realize that every green tax credit is a loophole? That everything he wants, everything General Electric is doing is a loophole?"
Both responses drew wide approval from the TEA party audience.

Virtually nobody on the GOP side seems to handle issues as glibly and thoroughly as Mr. Gingrich. What troubles me most is how easily he gets along with the opposition, something I am sure most every person affected by the TEA Party sentiment also senses.

Recall Mr. Gingrich infamously sitting comfortably alongside the notorious Mrs. Pelosi to give a non-partisan look to an Anthropomorphic Global Warming Fraud propaganda commercial. Yet here he was slamming loopholes that that commercial helped get passed.

Here, unlike the amiable but too easily embarrassed writer Aaron Altman, Mr. Gingrich shows no signs of sweat as he makes it sound as if green loopholes were put in place by the Buma with no help from him.

And there are many more twisted connections between Mr. Gingrich and the Left. Please recall how Mr. Gingrich was bogusly driven from Congress in 1998 in what appeared to be payback from old friends of former Dem Speaker Jim Wright whom Mr. Gingrich had similarly driven out. What was astonishing was that the suddenly unemployed Mr. Gingrich immediately was invited into a business partnership with a financial crony of the Clinton's, Ira Magaziner (Hillary-Care's committee chair IIRC). WTF?

This is where Mr. Gingrich demonstrates his physical similarity to Aaron Altman. Mr. Gingrich oozes elitist political connections from every pore. And that, my friends, just won't pass scrutiny with TEA Party members.

I have my doubts that anybody with a wider readership will pick up on this bit I presented here today, but I did it anyway. If the rest of the dextrosphere wants to continue and ignore the smell coming from these "debates" it won't be because I did not try.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Recognizing How Primitive Is the Statist Menace

I was going to title this Coming to Grips with..., but recognition is needed first.

Mark Alger is a fine writer and thinker. One reason that I visit him so regularly is that he is concise in his observations and conclusions. For me, that's very important, because I fall asleep too easily nowadays, and he tends to keep things short.

This evening was no different. In his complaint about how Obama spoke of sacrifice -- as if his taxes on us were freely given rather than imposed upon us -- Mark offered A Clue for the Regime:
Sacrifice, if it's not voluntary, is a taking -- theft. A true sacrifice is a gift, freely given. Your use of the word "sacrifice" in the context of increasing the barely-legal theft of money from the already-cash-strapped American people is despicable.
Well, you regular readers know me. What with my primary concern being encouraging all who will listen to pass along the need to fight the growing threat from neo-Malthusian nuts and thugs, you might very well think that the word sacrifice used in this manner would catch my attention, wouldn't you?

So here is the comment Mark inspired in me today.

Hold on there just a sec there buddy. I get your point fine enough, but you aren't properly deploying your historical telescope and focusing back far enough.

Way, way back, sacrifice was a state imposed function. Things were mandated to be thrown into Moloch's holocaust. Little things. Like first born males.

Face it Alger: The Buma is a throw-back, as is everything proregressive. The real problem is that we are not simply fighting the Buma, we are fighting the forces who arranged for him to be on his throne.
That, my friends, is how primitive is the Statist menace. It is a menace that sees its major goals are very nearly attained. Ridding us of Obama will not put an end to our woes. The forces who foisted him upon us have many others willing to do their bidding. Kind of like how willing is the media lapdogs to lie for them, but with the promise of more prestige. We will need more than a great deal of luck, something along the lines of divine help and guidance, to reverse their rotten gains.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Reader Help Request -- Draconian Theme Nat'l Press Club

I think I am reaching back in my memory to some time in the GHWBush's time as President. What I recall most of all was that one speaker after another, all of them members and guests of the National Press Club, was declaring how America needed a Draconian leader to set things aright in the world.

O.K. members of the press, you have helped raise to the highest office in the land a community agitator who now has exposed how despicably Draconian you wanted him to be. I'm sure you want more of it since what we primarily hear from the Left (and you know who you are) is how disappointed you are in Obama. Why? Because you believe he's gone too soft!

I have not been able to find a transcript of that National Press Club broadcast. I think such broadcasts was a fairly regular feature that NPR aired on weekends back then, and that this was one I happened to hear. God knows what revelations might be plumbed from such an archive of transcripts or tapes.

I would love to know what illustrious newsmen were as making the statements like in response to some schoolmarm who had given her class an assignment to write a short essay using the new word she had taught them.

The dextrosphere might be able to make an issue of how in lockstep those bastards were even back then, and so how could we really be surprised that they helped elect this oaf?

Yeah, might is the iffy word I know. But it still would be interesting to rehear that broadcast.

What I am passing along to you is this: I clearly remember that such a broadcast was made. So anyone who has the skills and thinks it might be fun to find out the names of those schoolboys, or maybe find out who set the agenda to speak on "America Needs a Draconian Leader," I promise you it did happen.

Contrast -- more

Encouraged by a couple of readers of yesterday's Contrast, I will now try to expose how long this lying has been going on.

It's pathetically funny. Bill Clinton got boundless credit from the mainstream media agency of lies for the boom of the nineties. But it was the people electing to switch control of both houses of Congress to the GOP for the first time in over 4o years that did it. When he made that famous statement -- "the era of big government is over" -- after more than a year of fighting with the new Congress, it was him doing his chameleon act in preparation for running for reelection that same year.

When Clinton made that statement on the night of Tuesday January 23, 1996, few people heeded him walking it back (making a lie of his Tuesday statement) on his Saturday radio address only four days later. Here's some telling excerpts from the complete transcript as provided by CNN after which I fisk each of them.
"...The era of big government is over, but we can't go back to a time when our citizens were just left to fend for themselves...." [yup -- his kind cannot leave us unmolested lest we thrive!]

"... we must balance the budget. In the 12 years before I took office the deficit skyrocketed and our national debt quadrupled...." [There's Buma's precedent for blaming the consequences of his making matters worse on his predecessors.]

"...From time to time, to keep [America's debt promises], Congress has had to pass debt ceiling legislation so the government can meet its obligations. Congress has always done this when necessary. But this Congress, especially some in the House of Representatives, are trying to use the debt ceiling as a way to get its way in the budget negotiations." [And the overspending Statists kept right on spending because of backstabbers in the GOP insisting we must succumb to this blackmail INSTEAD of reducing expenditures!]

"...What could happen if the United States government failed to meet its obligations? Our unbroken record of keeping our word could end, with taxpayers bearing the cost for years to come, because interest rates would go up on United States obligations." [what a grim lie -- as if the now monumental added debt won't be paid by taxpayers?]

"And interest rates could also go up for businesses, consumers, and homeowners, many of whom have interest rates that vary according to the government's interest rates. [And now we know that the Statists enslave more taxpayers by giving out more loans to ever more credit bums thru Fannie and Freddie and strong-arming smaller banks.]

"And for tens of millions of Americans, the unthinkable could happen. The Social Security checks they count on would not be able to be mailed out." [That bastard wouldn't stop with this unnecessary threat -- and so today the Dems and the Pubbie SKUNCs still play this same lying tune.]
The Statist policies got much worse since then, first slowly under W, and then rapidly under the Bum. So now we are facing consequences so dire nobody dares say it loudly.

Look folks. Whatever the future that our ruthless Statists have led us to is ever darker now. Those racketeers are fully ready to have us blame it all on this utterly lame Obama puppet.

I want you to recall that cynical W billboard "Miss me yet?" That's their game. They are preparing to give us a weaker Statist like Romney so that we will breath a sigh of relief. But it will only get worse unless a strict and monetarily sound set of policies are sought after by some as yet unknown but trustworthy leader unaffiliated with the current creeps. There must be one or we are done. I don't know how to wake up my neighbors yet, so I can't tell you how to awaken yours. I only know, for the sake of our kids and grandkids (and the rest of the world for that matter) we have got to find a way to effectively fight this utterly ruthless destruction of America from the inside.

It comes down to knowing that we American citizens have been sold out by our political system. They simply hate us because we won't let them have (sometimes because it's not even possible) what they want. Watcha gonna do?

Friday, September 09, 2011


State of the Union Address, Jan 23, 1996.

"The era of big government is over." -- Bill Clinton

And the DJIA gained 3.9% over the next 6 days (and much more thereafter).

Obama commanded a Joint-session of Congress yesterday, September 8, 2011. His "Pass my bill right away" demands sent the DJIA plummeting 2.7% today, in just one day. Shudder.

Hey, Big government is back. So "just eat your peas" and like it was his message?

Part two is found here: Contrast -- more. (Actually less. As you'll see, their lies blend together.)

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Newt Is Still Establishmentarian

Speaker Gingrich did not make much headway in the GOP debate, but he did score some crowd pleasing points when he slammed the partisan-water-carrying questioner for looking to inflame further GOP divisions.

Giving credit where credit is due, Mr Gingrich did a fine job turning the question around so that all attending and viewing the staged event immediately understood that we are fighting not only the Democratic Party, but the media. And, I will add, the system that keeps the media afloat.

[When Blooger eventually screws up the above embed, the video clip can be found at the below link, or by googling the phrase "Newt Gingrich Slams Media & Obama at Reagan Library Debate"]
This clip of Mr. Gingrich is short to begin with, but to get to the actual words I am constructively criticizing click on this.

Here is my example of how to edit of Mr Gingrich's words so that it serves us who are opposing all Statists and Statist efforts to stay in power.
I for one, and I hope all of my friends up here, will repudiate every effort of the news media to get Republicans to fight each other to protect Barack Obama whomever becomes the 2012 Dem Party candidate, who deserves to be defeated. And all of us are committed as a team, whoever the nominee is, we are all for defeating Barack Obama the Democratic party's radical agenda.
There are very good reason why conservatives do not trust Mr. Gingrich, perhaps most memorably for his sitting comfortably beside Speaker Pelosi promoting the Global Warming Scam in a national propaganda message.

God or nature -- take your pick -- gifts us many different ways to protect ourselves from super smart people like Mr. Gingrich. Amongst them are allowing us the good common sense to take his tactics and reword them so that the words serve us and not the establishment for whom Mr. Gingrich works.

My primary goal remains that we remain nimble enough to fight whomever is the Dem candidate in 2012 should they cause Mr Obama to not be their nominee.

Never forget how we fought before 2008 to keep the Hillary from becoming Prez -- and look what we got instead. Out of the frying pan and into the fire, eh?  Stay nimble folks!

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Another Commentary Why To Blame Dems Not The Buma

With 'Obama Has Ruined the Democratic Party', JammieWearingFool has unearthed the fact that Dem party members are awakening to their Obama nightmare. Here's a choice piece of his excerpt of Salon:
"Democrats may soon have to confront an uncomfortable truth, and ask whether Obama is a suitable choice at the top of the ticket in 2012. They may then have to ask themselves if there's any way they can push him off the top of the ticket."
You may recall I have repeatedly foresaw, most recently last week, possibly worse consequences, especially given JWF's closing observation:
"Of course one would think saving the Democratic Party would entail things like fiscal sanity, but this genius instead laments the fact Obama has 'ignored luminaries like Paul Krugman' so in essence what he'll looking for is someone more liberal than Obama."
With the radicals in charge of the Dems, and the writers all working to sustain the Statist gains of the last few years, nobody with a conscience should presume that violence is certainly out of the question. Think Bill Ayers being disappointed, and hardly anybody can disregard the risks we face.

Friday, September 02, 2011

It's the Statism Stupid

The thing the Right must learn to focus on is that we are not fighting Obama alone. He is too stupid to have gotten where he is -- and us in the hole we're in -- without a great deal of help from Progressive Republicans.

If we continue to focus solely on Obama and not the extreme Leftist Democratic policies he's been implementing with what can best be described as a form of fascism, Chicago style (e.g. Gibson Guitar), we will run the risk of the Statists martyring their puppet and then mounting a campaign against us. You already see they're laying the groundwork in demonizing the TEA Party.

Now that was one complex sentence, but it's the best I can do in order to keep this message short.

Get this idea out there. We are not running against Obama. We are running against Statism. The crony capitalist SKUNCs who saddled us with the current debacle Obama has presided over will gladly let him step down or otherwise remove him and then present us with the Hildebeast (or some other phony moderate) and expect the more stupid Americans to feel relieved as she hunts down the real conservatives. This is a new era we are in. We are not fighting one man. We are fighting power-mad globalists.

Right on time, KG provides more evidence (a video by Ezra Levant) on how much help Obama had. Nobody -- NO BODY -- has had so much help from the arbiters of what passes for news than Obama.  
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